'Deadliest Catch' Captain Phil Harris has died

Discovery announced tonight that Captain Phil Harris, known to fans of Deadliest Catch as captain of the crab fishing vessel Cornelia Maria, has died. He suffered a stroke late last month while in port off-loading at St. Paul Island in Alaska. “He was more than someone on our TV screen,” according to a statement from the network, which has documented the Cornelia Marie’s adventures on the Bering Sea for five seasons on the Emmy-winning series. “Phil was a devoted father and loyal friend to all who knew him. We will miss his straightforward honesty, wicked sense of humor and enormous heart. We share our tremendous sadness over this loss with the millions of viewers who followed Phil’s every move.”

Harris’ sons also put out the following statement: “It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our dad. Dad has always been a fighter and continued to be until the end. For us and the crew, he was someone who never backed down. We will remember and celebrate his strength.”


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  • t

    Thats sad. RIP

    • christine

      My thought’s & prayers go to Capt. Phils family, friends, crew & the Discovery Channel. Deadliest Catch will never be the same without him. To his son’s Josh & Jake remember what your father taught you & the family values he instilled in you both. R.I.P. Capt. Phil You were the only one I could connect with since my Uncle passed away.

      • Pamela

        Wonderful message, Christine. Phil was also my favorite on the show. He truly loved his sons, his shipping family and his Cornelia Marie. I am so sad that he has passed. I really felt he was pushing when he came back after his illness, but as he said… he was a fisherman who needed to be on his boat. RIP Captain Phil… RIP

      • Tom

        Lame — capt. phil was the man… but pamela and christine need to get a life – both of you should be ashamed of yourselves

      • Callie

        Have a heart, Tom. A good man has died and Pamela and Christine were just paying their respects. What is truly lame are comments like yours which show no tolerance or respect for the thoughts and feelings of others.

      • James

        I haven’t watched the show in months, perhaps years, but I liked Phil Harris. It’s sad that he’s gone, but at least he’s not suffering, right? As a great general once said, “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.” While I’m not entirely religious, I still agree with this statement. You will be missed, Phil Harris. I feel no one can top you in your crab catching and captaining skills. My condolences go out to the friends and family, though.

      • Tom

        Come on – paying respects on hollywood insider, on a blog.. what respect is there in that – who cares. Show some respect by donating to his foundation, or watching more deadliest catch. Don’t kid yourselves into believing that because you posted a comment about how phil connects with you that you are in some way honoring him and who he was.
        As i stated before get out there and find someone you can actually have an interpersonal relationship outside of the discoverychannel.
        Sweet Life

      • Kate

        Tom, It must be a helluva burden to go through life being such a D-bag. Have some respect for the feelings of others you heartless bas**rd.

      • tony

        I agree with Tom.

      • jeff

        i agree with tom also.. i really dont think christine and pam could be that close to phil.. i dont think they will be losing any sleep over it

      • clos

        all of yall fucking gat:)))

      • Renee in Al.

        I watched the Deadliest catch often. Phil had a special plade in my Heart.He made the show. We miss you Phil.You were the Man.Much love and respect to his family and Crew.Your show rocks in Alabama. R.Lipsey, Birmingham,Al.

      • Jimmie Bailey

        My Heart is Broken, You were like Famly every week as I watched your show.You are and will be sadly missed. You will always have a place in my Heart.My heart and Prayers are with your Family and Crew. J. Bailey, Jasper, Al.

      • BIA

        Tom, get over yourself!!!!! You’re accusing the girls of not having a “life” because they posted a RIP message on a site, yet, YOU ARE ALSO ON THE SAME SITE POSTING COMMENTS ABOUT THE EXACT SAME SHOW. Can you say RETARDED?

      • Austin

        i agree with tom, if your going to mourn, keep it to yourself. putting it on a website to make people think that you are great is selfish. i doubt phil will read your comments

      • Charles

        RIP buddy, never watched ur show at all and i honestly hate fishing but death sucks in general lol.

