Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Chuck,' 'Glee,' 'True Blood,' 'Grey's,' 'Lost,' and more!

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Question: Hello fellow Smurf lover! Any new scoop on the upcoming season of True Blood? —Candy
I’m 90 percent certain this is new: Mariana Klaveno is returning as Bill’s maker, Lorena, for roughly six episodes.

Question: Do you know if True Blood‘s third season will feature Bubba? He’s not exactly a major character in the books, but I still love him. —Kristal
Unfortunately, Alan Ball says he couldn’t figure out a way to introduce Bubba “without it being cheesy,” adding, “I don’t know how to do it without either using an Elvis impersonator, which is cheesy, or having somebody and never seeing their face, just hearing their voice — and to me that sounds equally cheesy. So that’s just one of the casualties of the transfer from book to screen.”

Question: I want some juicy Grey’s Anatomy news, not somewhat juicy, but very juicy. C’mon you can do it! —Sarah
We’ll find out in an upcoming episode that a major character — one of the original Fab Five — grew up in foster care.

Question: Have any Glee scoop on the Will/Emma/Terri triangle? —Ashley
Not just scoop, Ashley, but juicy scoop. As Matthew Morrison reminds us, his character “got married to his high school sweetheart, [so having] not been single for a very long time, I think he will get out there and see what is available to the single man these days.” That’s just the beginning! “I think we will see a little bit of a darker side to Mr. Schuster,” the actor continues. “He’s going to get himself into some situations that he has not been in before, and some he handles well and some… not.” Which is not to say that Mr. Nice Guy is about to become a complete ladies’ man. “His heart is really with Emma,” he hastens to add. “They will go on a few dates. [But] you just don’t get over a marriage in a few days, even if you do go out on dates.” Besides, Emma, sweet as she is, is a handful. “Terri is crazy, but he will come to find out that Emma is just as crazy, just in a different way,” Morrison teases. “He has that realization after she admits something to him that may stand in their way a little. And [on top of that] his ties to Terri are still there.” In related news…

Question: Glee scoop, please? —Dew
Word around William McKinley is that there will be some serious sexual tension between Will and Vocal Adrenalin’s new choir director, played by Idina Menzel.

Question: Do you know when Molly Shannon will be making her glorious Glee debut? I can’t wait to meet the woman who makes Sue Sylvester cry. —Michelle
She turns up in May and promptly “puts Sue in her place,” Jane Lynch told us at PaleyFest ’10. “She’s probably the only person on the planet that can overpower Sue. She really puts her off balance and she doesn’t know what to make of her.” Echoing my initial scoop, Lynch says the SNL vet plays “this floozy alcoholic [named] Brenda Castle who got kicked out of her old school district for being inappropriate with her students. She’s teaching at our school now. Of course, we hired her. We’ll take anyone apparently. I lose it in front of her. She’s meaner than me. I like being intimidated. I’m an S&M kind of person so I love it. I love being on the M side.” Jane Lynch FTW!

Question: Will Quinn have her baby in the first half of Glee‘s “back nine” episodes, or is it something they’ll drag on until next season? —Natalie
Let me say this: I hear the show’s June 8 season finale really delivers.

Question: After giving up on the show years ago, Smallville has been unexpectedly awesome lately! Any scoop? — Michael C.
**** is going to sleep with *** in episode **.

Question: I’m sad that Ugly Betty is ending. Will Rebecca Romijn be returning for the finale? —Renee
It’s my understanding that producers would like to bring her back, but there’s no deal at the moment. Speaking of Betty‘s swan song, I hear Hilda and Bobby’s wedding — which was shot Tuesday — is a four-hankie affair. “If you don’t cry at least once,” an insider tells me, “you have a heart of stone.” Also, expect at least two huge developments — one surprising and the other, eh, not so much.

Question: Any spoilers for Nurse Jackie‘s second season? —Michael
The first two episodes are dullsville, but the next five are aces. On the spoiler front, Dr. Coop’s already-sizeable ego experiences a major growth spurt when he’s hand-picked to serve as All Saints Hospital’s new spokesmodel. Elsewhere, look for a surprising hook-up between a doctor and a nurse.

