Scoop: CW renews 'Supernatural,' 'Gossip Girl,' '90210,' 'Vampire,' and 'Top Model'

This just in: As my handy Bubble Show Scorecard correctly predicted, The CW has extended early full-season renewals to Supernatural, Gossip Girl, 90210, The Vampire Diaries, and America’s Next Top Model.

There’s no word on the fate of CW bubble shows Smallville, One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, and Melrose Place. Of the four, Smallville and One Tree Hill stand the best chance of returning, although I’m told there are big budgetary issues that need to be resolved first.

Last month, CW president Dawn Ostroff told me she was feeling optimistic about Smallville‘s renewal chances. “I’m really pleased with the show,” she said. “Creatively, I think they’ve done a great job. And the ratings are [strong] on Friday night. I have to commend [the producers]… It’s not easy in season 9 to keep a show fresh. And you know what I think? The fans have really liked the show this season. I don’t know which way we’ll go, but if you would’ve asked me [earlier whether it would end this season] I would’ve said, ‘Oh, probably.’ But I can’t say that now.”

Thoughts about the five renewals? Relieved?

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  • Johana

    And SMALLVILLE? dude the CW sucks ASS

    • mishka

      Smallville ran its course. And it’s still doing so well! One last season and a movie should be the big finish.
      Melrose Place 2.0 is an epic fail. The original is still more fun to watch!
      TVD is the best. I love this show!
      Regarding Gossip Girl, I hope Dan and Blair are heating things up before this season’s finale or else count me out.

      • Mike

        i’ve watched smallville since the beginning and have still been watching for the big ending….but I think at this point, I’d be happy with JUST the movie! lol

      • carol

        no more seasons plz! let it end!

      • M

        Dudeee Dan/Blair sucks!

      • eliza dushku fan


      • BlairChuckLove

        CHAIR ALL THE WAY!!! Blair & Chuck are THE ONLY reason to watch Gossip Girl.

      • Heidi

        Dan/Blair is utterly disgusting. They are not suited for each other at ALL.

    • MJ

      Smallville deserves a 10th and final season MARKETED as the final season from the get go. The show has earned that much from that f****** no good excuse for a network. Smallville and Supernatural are the only shows worth watching on that network since Gilmore went off the air. CW better get ready for RIOTS if Smallville doesn’t get it’s final season. Cause I honestly think the fans of that show will riot their offices. God, this pisses me off.

      • Donknottz

        Exactly do a huge tenth season promote the hell out of it and put on any night but Friday and give us long time fans the closure we and the show deserve. I’ll admit there have been some tough episodes and tough entire seasons I believe 4 was awful but over all the show has held up well especially the way its been treated the last year and deserves one last hurrah. and lois in a bikini one more time :^)

      • Donknottz

        Oh and that finale last year was horrific absolute worst episode of Smallville ever especially considering how great the season premieres and finales of the show have been in the past.

      • uhh

        riot thier offices? ya i dont know about that

      • Beezy

        I agree supernatural and smallville thats It!!

    • JaySin420

      “Smallville ran its course?” lol you obviously don’t watch. It’s been incredible this year.

      • bkwurm1

        I only wish I hadn’t watched most of what I watched on Smallville this year.

        Still, Smallville is a Zombie and just because Dawn hasn’t offered up another year of brains YET does not mean that the undead will not continue to torment the earth.

      • Wilson

        Speaking of zombies: the zombie episode from the beginning of the season was AWESOME.

      • Galia

        Yeah JaySin420, it’s incredible how they ignore most of the show’s past, don’t put Clark in the freaking suit and people still watch it.

    • Guest

      No, I believe that Smallville’s the one that suck.

      • Beezy

        u suck

  • Julia

    YES! So glad we’ll be getting a 6th season of Supernatural.

    • Em


    • mal

      i’m torn. i LOVE supernatural so obviously i’m happy about it, but i’m worried because when a show states that it has a series arc, and then goes beyond that arc for the sake of renewal, it makes me nervous about what they are planning to add on to the series. i haven’t heard eric kripke speak about season 6 much so i’m not sure about what the plan is, but this show has had such a fantastic progression and maturity from the revenge plots of the first two season to the transition in season 3 to the much bigger events the last and current season. i hope this show doesn’t sacrifice what it has become for another season, but i’ll absolutely be watching to find out for myself.

