'Grey's Anatomy' exclusive: Katherine Heigl is (almost) outta there!

katherine-heiglImage Credit: Michael Desmond/ABCAfter a six-year Grey’s Anatomy stint marked by almost as many controversies as triumphs, Katherine Heigl is thisclose to getting what she has long desired: a discharge.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that series creator Shonda Rhimes has agreed to release the fast-rising movie star from her contract. It’s now up to ABC Studios and Heigl’s reps to hash out a final exit agreement. (A rep for ABC Studios declined to comment. Coincidentally, as of today Heigl is without a publicist.) Why is this all coming down now? That’s where things get interesting…

After taking more than half of the current season off to make another movie and connect with her adopted daughter, Heigl — who picked up an Emmy in 2007 for her Grey’s work — was scheduled to return to the Grey’s set on March 1 to begin work on the five remaining episodes of the season. There’s just one problem: March 1 came and went and there was no Heigl.

A source within the actress’ camp claims Heigl “was at home and ready to return to work.” Another insider, however, insists “it’s much more complicated than that.” The source adds that talks between Heigl and ABC have been going on for months and last week both sides mutually decided that the best solution would be to part ways now as opposed to at the end of the season. As a result, Heigl is not expected to return to the Grey’s set, which means her final episode as Izzie has already aired.

The breakup caps a long history of tumult between Heigl and Grey’s. Here’s a quick recap of some of the more high-profile squabbles:

* In 2007, Heigl found herself in the middle of the T.R. Knight/Isaiah Washington feud when she publicly dissed Washington for repeating the F-word at the Golden Globes.

* In 2008, Heigl took a swipe at Grey’s writers when she announced that she wasn’t entering the Emmy race because she “did not feel I was given the material…to warrant a nomination.”

* Over the summer, she groused to David Letterman that Grey’s was subjecting her to intolerable working conditions. “Our first day back was Wednesday,” she said, “and it was — I’m going to keep saying this because I hope it embarrasses them — a 17-hour day, which I think is cruel and mean.”

Bottom line: There’s no love lost on either side as this whole sordid chapter comes to an end.

Thoughts? Happy this ordeal is finally coming to an end? Sad the circumstances surrounding Heigl’s exit will preclude Izzie from getting a proper send-off? Sound off below!

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  • Nina

    If she leaves i dont have to watch this annoying show anymore!! Love Izzie/Katherine!! <3333

    • Rosalie

      Even though I’ve never seen a single episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I have to say that somehow Katherine keeps this show in everyones mind. Anyhow I can say that I’ve seen all her movies and have really enjoyed them up until The Ugly Truth. I want to see more range in her, not just romantic comedy. I don’t think I will be watching her new movie with Ashton Kutcher, and it has nothing to do with her attitude, its because I feel I am watching her in the same movie over and over. I don’t watch Johnny Depp movies for the same reason, Im tired of watching him in crazy make up playing weird characters.

      • Yellowhat

        I don’t mean to slam her acting because like I’ve said, I really thought she did a great job in earlier seasons but I agree. All she ever really does is romantic comedies. And to me they seem like the same movie over and over. It’s getting old. If you check IMDB it’s all she seems to have coming up as far as movies go. I’d respect her a bit more if she stepped out of the box.

      • Jordan


        Have you ever tried watching other movies where Johnny Depp ISN’T in ‘crazy’ makeup? Because he has done other films, you know – like “Blow”, “Finding Neverland”, and “Public Enemies”, to name a few. If you look closer, you’ll find that he isn’t a ‘one-note’ actor at all.

      • Yes

        Shes awful and her movie career is hardly something to be overjoyed about. She got attention from whining and really brought the show down in every way

      • Sandy

        Katherine is no Julian Roberts or Angelina Jolie. I do agree that her choices in making movies aren’t great choices. I wish her the best though….

      • Marie

        Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock made a slew of romantic comedies before branching into other genre, some more successful than others. Give her time to branch out before writing her off.

      • JB

        I assume that you have not seen Chocolat? or Donnie Brasco?

      • skachic110

        Secret Window, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Benny and Joon…
        How could you EVER compare Johnny Depp to that one note named Heigl.

      • Griff

        Ed Wood

      • UGH

        More time for more bad movies!

      • Rashad

        I am SO SICK of her!!!! I’m actually happy she’s leaving the show….the show has been good without her

      • Linda K

        Not saying anything about her acting but doesn’t she really play the same type of person in every movie? May she fade away from Hollywood

      • Give her time to branch off?.