Question: Seems like a lot of crazy rumors are flying around about Supernatural‘s big 100th episode — especially that bit about the major death. Please reassure my terrified heart that it won’t be either Castiel or Bobby. What would our boys do without them? —CY
There’s a death, but I wouldn’t exactly call it major.

Question: Can you give us some more Supernatural scoop for the 100th episode please? —Lizzie
Prepare to see Castiel like you’ve never seen him before: royally pissed off.

Question: I’m freaking out! Is there a chance Chuck won’t see a fourth season? In the meantime, can you prescribe some spoilers to keep sane? —Marie-Helene
It’s true that Monday’s ratings were terrifying, but Daylight Savings Time wrought havoc on all shows, not just Chuck. Having said that, exec producer Josh Schwartz was alarmed enough to alert fans via Twitter that “it’s time to get organized.” For now, I’m leaving the show’s prognosis at “a safe bet” on my Renewal Scorecard. On the spoiler front, Schwartz confirms that Anna Wu’s back! Julia Ling will reprise her role in the May 10 episode. Teases Schwartz: “She’s coming back for Morgan.”

Question: This week’s Chuck was awesome! It’s so depressing that it hasn’t been renewed yet! Do you have any spoilers to cheer me up? —Julia
I have it on good authority that the season finale will feature at least one significant death. Feeling better, Julia?

Question: I desperately need some scoop on Chuck‘s season finale! —Kim
Then make sure you pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale Friday. I also may tweet a hint or two tomorrow via @ewausiellofiles.

Question: Thanks for the all-Bones AA, but how could Caroline have helped with their first case when Brennan didn’t meet her until the season 1 episode, “Man in the Morgue?” – Hank
Don’t you worry. Bones‘ continuity policy covered their tracks with one simple line, delivered by Booth to Brennan.

Question: I noticed via Twitpic that you not only received the 100th episode of Bones, but the 99th as well. Any scoop — especially about page 187? —JR
There’s actually a little page 187 nugget in my all-Bones AA. Yes, I realize I billed the column as being strictly about the 100th episode, but I accidentally intentionally included a little 99 scoopbit to see if you were paying attention.

Question: What was the most shocking moment in Bones‘ 100th episode? —Diane
The one that prompted Sweets to declare, “My book is crap!”

Question: I’m quite nervous about the fate of a certain Brothers & Sisters character after seeing this photo on Rob Lowe’s Twitter page. Can you please shed some light? —Mandy
Don’t be misled about the cemetery. It’s not about Robert’s exit.

Question: With Landry (presumably) in Chicago, Tim in prison, and Julie (supposedly) a graduating senior, which student characters will be on Friday Night Lights for its final season? —Jake
From the original cast, Aimee Teegarden (Julie) is the only “student character” returning on a full-time basis.

Question: Will Kevin McKidd be signing on for the Rome movie? Obviously, it won’t be a Rome movie without him, but I like certainty. —Liz
If there is a Rome movie, McKidd has every intention of being a part of it. “I hope it happens,” he tells me. “There is a definite pulse and some momentum on the project at the moment. We’re just trying to get the director nailed down. All the [actors whose] characters are still alive on the show are very keen to get back. And that is all that matters really.” He adds that the film would likely shoot during his 2011 Grey’s Anatomy hiatus, which would serve the movie well, he says, since the action is “set a few years from where the series [ended]… We’re meant to be a little older and wiser.”

Question: Is Rob Thomas still looking for financing for a Veronica Mars movie? —Adam
That depends — are you interested in making a donation? If so, go ahead and send me your CC #, exp date, security code, and the amount you’re pledging and I’ll see that it gets to him right after I hit Barneys.

Question: I keep hearing about this groundbreaking 15th episode of Lost that features none of the series regulars. Can you spill any dirt on why that might be? —Brittany
It’s not completely accurate to say there are no series regulars in it. It would be more accurate to say it’s really light on series regulars. As far as why, let’s just say it’s a big mythology episode and leave it at that.

