CABLE EDITION Renewal Scorecard: What's in? What's out? What's in limbo?

They say you can’t please everyone, but, dammit, I’m sure as hell going to try. No sooner had I posted my Renewal Scorecard than the complaints started rolling in. “Where’s cable?” “You forgot cable!” “Hey, moron — there’s this thing called cable!” After sorting through all of the feedback, I came to the conclusion that many of you are anxious to find out where your favorite cable shows stand. With that in mind, I present you with this 100 percent cable-centric Renewal Scorecard, compiled with blood, sweat, and tears love and care by intern Sandra Gonzalez. In other words, forward any/all complaints to her. Oh, and be sure to check back for updates!

ABC Family
Greek: Could go either way. Officially renewed for a fourth season.
Make It or Break It:
Already renewed for a second season.
The Secret Life of the American Teenager:
Already renewed for a third season.
10 Things I Hate About You:
Already renewed for a second season to debut March 29.

Breaking Bad: Renewed for a fourth season.
Mad Men:
Already renewed for a fourth season to debut later this year.

Archer: A long shot. Officially renewed for a second season.
Could go either way. A long shot.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:
Already renewed through season 7.
Already canceled. Series finale aired March 3.
The League:
Already renewed.
Rescue Me:
Already renewed for a sixth and seventh season. It returns this summer.
Sons of Anarchy:
Already renewed for a third season to debut in September.

Big Love: Already renewed for a fifth season to debut in early 2011.
Bored to Death:
Already renewed for a second season.
Curb Your Enthusiasm:
Could go either way. Officially renewed.
Eastbound & Down: Already renewed for a second season to debut this year.
Already renewed for a seventh season.
How to Make It in America:
Officially renewed.
Already renewed for a second season.
In Treatment:
Already renewed for a third season.
The Life & Times of Tim:
The second season begins Friday.
The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency:
Could go either way.
True Blood:
Already renewed for a third season to debut in June.

Army Wives: Already renewed for a fourth season to begin April 11
Drop Dead Diva:
Already renewed for a second season.
Could go either way.

Californication: Already renewed for a fourth season to debut this year.
Already renewed for a fifth season to debut next fall.
Nurse Jackie:
Renewed for a third season.
Secret Diary of a Call Girl:
A safe bet. Currently airing season 3.
The Tudors:
Already renewed. Fourth and final season to debut April 11
United States of Tara:
Renewed for a third season.
Already renewed for a sixth season.

Crash: Does anyone really care? Okay, it’s a long shot.
Party Down:
Already renewed for a second season to begin April 23.
Spartacus: Blood and Sand:
Already renewed for a second season.

Caprica: Could go either way.
Already renewed for a fourth season.
Already renewed for a third season.
Stargate Universe:
Already renewed for a second season.
Warehouse 13:
Already renewed for a second season.

My Boys: Already renewed for a fourth season.

The Closer: Already renewed for a sixth season.
Dark Blue:
Already renewed for a second season.
Already renewed for a second season.
Already renewed for a third season.
Men of a Certain Age:
Already renewed for a second season.
Saving Grace:
Already renewed for a fourth and final season to debut March 29.
Could go either way. Officially renewed for season 3.

Burn Notice: Already renewed for a fourth, fifth, and sixth season.
In Plain Sight:
Already renewed for a third season.
Law and Order: Criminal Intent:
Already renewed for a ninth season to debut March 30.
Already renewed for a fifth season.
Royal Pains:
Already renewed for a second season to debut later this year.
White Collar:
Already renewed for a second season.

PHOTO CREDIT: McKenzie: Mitchell Haaseth; Daivd: Doug Hyun/HBO; Grammer: Karen Neal/ABC Family; Close: Timothy White/FX

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  • Kevin

    What about Flash Gordon on the Sci Fi network. I keep waiting for the second season.

    • Jon

      I’m hoping thats just a joke, Flash Gordon was horrible and was already cancelled years ago

      • Beth

        Ha! This made me laugh! Thanks Kevin. If you’re not joking sorry dude that was canceled two years ago.

      • Kevin

        Now I am Sad, oh well I can’t find the SciFi channel anymore anyway. Did it go out of business?

      • test me

        It’s called SyFy now.

    • david w

      sci fi channel has been renamed the syfy channel wich has to be the dumbest name change in the history of networks but hey it the choice they made and as others have said flash gordon got canceled so you won’t be seeing more episode of that heck you’ll be lucky to find a dvd of flash gordon.

      • Kevin

        What syfy? that can’t be true. Next you will tell me they are showing wrestling or some such stuff.

      • alex

        THANK YOU! You’re the best!

      • Michelle

        I HATE that name change!

      • C

        They renamed it SyFy because you can’t tradmark a genre (SciFi).