        She’s had six years. What is Grey’s Anatomy if not a romantic comedy set in a hospital?

      • anthony

        nah nah nah nah hey hey goodbye

      • Rosalie

        Jordan, yes I’ve watched movies with Johnny out of make up. My favorite movies with him are Nick of Time and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. I would never say that he is a one note actor and it’s not what I meant. I just can not disconnect all the make up anymore. But yes, Johnny Depp can certainly act.

      • CanuckJen

        Haven’t watched Grey’s since Izzie/Heigl was sleeping with her dead boyfriend. I know, she had a brain tumor but they lost a loyal watcher with that story line…haven’t watched it since.

        Katherine Heigl is pleasant enough but, like some other actresses, has gotten pigeon-holed into the romantic comedy and not even very good ones. The difference between Heigl and actresses like Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts etc is that their romantic comedies were, by and large, really good movies. Heigl is destined to become another Jennifer Aniston…lots of work but not much to be proud of I am afraid.

      • Matt

        Wow, what an idiotic comment by Rosalie. Thats cool if you dont like Depp but to compare him to katie Heigl is just plain irresponsible! Others have already said a bunch of movies this “critic” seemingly missed so Ill just hit her with the raw numbers, Johnny Depp has been in almost 50 movies (starring in over 30 of them) and has about 15 in pre-production talks…..Miss Katie has been in about a dozen, and only recently started starring in them AFTER she became more famous from Grey’s.

      • Sally

        Rosalie, that’s funny that you’ve never watched the show and yet, you find that Ms. Heigel keeps the show going based on a few movies. I don’t think she adds anything to the show. I haven’t missed her at all since she’s been gone. One of the reasons the show stays on top is because of the hot guys who are on the show. It has nothing to do with Katherine Heigel.

      • Ale


    • Beth

      Don’t let the door hit you in th ass. How someone could be so ungrateful is beyond me. The 17 hour day was so that we should make one of her movies and they reworked the schedule around her. She is so 2006.

      • amy

        Agree wholeheartedly!!! She managed to turn the TR/Isaiah fiasco into something all about her. Then, she disses both Grey’s and Knocked Up, THE movie that put her in the movie world. What an ungrateful be-yotch. GOOD RIDDANCE!! Hopefully, we’ll only have to endure 1-2 more years of cr@aptastic films from her and then she can disappear into the woodwork where she belongs.

      • susan

        i total agree with that, First you complain that you do not have a story line and when you get a story you complain just go away now

      • Jenn C

        Totally agree with your comments. I cannot believe how ungrateful she could be, and still act like she is an angel. She is a smack talking idiot, who will eventually say the wrong thing about someone and end up out of hollywood on her butt.

      • JL

        AGREED. Good riddance!!

      • Shannon

        AGREED! I always thought her slams were ungrateful and ridiculous. So you’re hot and caught a break on the big screen, you never forget where you came from and who you have to thank for your beginnings.
        It’s unfortunate though b/c I really liked her with Alex. I don’t like Alex with little Grey. He deserves someone for real so he can grow up a little or let him be the next Mark and screw around a lot again.
        See ya Izz!


        At least she won’t end up on the pole any time soon.

      • Jennifer

        I agree. She has been really whiny lately and the whole dead Denny sex thing was a stupid storyline anyway. Frankly, they should get rid of her and bring back Burke.

      • Jenny

        Agree! She is annoying and whiny. Won’t miss her one bit.

      • Diya

        No kidding…I have family members who work in the industry…reality is, some days you have crazy long hours, other days not so much…but that’s what she gets paid for…so quit whining and just do your job!!

      • Claire

        she ows it to her fans to atleast make a final appearance. Atleast get killed off. She left the show dying and with a husband. if izzie doesnt do this i think it would be a huge let down to her fans.

    • tiffany Sanborn

      the whole show needs to end.. it has had its run…now it is done!

      • carol

        totally agree!!! this show is so boring! the next one who will leave is mcdreamy… i love katherine heigl and really hate that people think she is arrogant when she just speaks her mind!

      • Spencerhopeful

        I’m with you Carol. I can’t fault her for knowing what she wants. And I don’t care if she does romantic comedies until the cows come home. She’ll move into other things as she goes. I LOVED 27 Dresses! Besides, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks made their bread and butter doing them – not too shabby company to keep I’d say.