        Anyway to that guy Tom, you honestly are one of the most ignorant people I think I’ve seen in a very long time. I think if anybody needs to get a life its you. Apparently saying RIP on a forum wall is lame? whats lame other than you being on the hollywood insider web site troll commenting peoples legit comments?

        Ill say what everyone else on here wont, your penis looks like a rolaids pack and ur girl probably cheats on u.

    • Dexter Morgan

      Whats the Deadliest Catch???

      • Rayyah

        An amazing show about crab fishing. I encourage you to watch it, although it won’t be the same without Captain Phil. It’s on the discovery channel and is about several crabbing boats, it’s hilarious, or at least it was because the captains, Phil mostly, would play pranks on each other and they would compete to see who could catch the most crab. RIP Phil

      • Keith

        Why wouldn’t you just google such a stupid question.

      • j smith

        Are you on a deserted island? Deadliest Catch is one of Discovery Channels #1 shows for the last 5 years documenting the career of crab fishing in Alaska.

      • bob

        apparently a stroke…

      • Trinity

        Come on, Dexter, you know what the deadliest catch is.

      • Don

        deadliest catch is show poindexter Phil Harris was a good man he will b missed my deepest sympathy 2 his family.

      • josh

        “Why wouldn’t you just google such a stupid question.”

        LMFAO KEITH +1

      • Keith

        Come on guy’s this is a post by a idiot that thinks he’s Dexter from the the Showtimes series – Dexter. Just goes to show you that some people need to show their true IQ when a misfortune happens to good people.

      • Dexter Morgan

        Keith is obviously retarded. Its the SHOWTIME series. Not the SHOWTIMES Series. So HA!!! Whoes the joke on now? +1 Dexter Morgan.

      • Katie

        Dexter, your comment at 5:57pm was hilarious. I’m still laughing!

      • kiba

        dexter = plate of pasta
        Keith = hungry man with a taste for pasta

        pretty much im saying OWNED

      • lol

        kiba is an idiot

      • RB

        “Whoes” the joke on now Dexter? I think you mean “who’s”. You just proved Keith’s point. Ever heard of proofreading?

      • ass

        were they cath crab’s

      • Patrick


      • TONI DOC.

        SERIOUSLY, U “MEN” SOUND RETARTED. If u don’t know of the show, then why comment? Oh & the juvenile game of dork tag should b saved 4 u’r wild evenings playing D&D. I’m a huge fan of the show & after 5 seasons i can say that other loyal watchers r capable of developing a fondness 4 theese guys, captain phill was obviously a stand up guy who loved his sons,& the sea. he was a well respected fisherman, friend,& father. my heart goes out 2 jake& josh- i know u’r dad will b watching over u with pride, all my best 2 the Cornelia marie crew- throw an extra fire cracker on deck 4 the lovable hardnosed captain the next time u guys return 2 the dutch harbor sig!

      • Sacro

        its about AIDS

      • blablah

        hahahahahahah patrick, i was reading this seroious conversation and out of nowhere came herpes, im still laughing. oh yeah and RIP Phil

      • nathan, AK

        hmm pretty sure dexter was trolling.

      • Charles

        Hahahahahahahaha kieth that was possibly the best reply that I’ve ever heard in my life.

        Keepin it real.

      • Jess

        Deadliest catch is a tv show about crab fishing. You should watch it.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Your’re and idiot.

    • Jay

      Actually, they fish crab for food, not “for fun, sport, and kicks.”

    • rachel

      You’re an idiot. They fish for crab for food and they work their tails off.

    • Tom Drake

      WTF? Are you an idiot?

      Fun, sport, kicks?

      We EAT them you retard. I’d say die in a fire but that’s too good for you. Die slowly of AIDS instead.

    • Duzell

      I don’t think he deserves to die, but the other idiots who replied are missing the point that they’re destroying our oceans resources by over-fishing.

      • Mustangirl

        They are not destroying anything, if they didnt fish they would over populate. Then what?

