'Dexter' exclusive: Killer season 5 spoilers!

michael-c-hallImage Credit: ShowtimeStill haunted by the sight of Rita’s lifeless, bloody corpse floating in her and Dexter’s bathtub? Then this next story is going to dredge up a lot of bad memories for you. Prior to last night’s PaleyFest ’10 event honoring Dexter, exec producer Sara Colleton took a few minutes to answer all of my burning questions about the Showtime drama’s highly-anticipated fifth season (slated to premiere in September). Needless to say, Rita’s horrifying murder will have enormous implications for America’s most beloved serial killer. Beware, major spoilers…

Season 5 will pick up right where season 4 left off.
“We have spent the last month sitting around, talking and really debating how best to deal with the aftermath of [Rita’s death]. We uniformly decided that we don’t want to jump ahead. We need to see Dexter go through the process that we’d all have to go through if such a horrible thing had happened to us. We need to see him doing everything from the big emotional things like grieving the loss, to the mundane things like arranging a funeral, getting the kids dressed, and all the other things that are usually done for men because their wives or mothers do them. They have no idea how to handle all of these things. As we saw, Rita was really the caretaker of their baby. It would be cheating the audience of their catharsis to not see Dexter go through that mourning period and see how it affects him or to not see him dealing with the blowback of what he essentially caused. So we will not jump to Harrison as a 5 year old yet.”

Season 5 may not feature a Trinity-esque villain.
“John Lithgow is a tough act to follow. If there was ever a year that we could take a step back from the Big Bad formula and go deeper into Dexter and his psychology, this would be that year. That said, Dexter has a dark passenger that won’t go away no matter how much he yearns to be normal. That rears up and needs to be dealt with. He may even dive deeper after this traumatic loss of Rita. We are working on a way that feels original and fresh and unique to what he has just gone through. It cannot be the way it has been before. In [Season 1], he was terrified of any kind of intimacy because intimacy equaled being discovered. Then he slowly realized he had a need to be known and he set up a family and tried the best he could to balance it all. And now, he sees what being known brings him and he had it ripped out from underneath him suddenly and that will have some affect on him.”

Dexter will remain single… for now.
“Anything is possible, but I don’t think Dexter will be in the mood for dating or love anytime soon. That’s not even on our radar right now. He very much loved Rita and they were in a good place right before she was killed so that wound will take quite some time to heal.”

Michael C. Hall kicked cancer’s ass.
“Michael’s in full remission. I just had a three-hour breakfast with him this morning. He’s in great shape and is getting his energy back. We are all very excited to get back to work. The guy is incredibly courageous and worked hard all through last season despite being sick. He’s an amazing human being and actor. It was scary, but the show will go on. We start shooting in late April or May, which is usual. We will not have to stall production.” (Reporting by Carrie Bell)

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  • kate

    woooooo dex!!!

    • Terry

      Rita was so annoying. *I* wanted to “give her a bath” too. Good riddance!!

      • fla

        i want to give you a bath, rita was the best!

      • Maniac

        I agree Rita was sickeningly sweet and unreal, plus she was truly no match for Dexter because she was soooo suburban mom without an ounce of imagination. Glad she got the bath!

      • Rod

        I’m going to miss Rita’s nagging. I mean, here’s a guy who kills people and she’s nagging him about things that didn’t really matter. If she didn’t give him crap at least twice per episode, I was disappointed.

      • Katrina

        I’ll tell all you Rita haters something….She made Dexter feel normal and happy. So why don’t you all come down to my house and I’ll give you all a bath that would make Trinity proud.

      • Josie

        I didn’t really like Rita either, but she did definitely have an important part of the show.

        Plus, I kept seeing her as Darla, so I was expecting her to ‘grow fangs’ metaphorically at any moment. *sigh*

      • Jeff

        Rita was so annoying. In season 4 I could see the writers laid off the whole annoying wife gag, which was a relief, but I still wasn’t saddened to see her role end (god forbid he starts having those cheesy spotlight visitings with his dad AND Rita…)

        I can’t wait to see Dexter kick the crap out of that other cop… its been forever since I’ve last seen Dexter so I can’t remember his name. The jerk who accused Dexter of cheating on his wife.

      • justin kirton

        It’s funny that people would like the bloodbath end to “Rita”
        I still think of her with love as “DARLA!!!!!” from Buffy and Angel!!!!
        As far as the kids go does anybody out there even remember what started trinity’s cycle??????
        10 year old boy? Cody???

      • chris

        I thought the British chick was hot!!! She was a good match for Dex minus the psycho. Too bad she is at the bottom of the Seine.

