This Just In: The CW renews 'Smallville'

tom-welling-comic-conImage Credit: Michael Courtney/The CWIt’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the news Smallville fans have been waiting for: The CW has renewed the show for a 10th season!

The early pickup hardly comes as a surprise given how well the show has been performing in its new Friday timeslot. As The CW points out, the series has “dramatically improved” the network’s performance on the night in all major demo categories, including adults 18-34 (up 67 percent), men 18-34 (up 200 percent), adults 18-49 (up 75 percent), men 18-49 (183 percent), and total viewers (74 percent).

There’s no word if season 10 will be the show’s last.

Two weeks ago, The CW extended early renewals to Gossip Girl, 90210, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and America’s Next Top Model. The jury’s still out on One Tree Hill, Melrose Place, and Life Unexpected.

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  • lost4life



      Meh, Tom Welling is okay but Lois is awful – way too much of a tramp. Give him his cape and let him go. Ten seasons, think of other show that have lasted around this time – Seinfeld (9 seasons) and Cheers (11 seasons) – two of the most celebrated shows in tv history – does Smallville really belong on tv that long? NO.

      • Dave

        Geoff Johns, the head of Creative Development at DC comics went on record a few weeks ago with how happy he was with both Clark and Lois on Smallville. So the haters are wasting their time and breath. The people in charge of this character are very pleased with both Tom and Erica. They’ve been extremely open with their praise for the show and for the actors portraying these iconic roles. So the haters seriously need to shut their mouths. Congrats to the show on a Season 10. They have earned it. They have managed to bring in viewers for 9 years. They’ve managed to keep people engaged. The fans have not always agreed but they have remained with the show because they love it. So do they deserve a SEason 10? Hell yes. They earned it. The haters are sad pathetic people who have nothing better to do then come on a message board to bash a show they hate. Yeah…really classy.

      • Elle

        Growing Pains fan, I just saw you bashing another show on this same site yesterday. What a freaking loser. GO AWAY TROLL. You would go right to the first page and put something nasty. That’s what you all over this site. YAY FOR SMALLVILLE SEASON 10!

      • CaptDave

        Growing Pains,

        How can you reasonably criticize Lois as a tramp when Chloe steals, lies, betrays, murders, spies and now sleeps around like a common hooker with Oliver Queen? Suggesting that an awesome woman like Lois is a tramp while ignoring Chloe for the scum she is seems very short sighted to me.

      • Jenn

        Lois a tramp? LOL! I think you’re mixing up Smallville with GossipGirl. And YEAH, Smallville sure does deserve to be in the category of those shows.

        I second what Elle said.

      • Mary

        The bottom line is that Geoff Johns, the head of Creative Development at DC comics has gone on record with how much he enjoys Tom and Erica as Clark and Lois and their relationship on the show. The haters are wasting their time. The people in charge are very pleased with both of the actors portraying these iconic characters. And yes, the this show deserves it. You don’t make it to 10 years unless you do something right and keep people interested and tuning in year after year. I’m thrilled for the entire cast and crew. This is great news.


        Any opportunity for Lois to be half naked, there she is – wow what a classy reporter, I wonder if Diane Sawyer did that when she started out?

      • Xanadu West

        Hah! A Growing Pains Fan who dislikes Smallville hangs out on Smallville forum and gives an opinion. ‘Nuff said.

      • Michael

        Yes Smallville really belongs on tv this long no one is forcing you watch this long

      • Kalie

        Saying that Lois is a tramp is quite a stretch. As for the half naked thing, Lois is always dressed for work and before the DP, she wore jeans and jackets all the time. If anything, Oliver is the one who’s often half naked, and that’s fine by me. :)

      • Angel

        I’m glad they are doing the 10th season. Hopefully they will end it some time soon!

      • Vikki Sixx

        And Knots Landing, one of my alltime fave shows but also one of the cheeziest outlasted both Seinfeld and Cheers (with 14 seasons). Get off your high horse. YAY FOR SMALLVILLE!

