'Castle' exclusive: 'Battlestar' cylon is Beckett's new beau

castle-becket-truccoImage Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos; Danny Feld/ABCBeckett’s found herself a new king on Castle!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that ex-Battlestar Galactica hunk Michael Trucco is joining the ABC mysteromedy for multiple episodes as a new love interest for Stana Katic’s methodical detective.

Trucco — whose character is described as a charismatic cop in the homicide division — will appear in this season’s final four episodes and could return next fall.

Thoughts? Do you give this relationship your blessing? Is Trucco a worthy rival to Nathan Fillion? Put another way, if your house was on fire and you could only carry out one man, who would you choose — Fillion or Trucco? Cast your vote in the comments!

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  • Salena

    Hmm. I’m a sucker for tall, brown hair and blue eyes so it’s a tough choice, but gotta go with Nathan. Funny and sexy FTW!

    • Lorie

      Me too! My type is definitely tall, brunette and light eyes. I never saw BSG, but I’m so looking forward to seeing him make Castle jealous.

    • KEH

      Hollywood is full of copycats.

      Private Practice has a patient with a seamen alergy.. two weeks later HOUSE has that as a possibility.

      Now Castle is getting a HANNA ala chuck. That didn’t work to well.

      • Vinz

        You do know that the episodes airing these days were shot a while back, right?
        Plus: You can’t compare these two anyway. Hannah was fun and a a total geek. But she was only part of the smaller piece of Chuck’s world whereas Trucco’s character is also a homicide detective. And working seems to be everything Backett’s doing.

        I think it could be fun. Even long-term. Depending on how Castle’s taking it and how Backett will react to his reaction.

      • ladys

        Somebody on House was allergic to sailors?

      • Alexis

        @ladys – good one!! LOL

      • Kelly

        The “copycat” theory is not necessarily valid. Many dramas, particularly medical and legal dramas borrow relevant issues from current events. I remember seeing a new story on SEMEN allergies and I am sure the producers/writers of both shows saw that too. I think there is more of a cooincidence than you may think.

      • Kelly

        The “copycat” theory is not necessarily valid. Many dramas, particularly medical and legal dramas borrow relevant issues from current events. I remember seeing a news story on SEMEN allergies and I am sure the producers/writers of both shows saw that too. I think there is more of a cooincidence than you may think.

      • Kirby

        Damn Community had Seaman too.

        Think your reading to much into it.

        Id save Fillion though

    • Jean

      Okay, this is so embarassing, but it’s driving me crazy – what does FTW stand for? Thanks!

      • AlyB

        FTW: for the win:)

      • Chuck

        Feed The Birds—Nathans little hand thing that he does all the time…its taking over the pound/explosion! Its less violent (way more friendly!)

    • mangagirl

      You are so right, give me Nathan any day.

  • TheMusic Dude

    I loved the pic.

  • Stephanie

    Fillion all the way!

  • tortilla

    Duh, Nathan! He’s hot! Team Fillion!

    • EWsMom

      I have no clue who this is – but wow, what a handsome face!

      • Chloe

        Yeah….tell me about it! Takes your breath away…but he won’t replace Castle!

    • Mandy

      Add me to “Team Fillion”

    • queue55

      Double Ditto!!

  • Kristi

    Ah, I see a tinyyy resemblance to Castle with the blue eyes, but it’s ultimately gotta be Castle in the end. ;)

    Let’s see what kind of chemistry they have, can’t wait.

    • april-ann

      Agreed, Kristi. But until then, I hope Beckett rides off into the sunset with him so Castle can FINALLY get some well-deserved action himself.

      • april-ann

        Of course I’d be on team Castle. My above comment was far too polite. Have I mentioned that I can’t stand Beckett? Whenever she’s on I feel like ice cubes are falling all over me and I can’t get out. Hope she falls off the edge of the earth with her new bf and never comes back. Ugh. It is possible to have chemistry and even sexual tension without one party being offensive, repulsive, ice cold and acting totally superior. BTW, did TPTB ever even realize that “Castle and Beckett” could be coined “Caskett”? LOL! Put the nails in that one and replace her with someone who has a personality already.

      • Brenda

        Ya gotta remember, it’s the writers….

  • Megg

    He is so hot! He’s a big reason why I miss BSG.

    • holly

      but he can0t compete with nathan!!

  • jeff

    A great Pyramid player, married Starbuck, one of the final 5, and maybe now sleeps with Beckett.

    Nice work there

    • GimplyGump

      He and the Sun must have an open relationship. :)

      • Di

        that was awesome.

      • ombsg

        ha, hilarious.

      • Amanda

        LOL IRL

  • Ashley

    Trucco is mucho sexy, but Fillion is the charmer.

    • tvfan

      I think Michael Trucco is really easy on the eyes, but Nathan is so sweet.