      • gigi

        I agree. I broke up with this show this season. I tried to give it a chance. But yes, the show needs to end.

      • MoamaofOne

        ARE YOU CRAZY!!! This is the best show ever! I am so addicted. I honestly do not care if she leaves..she is not the character everyone tunes into watch. the show is a lot like Friends..it is an ensemble and a great one at that!

      • KESHA

        I so agree, Im not sure why I still watch it! & I DO NOT MISS Izzie’s character!

      • Lexzie fan

        Show needs to end. RIP. The only ones I liked there were Izzie and Alex.

      • Karabear

        Uh hold up now don’t get crazy! Grey’s was “thisclose” to jumping the shark but they are totally back on track with some good stories so slow your roll with that talk of it ending. Katherine Heigl should stop trashing the show that won her an emmy and got someone to notice her enough to even put her in a movie. So go on and go but you need to stop trashing the very vehicle that got you where you are today!!!!

      • If a character is screwing a ghost

        You’ve not only jumped the shark, you’ve poll vaulted over the damn thing.

      • sascha

        i totally agree! I loved Grey’s Anatomy. I loved the unique friendship and bond between the first year interns, but over the last few years, the story lines for all the characters are ridiculous. They keep on adding characters and if those characters don’t fit, then they just leave without notice.

      • mimi d

        Agreed. This show is so over. Love her or hate her, Izzie once gave the show heart. It’s now just a bunch of doctors running around talking in front of patients and sleeping with each other even if there’s no chemistry whatsoever.

      • Nikki

        Katherine has a lot of potential that she has yet to tap. She may never tap into the reserve but watching the different casts she played on Greys shows that she has a great range. She does need to appreciate and respect where she came from instead of throwing it to the side. Loss of class can lose a lot of job potential in the future. Grey’s Anatomy is a great show and has multiple story lines that if you watch it avidly you will understand. Little Grey and Alex are not staying together but Little Grey will most likely end back up with Sloan, which is a good match for both of them. The Chief will get his job back after Derek messes up and things will go on a smoother trail for a while. Its all a matter of working through the kinks just like you do in real life. If you don’t like a show then don’t watch but bashing it doesn’t make you look any better than Katherine does when she is doing the bashing.

      • Tammy

        Who are you kidding? The show is great, and will go on without Izzy. They don’t need her. Long live Grey’s Anatomy!!!!!

    • Tiz

      Thank God. I can’t stand her character anymore. And the show’s idea are in free falling…

      • Michelle

        I haven’t liked her since Season 2…I wish she left when Denny died.

      • Mel

        Totally Agree! Bye Bye!! Now just go away…

      • Irene

        Michelle, I couldn’t agree with you more. After Denny, her character just went down hill. I’m sure she’ll get by on her looks. But she’s no Meryl Streep. Her movies are nothing but lightweight fluff…just like her acting abilities. GOOD RIDDANCE!!

      • joey

        Show me your boob……… She’s such a boob.

    • Spencerhopeful

      I’m with you. I stopped watching when I heard about the Alex/Lexie thing. Yech! And now that I’m not watching, I’m OK with her leaving. She was one of my favorites on the show; they NEED a character like Izzie. But that’s neither here nor there anymore…I wish her all the luck in the world.

      • caitlin12

        I completely agree with the Alex/Lexie thing. It just doesn’t seem right. I am a huge Grey’s fan along with Alex/Lizzie but will have to admitt this season is dragging. The earlier seasons had me dying til the next show; not so much this season. I hope it picks up a little.

    • christy

      I LOVE Grey’s and I am sad to see Izzie go, especially with out a proper exit. It’s unfortunate that there as been so much DRAMA with this show behind the scenes because it’s really a great show! Good thing there is Private Practice!

      • susan

        that sucks worst then greys so that is going to get cancel

      • jdaniels

        For real! I figured this was her last season and I was ok with that, but i wish they would let her leave with a proper send-off! Can they resolve things between Alex and Izz…and her and Meredith left things on rocky ground too! Upset! She should have just died with George.

    • heather

      She’s been in what, one episode, this season. Stop watching already if she’s your only reason to watch.

    • Dr. Awesome

      I honestly didn’t realize she was still on the show. And I haven’t missed her at all.