      • Jon

        Rita was Dexters foil you dumbass shes not suppose to be like him suppose to be completely shes suppose to be his savior

      • cotie

        Give you a bath too mr. Ritta was the best.

      • Amy

        Thats the thing…Rita kept Dexter balanced. Total opposites and therefore exactly what he needed to stick to the rules and keep things under control. Had something to be careful for. And for all those saying about her nagging…get over it. You wait till when you have a wife. We all do it so live with it or live without :)
        Viva Dexter

      • Evans

        How could you even say that? Dexter has been with Rita sense season 1 and for a huge Dexter fan like myself I was horrified when I saw Rita in that bathtub. Rita was the only person in Dexters life that made him feel something, that made him feel like he wasn’t a monster. I’m going to miss Rita but I’m intrested to see how Dexter is going to handle his dark passanger while being a single father of three.

      • MJ

        Okay, dude, that was sick. Rita could be annoying, but only to the plot. Any wife would have acted like that if their husband was being so aloof. Be realistic and not so disgusting.

      • Vanessa

        I respect that you didn’t like Rita, but can’t you see that she was like the angel on his shoulder. He is suppose to be a monster and she was there to balance this out. Now i am not happy that they got rid of her but it will be interesting to see how he copes with her not being around. Plus, there will be some amusing scene with him and the baby I am sure. I think season 5 will be as good as all the others because he will continue to evolve.

      • Mack

        Yeah I think Rita was annoying. I mean, I have nothing against Julie Benz… I love her! But the character was soooo bitchy.

      • tosha

        your right Rita was good I am just want to say hope dexters kid doesnt turn out like dexter cause think about it he was left in ritas blood on the floor but i am just saying

      • Abe

        Couldnt agree with you more. I wouldnt have wanted her to die off but at the same time I cant think of a better way to take her out of the show and stay true to the story.

      • laurenmarie1022

        Read the books and you’ll truly appreciate TV Rita. The books portray her in a much more clueless light. The TV version was refreshing.

      • BlueM

        Rita was not annoying, Rita was one of the best characters in the show, sincerly, I personally want a wife like Rita, one who love and take care of me, even when she ignores everything about the dark passanger, she knows Dexter, and she was in love with Dexter, he feels ok with that, because he felt human, nobody, any character coould fill what Rita was, Dexter is not about a killer who kills killers, is about feelings, about psicology, about the mind of the guy inside a killer, and that guy feels something big about Rita, It’s difficult to accept the lost, but that’s the principal actor of the next season, the lost for dexter, I wanna see it

      • Jade

        I second that- although she did take good care of her family.

      • Melissa

        HAHA i totally agree everything about rita pissed me off!!! i just wanted to smack her lol

      • leonor

        I didn’t like rita very much but I think that Dexter will be kinda crazy and boring with her death

      • Leonard

        Rita was dull as hell. She was a superfluous character and she held up a lot of time that could’ve been spent on something – anything – else. So long and farewell to a character that didn’t belong in the story.

      • ritasucks

        there is a reason she is not on the show anymore.

      • Clary

        I thought Rita was boring, too! My husband is DEEPLY depressed, though. Total crush on Rita….

      • RitaIsAWESOME

        Rita was an awesome character on Dexter..she will be missed terribly..

      • Bobbi

        I agree with the comment of wanting to give you a bath Terry..Rita was the only one that Dexter truly had a bond with..YOU ARE ANNOYING!

      • kpl

        Guess what douchebag, Rita (Julie Benz), left because she was doing movies.. On to bigger and better things!!! It’s not a big deal, their are even more ppl out there who can’t see talent! Your not the only one!

    • Mike

      rita was the bomb, yeah dex is supposed to be unfeeling, but rita brought out the father figure in dex, and his “normal” self, I think it was good for him to feel like he didn’t have his “dark passenger” tempting him all the time.

      • Angel

        I agree Rita was amazing, and brought good feelings to dexter. At the end of the day he really isn’t a monster! Dexter does good… and Rita was going to make sure he takes it easy and stays good!

      • bre

        ok so yes she was annoying. but like everyone has said she kept dexter on his toes. and they were so cute together. i was just hoping that she would find out an still love him…maybe she isn’t dead and that’s just what could have happened…if she is then that’s so messed up…i am sad

    • Bravo97779

      Around episode 8 I was hoping that they were not going to have the this gentleman give Rita a bath. I thought it would be to predictable. At the end of this season I was happy that they didn’t do it and was hoping Dexter wasn’t going to find her dead in the tub. When he did I lost my interest. I don’t think I will be watching season 6 now. It just lost me after this bad move. I dont care that they klled her off, but the poor way they did it was a bad move.