Question: Any scoop about Desperate Housewives? —Julien
Rescue Me and Numb3rs alum Diane Farr has been tapped to guest star in a May sweeps episode that will flash back to Wisteria Lane circa ’94 and feature the return of Brenda Strong as Mary Alice. Farr will play a woman “whose life has taken a bad turn since her husband left her 16 years earlier,” says an insider. “She has become a hard-drinking, abusive woman.”

Question: Any scoop on the next season of Army Wives? I love this show and can’t wait for its return! —Jacob
When the fourth season premieres on April 11, Trevor and Roxy will be celebrating the impending arrival of their baby, Pamela will be at the breaking point in her marriage to Chase, Claudia Joy will find herself questioning her past decisions, and Denise and Frank will be dealing with the fallout from you-know-what.

Question: Can you give me some Castle scoop? —Stacy
Stana Katic describes Dana Delany’s incoming FBI agent as “Beckett 10 or 20 years in the future.” Before you cut and paste those eight words and email them to Dana with the words “um, ouch!” in the subject line, allow Katic to explain: “She comes in and she basically swoops the case out from under Beckett. I think that is something Beckett has to figure out how to deal with because that’s unusual. She’s always the head detective on any case. All of a sudden, she’s following someone else’s lead.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, anonymous tips to Also, you can follow me on Twitter via @ewausiellofiles. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Sandra Gonzalez, Carrie Bell and Tim Stack)

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  • Ali

    What about Finn and Rachel scoop on Glee?

    • Lennon

      Dude, he gave FOUR Glee scoops. Don’t push your luck

      • Mike Posting

        SERIOUSLY. Glee is being ruined, along with Chuck, based on the obnoxiousness of its fans.

    • PR

      OK, Ali. No Finn/Rachel scoop. Get over it! We still got FOUR Glee scoops anyways!
      Honestly, I don’t see why anybody cares about Finn/Rachel. They bore the crap out of me.

  • Katherine

    Anything on Finn and Rachel from Glee

  • Lisa

    Love the KMK tidbit on Rome! Hopefully we will get some KMK info on Owen about the next episode! So excited for the Iraz flahbacks.

    • Roselle Zubey

      I truly admire and respect kevin McKidd’s loyalty to Grey’s Anatomy. I also am very glad that he has signed on to the Rome movie. The Rome movie wouldn’t be the same without him (and Ray Stevenson as Pullo). I loved the series Rome, but I wouldn’t have seen the movie without him.

      • Lisa

        Hey Roselle: Can you clear something up for me cos my memory is foggy — I thought K. McKidd’s character died at the end of Rome? and I hear that the movie would take place at a later time in history than the series so how is that going to work? Thanks!

      • ranger99

        Lisa – I read in an article that Lucious Vorenas was never seen as dead on the series. His death was announced by Pullo but we never saw the body. The movie is supposed to take place in Germany four years after the last episode.

      • Lisa

        Thanks ranger99!! I was wondering what i had missed :)

  • Tucker

    Smallville: Tess is going to sleep with Zod in episode — pick your number.

    • Jinx

      Yeah, not much of a spoiler if it’s those two – they’re already shown in bed together in the promos.

    • Rob J.

      I like my guess better:

      Lois sleeps with Mia in episode — well, who knows, so I’m going to pick a random number — 69.

      — Rob

      • skinnywinnie

        Or what about Olly and Mia? (creative spelling!!!) That would send the Chlollie fans into a mindless rage!

      • athena606

        lol or how about Lois sleeps with Kal? that was soo not a real spoiler thought

    • Wilson

      My guess exactly. But still a nice tidbit :)

    • robinepowell

      That would fit would the asterix he put there. :P

      • Ells

        As long as it’s not Lois sleeps with Zod.

    • Shiny

      Ooooh. I thought it was Lana or Lois sleeping with Lex; but yours makes more since. Weren’t they supposed to bring Lex back?

  • Tricia

    glee/bones scoop.ausiello, i love you :)

  • Jack

    No surprise on Grey’s…We all know its Alex…

    • Alyssa

      Exactly, we already know about the rest of the other Fab Five’s childhoods… way to keep us guessing on that one!

    • Alex T

      Yeah, that wasn’t very juicy. Disappointing.

      • snarkysmachine

        I thought Alex said he grew up in hotel lounges with his parents. I think it’s someone else.