      • Julie

        I haven’t missed Izzy on the show at all. I think that Grey’s, like many shows, has been hit and miss all season – and for a while – but it’s still entertaining. Derek as Chief and the Chief as a surgeon really gives us something different. While I still am annoyed with simpering Teddy and some of the Mercy Westers…I’m glad that things are moving forward. Some of the funniest lines have come this season. Hopefully, the character of Izzy dies…and we never have to see her again. I never thought Izzy made the show – the character did some darn fool things and got away with them (hello…L-Vad wire???) She was a marginal surgeon at best…

    • tvfan

      I agree. Even when Izzie was driving us crazy, she added an energy that is missing now. I stopped recording this show and I find I don’t miss it.

    • SirLizard

      Nina, it’s nice to see that the first post here is from someone else who likes both Katherine Heigl and Izzie. It seems as if there are so many Heigl bashers, some who used to be fair-weather Heigl fans, that it’s rare to see nice words written about her anymore.

      • Izzie to forget

        She made her own bed. Once she won her Emmy, she started acting like a diva. She opened her trout mouth on Isaiah Washington/ TR feud and took part in Isaiah’s firing. She complained about sitting pretty in her chair for 17 hours long as her daily job.
        Let her go Shonda, for God’s sake. Beware of the David Caruso’s curse, Izzie.

      • mimi d

        She defended a friend. She stood up for what was right. I admire her for that. And Washington took himself down when he stepped forward and spoke at that awards ceremony.

    • GeeMoney

      GOOD RIDDANCE! Have Dr. Avery take her place as the newest cast member.

      • Roselle

        I would love to know more about Jackson Avery now that we know that his grandfather is Harper Avery who established the coveted Harper Avery Award that every surgeon is jonesing to win. I’m very curious about what it’s like to be a legacy surgeon. They could explore that with Meredith, too.

    • anthony


    • kellybelly

      LOVE Katherine! Izzy is my favorite character. She is really talented and I am TOTALLY bummed Izzy won’t get a proper send off. I cannot believe that they can’t work it out. Maybe after the dust has settled, they can have another discussion about revisiting that character and the exit.

    • Kay

      Wait, this announcement may be a HOAX. Another site is saying KH is just on maternity leave. She will be back for the season finale big as pumpkin and begging Alex to take her back. They’re at Joe’s Bar across from Seattle Grace. Izzie has been living at her mom’s trailer suffering from crying jags. Then back at Joe’s, Alex gets kind of drunk, Izzie is across at the hospital free clinic getting pregnancy check up. Alex gets an emergency page, as he crosses the street, pregnant Izzie is coming toward him. A bus looming fast at her back. Alex dives and pushes preg Izzie out of the way being hit himself. Faceless now we see him in the ER dying maybe. As the season finale credits roll — Alex is in the elevator with O’Malley. Guess what they are doing? They’re trying to save a patient whose heart is stopping. The patient is not a policeman. The patient is, yes, you guest it. The patient is Shonda Rhimes, the producer, in a cameo; she represents the show itself – which is really what’s dying…

      • jen

        what site is that, with prego izzie and alex gets hit by a bus?

    • Kate

      THANK GOD she is FINALLY leaving!!!! I hope she has a David Caruso – It’s so trite when “stars” diss the shows that made them famous – How many years was it between Rosewell and Grey’s? She should be thankful to have had a chance to work on Grey’s and she should kiss Shondra Rhimes’ ass for getting her a movie career.

    • jlsimons

      keep it clean. I wish her the best in the future, and maybe all of you who are trashing her, she will become even more demanding. Somehow things always works out fot the best. God Love you, Heigl

  • Sue

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so pissed off right now.

    I’m done with Grey’s. I only watched for Alex and Izzie, and now they’re done with. Just no. BYE ABC!

    • LOL

      Can EW dump touting how this has been confirmed “exclusively?” EW seems more concerned about blowing their own horn than they are about getting stories right. It’s a huge turn-off.

      • hc

        Haha. Yes! The self-congratulation is really off-putting. I always thought that that Letterman remark was blown out of proportion – she seemed like she was kidding. On other incidents…seemed kind of bratty. Then again, ABC scolded her publicly like she was a 7 year old. Best of luck to them all, I guess.

  • Mandy

    I don’t watch the show anymore but good riddance. I hated her character.

    • Michelle


      • jfan

        I couldn’t agree more. The episodes she actually appeared in this season were unbearable.