      • d1

        you are a deuschbag

    • Uncommon Sense

      He was a commercial fisherman. Maybe mouthy effeminate little vegan whiners deserve to die. -Just a thought.

      • LemonBen


    • hector

      have to admit i’m with elliot on this one. we all know we kill other creatures to eat and live but a show that celebrated the killing maybe needed another think.

      • Rob

        I’m with you, and all the PETA’s out there… People Eating Tasty Animals!

        Phil Harris – died (or had the stroke) on deck off-loading crab. He wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’ll tip one to you tinight.

    • Sarah

      As a vegetarian I’m just saddened my your statement. You need to grow up and realize that not everyone is going to share the same views and life styles as you.

      Rest in Peace Phil Haris. I have been a fan of you and your show since the start of the show. You will be missed.

      • paul

        PETA can kiss my ASS!!!

    • peggym

      You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • tara

      You must be a vegetarian!! Those of us that are not understand that you must hunt or fish to get the meat you eat. WTF

    • Christine

      Elliot and Hector you both are a couple of idiots, the show is about the difficult and dangerous work that these crews go through to feed others. An honest hard living, something I am sure you two yuppee tree hugging, soy food eating faggots could never understand. Go put your head in the sand a little more.

      • Jim Ormsby

        Christine You could’nt have side it better. I have fished the B Sea on a catcher processor. I to will miss Phil, he was a darn go craber.

      • darkmagician


    • Eric

      Although crabs are not exactly part of the spider family, it’s fair to say they are sea bugs, and tasty ones at that! RIP Phil … and may the sea share boat-loads of crab with us all this year …

    • Lisa

      To wish death on others and celebrate another’s death is sick no matter which side of the argument you are on. Al Queda anyone? And there are limits on how much crab can be caught to prevent over-fishing. Get your facts straight.

      • Theresa


    • Declan

      you do know THEY don’t actually kill them, they are kept alive in the crab tanks for the whole journey, faggot

    • Sarah

      Actually I have been a vegetarian for over 14 years. I have no problem with the way other people live their lives. Do I wish people didn’t eat meat..sure, but I’m not going to hate them for it.
      If you actually watched the show though you would have realized it really wasn’t about catching crab as it was about the personal relationships and dynamics on the boats. But, each to his own, have your own opinion, but at least think before you speak.

      • Brad

        God’s law says nothing about eating meat being a sin. Actually, during passover, they slaughtered year old lambs and smeared the blood over their doors. Interesting huh? But I agree with you, it wasn’t about catching crab. Those men were like brothers and I enjoyed watching them work together.

      • BIA

        Heaven forbid we don’t bring that into the discussion.

    • Aaron

      Okay. Neither the captain, nor the people who support the captain, nor the people who are vegetarians/pissed off for no reason, really deserve to die. No one deserves to die. Ever. Certainly not for killing animals. If God didn’t want us to eat meat, why would it taste so good? I don’t think it’s right to kill animals for fun but I think it’s completely okay to kill them for food. This is a dumb argument. especially since this topic isn’t about his life, it’s about his death.

      • Roo Roo McMoo

        We were created by the Retculian aliens. (AKA: The “Grays”!!) They’re vegetarian by the way.

      • Roo Roo McMoo

        The gray aliens created us.

      • d1

        Hey Roo Roo, stop talking like a freakin idiot. You had better do yourself a favor and get to know Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father. Worshipping aliens is just plain creepy and does nothing to help you put on immortality but rather helps assure that you don’t have it. Capt Phil is with Our Father now. Amen

    • Karla

      SAIL ON CAPTAIN HARRIS – You will always be my favorite Deadliest Catch CAPTAIN.

      • johnny

        well said Karla, he made me feel like I was out there with him, he was not acting what we saw was a man doing the best he could for his family, I miss him as if we were personal friends.

      • darkmagician

        ditto! RIP captain phil!

