Exclusive: Sarah Palin's proposed show is an apolitical look at Alaska, quirks and all

As Sarah Palin makes the rounds in Hollywood, more information has surfaced about the show she’s pitching. EW, which first reported the story earlier this week, has learned it’s a travelogue-type documentary from uber-producer Mark Burnett (Survivor) in which the former vice presidential candidate gives viewers an intimate look at her home state of Alaska.

Palin is expected to participate in the show–which is designed to run for at most eight episodes–and present stories about Alaska’s quirky denizens and traditions like the Iditarod. A two-minute video teaser for the show was sent around to the networks which, according to one executive who saw it, includes voiceover statements touting Alaska “the most fascinating state, with the most fascinating statesperson.” The teaser shows sweeping views of the state and even includes a line that says Alaska “is two miles from Russia.”

At least for now, it doesn’t look like her family will participate.  “It’s a love letter, like Palin’s Alaska,” said one executive familiar with her pitch. “There’s nothing political about it.”

Palin and Burnett have already made stops at ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox and scheduled meetings with cable nets like the History Channel and A&E. Though Burnett’s participation all but assured that everyone would hear the pitch, it doesn’t seem likely that one of the Big Four will order the series (The Wrap, in fact, already reported that ABC passed on the project). Palin certainly has a following; her memoir, Going Rogue, was a huge bestseller and her appearance on The Tonight Show March 2 attracted 5.8 million viewers, Jay Leno’s second biggest audience this week since returning to the franchise on Monday. But she definitely comes with a price: a network wouldn’t want to deal with the ramifications of giving Palin a platform—even for what’s being billed as an apolitical show—if she announced her intent to run for President in 2012 during the show’s limited run.

Still, there’s some belief that Palin will find a buyer for her show—just not on a network that carries, say, sitcoms or procedural dramas. “It feels more like Discovery,” says the exec.

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  • Moe

    Her show does belong on Discovery channel with the apes and monkeys. At least they have more knowledge then her. I can’t believe people actually consider her a presidential candidate. America seems more desperate then ever.

    • T. Deegan

      Apparently they have more knowledge “then” you too, you ignorant hater.

      • Jordan

        Making the common mistake of mixing up “then” and “than” does not make someone ignorant. Calling someone ignorant for that though does make someone a prick though.

    • jared4ever

      She`s an ignorant, money-hungry bottom feeder who represents everything that is most dangerous about America. Stupid and powerful, a very dangerous combination. Add God & guns to the mix and she`s what keeps the rest of the world up at night.

      • janem

        Totally agree. Her greediness is really ugly.

      • ron

        jared4ever – dateless and alone again on another friday night spewing his hate. Can’t you find a nice boy to be with or will it be Rosie Palmer again?

      • John

        You can bad mouth Sara all you want, and join all the people that don’t love America, Sara is what America needs.

      • Jen

        John, I’m glad you know America needs someone named “Sara.” For a second I thought you meant “Sarah” as in Palin. That would be tragic.

    • Lawrence

      At least Palin has some experience running a state. Obama’s only experience is working for Acorn.

      • anna

        At least President Obama is aware North Korea and South Korea do exist. Hey Sarah they are two different places. History 101.

  • iheartpoco

    UGH!! What, exactly, does “Palin’s Alaska” look like, anyway? ‘Cause “Palin’s America” looks pretty scary to this Canadian. Perhaps it looks a little like Ahmadinejad’s Iran, where they “don’t have gay people.”

    • ron

      Problem solved! Send all the gays to Canada! I guess thats why they call you ‘mounties’. Enjoy iheartpoco!

      • jared4ever

        hahaha `mounties`…as a gay Canadian I found that one very funny!

      • terry

        Yeah, once in a while a bigot does say something funny. About what you’d expect from a palin supporter. Though I wonder what they’d say if Palin’s other daughter turned out to be a lesbian. Palin, of course, would have to pander to the gay crowd then, and her supporters would have to wrestle with their Sarah love and homo hate. Then their heads would explode. By the way, I wonder how all these right wingers feel when their senators keep getting busted in homosexual circumstances. Just saw where the republican senator from Cal got busted in a dui coming from a gay bar or something. But he was an opponent to gay rights.

    • Palin doesn’t speak for all of us . . .

      The same way Ahmadinejad doesn’t speak for all of Iran.

  • Randall Thorpe

    Wow! Nothing could be more exciting than Sarah Palin in boots & buckskins. This has all the ingredients for a classic super-hit, and any TV executive who doesn’t grab this project is going to regret the wasted opportunity.

  • AnotherMark

    It will be comedy no matter what she intends it to be… it is always comedy with that one… except when she is attempting comedy… then it will be a tragedy..

  • JJ

    The hate for Palin always astounds me because it is based totally off of ignorance and hatred. She can’t even do something apolitical without being getting all scared of her. Good grief!

    • Desert Cat

      Actually, my disdain of Sarah Palin stems from HER ignorance and hatred. She’s another ultra-conservative “family values” *sshole who reeks of hypocrisy. She’s a hate-mongering liar, and the world needs to be rid of her and her ilk.

      • ron

        What an idiot!

      • jared4ever

        well said, Desert Cat!

      • Christine

        You are my hero, sir or madam.

      • Melanie

        You got that right Desert Cat!

      • Lawrence

        When you can’t beat someone on the issues just go for a personal attack and hate mongering. The left wingers here couldn’t handle an adult discussion … just schoolyard name calling. Geeez

    • Jen

      I’m not sure what makes me angrier; Sarah Palin and her politics, or those who deign to defend her without using proper grammar. What the hell is “being getting all scared?” Proof read if you’re going to make a comment. Jeez.

  • avez

    As a general rule, I really dislike Sarah Palin and disagree with most of her platforms. However, this is something I bet she could do pretty well, if she could keep politics out of it.

  • SKJ

    This seems like it will be a-entertaining as well.

  • maiv

    Yeah, from just listening to her premise, I feel that it’d be a show on TLC or something

  • Sara

    There are people in America stupid enough to watch “Survivor” and “The Bachelor”. Therefore there may be people stupid enough to watch Palin, one of the most ignorant and hypocritical women who ever lived. That’s what her halfwitted promoters are betting on.

  • DT

    Sounds like a snoozefest of a show.

  • Qjersey

    Mark Burnett is now officially a pimp.

  • RandyL

    Not a Palin hater, but a proud Alaskan, and thankful of the bullet dodged in the 2008 election. Not sure I would want to experience my home state through the eyes of Ms. Palin, though it does sit “2 miles from Russia”.

  • Maureen

    I love her facial expression in this picture. She’s like, “Hmm. Do I REALLY want to do this?” ;)

  • Hudson

    There is nothing apolitical about Sarah Palin.

  • Christine

    She has to go away. She just has to. I can’t deal with it anymore.


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