'Office' spoiler alert: Andy and Erin make it official!

It’s official: The Office is getting serious about an Andy-Erin romance. In the March 11 episode, the couple-to-be will finally set out on their first date.

“It’s been a slow process of Andy gaining the courage to ask her out, but he finally does,” reveals Office co-star-slash-showrunner Paul Lieberstein. “The wrinkle in their first date is she gets sick [with the flu], but they attempt to push on anyway.”

The swoon-worthy duo will face an even bigger obstacle in the coming weeks as pieces of Erin’s backstory begin to emerge. “We will reveal that Erin is a foster kid,” says producer BJ Novak. “Andy went to Cornell, so they had extremely different childhoods and upbringings. And learning about those differences and trying to figure out if they mesh will provide a lot of comedy.”

Andy and Erin’s courtship has drawn comparisons to the early days of Jim and Pam. Exec producer Greg Daniels, however, views them as two very different relationships. “I don’t think it’s like the Jim-Pam situation because [Andy and Erin] are played a little more comedically,” he says. “Jim and Pam are very funny characters, but their relationship is very sincere. Andy and Erin aren’t quite as bright [nor are they] the voice of the audience in the way that Jim and Pam are.”

Novak sees them as “kind of halfway between Jim and Pam and Andy and Angela. They’re a comedy couple, but they’re a sweet couple, too.”

What do you think? Do Andy and Erin have Jim/Pam-type potential? Looking forward to their first date? Comment away!


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  • Sue

    I love Andy and Erin. You just know that their first date is going to go horribly wrong, but so right for this goofy couple.

    • Tricia

      so wrong, it’s right

  • Josh

    I wish they’d spend time on Dwight/Angela. I don’t think we need a new couple introduced when there is another one so perfect for each other. The biggest difference between the two couples is that no one else could ever be with either Dwight or Angela, so you may as well just put them back together.

    • Lala

      I agree. Dwight and Angela definitely need to be put back together. They are just too bizarre for anyone else to be with, and Angela’s gotten zero screen time this season. They’re hysterical.
      Although, I think Andy and Erin will be pretty cute together. It’ll be interesting to see what happens and develops between the two of them.

    • Silent Rage

      I liked the whole Dwight/Angela story, but I think it was resolved perfectly. Sure Dwight might not be the brightest, but come on she only choose him after Andy broke off their engagement…I know I wouldn’t get back with a woman like that, but I guess if the writers can find a good way to get them back together later on I’m cool with it.

  • Katja

    TAKE THE SPOILER OUT OF THE HEADLINE, PLEASE. I mean, sweet dancing jesus, I can’t even pull up the home page of EW.com without this blog spoiling some show for me in the headline. SAVE IT FOR THE ARTICLE, PLEASE. Obviously everyone knows they’re angling towards getting Andy and Erin together, but I don’t want to know it’s coming soon and be expecting it! I was already annoyed that an aspect of the plot of the upcoming Big Bang Theory was spoiled in a previous headline. I am really tired of this. If you want to post spoilers of shows, then fine – just PLEASE keep it out of the damn headline.

    • Silent Rage

      While Ausiello has spoiled a show or 2 in its headlines before(Dexter/B&S)…in this instance it’s not really that serious. If you watch the show you know they’re getting together soon, its not like he told you one of them were getting killed off or something, relax.

      • Jon

        Serious or not I want to experience the story as it happens on the show not read about it in a headline on the internet. It frustrates me so much how obsessed with people just wanting to know the summary of what happens instead of experiencing how it happens through the show. It just makes me wonder if people like Ausiello and his fans even enjoy the shows themselves.

      • Katja

        I know it’s not that serious (as I said in my first post, I know it’s happening at some point, just not when), but it’s starting to get really annoying. One or two of these isn’t that bad, but it happens all the time, and ruins a lot of jokes for me, which kind of takes away from my enjoyment of whichever show he happens to have spoiled. And that’s really getting on my nerves. Spoilers of any kind have no place on the home page where if you’re scanning through to find an article you want to read, you can’t help but stumble across them. I hate spoilers; I want to watch my shows without any knowledge of what’s about to happen, whether it’s something big OR small. Keep the spoilers in the article for the people who want them; it’s really rude to force them on people who don’t want them.