      • erik the red

        I hate they rebranded it “SyFy.”

        Whenever I see it, I want to call it “Siffy.”

      • Em

        Right. Because the channel’s fans are SO INTO bad spelling, they decided to make it their brand! Lame, insulting, poor. Fail!

    • hellejoe

      I’m not going to lie…my guilty pleasure show is In Plain Sight.
      I REALLY hope Damages gets a 4th season. I can’t get enough. And 24…I wanna see more terrorists meet Jack Baur.

      • Chantelle

        Keifer Sutherland’s contract ends with Season 8. They haven’t decided if he’s sticking around, or if he’s retiring his character. If he retires the character they will either kill him or give him his happy ending.

        The reason they would give him a happy ending is if they have a movie, because that has been a thought in their minds.
        If there is no movie, bye bye Jack Bauer *Sheds tear*

        I believe it really depends on this seasons ratings, if there will be a 9th and if Jack will even be around.

      • majamababe

        24 has been cancelled. The crew decided to go out on top and spend their time developing a 24 movie. Plot has yet to be determined.

      • Danny

        How can you do a movie about a show (24) who’s whole deal is being “real time?”

        I hope they change their minds and bring 24 back!!!

  • CH

    Any news on “Blue Mountain State” on Spike? A friend of mine works there…

    • Sandy

      Then you should have the scoop :)

    • BlatantURLPimpingMustDie

      Qhat about [rather obscure series on a cable channel most people don’t even realize they get]? Anything on that show?

  • Alex

    Cable shows really are better these days. Glad to hear that White Collar is renewed!

    • mskeet

      Absolutely agree. Did a count and I actually care alot more about cable renewals than network. Stopped watching too many network shows (esp. ABC and NBC) last year when I noticed my TiVO season pass list was filled with shows cancelled way too early (Pushing Daisies, to name just one)– And I’m glad to see my ten favorite cable shows have already been renewed! Yeah!

      • Belle

        Okay, I am still mourning the loss of Pushing Daisies which made me loose faith in network television. Plus now that ABC has canceled Ugly Betty, I only have Modern Family and the Simpsons. I just watched an episode of White Collar, not bad. Damages is good, Glenn Close can not do wrong. With HBO and Curb, it all depends on Larry David if he wants another season or not.

      • amber

        Can you please tell my boyfriend you have 10 favorite cable shows? He thinks I am addicted to TV and I don’t have 10 favorite shows. ;)

      • Lamar

        I agree, I just wish one of the Cable Networks would pick up Cold Case. Then I would be set. Only one cable show I will miss and that is Saving Grace.

    • amy

      I totally agree as well! Cable television has come a long way since days of only airing old shows! I absolutely love White Collar and Leverage, they add such a higher level of intelligence to my regular line up of dramadies from regular tv

  • George

    and the moral of the story is…if you like shows on cable, chances are they’re gonna stick around a few seasons

  • BlatantURLPimpingMustDie

    I think you just proved why a “cable edition” of the scorecard was unnecessary – almost all of them are in fine shape or even already renewed. But hey, at least some knickers can now get unknotted.

  • Sarahoo

    Are you serious?! Where the hell is LEGEND OF THE SEEKER?

    • Kevin

      .. and FLASH GORDON

      • Seriously?


      • Michelle

        I think Kevin is just joking.

      • payne

        I watched it last week. What? You didn’t see? He had a new red tank top and everything!

    • daisyj

      Isn’t that syndicated?

    • Paul A Rose Jr

      Legend of the Seeker is syndicated, as in, it doesn’t air on any particular network. Do we need a syndicated show scorecard, too?

      Oprah – already cancelled

      • GoMe!

        Oprah wasn’t cancelled. She chose to end the show. There’s a difference!

      • Lacey

        Yes. Seeker fans are itching to hear about if there is going to be a third season

      • michael

        Actually and technically, Oprah was cancelled.

      • Chase

        What about Legend of The Seeker!? I have to know!

      • DJ

        Technically, Harpo Productions cancelled The Oprah Winfrey Show.

      • Get Real

        The Oprah Winfrey Show might be ending on its own terms but so did Nip/Tuck and its listed as “cancelled”

  • TC in NJ

    Believe it or not, I enjoyed Crash on Starz, although the first season was better than the second.

    • P.S. Jones

      Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the second. Did they hire new writers or producers or something?

    • m.

      I really liked the movie and gave series chance, but if the show doesn’t pick up after 4 episodes there’s a good chance it’ll never will.
      I think it’s great that cable gives the shows a fair chance. Thanks to that some shows stay on too long, for example Weeds should have ended with Agrestic burning down.

      • m.

        What i wanted to say is that not canceling the shows so easily, some of them stay on too long. So it has negative side next to positive one.