      • Lee

        I think you mean season 5.

      • scott

        you sir are retarded. you should probably get your facts strait before you put up a post

      • Chris

        Well good then maybe you can watch season 5 and if you like it enough change your mind about season 6, you obviously are a retard because its still a very suspenseful well balanced show and you should give them some credit for all theyve done, and if they lose a careless fan like yourself i highly doubt theyll give one shat.

      • Donna

        Sometimes going with the predictable is very unpredictable!

      • Billy

        It was an extremely creative way to kill of Rita; everyone watching was so focused on someone finding out Dexter’s huge secret as well as Dexter getting his hands on Arthur then watching him slip away. Personally I dont believe you had any clue as to what was going to happen to Rita, and I think youre going to be missing out on a great FIFTH season (you mentioned not watching the SIXTH, when in fact its the FIFTH) and a very well-planned and thought out show.

    • jim latino

      its just a crock that bryan crantston wins every year because micheal c hall is way better than him

  • Andres

    ohhhhh finally!!! Dexter news! so after all his not so faking emotions and he can have deep ones, it might be interesting to know how hell explain the circumstances of ritas death and if police will suspect of him.

    • Karen

      What happeneds to the unfeeling Dexter?
      He is so emotional now. What happened to faking all his emotions? Can a serial killer really feel? I love him anyway. Glad to know he’s doing well.

      • Celia

        I think Dexter just believes he has no emotions, because that’s what Harry told him the whole time Dexter was growing up. He has feelings and Rita helped him realiz that. Without her, it will be interesting to see what happens to him psychologically.

      • Ashley

        I dunno…. If you read the books, he truly is void of emotion. I want unfeeling Dexter back.

      • Claire

        Despite being a serial killer, I think Dex is capable of true feelings. There are several clues that point to this, especially in season 4. He gets upset over having killed an innocent man, he vows to never be like Trinity towards his family, and he even mentions needing them early on in the season. If he didn’t have feelings, he wouldn’t be such an amazing character.

    • Mike

      OK here’s what I think. Remember when Trinity showed up at the Miami Metro Police Station? Well Angel sees him talking to Dexter, and they know Trinity’s cycle involves a woman in a bathtub.. will they realize that Trinity killed Rita and will they discover Dexter’s real relationship with the Trinity Killer?

    • Billy

      police wouldnt suspect him because Rita’s muirder was performed in the same exact fashion as the oither bathtub murders that have taken place even 30 yrs before Dexter’s time

      • Melissa Hoffman

        except the bathtub murders were all single women – they each represented Vera, Trinity’s sister. It would’ve been more cliché if Trinity had made Rita jump to her death.

  • Jessica

    Happy to know that Michael is recovering well. *sending good vibes*

    • Nicotine

      That’s the best part of the whole article. I’m so glad he’s gonna be okay!

      • Zain

        I agree, rita’s nagging and dexter’s new emotional roller coaster aside, its great knowing that M.C.Hall is recovering and that he is still in the game. He is a brilliant actor from David in 6 feet under to Dexter, all top notch quality stuff. You kick ass Michael, big love and big support…”sending more good vibes”

    • Heather

      I had no idea Michael had cancer. I’m also glad he’s doing well and sending good thoughts his way :)

  • Zo

    Probably a good idea to wait a season until there is another serial killer to contend with… Everytime I see Lithgow on my screen now, I jump sky-high!

    And it must be said, Michael C. Hall is DA BOMB. And I love that he keeps this stuff private– he didn’t have a publicist say, “He’s dating his co-star!” “He’s married!” “He has cancer!” The first two eventually came out, and the last was only because they knew he was going to be at the Globes and they could no longer cover up that he was sick. In this age of someone selling the pictures of their newborns to the highest bidder from a magazine, I have to say, he is very admirable.

    • spikesgrl

      Very well said “Zo”. Love Dexter and Michael C. Hall. So glad he is doing well.

    • Maniac

      You said it… Is is truly refreshing to see a celebrity =star= without the ego of a publicist involved!

  • Jeannette

    How did I miss that he had cancer? I love Hall, so I’m glad he beat it! Can’t WAIT for Dexter in September!

  • Jennifer

    As much as I would miss little Harrison, it only makes sense that the kids go live with Rita’s parents. He can visit them on weekends like most dads.

    • carol

      who said that they’re going to her parents?

      • Maniac

        where else would they go?

    • kj

      Rita’s Dad is not around-don’t know if he is dead or parents separated. She or Paul’s parents would have rights to Cody and Astor, but only Rita’s mom could get Harrison.