      • ajaynyc1701

        @ GROWING PAINS FAN – I don’t know about you but Diane Sawyer is pretty freakn’ hot!!

      • General Zod

        You will bow down before me Growing Pains Fan, I swear, no matter if it takes an eternity. You will bow down before me, both you, and then one day, your heirs!!!

      • Susan

        I don’t know if I would have put it like that, but I am sad about what they’ve done with Lois because I’ve loved Clark and Lois for years. The way she got her job was horrible, the fact that Clark doesn’t trust her is insulting, half her stories are just handed to her. Which certainly isn’t ED’s fault. Clearly Erica Durance wants to play a strong Lois, but they refuse to write one. In SV she’s nothing but an extension of Clark. And even though the show is ultimately about him, if doesn’t mean they need to dumb everyone else down. For all the talk about going iconic it would be nice to see iconic Lois Lane.

      • BeetyBoo

        Growing Pains fan – Erica Durance is the best Lois Lane ever. And calling her character a tramp just makes you look petty and bitter.
        I’ve nothing against Allison Mack, but I hope that she leaves after season 9 and takes her toxic fanbase with her.

      • Susan

        BettyBoo – Every character on the show has crazy fans. Also, I’m not saying AM’s fan base is huge- it could be rather small for all I know – but, honestly, SV can’t afford to lose more viewers. There’s a core audience that was willing to follow to Friday, but the show isn’t gaining in overall numbers (and realistically it probably won’t), and who knows what kind of changes the other networks will make next year that puts more competition in the mix. The one thing SV really doesn’t need is for even more fans to switch over to DVRing the show. It’s great that SV has bumped up the Friday numbers (although that’s still kind of dismal considering what those numbers were), but even with the bump, there comes a point where, if more viewers leave, then even if it’s still an improvement over previous Friday shows, the cost will outweigh the bump. I don’t think we need to be wishing viewers will leave just because people are dramatic on the internet.

      • molly

        you´re an ass!

      • rachel

        Hey Growing Pains Fan!Lana is the tramp not Lois.ED is the best Lois Lane there is.Shut your mouth up and don’t watch the show.I am one of the
        million fans who who is juat so so thankful and happy that Smallville is back – hope it goes up to Season 12 – to cement its pedestal as the longest sci-fi running show on earth…for now I am thnakful that I iwll get to see HOT AND GOGEOUS TOM WELLING/ERICA DURANCE?JUSTIN HARTLEY on the show!

      • Kevin

        Having followed the comics & Smallville, ICAM that the Lois character is a disgrace to the iconic name. Lois Lane is not a slacker who doesn’t graduate high school & is kicked out of college for being a drunk, sleeps with the boss.
        Not to mention the actress was too old for the role to start with, those lines on the side of her face, now all that botox trying to cover it up, her face doesn’t move.

      • Jinx

        Wow Kevin – I’m sure the beautiful and youthful looking Erica Durance must be crying herself to sleep because a non-entity like you thinks she’s not good enough for the part of Lois. How will she get through the day?!!

      • ron k

        Cool another season. If you dont like it , dont watch it. We Smallville fans love it. Go watch something else. You wont hurt the ratings any.

      • F1MX

        Don’t forget Friends =D (10 seasons)

      • michael

        Ok so your position is that lois is a tramp? WTF have you ever read a comic book? umm when you have go ahead tell me the big breasted bimbos and scantly clad super heroines…you apparently dont know a tramp when you see one….and good for the cast of smallville great tv belongs on the air not off it….growing pains you’re an idiot….go to a growing pains website and bug them..

      • James Wright

        Erica is great as Lois Tom is the perfect superman I would like him to fly. He would be best even on the big screen I hope it happens

      • CAlex

        To your Question, the answer is: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

    • tvfan

      This is a good thing. What’s with the haters jumping on with comments?

      • Rebekah

        Yeah, I know, this is such good news, and all I’m seeing are all these negative and unnecessary comments.