      • Danno

        I can see what you are saying about Weeds even though I loved this past season. It is like a completely different show now though. The whole Nancy with the Mexican gangster/politician story line is way past old. His character is so unsympathetic and it makes her unsympathetic as well. I think Entourage is on its way out too.

      • davey

        The fifth season of Weeds was by far my favorite :)

    • Lamar

      Loved the first season and the 2nd season felt like a new show. I for one will NOT be disappointed if a 3rd season isn’t renewed. Now Spartacus, I definitely looking forward to season 2.

  • Snsetblaze

    It seems wierd seeing a cable programming list without Monk on it – even though I never watched the series.

    • P.S. Jones

      I watched Monk (though not until later years so I had to catch up through reruns) and will only admit if I cried during the last episode if there are firearms involved. :)

    • Seriously?

      The show ended, a few months ago…

      • Jennifer

        I think Snsetblaze realizes that, and just meant that it was weird for it to be gone because it was such a staple of USA’s programming.

      • Eric

        Your reading comprehension is terrible, Seriously.

      • Mer

        lol… Love it Jennifer and Eric.

  • P.S. Jones

    Did FX even give Archer a chance? I think they’ve only aired six episodes. I LOVE it!

    • Eric

      Favorite new show of the season. Maybe the fact that it’s a cartoon turns people off. It is so smart and funny.

      • Nate

        Seconded hardcore. Archer is the funniest new show I’ve seen in a while. Maybe FX is punishing us for not knowing how to poach an egg properly…

      • Ed

        I like Archer, but Frisky Dingo was vastly superior. Too bad FX didn’t just pick up FD and make Season 3. Same type of show, by the same writing and drawing team, but even smarter and funnier. I will never know what happened after Killface’s mother arrived on Earth!

      • DB

        i thought the rating was good! the premiere was FX’s highest comedy debut. the show is ridiculously funny. it’s great that Jessica Walter can be even more outrageous now.

    • Asheligh

      Crap agreed archer is tightly written and a great addition to shows like always sunny and the league.

      • Zayne

        Agreed. Archer belongs in a time slot near or at least new episodes at the same time as IASIP and The League. I’m rolling with laughter on every single episode of Archer. I’ll be very sad if 9 episodes is all we get.

      • Shawn

        Love archer. Hopefully if it gets unjustly canceled, adult swim will pick it up and the show will have a family Guy style resurgence.

    • Rachel K

      I agree. Archer is one of my favorite new shows. I cannot stop laughing when I watch it. It’s so hysterical!

    • Krieger

      I can’t believe that Archer is a longshot. It’s by far the funniest new show of the season. In fact it may be the funniest show on television right now. It’s just joke after joke after joke with an amazing voice cast.

      • Grignac

        Agreed, Archer is great. So was Frisky Dingo, the creator’s first show. What! You’re going to let him sit down at the table like he’s People now@!$*

      • Shaun

        I agree Archer is hilarious. I’ll even go to FX headquarters for operation: Honeypot to keep it on the air.

      • Damien

        Actually, his first show was Sealab 2021, which makes 3 brilliant shows

      • BHM1304

        It is 100x funnier than any of that garbage that NBC rolls out on Thursday. Sharply written which is something none of the NBC comedies can claim.

      • andrew

        Archer should be a cable station’s wet dream. Well, it’s mine anyway.

    • wizard62

      Archer is hilarious. Definitely deserves a second season!

    • DarkHawke

      I saw a press release on the FX website that said Archer’s premiere did great numbers carrying on after the network premiere of the Simpsons movie. Has it gone down from there? Hope not, as I’m in agreement will everyone else that it’s the best new comedy this season, and really, the funniest show on TV, bar none. Just when South Park’ beginning to get a touch too safe, we have Archer to breathe fresh life into outrageous animation!

      P.S.: Johnny Bench called.

      • shanemd

        I’ll throw my name into the Archer appreciation group. Love the show, hope it gets a second season.

      • shanemd

        Just found this site and it does seem the ratings have gone down the toilet which is sad.

      • Fisher

        I’m sorry to say the viewing numbers for Archer are going downhill fast. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    • Mark

      As usual, Ausiello made an assumption about a show he doesn’t watch. The original order was for six episodes with four more scripts. FX was swo happy with the ratings they gave the go ahead for the other four and renewed the show with the other four episodes sight unseen.

      Since I’m doing the reporting you SHOULD be doing, Ausiello, cough up your undeserved paycheck.

    • bdoll

      i am so so glad archer was renewed. i could not be a bigger fan of jon benjamin.

  • Bobbi

    Damages is one of the most literate, well acted shows on today. I really hope it gets renewed!

    • Em

      I’m surprised it’s on the bubble! I didn’t realize it was at risk.