      • Sarah

        Thanks for answering my question Ausiello, but I said JUICY…..we already know it’s Alex, especially with his brother coming up in an episode. Next week, I want more juicy! Thanks!

    • Roselle Zubey

      Word Jack. I thought the same thing, too. We know too much about the backgrounds of the other original cast members for it to be otherwise. That would explain Alex’s tough guy wiseass personality. It was all a coping mechanism to survive foster care.

    • Jason

      I’m going to go with Christina, or Meredith FTW. Christina’s jewish- there’s gotta be a story there. Or, maybe Mer’s mom put her in foster care after she kicked Thatch out.

      • Hannah

        Christina’s Jewish because her step-father is. And being Jewish has nothing to do with foster care.

      • Emily

        Christina has a Jewish step-dad. It’s very obvious that it’s Alex.

  • Sarah

    is smallville really as great as everyone says it is? should i start watching again?

    • Thad

      Are you seriously asking that question? If you’re going to give up on it, then give up. But you need to have seen all 8 seasons b4 you realize how brilliant season 9 is. =)

    • Beth

      It is as great as everyone says and you should watch again if you want to.
      But yea, start at Season 8 to fully get your mind blown.

      • Jinx

        The 1st half of season 8 was good, but the 2nd half mostly sucked the big one! This season has been great, except for the cringeworthy Warrior and Roulette episodes.

    • Alex

      Depends on when you stopped watching. But yeah, this season is the best once since probably season 5? Depends on what you like out of the show, but it’s been really fantastic on just about every front.

      • Steven

        i would say season 6, but only for the whole oliver queen arc, zod and phantom zone arc and the justice league episode

    • sunsetsnow

      Ummm yeah! I’m addicted this season. Clark has finally manned up in all aspects: superhero, lois lover, taking the lead. It’s a good mix of action, fluff and comedy.

      • Ana

        As you say that dnpeeds on the type of father and the way a child thinks of him but more so what she thinks of or views herself. Many do pick men like their fathers, good or bad, some carry a hated for a father, his behaviour and often swing in the total opposite direction which is not good either, one has to be able to see past the anger, hated, etc. Hatred is all consuming, it does not allow one to see past it, or think normally, it devours the whole person, all the good, that comes their way, it destorts the truth. Those who choose abusive men or louses like their father are doing so because it is all they know plus it is a way to gain the love they never got from him but they can’t see it, if it’s all they know then that is what they will choose most often as they have grown to believe that is all their worth and/or they aren’t good enough to get anything better.These things are installed in the young child and grow with them getting larger as they grow, becomes as natural as breathing, have you ever tryed to change the way you breath permanently?? Most young children who get dragged into such a relationship more often than not, won’t admit to themselves what he is really like, they do not want to see that, they would rather pretend otherwise and should he die, they make a saint, so to speak, out of him, and in all cases will do anything to protect and believe that fantasy, which is a lot easier when he is not around. Remember children learn what the live, long before they are old enough to learn what we teach. Perfect but shocking examples are results of new studies on infants and infancy.

    • EJ

      Yes you should start watching again.

    • Melody

      I started watching again, but the last couple episodes have me scratching my head at this decision.

      • spikesgrl

        My sentiments exactly. I keep waiting for it to get good but it just doesn’t.

    • robinepowell

      It’s interesting because of Zod, Superman’s longtime nemisis, is on the small screen. Not to metion Lois & Clark are finally dating. ;)

      • JoJo

        They say they are dating, but I haven’t seen much evidence of it since the Disciple. Talk about speeding along at a snail’s pace!! It’s as if the showrunners are trying not to piss off the Chlarkers, and lingering Clana hopefuls. Their so-called romance has been an epic fail so far. Too damned slow to be interesting.

    • tigersmurfette

      seriously?? you havent seen the zombie episode??

    • bkwurm1

      If this Lois Lane doesn’t make you weep in frustration,don’t care much about Chloe’s characterization and you like Clark Kent wearing black and turning his back on friends in the name of the bleep if I know, you will love this season–otherwise run away.