    • Saddened

      Why condemn a man for doing his job and loving it? Read the Bible, God created the animals for us to use as food. They did not mistreat these creatures. It’s all a part of the food chain, the circle of life.
      For everyone supporting Captain Harris, don’t wish ill thoughts on the person who is showing no compassion for the loss of a life. He himself referred to Karma. He is free to his own opinions, however he seems to be missing the bigger picture. A man die and left behind a family. That should be what people are concentrating on, not what his career choice was. This is a prime example of why I am saddened more and more each day by society.
      Rest in Peace Captain Harris, my thoughts and prayers are with your family. Watch over your sons as only you can.

      • Sara

        I agree with your comment. Not to mention, crab is a delicious gift from God! LoL I truly enjoyed watching the show, it was different. I hope his sons will carry on with his endeavors.

      • Roo Roo McMoo

        Jesus was a jew.

    • Jason

      Elliot, do you still play with “My Little Pony” dolls and hold hands with a purple dinosaur? I was just in AK last month eating crab … reindeer as well. Animals are delicious.

      RIP Cpt Phil … I appreciate what you have done ten fold.

    • Katie

      Eliiott you are a GIANT moron. Get a life, and respect that a family lost a son and a father.

      • Michael Fraenza from Connecticut a fellow comm. fisherman

        i agree they are all morons they should respect them god bless his family

    • saskia

      you have no idea what youre saying….so I guess you are just dumb

    • Keith

      Hope and change !

    • DAVE

      I have seen every season of it I do repos for a living and i always thought i had a rough job these guys i give alot of credit to Phil will be missed though all the viewer and i hope the sons have learned alot from there dad RIP PHIL HARRIS

    • Mary

      Yep, you keep mentioning KARMA. If I were you I’d be afraid of it. You wish someone dead and you don’t think KARMA will come back on you? RIP Capt.Phil.

    • Linda L

      Elliot,your are obvious passionate about animals but people have different beliefs and lifestyles that you might not agree with. The show was not about killing and maiming. It was not done for sports, kicks, or fun. Unless you are a pure die hard vegan or raw food person like David Wolfe, you don’t wear or have leather of any kind, don’t eat honey, etc, you have no room to complain or bitch about anything.

    • The Man

      You do realize that you’re going to die one day too right? What does karma or cosmic justice have to do with him dying? I’d say its more likely a high sodium diet that killed him. Also, you’re a real doucher.

    • mdk

      You claim to be this good person defending animals, yet your heart black and filled with hate.

      Judgment is inevitable Eliiott.

      You have much growing up to do, both physically and mentally.

    • John

      How ignorant can you get – you probably eat crab dont ya? stupid people like you shouldnt be allowed to leave the hole you crawled out of

    • chris

      you are not even worth responding to. you are a very sad person.

    • tasha

      How stupid are you? A man dies and that’s what you say? think of how you would feel if that man was your family? he Didn’t do it for sport (crab fishing) he did it to support his family and earn a living. So before you pass judgement on someone, get the facts moron!!!!

    • Lucas

      So, by your definition of karma, I’m sure you’ll turn into a sphincter momentarily.

    • Angelo Barovier

      Well played, troll boy. Got the attention you wanted.

      If I were a vegetarian I’d have a mindset more like Sarah’s. You can’t change the world by hating what doesn’t fit into your sensibilities. Nor, Elliot, can you spew the virtue of karma while wishing death upon another.

    • LastChance

      Please don’t feed the trolls.

    • Keith

      Elliot, I don’t think you should die, I have no problems with your ignorance, other than it’s a bit irritating. Also, sorry for all the rude remarks made by fellow ‘meat eaters’, but aren’t the plants you eat alive at some point? Maybe we should all eat rocks and dirt. Instead of praising the death of another human being, because his job was to catch crab, maybe just keep your gross opinions to yourself. RIP Capt. Harris.

    • Bob

      I hope a tree falls on you:)A REAL BIG ONE. Or maybe an innocent bear will tear you an new arsehole while you eat a bowl of granola on one of your birdwatching nature hikes! Just saying!