      • eliott256

        Post apocalyptic world anyone? I think the world we saw with Dean will come to fruition in some form and Sam will say yes to Satan.

      • amanda

        i’m w/ u mal, i hope renewal is not a gaurantee 4 another season as much as i luv the show i was prepared 2 prt w/ this season.hopefully kripke will address this in a timely matter now that cw has made their decision

      • Jackie

        To eliott256, Kripke said even if they do a season six, the angels/Lucifer/apocalypse storyline will be resolved THIS season and that the brothers’ relationship will be healed. He’s gonna have to come up with something else.

      • Dani

        Also have to agree that I’m torn as I absolutely love this show but was fine that they were originally planning to wrap up the epic with S5…. Happy that we’ll see more of the boys but I’m concerned for the mythology/storylines of the show. I’m guessing the move is now to stretch out the current apocalpse story resolution, to possibly end by the end of S6, because it would seem very unlikely that any other storylines would be anything other than anti-climactic…

      • Wilson

        @Dani: no, Eric Kripke specifically said whether or not there will be a season 6, he’s finishing the 5-season arc with a bang, and season 6 will pick up with whatever ideas he’s supposedly abounding in (He said that he’s got ALOT of ideas in store so we’ll see)

        I’m absolutely behind the renewal–I’ve come to realize that there’s more than just Christian religion to go into, and there’s a helluva lot more out there than what’s already been shown on tv–Luci’s a pretty big bad guy, but I’m sure Kripke can throw another big’n at us :P

      • @mal

        I’m with you on that. I love Supernat, and I don’t want to see it end, but I had accepted that this was going to be the last season. I’d rather the writers end it the way they want to instead of having to pump out more seasons tehy didn’t initially plan on.

    • Melody

      Supernatural – another season – YES!!!!!!!!!

    • Kristin

      YAY!!! Another season!! I can’t wait. That is one of my fav shows. Kripke still has ideas and they can keep going. I love Dean & Sam and even chastiel. I hope that show does not end. In fact, I have been trying to find where I see some of the episodes I missed in Seas 4. I go 2 school ful-time & work full time so I missed some eposides and I’m crushed. I have been trying to find them but the websites don’t have all of them. I haven’t found any season DVD’s. Can someone help w/ this??

      • Donna Bobbs

        Amazon has the shows available as Video on Demand. I know Season 5 is $1.99 per episode. Yeah, just checked it and Season 4 is available as VOD. Each season is available in full for only $20. My daughter bought them for me and I’m enojoying the heck out of them. This is a great show!!

    • amj

      Yeah!!! Love supernatural!

  • Dave

    sayonara Melrose Place :o(

    • Mia

      Amen to that!

    • Catrina


  • Julie


  • Frank

    OMG wheres Smallville!!!!!!

    • Andrea

      The 9th season of Smallville has been extremely well received and the ratings have been solid for a Friday night. What the hell is this network thinking? Welling is already signed for Season 10 and so is Durance. So where the hell is the budget problem? Welling is the person who costs the big money and his contract is already sealed. The CW better fix this now!

      • marissax

        Exactly, isn’t it stupid that they always say how there is going to be a 10th season but now suddenly this happens? I have a feeling that the show won’t end this year.

      • Guest

        lol extremly well received, that’s a good joke haha

  • Waheed

    None of these should have been renewed. Supernatural has always had a five year plan and the rest of the shows are just awful

    • ann

      agree on Supernatural. Besides – what is left to do after tackling the apocalypse?

      • Lindsey

        Dealing with a post-apocalyptic world perhaps?

      • Jaimie

        Besides the aftermath of the Apocalypse, there’s always going to be things for the boys to hunt & people for them to save. *grin*

      • Banana

        I hear the sixth season is going to be like Season One, where everything’s low-key. The calm after the storm, as it were. xD

      • Joke

        They could go on VD and decapitate some vampires

    • Elle

      Supernatural had a five year plan in terms of the story. Everyone takes the comment Kripke made once, a long time ago, to mean the series needed to end and there is nothing left to tell. Honestly, with Eric Kripke at the helm, season 6 will be just as incredible as the rest of the series has been. In Kripke We Trust.

      • Jeremy W.

        If Kripke continues to run the show, and they can sign both Jensen and Jared back to the show, then I’ll watch. The extremely loyal fan base will only abandon ship if the writing goes downhill.