      • teekay

        I’m with you guys. I don’t even miss KH when she’s not on the show but I want to throw a shoe at the TV when she is.

      • CC

        Agreed. I wish she would take Alex with her, because I’m kind of tired of the “he’s a good guy, no he’s a douche, no he’s a good guy” routine.

      • Liz

        I agree, I won’t miss her, I hate that actress (or I should say “diva”). BUT I’m kind of sad for the Alex/Izzie shippers… Plus, she was a part of the fab 5, so I would have liked for her to have a proper send-off. But I must admit that, since the “dead Denny” thing, I didn’t recognize Izzie’s character at all. It was like she was not the same person as in season 1, 2 and 3, so…
        But this is all very sad.

      • mg

        @CC totally agree. What happened to Alex’s revelation that he deserved better than Izzie, and now he’s back to his old whore/douche self? Mark growing up before Alex? Give Alex something to do, Shonda, or you’ll lose him next — and Justin chambers has like 10 kids, he needs the job.

    • Lauren

      agreed! This drama queen has turned me off of Grey’s and any movie she will ever be in. What a spoiled brat. It must be hard to be out-acted every day by your cast members. Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo, even Joe the Bartender were more believable than she was! Good Riddance!

      • Stephanie

        Yeah she seems like a diva, but the funny thing is that she really hasn’t done much work to warrant that type of behavior. I would understand it if she was a decent actress… Both she and her character on Grey’s are annoying and the show is much better without her!

      • AllieBoBallie

        @Lauren: exactly. I realize Heigl got an Emmy or whatever, but Sandra and Ellen and Chyler have been out shining her. As long as Rhimes doesn’t make Izzie’s past year on the show Alex’s hallucination, which culminates in him finding out that he has some kind of crazy cancer…

      • lovesurvivor

        Agree 100%. She comes off as totally unlikeable in every story like this about Grey’s, and Knocked Up was NOT great because of her; substitute just about any actress in her role and it would have been the same. I haven’t seen any other movies she’s made because I just can’t see her without thinking “what a beotch”.

      • nikkido

        Right there with you. I thought Izzie and George were both overrated and could not be happier that they are both now off the show.

    • wakeforce

      Agree! Now watch her movie career tank! Or, she could end up like Jennifer Aniston, who keeps popping up everywhere, but good films.

      • LOL

        Heigl doesn’t need this show anymore. She’s a movie star now. (I didn’t say I was a fan. I’m just telling it like it is)

      • Josh

        She says goodbye to Grey’s….then hopefully Hollywood says goodbye to her. Many actresses have done what she does, only better and with a more gracious attitude.

      • Beth

        She will be like Aniston, she has peeked already and will make a string of light fluffy pics, and none of them box office gold, unless she works with a cute puppy or something.

      • Stacey

        No offense, Beth, but I disagree about both Aniston and Heigl. Really I don’t think Aniston has peaked. Her movies don’t always hit it out of the park but she’s had hits, other than Marley & Me. Even if she only does romantic comedies for the rest of her days, so what. You don’t have to do drama to have a fulfilling career. As long as she keeps having the occassional hit, she’ll be fine. And you could say Heigl was a flash in the pan if Knocked Up were her only hit. But both movies she’s starred in afterwards have been successful. She’s happy doing romantic comedies. People like them. Hate her all you want, wish her the worst, but her for now her career isn’t hurting.

      • Beth

        Aniston tries to get the serious role but she can’t land them. She did The Good Girl and I don’t think it was good. That was her last one. She keeps making the same types of movies, she must be getting bored with it. I am sure she wants something more. I thought KH was good in Knocked Up, she can be very funny, but I can’t see her getting into the more meaty Oscar worthy roles either. It seems like all the actresses clamor for those, I mean who wouldn’t want to try for the Streep/Kidman/Jolie/Cruz parts? I don’t hate her I just think she’s pretty ungrateful to a show that put her on the map and made her a star. You don’t hear any of the other cast members say the things she does. She just has acted like she hasn’t been wanting to be there for years.

    • Renee

      Please just go away already… haven’t missed her or the character at all.

      • Beth

        Me either, she was good for a couple years but the rest of the cast and storylines are good. Yang, Richard, Sloan, Bailey….the show will go on. It wasn’t Izzie’s Anatomy and she is the only cast member that spouts off like she does…

    • KRibbons

      I hope that her movie career crashes and burns. I really hate it when small screen actors make a few movies and then forget the show that made them famous.