    • Drrrr

      A great white shark or grizzly bear can’t tell the difference between a vegetarian or man who eats meat.

      Sorry, your ‘Karma’ means nothing to mother nature.

    • Anthony

      Guess what Elliot…anyone who kills plants will also suffer the same fate as phil, death. So, thank you for failing epically infront of the world for our enjoyment wikth such an ignorant statement.

      When you figure out the key to not dieing, let us know.

      Oh, also, if you drive a car, you kill thousands of insects each year. Which, are also animals, part of the animal kingdom and essential for life as we know it to exist.


    • Derek Barrett

      Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life…… God’s word you fool, i hope he gives you what you deserve for saying that about a man who fed so many

    • Cheryl MEinke

      Wow, some folks are sure mean spirited. No excuse for that behavior. With that attitude, you are no better than those you wrongly condemn. Crab fishing is not for fun, never will be, it’s hard work and feeds a lot of people. I didn’t watch the show much but it sure showed the difficulty in supplying the worlds crab!

    • Jennifer

      If you dont kill animals to eat, they would kill you for them to eat… It’s the cycle of life…
      Everything lives, everything dies… some just die earlier then others…

      Dont even give in to the idiocy here people… it’s not about anything but a family grieving a death… get on the right point people…
      RIP Phil and may your family see that you died doing what you love.. and that’s all that matters :-)

    • Jen

      Are you serious? my family happens to lobster and conch. so screw you buddy. its how we make our living. its called harvesting.

    • Elliot’s Mom

      Elliot, get off the computer and get to your room. Even the peeps on the computer know you’re a f@g

    • lenny

      Terrible news to hear. I feel bad for his family and everything they have to go through. Also phil didnt kill the crabs he just caught them. the people at the processors killed them. this page is meant to remember phil harris. elliot should of never posted anything if he didnt like phil. when you die elliot please have your family post a picture online so we can comment on what a cold heart vegan prick asshole you were.

    • Mamabear

      Did everyone on here forget that Phil had health problems 2 seasons ago and almost died on the boat as a blood clot passed through his lung. Don’t give that little maggot anymore attention he is acting like a 2yr old and that’s how to stop a 2yr old is to quit feeding into their drama. My 4yr old is smart enough to know you don’t wish death upon anyone for doing their job. If there was no demand for crab then there would be no crab fishermen. Figure it out.
      To Capt. Phil’s family We hope that the boys will carry on their fathers legacy and we hope to continue to see the Cornelia Marie dropping pots into the water and doing what their father did best. Providing for his family.

    • Rob

      You tree huggers r all the same but what u dont realize is when u eat your veggies u are boiling them alive! Have some respect you hippie fag

    • Skeeve

      And you will live forever, since you don’t kill animals?

      • Fred

        Captian Phil Was Deadlest Catch!!!!!!!!!!!!Chalk another one up for big tobacco.

      • Craig Marsh


    • Kim

      My thoughts are with you all. He has been my favorite Captain. I will miss him terrbibly. My prayers are with his family and crew.

      • lisa

        I LOVE Deadliest Catch!!!!! My Fav on the Discovery channel….I will sadly MISS Phil, he was truley my favorite captain…..What GUTS!!!!He was the bomb!!!! R.I.P. my friend….I only wish I had as much Guts as you!!!!

    • des devine

      one of natures greats phil harris a legend my heart goes out to his family i lost my dad too 6 years ago a great warrior of the sea passes on r.i.p phil

    • sherry

      my thoughts and prayers are with his family and freinds… he was my favorite captain i loved watching the show cause of him mostly… again my deepest condolences…. :(

    • Denise

      We will miss Captain Phil, he was my favorite. Please use his picture at the begin of the show. My prayers go out to his family. Please show reruns of him, that would be nice.