      • Eric

        I know it doesn’t have steallar ratings, but last season I read that it has the richest viewers on TV. Advertisers pay more money for less people to see their ads, but theoretically the people will have more money to spend on their products.

      • shanemd

        Supposedly the ratings for the third season have been pretty bad.

    • Doris

      I can’t believe there’s any question about renewing it. To me the only reason to non-renew would be if Glenn Close no longer wanted to do the show. Everyone else, even Rose Byrne, is expendable.

      • Neil

        Damages needs to be renewed, it is pretty much the best show on tv at the moment.

      • Rob J.

        Rose Byrne isn’t expendable. You can’t do Gilmore Girls: The Lawyers without *both* Lorelai and Rory.
        — Rob

    • duh

      Damages is one of my fav shows but unfortunately the rating are going down each week AND from last season–which I dont’ understand as this Season 3 is killing it!

      • delawhere?

        Episodes of Damages are also no longer available on Hulu. That can’t help ratings.

    • ClearlyDemented

      It’s definitely great this season, but last season it was flailing and dull. I think they lost a lot of their audience then and people are afraid to pick it back up, thinking it was a one-season wonder or they won’t know what’s going on anymore.

    • Doug H

      When you have Cadillac as one of your main sponsors, it is difficult to believe that it would not be back.. You would think FX would want to keep that kind of advertiser unless BHO says that they can’t advertise on FX because he hates Fox News… I wouldn’t put it past them… Needless to say, a great seasonj for Damages… You can tell it skews to an older richer audience based on the advertisements and the fact that it is not available online..

      • ScubaGolfJim

        And there’s the village idiot throwing political crap around in a discussion on TV renewals

  • rednihilist

    Aw, man, Southland’s on the fence again?


    • SaraK

      What can we do to save Southland?

      • Mark

        How about watch it? If everyone who claims ot “love” Southland actually watched it it would be a Top Ten show.

    • Eric

      Save Southland! Again!

      I discovered it on cable (after falling in love with Michael Cudlitz bashing NBC), and it is one of my favorite things on right now, cable or network.

    • Elizabeth

      They might be waiting till the second season actually starts in a couple weeks… or at least that’s my theory.

      • Bogs

        I don’t understand how they can cancel the show when they haven’t aired one new episode on that network yet.

      • RJ

        They are just waiting to see how it does. Calm down.

      • Paloma

        I agree. I am waiting for the second season to start … not watching reruns of the first season … but will make second season appointment tv. I think that the ratings will go up when they have new episodes to show, And I think TNT is waiting for that to make a decision. Anyway, it’s a great show and I can’t wait for more.

    • Mells

      How can it be on the fence when they haven’t even played new episodes yet? Old fans might not be watching the reruns and waiting for the new ones. I never got to see it on NBC and enjoy these episdoes while waiting for new ones….

      • Emma

        Exactly Mells. It’s on the fence because they are waiting to see how the new shows perform. Jeeze people try to think logically for a second.

    • ChristineOH

      Love Southland. Regina King is awesome. I’m looking forward to the new eps.

    • MommaB

      I just started watching the reruns – Love this show – gritty – down to earth – great variety of characters – and LOVE Ben Mackenzie in a more adult role.

    • tvgirl48

      After a fantastic episode tonight, I was so disappointed to see that the season finale is already next week! I’m really enjoying it. It’s nice to see a more realistic cop drama.

  • Dave

    How about “Secret Girlfriend” on Comedy Central?

    • Dave

      and Krod Mandoon (on CC as well)?

      • Jesse

        and the Root of all Evil?

  • paige

    any news if this is Entourage’s final season? If its not, i wont be watching. I am done with that stupid show.

    • Amanda

      If you’re done, what difference does it make what season it is?

      • Brett

        She said, in effect, that she would watch if it were its final season…

  • Em

    RuPaul’s Drag Race?

  • Ava

    Greek is one of the best shows in tv! They absolutely can’t cancel it.

    • Ava

      Erm, on tv. Can’t type on my iPod.

    • marymary

      I know, I love Greek! Even with the seniors supposedly “graduating”, they really set it up for another season or so with Casey deciding to go to law school. Cappie hasn’t even declared a major yet, so how could he possibly graduate? Ashley is so flighty, I could see her not graduating because she missed one or two requirements for her major, etc.. there are many ways to keep them around a little bit longer. Please don’t cancel Greek !

    • Paige E.

      I know I love Greek! It just has to get a Season 4! It’s been holding it’s own pretty well with it’s new timeslot. Save Greek!

      • Liban

        I want more GREEK! I’m not done.

      • Hollie C.

        SAVE GREEK

      • Ashlyn

        Ahhhh, just renew Greek already!

    • Nolan

      Oh they better not cancel Greek, its the best show based around a post-secondary school ever. I even like it better than community, which I watch all the time.

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