      • castiella

        Misha, too! I mean, I’d watch without Castiel, but I’d be really sad about it.

      • La

        Jensen and Jared are already contracted for a sixth season. The issue was whether or not Kripke would sign on for a sixth given his 5 year plan.

      • Stephanie

        I absolutely agree, Elle!

        Team Free Will!

    • Susan

      I was really skeptical about The Vampire Diaries but it’s actually pretty good. As for Supernatural, I’m excited to see what they do for a 6th season!

      • Phil

        I’ve surprisingly enjoyed the Vampire Diaries as well. Its not a bad little show.

    • tvfan

      Excuse me, but Vampire Diaries is new and has not run it’s course!

  • Scarlett


    God knows, it’s already killed Superman

    • mgb

      Then we couldn’t see Tom every week.

      • Scarlett

        I’ll survive. I think he’s over the hill anyway *shrugs*

    • Scarlett(TWU)

      Another Scarlett? Hopefully, we will get the info about Smallville soon.

      I just want whatever Tom Welling wants to do! He is my generation’s Superman, and does an awesome job on the show.

    • carol


      • Scarlett(TWU)

        I sure hope no one thinks the other Scarlett is me! I would never say anything negative about Tom like that.

        IMO, he’s a talented actor, director, and producer. And, he gets more handsome each year too!

    • DrVern

      Smallville has not killed Superman…what is Superman to you? Christopher Reeve? There hasn’t been a good Superman movie since Superman II in the 70’s…I’d argue that Smallville is the best Superman we’ve ever recieved Big Screen or Small….Except the Animated Series…Stop bitchin and enjoy a great show that deserves to have it’s tenth and Final Season. BTW, the Superboy mythos from DC that they drew much inspiration from, doesn’t even exist anymore in the DC universe? the producers of this show literally have carte blanche with it’s content.

      • Zaphod

        Amen, buddy. You said it.

    • Robin


      I cannot take anymore bad storylines. 9 years is too long. It stopped being watchable after s8.

      • carol

        scarlett(twu) no one cares ;)

      • Scarlett(TWU)

        Gee, thanks Carol! lol

        The writers need to finish the story they started: the journey of Clark Kent to taking the Superman identity.

        So, a season ten is needed, even if it’s only for 13 episodes due to budget constraints.

      • fredro

        I think they need to at least have him fly before they end the series!

      • Beezy

        DrVern I agree Robin U suck u shouldnt even watch TV

    • Guest

      Scarlett, I totally agree with you :)

    • Beezy

      All of u are wack…..

  • Samantha

    This makes me so happy, with my three favorite shows being GossipGirl, 90210, and VampireDiaries!! I was pretty sure they all would be renewed anyway but this is just a much apprecitated confirmation! x

    • jojo

      Samantha, you are such a girl ;) ,but seriously, I love those shows just ashamed to admit it.

    • carol

      I loooooooooooooooooove VD!!!! Hope it goes on with the same good writing!

      • DrVern

        Never say you love VD

      • carol

        why not?

      • Cander

        @Carol VD is an acronym for Venereal Disease.

      • castiella

        Carol loves VD. My inner middle schooler thinks this is frakking hilarious.

      • carol

        lol… i’m not american so i didn’t know what vd means! now i know ;) but i still love my vampires!

      • Laurin

        Technically it is TVD…. not so bad that way!!
        Anyway i too love love love TVD

  • Jon

    Yipee for Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Couldn’t care less about the other two.

  • Kat

    Yeah where’s Smallville? CW we want Smallville!!!

    • carol

      Smallville sucks and needs to end! Let it go!

      • jen

        Shushhhhhhh all you smallville haters and just look at it this way for once. For 9 years i have watched smallville and for 9 years I have had hot flushed dreams of seeing Tom Welling in a superman suit and I’m almost there, please let me find my happy place, I have a shit job…. the thought of the above keeps me strong!!!!!!!! well that and the thought of Supernatural season 6 after the fall of the world Dean & Sam end up in the garden of Eden naked :) yeahhhh I’m a perv but so ;)

      • yes

        And you sound like someone who’s been watching it faithfully for almost a decade…

      • Guest

        Well said, carol!

  • evelyn27

    YAY! For Supernatural! Now, no more filler episodes, I want plot development to happen more than once every three episodes.