      • ceejay

        ITA! So long….. Good-bye and I wish her the same unparalled fame TR Knight has found.

      • Nettie Nette Nette

        That’s exactly what people who defend her don’t get. These ungrateful little brats who think they’re better than the show that made them. She wouldn’t be anywhere without the show and it’s certainly better off without her and her whiny a** character. Not missing her one single bit.

      • Stacey

        ceejay, TR is just doing just fine on Broadway, he doesn’t need the cesspool Grey’s has become. He’s never had, nor I think, wanted the career that Heigl has already established for herself. Heigl’s already proved her box office muscle, so you’re probably going to have to keep on waiting for her career to crash and burn.

      • Roselle

        Couldn’t agree more KRibbons. Props to George Clooney. He basically pulled the same crap when he was on ER, but he went back and did cameos when Julianna Margulies left the show and, I think, around the time of the series finale. He has done some good movies, too, like Good Night and Good Luck which he dedicated to his father, and Syriana for which he won an Oscar. I hope the Caruso curse catches up with Katherine Heigl, too, although David Caruso learned his lesson and has been very loyal to CSI:Miami.

  • David

    Very sad but at least it’s coming to an end. For what it’s worth Izzie I always thought she was the best character in the show but if Heigl wants to move on then good for her. My biggest regret is that we won’t be seeing her again – off-screen exits are never very fulfilling and her character deserved better than that. They should have just killed her off last season.

    • Melinda

      I believe that they wanted to but she asked to stay.

      • David

        Why did she want to stay if she was so desperate to leave this season? I always thought she wanted to leave last year but they agreed to give her so much time off this season to pacify her.

    • graeme

      It’s not really on “off screen” exit. The last episode that Izzy was on totally wrapped up her story. Alex didn’t want her anymore and she went to work somewhere else. Seems pretty wrapped up to me.

      • Yellowhat

        I agree. Alex said “don’t come back”. I think that wraps it up fine.

      • B

        I agree, too. She had an exit and it was good. Don’t force more melodrama into that story. This is the best way to handle things.

      • Molly

        Absolutely. I was dreading her return. Good riddance!

  • Robyn

    Can’t come soon enough for my liking. I’ve found her character & her annoying from the get-go.

    • allie

      FINALLY!! I have been soooo over her character for a while now. Good luck with the crappy rom-coms you Sandy Bullock wannabe!

  • Kristina

    Peace out, bitch!

    • happy camper


    • Ana

      Third that.

  • igby


    • jenn

      She’s just so arrogant. The only movie she’s done that was successful she badmouthed as sexist, and then does that movie with Gerard Butler, which didn’t exactly get the Gloria Steinem seal of approval. I just wish she would shut up and then I might like her. That bit about 17-hour days? You weren’t exactly coal-mining, sweetheart!

      • Monkey

        AMEN JENN!!! She’s terrible and I’m glad to see her go, Grey’s will be just as excellent without her trifling self.

      • Elle

        And the best part was that the 17 hour day was necessary to accomodate HER movie schedule!!

      • Beth

        Yeah that was the show she was lying in BED THE ENTIRE TIME! SO ungrateful for the opportunities that show has given her.

      • Stacey

        You may want to pay more attention before you post. 27 Dresses was successful and so was Ugly Truth. Was Ugly Truth greatest movie ever? Nope, but there were plenty of people who liked it. When she has her first bomb, then you can celbrate.

        And have you ever performed on a television show before? So what if it’s not coal mining. Doesn’t mean that it’s not hard work. Don’t complain about something unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

      • Susan

        Spoken like someone who’s never worked on a movie/tv set. You have NO CLUE what the work is like, how gruelling it is or how long you have to keep doing the same exact thing over and over and over until some wildly egotistical director thinks it’s “right”; you DON’T get to be tired, you certainly don’t get to LOOK tired and you just have to keep going. You have no idea how the entertainment industry chews up and spits out talent or how the pressure of this work gnaws at people. Easy for you to make pissy comments; kinda like you criticizing a neurosurgeon because you don’t like his surgical technique.
        BTW, T.R. Knight and Heigl are dear friends and like most people would, she stood up tall for her friend when he was the target of a bigoted attack. I respect that she had the guts to remove herself from the Emmys r/t writer’s material. At the end of the day, it’s her career, her family and her decision. As for people leaving TV shows to commence film careers, the list of stars who’ve done just that is preposterously lengthy, beginning with the oft-mentioned Johnny Depp. He is one of the biggest box office draws in the last 2 decades and started on TV. As for picking away at her for doing rom-com, TONS of high-earning female actors ( Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan to name just two) did exactly the same thing and later branched out to more pithy roles. Heigl is an accomplished actor, but much like Brad Pitt, keeps getting typecast because Hollywood execs can’t see past her looks and don’t give a rat’s patoot about her talent. You people seem to be full of hatred, not sure why, but most of you here playing Hack At Heigl are clueless about the industry and really oughta shut up until you can make a truly informed opinion. Which for the majority of you, will be NEVER.