    • dj Ryan

      Iwill miss captain Phil, to Josh & Jake so sorry to hear about your dad, continue his work he was truly a character watched the show quite frequently. DJ Ryan NY

    • Mike

      I am truly sorry for the Family of this Great Man.My sons and I Lived too watch what he would do next,we looked forward to every season that came on.It was a Time that We spent together as Father and Sons,just Like he did with His family.My Heart Goes out to all the Men that risk their Lives On The Bering Sea.He was a Friend to All

    • jason

      sucks…. we’ll miss you phil, hope your boys can continue the legecy

    • Roy S. Kopka

      What a great guy he was, I admired him for his guts and bravery, the whole world will miss him . My heart goes out to his family , I watched him so much I felt like I knew him personally. I will miss Phil whenever I watch his films…Roy S.Kopka’ Spring Hill Florida.

    • Tiffany

      I feel like I have lost a family member of my own!! We love U Phil and your family. (Now I bet your fishing for God!)

      • phoenix devaroux

        your stupid Tiffany

    • c

      Captain Phil will be greatly missed. I love Deadliest Catch and miss living is Alaska. Captail Phil along with a few of the other captains and fishermen remind me of the men that made Alaska.

    • debbie

      Captain Phil will be greatly missed by all the veiwers. He was a stong man, and you could tell he loved his job, family, friends and viewers, RIP

    • kimberly soccorsi

      capt. phil was awesome like any good man would do is work till the end for his family.He did what was in his heart and he shouldnt be judged for that! thats when people should look at their own faults!

    • ass


    • joe harp

      captain phil will greatly be missed, he was our favorite captain, and the show will not be the same without him. our hearts goes out to his family and friends and thanks for the five years.

    • Doc

      I can’t believe I just heard of this! I am saddened by this news. Captain Phil was a legend of the sea. A man of character and wisdom. I will miss seeing his face. May you navigate the seas in another place my friend.

    • TeBeth Crowe

      It came as a shock to me when I heard the news through my husband. We watched the show together all the time and have never missed a season. He still continues to watch the show, but for me, I’ve chosen to stop. Its no longer the same without him. I truely believe he made the show what it was and its just not the same wo him. Time for Jake and his brother to band together and for the rest of the fleet and friends to heal. I may of only knew him through a tv, but Ill miss him greatly. Im sorry guys, your in my prayers.

    • Tommy Poindexter

      I realy grew to love the show. Anyone of the people on this show could be a friend. I enjoyed turning the tv on each time the show aired. It is as real as it gets and the real life experances touched my heart. Captain Phil was a tough guy with a teddy bear heart. He realy cared and will be very missed. I hope the boys will get closer than the show betrayed. They and the crew will need to help one and another get thru this. To the other boat Captians, Keep up the good work and thanks for letting me into your lifes. God speed to all.

    • Heidi

      RIP dear Skipper. The world is worse off without you. May your sons carry on your legacy and find peace in their grief.

    • Mike

      I agree with Tom. Putting someone’s death on an entertainment website is pure commercialism. Pay respects to the captain by giving to his family. Then again, most of you people disagreeing are oversensitive and i doubt you have lost much sleep over his death at all.

    • amanda

      i thin that all u ppl that hate phill harris should not post a comment and get off this website…:() sorry but its the truth dont get mad….death is sad so dont be crutial about it!!especially top itks family members and his kids who have to see these messages so be considerate!!! R.I.P Phill Harris you were a great captain and a great everything<3

    • rick

      can i say that these guys have been part of our lives for the past 5 years,and although we did’nt know them on a personal level the became freinds. Capt Phil has sadly passed away leaving a family behind both on and off screen. He will be missed on a great level and those who take pleasure in coming on here to diss the man and those who mourn him dont deserve the air they breathe. people greive in their own ways and this is one of them,so back off and let them greive its not about you and me its about capt phil and his family.Tom if you aint got something nice to say dont say anything!So godspeed skipper and sail on to the horizon R.I.P CAPTAIN PHIL HARRIS

    • clydeen rogers

      Im sorry too hear about captain Phil he was the most awesome person he definly had heart in everything he had done in his life he will be missed out on the sea & on land may you rest in peace

    • Noah

      I’ve been out of touch with the show due to the good ol oil patch I was walching the show to night and heard JOSH say hope he left some nollege in there look online and about fell when I seen his page may the sun always shain for those brave men may u rest in peace and and the pots. Be full from here on out
      RIP cap.