  • I See a Resemblance

    I think this is ace casting. Trucco’s awesome and he and Nathan fit into a “type”, as mentioned above, tall, blue eyes, brown hair. So I hope they play with that, e.g. Ryan and Esposito teasing Beckett that Trucco might remind her of Castle. She won’t hear the end of it. It’ll be great!

    Über bingo!

    • anonymous

      So true! Lanie might even ask her why she’s settling for a copy when she can have the real thing.

  • Adam from PDX

    Fillion. Always and forever. <3

  • Shadow Step

    More funny less soap

    • giselle

      Why is it soap to give her a boyfriend?

  • Pamfromcalif

    Nathan Fillion he is so talented and if they make Beckett fall for this guy there is no show because it is the team of Castle-Beckett that keep the majority of viewers come back each week, keep them apart to long and you have another Jag or Bones. Enough already. I am fine with a few episodes but after that it gets old fast. Sexy and hot, I’d say Natan has that ten fold and then some.

    • jillmk4

      I so agree with you Pam….Nathan Fillion is NOT gonna like this new dude and neither am I (even if he does have ice blue eyes that make my heart go pitter-patter)!

    • kathy

      Beckett and Castle together would be nice, but remember what happened with Moonlighting? I know I am showing my age there, but the show was great – always wondering when David and Maddie would get together, then they brought in Mark Harmon (too cute!) to make David jealous, and the show started sliding. Then when D & M finally did get together, the show didn’t last much longer. Better to keep the viewers WANTING!!!

      • Brent

        That’s why you’ll only get Beckett and Castle together in the last episode. People keep referencing “Moonlighting” when talking about this show. I prefer to think “Remington Steele” where they finally got together in the last scene of the last episode.

      • nancye

        The so-called “moonlighting” curse is bunk, and if only ONE producer would have the guts to get their leads together, AND have good writers to do it, it would work. Moonlighting was doomed by poor writing and infighting in the cast.

      • Jill

        Moonlighting went downhill long before they put David and Maddie together and getting them togther was just a last desperate attempt to come up with something.

        If producers would just figure out that The Moonlighting Curse is what happens when you let the UST get too old and dried out, there would be better TV shows.

      • Melinda65

        What Jill said. The show actually waited too long, and then between the writers not knowing what to do with them, and Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd not getting along, things just continued to deteriorate. If the UST is dragged out too long (JAG’s Harm and Mac, I’m looking at you) the convolutions required to keep it unrequited overshadow the rest of the show.

      • Melinda65

        And oh, yeah–Nathan all the way. No offense to Michael Trucco, but I’ve gotta stay true to Cap’n Tightpants.

      • Ruby

        omg can we can the blaming Moonlighting thing?? I get so tired of hearing that. As others have stated, it was not David and Maddie having sex that killed the show. It was a series of BAD decisions in an already hostile environment. The timing of Cybill Shephard’s pregnancy was another factor and writing the pregnancy in was a huge mistake. Then to top it all off, they wouldn’t tell who the father was and then had the baby die. Poor decisions killed that show. I honestly believe it would have lasted otherwise because the wit was still there even after the sex. And to the person who mentioned Remington Steele, the two characters didn’t have sex until the series finale…however, they had a relationship from about the third episode of the first season on. It just had its complications.

      • Kismet

        I have to agree with Ruby here. “The big bang” didn’t kill Moonlighting. It was the writing that came after it, Glenn Gordon Caron (the shows creator!) left the show, Cybill and Bruce didn’t get along, and Cybill’s pregnancy wasn’t written into the show very well (or maybe shouldn’t have been written in at all). The adding of Mark Harmon was okay, it got David to finally express how he felt for Maddie. But at season 4 the show just got stupid and overly dramatic. It lost its feel for comedy.

      • CK

        I also agree. Come on, one of the things I love about this show is the writing. They can put Castle and Beckett together and make it work. Actually, I would argue that all this … egad, it’s a love triangle. Whats going to happen (cue the corny soap opera music) will have a negative effect on the show. We all know they deserve to be together. Stop with all this crap. It’s the same thing on Chuck.

      • CK

        By the way, didn’t they try something like this at the end of last season, when Beckett’s former flame was brought on for a few episodes? Barely remember it because it was a disaster.

  • donna

    Nice! but how will he be in this show and V?

  • Margaret

    Don’t see it happening as he is also guest starring in ‘V’ and is a lead in ‘Facing Kate’ – a picked up pilot with ‘Life’s’ Sarah Shahi. Now if it was Jamie Bamber!

    • Silke

      That would look funny. Jamie’s way too small for Stana!!! Believe me, he used me to hide from his fans…

  • Randy

    I got to meet Trucco a couple of times in social situations and he is the nicest guy in the world. He was also one of my favorite things about Battlestar. I also think his real-life brush with death has made him an even better actor and adds a depth to his skills he did not have prior to the accident.

    • Kathy

      Loved him on BSG. Can’t wait!

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