      • Mal

        Wow, Susan. That’s very insightful. Now, if you could actually give an example of how “grueling” all that crap is, then maybe I could sympathise with KH. But my issue is that she could have left that show a long time ago. She didn’t have to renew her contract. The sad fact is that her ego got so inflated from all the great press in the beginning, and now that people have seen her immature and whiny side, no one wants to put up with it anymore. Julia Roberts she is not. And when you choose a profession, you take it all, even 17 hour days. Try being a real doctor and doing a surgery for eight hours without breaks. That’s real talent. If you’re going to defend someone, do it for someone we should all actually care about.

      • jenn

        It is laughable that anyone would compare acting in a tv show to coal mining and still say it is hard work. Standing around and repeating lines–even for hours–is not manual labor. She was hardly in every scene, so she got a break and a long hiatus. Besides coal mining being extremely dangerous and, yes, grueling, you don’t get paid millions of dollars as a coal miner. When you make that kind of money to work in an air conditioned and catered studio, have your own trailer and people who do your bidding, YOU FORFEIT THE RIGHT TO COMPLAIN! There are plenty of people who are just as talented who would be happy–not to mention GRATEFUL–to have such a great job who wouldn’t dream of complaining.
        Having said that, I’m really not sure why Susan went off the rails for a minute there. What do Brad Pitt, et al. have to do with anything? All successful tv actors have tried movies at one point or another and most have failed. But none of the actors you mentioned have ever complained about their successes as much as she has, or at all. What is there to complain about? But, never fear, Katherine Heigl will find a way!

      • emmy

        Susan, although you’re starting to remind me of the “leave Britney alone” guy, I’m not going to attack your opinions. Instead, I’m going to ask you to look up the word “pithy” before you use it again.

    • Diva

      Nice language!

    • Roselle

      word!! See my previous comment about George Clooney!

  • kt

    As much as I don’t mind seeing her go, I would’ve at least liked another episode to give it some closure…it just seems kinda abrupt. But whatever…I’ll still be watching!

    • lisburns

      Exactly. Why not at least give us some proper closure? Such a shame.

  • Shurly

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !! lol, best news of the day…

  • Re

    I kinda hate her, both the character and the actress. So… Bye :D So looooooooong.

    • Mr. Glass

      Who cares that she’s leaving a crappy TV show. She’s just another lousy actress with delusions of grandeur. Anyone who’s seen that God-awful movie with her and Gerard Butler knows that her “movie career” will be over real soon.

      • lorna

        She’s actually a pretty good actress. On here and on Roswell when her bf dies. So eff off.

      • Beth

        That movie was horrible…I don’t see the attraction to Butler either, on looks or talent.

  • Sasha

    Izzy Who?????

    • Kim

      Snort. exactly.

  • eliott256

    In the good old days of Grey’s I’d have been sad, as it is, I haven’t missed her character at all, disappointed at the ending she got, but heyho

  • aby

    Ah a bit sign of relief. Glad she is gone, wish her well but who needs her there when its obvious she doesn’t want to be doing the show.

  • A

    Proof that there is a god. Good riddance.

    • sarah

      I think God has better things to do than weigh in on the latest Grey’s gossip.

  • Lisa

    Ding-Dong the witch is dead! Which old witch? The Izzie witch! Weeeeeee!!!

    • K

      My thoughts EXACTLY. I was just about to post this. Thank God the bitch is officially going to be gone.

      • Susan

        And why exactly is Katherine Heigl a “bitch” ???!? You know her personally, do you ?? I can’t get over the posters on this board that actually slander people they know utterly NOTHING about and feel they have sufficient authority to weigh in on career and professional issues they will never, ever in life have any experience with.

    • Jamey

      That cracked me up!! Good riddance to a very witchy actress!

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