  • meg

    RIP Captain

    • brandon

      RIP captain phil.. you will be missed… on another note i do love the internet…. it gives people such as elliiot a place to sound off and be an ass without having to suffer consequences for his actions… He can say what he wants and no one really knows how he is.. spew your venom on the cornellia Marie website about phil… list your true name and address if your man enough and see what kind of crab fisherman ass whipping you get… my only regret is that i cant witness or join in..

      • Nancy

        Well said Brandon.

      • Letitia Rae

        I like that Brandon!

      • Tim

        Brandon you said it. these disrspectfull people dont deserve the breath that god gave them.

      • Gina

        I so agree with Brandon and Tim. People like “Tom” have no sack and apparently has no heart either. You don’t have to donate money or watch more episodes to feel sad for his family. You also don’t have to have a human within your reach to feel connected with them. But I guess someone like “Tom” wouldn’t understand that. Long live the Cornelia Marie,,,

      • rofl

        rofl, your post is divided by zero therein it’s void, null, and retarded, why? Because this is teh interwebs, where anonymity is king and country. Also Tom makes a valid point, now go cry me a river.

      • lol

        It’s true you know.

      • Renee

        I hear ya Brandon..Sounds like that guy is a real Idiot.I’d love to see him get that Deck hand whoop ass he Obviously needs……

  • David


    • sabrina566

      He was a good guy.I am so sad.He will be mist.Well atlest he was a good guy.Hope you agree.If you know him.I feel sorry for his famliy.Bye.

  • john debone

    rip phil…

  • B

    This is incredibly sad. My prayers are with his family. He was always a great captain. His presence in Deadliest Catch will be missed.

  • Jlyndre

    I’m sad & sorry for their loss. Life will never be the same for his family. I hope they carry with them the strength and resilience that Phil exemplified. Rest in dear Peace

  • Tim

    Wow that sucks, the surviving children really had a close connection to their father. I give them my thoughts and prayers. I have always loved his personality and devotion.

  • TJ

    My thoughts and prayers are with his family. RIP Phil Harris.

  • Rob Hamilton

    This is so sad…like a good friend passing. But, at least Phil did what he loved until the end…being with his sons on a crab boat. A celebration of life! Godspeed, Phil!

    • Clavin

      Very true.RIP Phil we will miss you.

  • Jenn67

    My heart is broken. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends, and the entire Deadliest Catch team. Phil was one of a kind and will be sorely missed.

  • Patrice

    I am feeling very sad for Josh and Jake. Despite his gruff exterior, Phil’s love for his boys was so transparent. And they gave it back. I hope and pray they will be ok.

    • mardil

      I agree. As a viewer you could tell he had a great love for his boys.

  • Me

    We are so sorry to hear this,so many of us have come to care about him.Rest in Peace Capt.I’m so sad.I just told my family and they are all so sad to hear this.

  • Don Carter

    Way too young to die. I’m gonna miss him on the show. Thoughts and prayers for his family.

  • kimberly

    Captain Phil Harris will be missed tremendously here and our hearts and condolences go out to Jake and Josh in the hopes that they weather the storm and know they as their father was, are loved. Bless you, the Harris family in your time of sorrow…

  • Ron

    Sorry for your loss Josh and Jake (and ours). He will forever be the Captain of the Cornelia Maria

    • Dutch

      My folks met them when they were touring a couple years ago with the Discovery Channels NASCAR team at Dover Downs. They are all honest to god great people and our heart goes out to them!

      • Kim Brewster

        I really enjoyed watching phil and his son and seeing how much they would have in the pots when they pulled them up.GOD BLESS

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