    • d

      I disagree. I love the show, but I feel there has been too much stalling on the plot. It wouldn’t be advancing so slowly if they didnt bring it up every episode and do nothing. Once in a while, despite the apocalypse I want them to have a standalone episode without angels or devils. Every episode this year that looks to be one ends up tying into more evil angels or lucifer. The marathon on TNT this monday reminded me how good some monster of the Week episodes are.

      • amanda

        i was soooo geeked about the tnt marathon,2 bad i had 2 work,but yeah 4 supe syndication!

      • Kristin

        I agree… they need to play more marathons so the people that missed afew can catch up!!!

  • mgb

    Yeah for Supernatural, but what’s the hold-up on Smallville’s renewal? It’s the best show on the CW! Please hurry Dawn.

  • ellie

    what about Life UneXpected :(

    • Jon

      I’m with you ellie. Really enjoying Life UneXpected.

      • paula

        me three!
        I really like that show

      • tvfan

        I like Life UneXpected, but I think having it on two nights might confuse some people and hurt it’s ratings.

    • CrissCrossed

      I love Life Unexpected. I hope it gets renewed. I think they could really do something special with that show. There are so many avenues they could and should explore. I hope CW sticks with it. This is the first show on CW I’ve watched since Gilmore went off the air.

      • amber

        I couldn’t agree more!! I think that if they give it time it could definitely develop into something great. Networks are so quick to axe shows… I hope they stick with this one for a least one full season before making a decision

    • Rebecca

      I agree – Life UneXpected has a lot of potential. CW has barely even given it a chance!

      • audrey

        I’m also enjoying it, but I wonder if I should just stop watching now, since it appears CW has no intention of renewing it :(

      • castiella

        I’m assuming that the reason the CW hasn’t renewed it yet is because it’s a winter show. It hasn’t been on long enough for them to gague whether or not it’s been successful.

      • TVwatcher

        I absolutely love Life Unexpected! It’s a really cool show. Give it some time, please. This show could win an award and go places. It’s definitely a quality show with a refreshing “real” feel to it.

        I’m happy to see Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries renewed. Could Annie please die in an accident together with her Mom and Dad? She’s the one character that should’ve been 86d early on.

    • Life Sucks

      Life can’t go off the air soon enough! It’s so obvious that it’s hurthing for ratings. It’s the ONLY CW show they are running commercials for!

      Good riddance!

    • Melissa

      I am so glad someone commented on Life Unexpected! I was a huge fan of Gilmore Girls and Everwood…very true that Life Unexpected has the same quality.

      I will be seriously disappointed if it is not picked up for a second season.

    • Farina

      Totally agree, I want that show renewed so much.

      As well as Smallville of course.

    • bidhu bhusan sarkar

      watch sexy girls sex

  • Dee

    I’m a little disappointed at Supernatural. I really wanted that show to have a full five year plan and go out on a high.

    • Akane

      Give kripke some credit, I bet the renew means he still on board and has a good plan for season 6.

      • Mariah


      • Shaula

        Hell, yeah!
        I’m incredible happy that Supernatural got a season 6!

    • carol

      that show needs to go on! Never saw a show with a greater writing and story!

    • carol

      lol, kripke said he has a five year plan but that doesn’t mean he can’t tell more stories…

  • sam

    no why isn’t tree hill on that list

    • betty

      OTH definitely needs to be renewed. Constantly outperforms Gossip Girl, 90210, Life Unexpected and Melrose Place. Season 8 now!

      • Sam

        I agree with you. OTH needs to be renewed for a season 8. Its way better than GG! I am/ will be upset if it doesn’t get renewed.

      • Blake

        OTH needs a proper send-off. Going into season 8 knowing its the last season will make the writers bring everything to a perfect close. If it doesn’t return I’ll be heartbroken. And the CW will be stupid.

      • noelle

        Thank goodness someone else realizes this!! I love OTH and i’ve watched for seven years, they need an amazing final season! Plus, seven seasns later, the show is better than almost every other teen show on the network!

        I also enjoy life unexpected though.

      • Naley

        OTH has better ratings than GG and 90210. The CW would seriously be stupid to let the show go now. OTH deserves a good send off.

      • Donna

        Check out Mike Ausiello’s column at Entertainment Weekly for info on the renewal or cancellation of shows. He’s fantastic!!

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