      • Claire

        In the last episode of season four though, the kids go to Disney Land with the grandparents. These are obviously Rita’s parents, as we know what happened to Dex’s.

      • LordAz

        Actually they are Paul’s parents (Rita’s ex) – not Rita’s.

      • Kepling

        Yes they are Paul’s parents. Besides that is probably part of the reason they didn’t take Harrison with.

      • Kyle

        Umm no! Dexter and Rita were married so Dexter would get the kids.

    • Samuel

      Dexter would not get the kids. He has no legal rights to them. He was just a guardian he did not adopt them. I think it will be him and baby Harrison.

    • Sam

      I don’t think that Harrison will go- they’re Paul’s parent so they only have right to Aster and cody. plus, Dexter loves his son, very much. he wouldn’t give him up that easily. He technically doesn’t have many rights to Aster and Cody, but he’s got connections that could keep them with him. That’s what Rita would have wanted.

  • Daniel

    Is it September yet? :*(

  • Shamrock

    Way to put a spoiler right in the first line on the main page. Some of us haven’t seen last season yet.

    • Paco

      why would you go to a page talking about spoilers for the new season when you havent seen the last season? that’s just idiotic. dont blame EW for spoiling it for you… the season ended last year, catch up.

      • Jester

        Not everyone has the means to get Showtime and have it on dvr to catch up on and not everyone has or should have to have interest in torrents to see the shows. Some people wait for dvds. Did that thought even cross your mind?

      • youknow

        I agree with Paco! If you aren’t caught up/waiting for a DVD you shouldn’t read past the title “DEXTER”. I have NO sympathy for anyone “Spoiled” who clicks on info for season 5 before watching season 4.

      • Shamrock

        That’s because you are dumb and missed the whole point of the argument. I guess reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit.

      • Lynn

        God I hate ‘spoiler’ whiners. I don’t have Showtime either, and simply avoided any Dexter articles until I finally saw the season finale a month ago. It’s not that difficult. Grow up.

      • Paul B

        To be fair, Shamrock was talking about a spoiler on the MAIN page. Not this page.
        If you look at the article posted there (BEFORE you click to read this particular page)… it gives a big spoiler about the end of season 4 in all its glory. Shamrock was clearly talking about that, and has a great point.

        I’m sure lots of people read Ausiello frequently to keep up with news for shows that they are up-to-date with – yet don’t expect to be spoiled on those that they haven’t watched, just by reading the main page!

        Try reading comments properly before you jump down someone’s throat about things “being their own fault”. ;)

      • Celio Cruz

        paco has mucha reason… that dude smooked a lot of pot, and then shuted at his dealer for giving him *pot*

      • Claire

        I agree with you Lynn. I only just saw the last episode today, and managed to avoid all spoilers. I didn’t even google search Dexter in fear that I’d come across the ending.

        And Shamrock, it says Spoiler in the title. If you were so concerned, you could have closed your browser or hit the back button instead of reading the first sentence.

      • RickC

        I agree with Paco and Desmo. The headline emphatically stated spoiler alert. What’s so hard to understand? Ignorance is bliss and some of the complainers here are down right ecstatic! Read on at your own peril and stop blaming the author for your uncanny stupidity. It doesn’t matter if you were out of the country or in a coma. It doesn’t matter if the first line of text discussed the spoiler or that it was written in CAPITAL LETTERS! If you can’t read a WARNING IN THE FRIGGIN’ TITLE then you have issues other than pure stupidity–you can’t control your curiosity! If an electrician tells you to NOT stick your finger in a light socket but you still can’t resist doing so–don’t blame the electrician and everyone else who laughs at you when you get a shock! We like laughing at idiots…

      • Samantha

        I fell in love with Dexter on accident while I was house sitting my brothers house I caught season 1 on Netflix… of course I was addicted and got through season 3 in 2 weeks. Anyway…I was watching a youtube interview with Michael about his recovery for cancer…I turned down the volume and thought, they are going to say something I don’t want to hear I should just close it. Well, I wanted to hear him speak about his recovery so I turned it up and RIGHT then a reporter said “So how do you think Rita’s death will affect season 5″ AHHHHHHHH. How’s that for a spoiler. Never saw it commin… I was so mad haha. Currently heading to the local wal-mart to buy season 4 on DVD at midnight:) can’t wait for September!!!

    • Desmo

      Seriously, spoiler alerts should have a month expiration date, after that if you haven’t bothered to watch it yet then you take full responsibility for going on an entertainment website and looking at the articles that are related to the show that you don’t want to be spoiled on.