    • Daria

      thank you, I agree 100%!
      EW is getting more & more juvenile as time goes by

  • Jon

    I really hate how this site is obsessed with spoiling every show! Why do you have to post this on the main page for everyone to see! I think I am done with EW because this seems to happen almost every day.

    • Silent Rage

      Its not this site per se, Ausiello brings us the spoilers, and true they do land on the frontpage. Why don’t you try using RSS only in the areas of the site you do read…and try not glancing over to the right at “Latest Headlines” and “Today’s Most Popular”…that should keep you free of spoilers.

    • max

      Right on man.

    • april-ann

      Oh come on. Cute, but no cigar. All the above are plants, planted there to show everyone reading that our Ausi gets the scoop. When it’s already on every other entertainment blog out there. Sorry, but it’s true. Please stop, or you will lose all credibility. Really, I like you, and so do many others. Get us some real scoop, tell us the answers to the blind items, and stop with the oh-so-cute plants.

  • Allie

    UGH. Isn’t the March 11 episode the birth of Jim and Pam’s baby? And of course it’s going to get overshadowed by Andy and Erin, whom I couldn’t POSSIBLY care less about. Great.

    • Howard Zen

      Shut your whore mouth!!!!!

    • Megan

      Wouldn’t it be the reverse?

    • Brittany Lynn

      First of all, yes that episode will include some of Andy and Erin’s date, BUT Jim and Pam’s baby will of course be the front runner of the show! Geez…it’s not all about Jim and Pam. Andy and Erin’s storyline is so subtle. It’s not overdone. Plus it’ll be nice to see a new comedic couple on the show who actually have a chance to be happy also.

    • Gwen

      Yeah, because Jim and Pam get overshadowed by other things so often…

      • queensgirl

        I felt they were kind of overshadowed in the wedding episode– the focus seemed to be more on the guests, which detracted from the episode for me.

  • Holly

    Aw yay! They are so cute together.

  • Dave

    Ausiello, if something is going to be labeled “SPOILER ALERT,” then you cannot put the spoiler in the headline for everyone who comes to EW.com to see. Granted it’s not much of a spoiler and most Office fans know this is coming, but still.

  • annoyed

    u all need to relax this article was about as revealing as an old jewish womans clothing. i mean if ur a true fan of the show this shudnt shock u. they’ve been building this romance since they brought her on the show so calm down and if reading these headlines pisses you off so much stop coming to this site or just do what silent rage said.

  • Jonathan

    I agree with Jon and Katja. After the “Dexter” spoiler a couple of weeks ago, one would think Ausiello would have learned to respect his readers. Apparently, this is not the case.

  • Kristen

    Andy and Erin are seriously adorable. I can’t wait to see their horrible first date. (:

  • sara

    No, I really don’t think the office needs to focus on another romance except someone with Michael.

    I hope this doesn’t mean they are going to focus on Andy and Erin a lot, a little of both of them goes a long way!

  • Mandy

    I like that they will provide some will they/won’t they drama now that Jim and Pam are forsure. But they are more comedic and less iconic, the way Jim and Pam were.

  • Shelly

    Yeah, yeah, whatever. I wanted them to leave Andy loveless…only because I have a secret crush on Eand don’t want to picture him with anyone. LOL! The Office is great. I am sure they will make the best of this “romance.

  • kalcarter

    It’s the end of The Office as we know it and I feel fine.

    • Love

      I don’t even watch The Office, but when I see this, I see some combination of Cousin Oliver and Moonlighting. Oh no, we’ve put our main love interests together permanently! We need a second-string romance to keep up interest!

      • Griff

        Your opinion is really relevant considering you don’t watch the show at all, but keep up the good work

  • kib

    LOVE Andy and Erin. Can’t wait to see this storyline develope further.

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