        Anywho…I am so thrilled to hear SV is back. I love Chloe, Clark, Oliver, and Lois, so I want everyone back (well, I’m so-so on Tess and Zod’s storyline will probably end). The only thing they NEED now is the return of Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor!

    • JaySin420

      It was only a matter of time, I’m sure we will see Rosenbaum in the season finale now!

      • jammer75k

        I read a report on the Superman Hompage that they are in talks with him to appear in 8-10 eps. which would probably include the Season Premiere and the Series Finale. Don’t take it as gospel but thats what I read.

    • Steph

      I second that- YES!!!

      My hope is that Allison Mack returns and that season 10 be the last one. Is has been an amazing season but I want to see the show end while it’s still on top.


    • jen

      I second that YESSSSSSSSSS bring on the cape,suit, flying and the name Superman!!!

  • Ann


    • Howard Zen

      Smallville is horrible. A show for kiddies and morons.

      • J.

        You’re a moron!

      • alex

        then how horrible are those who sit on a board and bash a “horrible show”

      • Superfan

        All haters should just go sink in some lake and leave this forum alone Yay for season 10 and Howard zen should change his name to Howard shut your mouth

      • ObiHave

        Couldn’t agree more. I’ve watched it for every season and I finally quit watching it after the Justice Society debacle. These characters are too old to be dealing with teen angst and Clark/Kal-El is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring and preachy. I give up.

      • ron k

        Dont watch it then Fool!

      • UM

        “Howard Zen Thu 03/04/10 7:37 PMSmallville is horrible. A show for kiddies and morons”

        Yet here you are taking your time and effort to comment about it….how odd….

  • Thad

    Made of Awesome! Yes!!!!

  • Graham


    • Howard Zen

      Smallville is teen dreck.

      • darrin

        teen dreck? you obviously haven’t wathed the show the past couple of years

      • JB

        Why are you people responding to tools with nothing better to do than troll around message boards trashing shows? There lives are already sad enough. Just ignore them/

      • ron k

        Go away little man. Its people like you that make this world a rotten place.

      • UM

        Just answer the question, Howard Zen….if it is “teen dreck’ and “horrible”, why are you taking the time and effort to post comments?????

  • Rod

    as a 35 year old dad, husband, and confessed comic book dork…no news could be more welcome…awesome

    • Ange

      As a 27 year old wife and confessed comic book dork….I am right there with you! And I’m in the Cw’s target demo. And yes, I watch Smallville and hate Gossip Girl and 90210. Take that Dawn O!

      • Zaphod

        Yes, comic-loving dorky wives who hate typical girly crap marketed at them unite! :D

      • Ange

        Woo hoo Zaphod! I’m right there with you! I’m so excited for Smallville Season 10!

      • Jenn

        I never read the comics, but have since gotten an education by those who have since I started watching this show. This show made me love Superman again. I am also in DO’s darling demo, and I want to gash in my eyes and ears anytime I watch an episode of her “target” shows. Smallville is one of the few shows that is BY FAR the best thing CW has. They certainly deserved a tenth season.

      • Melissa

        Whoohoo! Season 10!
        And ya know, its not just that we’re all dorky comic-loving girls (though I am that). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. if the target audience is women…we’d rather see shirtless guys than girls in their underwear. (well, us straight women, just to get all sides in there.) :)
        I kinda hope they’ll actually keep it on Friday, means I don’t have any shows competing with my Smallville. Such good news!

      • Zaphod

        I’ll agree to that. I was excited for season 1 to begin, and I’m still excited after all this time. The closer Clark gets to putting on the cape, the more I salivate!

      • James

        I watched Smallville, SPN, LUX, OTH and 90210. Just gotta give the love on these shows.

        Thank you CW for Season 10! You ahve made the right decision.

      • Jen E.

        26-year-old wife/dork here too. Yay!

      • Sarah

        ME TOO! And I am praying AM comes back, since her serious acting chops, chemistry with everyone, and ability to believably deliver the expository dialogue are what keeps me watching!