      • Joseph T

        actually some people have to wait for the season to come on dvd so putting it in the main lines of post that appear on the main page does spoil it. Paco and Desmo need to calm it.

      • A

        Hey Paco and Desmo, not everybody is like the both of you, two jobless losers with no family or friends.

      • Amanda

        The world cannot stop for people who wait for DVD releases. If you have to wait that long to watch, then you need to wait that long to read entertainment news.

      • Shamrock

        Well since they deleted my profanity laced post. I didn’t click on the article to read it, it was on the main page and I was scrolling down looking at the articles and it was right there.
        Like Joseph T mentioned, I didn’t get to watch because I’m in the military and was overseas and the DVD’s haven’t come out yet.

      • Shamrock

        I didn’t read the article. It was right there. I have no problem with articles talking about past seasons, but to put it right in the first sentence on the main page.

      • A

        It’s funny, he writes, Beware Major Spoilers at the end of the first paragraph after he gives out a major plot point. Maybe that should have been the first sentence.

      • Big Fan

        Get over it! You snooze, you lose!

      • Desmo

        Yes I have no life because I expect people to have some personal responsibility. You still haven’t explained why when trying to avoid spoilers you have come to an entertainment website and click on the first article that has to do with the show that your trying to not be spoiled on. And I have two jobs and go to school at the same time so suck it.

      • Julie

        actually i didn’t have showtime for a while either. But If you have a computer which you do you can go to web sites that shows tv shows and cetch up that way. Thats how i did it.

    • fla


      • Addy

        You dont have to wait to watch the episodes on DVD. I watch the seasons on TV, but I love Dexter so much that I watch the episodes again online too, all you have to do is google “watch Dexter”
        Also, if you’re clicking on websites or articles about something, idk what else you would expect but to get updated information about it

      • Lee

        I go one better and download them, owing to it being free. Mmm…bit-torrents.

      • Sam

        If Shamrock’s in the military, they don’t have 24 hour a day access to the internet! Why are you guys so freaking dense!?

      • R

        In all fairness, my husband is in the military and we are stationed overseas. We do not have access to Showtime. We also can not stream video from most websites because we have a foreign IP address. We need to wait for the DVDs or for shows to be made available on iTunes. This season was just recently made available on iTunes so I am just now watching it.
        Also, I believe he is saying that he never clicked on, or searched for, articles on Dexter. When he was on the website, for other reasons, a spoiler was on the main page in the title line. I would be upset about that too.

  • Mary

    Awesome to hear about Michael C. Hall’s recovery. He’s an amazing actor and still has a fantastic future ahead. I can’t wait for the show to start back up again this fall. It left on such a shocking note and the upcoming storyline is going to be very interesting to watch. Surely his friends and coworkers will see that he’s got some ties to Trinity and may start asking questions. Hmmmmmmm….

  • robert

    happy to know that you still know and report nothing. can’t believe a hack like you actually gets paid for a nothing job.

    • Paco

      what r u smoking? these spoilers are actually pretty new. keep ur bitterness to yourself.

    • Desmo

      And what kind of job do you get paid to do? Let’s put your career on here so we can all join in mocking you!

  • Cory

    What is not addressed in this article: will Dexter be a suspect in Rita’s death??

  • Lalita

    Loving all the reports on the show and MCH. It’s all looking good!!

  • Antonio

    Glad to hear Michael is doing better… Can’t wait for the new season…

  • Jon88

    You say affect, and I say effect. Let’s call the whole thing off.

    • Jennie

      Hahaha, THANK YOU! I was just about to post a mini-rant about how NONE OF EW’S WRITERS SEEM TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AFFECT AND EFFECT, but I won’t. Your comment is golden. But seriously, EW? I know you’re, uh, struggling monetarily, but for reals guys? Hire someone who can edit.

  • Meredith

    Thank you for the scoop on my favorite show and my favorite actor MCH. Last season was beyond amazing, and I literally cannot wait to see what season 5 will bring!! I agree that the big question will be if Dex will be a suspect in his beloved Rita’s murder. Glad to hear you are feeling better Michael!! Love ya :)

    • Rob

      I wish they would have taken out Deb. She is really the one who is annoying one.

      • Jan

        Agree! I’m so tired of her dropping the f-bomb every third word. Get a clue, writers – it isn’t novel anymore. And she’s brutally unattractive, too.

      • CoachDiva

        @ Jan – My husband and I have made a game of counting how many times Deb drops the “F” bomb per show. We usually end up laughing so much by the 20th time that it isn’t as annoying.

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