      Honestly season 9 feels like a reboot of the series, it just rebooted in a direction I have no interest in since it IMO dumps on the prior 8 years of cannon. But yeah, if you want Clois you will find things to like. Me? I found reasons to hate Clark Kent. Not something I ever expected.

      • JoJo

        Lol. It’s Chloe that has made me weep in frustration this season (and last). Clark and Lois are the only two characters that have kept me watching (even though the progress of their relationship has been very disappointing). All the other characters are just meh at best!

      • CaptDave

        There’s nothing or anyone keeping you, bkwurm1. You don’t have to watch. You’re probably more comfortable back at Television Without Pity where you guys regularly insult Brian, Kelly and Tom. This show is finally looking past the threats of Chloe fans everywhere to create a thoroughly entertaining show.

        Lois totally rocks, and this is the very best season to date.

    • CaptDave

      Yes, Sarah, season 9 is TOTALLY worth your time to watch. The story just keeps getting better and better to watch. There are good villains like Chloe and Zod to boo, and there are great heroes to cheer like Clark & Lois. Season 9 is worthy of your time.

  • Jen

    Kevin McKidd is just too awesome! I will watch him all day on my television and in the movie theater. Really hope the Rome movie happens. Kevin was definitely a “godly” presence in Percy Jackson ; )

    • Roselle Zubey

      I’m with you, Jen. I loved it when Sally said that Poseidon was dazzling. So is KMK. he is a true inspiration for me in so many ways.

  • Meridian

    alex was in foster care? whoa. 6.19 is going to be amazing.

  • chlarkfan

    Tess in bed with Zod was in the promo. Love you Ausiello but that was not really Smallville scoop. How about something for Chloe or news on Allison Mack’s contract status?

    • LoveSV

      I second this :)

    • robinepowell

      I third this. :P Now that Chloe and Oliver had this “thing”, I’d like to see how it would play out in Season 10, :D

      • spikesgrl

        That is the main reason I would tune in for Season 10. Chloe and Oliver together are just hot.

    • bkwurm1

      Yeah, tell me for sure that AM is not coming back so I can dump Smallville once and for all.

      • CaptDave

        The sooner we can get that information, the better, but the fact is you DON’T have to stick around, bkwurm1. It seeme self loathing to me to continue to watch a show that does little more than draw your ire while you wander in and out of various forums to insult Lois, the show’s EPs or Clark Kent. Season 10 ROCKS THE HOUSE, and Chloe is continuing to be exposed for the little worm that she is.

        I can’t see one reason why Allison Mack should be back for next season. Chloe is nothing more than a switchboard operator for the JL and is currently planning MASS GENOCIDE without a second thought to her betrayals or the fact that many of these Kandorians are worth knowing and SAVING.

        I can’t wait for AM to leave.

  • J

    How exactly is Season 5 of FNL going to work if Julie is still around and Landry is not? I’m going to assume the season happens before she leaves for college… idk.

    • Jimmy

      I think the person who asked the question must have gotten their characters mixed up – Landry’s not the one in Chicago, Matt is. He’s the one enrolled at the Art Institute. I guess it’s possible that Landry would end up in Chicago too but it doesn’t seem likely.

      • spikesgrl

        SPOILER ALERT…………………..Landry uses Julie’s plane ticket to go to Chicago with Matt.

  • Natalie

    Any scoop from the PR episode on Glee? Maybe a song spoiler??? :D

  • Snap

    Could you make that Smallville asterisk quiz any easier? I mean, we DID see them in bed together in one of the promos, and there’s only one character on the show with a 3 letter name. Tsk, tsk, Ausiello. You going soft on us? :P

  • Tina

    Thanks for the Kevin McKidd scoop

  • j

    No Gossip Girl. Fail.
    Why is every single scoop always all about Glee?

    • BlatantURLPimpingMustDie

      ITA – “Glee” is at serious risk of overexposure/media saturation. The constant scoops, “leaks” and stunt casting are going to make people sick of it before it even comes back.

    • skinnywinnie

      Because Glee is a million times better than Gossip Hurl?!!!

    • Jess

      The reason every scoop in this column is about “Glee” is because “Glee” is the gayest show on TV, and Ausiello is the gayest gossip columnist.

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