    • emma b

      As a 37 year old who watches this with my 14 year old, I love that it is coming back. I started in season 6 and watched all the back seasons after.Chloe and Oliver for ever.

      • Howard Zen

        Smallville is horrible. A show for kiddies and morons!

      • Zaphod

        Then what the hell are you doing here, Howie? Oh, I’m sorry…that’s your lame attempt at trolling. Carry on.

      • Wednesday

        I’m with you Emma. LOVE Chloe and Oliver. So glad it got renewed. Hope Allison will sign on for season 10 though. They say it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

      • Howard Zen

        I am a complete loser with nothing better to do with my time than post lame comments (yes multiple) about a show that is supposedly “horrible”.

  • Claire


  • Sarah


  • Derrick Williams


    • Brad

      I am as excited about this as anyone but I live very very close to Michael Rosenbaums parents and I can tell you without a doubt that he is not returning to Smallville. Sadly.

      • pepper pots

        did they put a sign saying as much on their front lawn or something? thanks anyway for the “insider info”.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        Micheal Rosenbaum said on record that he is willing to come back for the series finale if only to tie up the loose ends with the character

      • MaryBeth

        I have to say I am glad that Lex is no longer on the show… I thought he was too cheesy,,, and as for the season 10 there better be more then that I love the man of steal… And Chloe and Oliver really need to end up together… but they need to call her computer godess or somethind like that so that she has a hero image too… since she has saved clark alot… love the show and I am a loyal fan i have seen all of the episodes and I got a bunch of people hooked on the show,,, please do not cancel… i would be heart broken without clark….

  • Carrie

    I hope the rumors about resigning Allison Mack and getting Michael Rosenbaum back are true – if so, s10 could really be awesome.

  • dorsydoll


  • athena606

    woohoo!!!!! yeah!!!! so happy!!!!

  • Geoff Gentry (xforce11)

    Great news!

  • Olivia


  • JRose48

    Hooray! Now kill Chloe already and bring back Lex.

    • Chris

      I agree so much!

    • Wilson

      Chloe is what makes Smallville SMALLVILLE to me. If they ever kill her off I’ll stop watching.

      • Rebekah

        I agree. There’s no need to get rid of Chloe. And if things work out between her and Oliver, the Chloe haters who don’t want her with Clark have no reason to hate on her anymore. But, yes, they NEED to bring Lex back!

      • JRose48

        I don’t hate Chloe because I want her with Clark. I hate Chloe because she is no longer interesting and her character is a burden on the show. Her parts of the episodes are the worst parts and she gets on my nerves. (Don’t even get me started on the Watchtower wrongness.)Besides, writers have been told to line up with mythology and even on the show they’ve said Chloe isn’t part of the future.

      • Ange

        Clark Kent, played by the incredibly underrated Tom welling is the heart of Smallville. Period. End of story. I don’t hate Chloe. But I recognize and accept that she was designed to be a SUPPORTING character in this story. If you watch a show about the future Superman (and this show has ALWAYS been about the future Superman) for one character–a character who was always planned to be supporting then I’m sorry but you have been setting yourself up for dissapointment from day#1. We all have our favorite members of the ensemble cast. But this show is about Clark. It’s always been about Clark. He has had many wonderful supporting players come in and out of his life. But at this stage in the game, the show needs to revolve around him. Chloe’s time in Smallville is done. If you stop watching—fine. But if you stop watching because of a supporting character leaving the show then I feel as though you clearly never understood waht this show was supposed to be about from the get go and waht the intended ending ALWAYS Was going to be. Clark Kent was always going to be the star. The plot was always going to revolve around him. As it should be.

      • CaptDave


        That’s the same ridiculous threat that Allison’s fans make every year when the character’s return is in doubt. My best advice would be to simply find another show to watch. The show’s producers aren’t intimidated by continued lame threats to boycott the show if Chloe isn’t there. They’re going to carry on just fine without you or Allison. Millions of us are there and waiting to offer this show our full support without you watching.

  • Stephen

    Brilliant news!

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