'The Jay Leno Show' will be off the air by Feb. 9

NBC has quietly indicated that its doomed franchise, The Jay Leno Show, will go off the air on Feb. 9 — two days earlier than expected. The network released an updated programming schedule for February today that announced plans to air a repeat episode of Law & Order: SVU at 10 p.m. on Feb. 10, followed by two back-to-back repeat episodes of The Office on Feb. 11.  The network had originally said that Leno’s final day in primetime would be Feb. 11.

Ratings for The Jay Leno Show have remained largely consistent since NBC announced that he would return to 11:30 p.m. During the week of Jan. 18-22 — when just about every media outlet was focusing on the late night bruhaha at NBC — Leno averaged a 1.5 ratings among adults 18-49 and 4.8 million viewers, which was about equal to his season-to-date average. He attracted his biggest audience on Jan. 19, when an average 5.9 million tuned into hear him comment about the ongoing negotiations with Conan O’Brien.


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  • willblogforlols

    Apparently, Leno needs the extra time to get a desk. ~ freelols.com

    • Phionaugh

      Or steal jokes.

      • friggintommynoble

        Or steal shows.

      • Yello

        Or steal bits from Howard Stern

      • JJ

        Or steal your mom

      • XSE Drake

        Or steal babies in the night.

      • Dolly

        Or steal bases.

    • Amy

      Or hey that jaw’s heavy. Need some extra traveling time.

  • Jenn

    I didn’t even know it was still on.

    • cheryl

      me neither…

      • Steve

        You idiots knew it was on or you wouldn’t comment on it. Leno will be just fine and Conan will suceed as well. Leave Jay alone, he does not need you people to do well!! A**holes. More Law and Order: SVU would be a welcomed sight. Best show on TV!

      • Amy

        Uh, yeah, Steve, Jay kinda DOES need us. No us, no viewers, no show. Oh wait! Unless he has no viewers and can steal someone else’s show.

      • Blue in Texas

        Jay has a brother named Steve, it would seem. Good riddance to them both.

    • April

      It’s still on all right – with new episodes to boot. You would think Leno would show some compassion and ask NBC to end the show when Conan left and run repeats until the Olympics. He’s returning anyway. Does he have half a heart?

  • Finn

    HOPEFULLY, this means that Law & Order: SVU will go back to Tuesday at 10/9 Central time where it belongs.

    • Saint Subversive

      Just about anything would get better ratings in the time slot than Chinboy.

      • Anonymous

        “Chin-Boy?” Now you’re just being petty.

      • Steve

        chinboy? more like ol’chin, or senior chinizen.

      • Rob

        His name is Jay “Big Jaw” Leno. Get it straight!

    • Luddite

      Sadly, it doesn’t mean that. SVU will remain on Wednesdays, with reruns at 9 and new episodes at 10. Parenthood will be on on Tuesdays at 10 (up against Lost and Glee).

  • JJ


  • bedc01

    Can Leno just drop dead?

    • Saint Subversive

      In a perfect world, he would.

      • Amy

        C’mon what would COCO do? He said for us to play nice. We don’t have to like it though!

  • quagmire

    Where will I get my nightly “wacky headlines” fix?

  • savagesketch

    I think Leno was made out to be the villain in this whole thing. NBC are the ones who need to get their priorities straightened out…

    • Amy

      They are both to blame. Jay endorsed Conan from the beginning and could have said no when NBC came back to him. I thought he’d stand with a fellow comrade. Nope! Jay’s worried about Jay.

      • Garrett

        Wouldn’t Amy be worried about Amy? Wouldn’t anyone be more concerned with themselves and their personal well being than another “comrade”. I am here to say I would never put someone else ahead of my (or my family’s well-being), so what did Jay do that was any different than what normal people would do. You also all fail to see that those that will watch Jay (older, less inclined to parade around EW.com threads) will return. Conan will be all right, but it is time to end this campaign against Jay!

    • Mitch Logan

      Yeah! Their priorities should be:
      1) Making the affiliates happy
      2) Cancelling low-rated shows

  • Flobee

    Jay Leno is so vanilla.

    • me

      Lots of people LOVE vanilla. What’s your point?

      • Phionaugh

        Flobee probably means that vanilla is so plain and harmless. Like Jay. Some would say it’s a metaphor.

      • Saint Subversive

        Lots of people love Sarah Palin too. What’s YOUR point?

      • Phionaugh

        Lots of peoples is dum. ;)

      • The Wombat

        People love vanilla….they hate cinnamon

    • Al

      Vanilla is the most popular flavor of ice cream. I’ll take it over ginger any day.

      • The International Nomad

        Ginger is spice and everything nice. Vanilla is plain and common. Don’t you notice how the most plain and common things are the most popular? In other words, Jay Leno is the Nickelback of late night comics. Popular yes, but not because the popularity matches the quality.

      • Jay

        Uuuhhh….I think it’s chocolate. You must be a Leno fan.

    • JD

      Please don’t insult vanilla like that. I love vanilla. Jay, not so much.

      • Jan

        I like vanilla if it’s GOOD vanilla! Jay is imitation vanilla.

  • birdlaw

    Hey, that’s an insult to vanilla.

  • rebecca

    Does anyone really care about Leno anymore? It would be so funny if a whole bunch of Conan fans showed up at Leno’s last show and boo at him!!!

    • conan

      I don’t approve. Please rewatch my last show.

      • Sally

        I feel safer knowing Conan is still watching over us :)

    • Amy

      Nah, just tune in to Letterman. But the booing would be funny.

  • stephanie

    I wonder if NBC is regretting the cancellation of Southland yet? Morons. Glad TNT execs were smart enough to pick it up.

    • ani

      ohhh..is southland on tonight? i would watch tnt over nbc any day of the week. they even had the sense to pick up supernatural in syndication. as for ice cream and talk show hosts, i think of my conan as french vanilla. classy, richer in flavor, and absurdly delicious with a hot fudge brownie. vanilla can suck it.

  • jack

    Does this mean that Leno can gloat about steal O’Brien’s job two days earllier than expected?

  • Lindsey

    Yay for the return of mediocrity and “how FAT are Americans jokes” to the Tonight Show! I don’t know what I would do without Jay’s wit and creativity. No one can tell the same joke 59 times like Jay!

    • skiiboski

      Marry me. Love your comment.

    • Steve

      You are hilarious! Really, you are. Oh no you’re not, a**hole! Do not knock what YOU are.

      • Lindsey

        Good one Steve! Do you write for Leno’s show?

      • Bernt

        Steve, buddy. I’m here with your mom and she wants to remind you to take your Abilify. Oh, and she’s sending you a kiss. Mwwaaa.

      • Amy

        Why you hatin’, Steve? I bet you were on Jaywalking and didn’t know the capital of your own state!

  • Sean

    Anybody know when Friday Night Lights is back on NBC? Oh and f**k Leno.

    • Willa

      It is rumored Sometime in March. Just look in the Ausiello Files. It a good season so far.

  • Yes

    It’s not soon enough. I also would like to make sure it gets said. Conan was not fired for low ratings – he was let out of his contract because he wouldn’t let the Tonight Show moved to a time when it would essentially be the Tomorrow Show.

    • Amy

      Correct! AND Jay contributed greatly to the low lead-in numbers for Conan’s show. Yet he’s somehow rewarded. Whatta sleaze.

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