'Big Bang Theory' exclusive: Sheldon spends the night with Judy Greer!

big-bang-jim-greerImage Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS; Inset: John Shearer/Getty ImagesYou don’t have to be a genius to be psyched about this bit of casting news: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Judy Greer — perhaps the most endearing actress whose name you don’t know — has been tapped to appear in a May sweeps episode of The Big Bang Theory. Oh, and did I mention that her character spends the night with Sheldon? ‘Cause she does!

The big-screen second banana (in everything from The Wedding Planner to 27 Dresses) and recent Modern Family guest will play a famous physicist. (Wait, there are famous ones?) Adds executive producer Bill Prady: “Sheldon invites her to stay over at the apartment.”


Prady wouldn’t say. But as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter. Where the erstwhile Miss Guided goes, I’m following. How about you? Excited? Fellow Greer lovers, fill in the uninitiated as I light a candle in hopes Fox will pick up her IRS pilot, Tax Man.

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  • stella

    If Sheldon is gonna hook up with anyone, it better be Penny!!

    • Shannon


      • Lana

        Ugh, no. Penny used to be likable now she’s just a whining bitch who trashes pretty much everything. I mean this recent episode her “busboy sneezed on the cheesecake” and “I say a lot of things” comments? Unneeded.

    • Reese

      Anyone who thinks “spends the night with” is anything other than yet ANOTHER of the show’s many “Will Sheldon have sex???” fake outs is kidding themselves.

      • Reese

        Oops. Sorry, that wasn’t meant to be a reply to the above comment, but I guess I wasn’t paying attention.

      • slick

        I can see it already: “Hair up.” “No, hair down.” “Glasses on, hair up.” “Glasses off, hair up.” “Hair down, glasses off…” …

      • Michelle

        To SLICK – Best scene w/her ever.

      • Ally

        Doesn’t anyone think that Sheldon with ANY female would be awkward? Or I guess that’s the point…

      • Craig

        I was at the taping of this show. If you don’t think she spent the night with Sheldon, keep in mind there’s always Leonard.

    • issit

      O.O ehh.. what?!? no thanks.. i’m happy with penny/leonard… penny/sheldon would just be weird..

      • rose

        Penny with any of these guys is just weird. Not a fan of the penny/leonard coupling. Not at all.


        It was was best when Penny was not dating any of the guys. Its like in Cheers, the tension between Sam and Diane in season 1 was a part of why Season 1 was the best season of Cheers, once they got together the show’s dynamic kind of fell flat. This show is still funny once and while but they are starting to make more and more relatively bad episodes. They should avoid making this the Sheldon Show, but I think they jumped that shark long ago. However,Judy Greer is always a welcome sight in comedy, so maybe they will make good.

      • amy Cohen

        I agree…I think they handled the Leonard/Penny relationship perfectly…probably the best I have ever seen a show handle a relationship of two characters who had sexual tension. You know they’re in a relationship but they don’t shove it down your throats. I think it’s brilliant! Sheldon/Penny is disgusting…it’s like Penny hooking up with a wounded puppy.

      • DN

        Good lord there are a lot of miserable people on this message board! Penny and Leonard make a great couple. Season 1 of Cheers was it’s worst rated of all of them, so you stand alone there, my friend. Leonard and Penny have great chemistry and the writing has been brilliant since they’ve become a couple in keeping them interesting. Tension? Look what ‘romantic tension’ has done to “Chuck” over on NBC. It could be canceled because that ‘tension’ is nauseating.

      • Reese

        I actually like Leonard and Penny too. I didn’t at first, but they’ve really grown on me. They remind me of, well, nearly all my friends’ relationships with their lovingly snarky comments. That said, I do believe they need to grow a little more as individuals but that will come in time.

    • Chelsea

      If this ever happens I will stop watching. Penny/Sheldon romantically is beyond Jump the Shark material.

      • Lisa

        I’d pay to see anyone with Sheldon because I think it’ll be hilarious. (I’d also pay to see Leonard and Penny break up for good…)

      • Chyna

        Sheldon with anyone is just a dumb idea-it would totally jump the shark.

        Oh, and are ppl not aware that P/L is the canon couple? The writers have said that S/P will never happen. Get over yourselves.

      • Nadine

        I agree!

      • Are you for Real?

        I thought we dismissed “jump the shark” from the blogs! Sure do hate that phrase!

    • takineko

      OMG THIS

      • takineko

        S/P OTP FOR LIFE

    • leo

      no, it should be leslie winkle.

    • leo

      no, it should be leslie winkle

  • TVObsessed

    She was also on the last episode of Modern Family.

    • Rock Golf

      And on Arrested Development. I just hope she get to say to Sheldon. “And you can forget about seeing THESE anymore!”

      • Anon

        Spring Break! WOOO!

  • Cassie

    So much for A-Sexual Sheldon.

    • Sue1

      Spend the night does not have to mean “Spend the Night”…in Sheldonopolis I’m sure it means TALK all night.

      • Charlotte

        lol. A lot of things are weird in sheldonopolis. I could never live there. :)

    • LDSK

      Whatever. Like he’s really going to “sleep” with her.

  • lynn

    I assume “Spends the night with” is literally spending the evening with and not sex. Either way, at this point, I don’t care. I’m sick of Sheldon being the focus of the show and am very close to not watching anymore.

    • Lena

      who would you rather the show focus on?

      • Lynn

        The ensemble. The show is best when it focuses on the group, giving each character moments to shine. Instead of relying heavily on Sheldon and running the same LOOK HOW DIFFERENT HE IS jokes into the ground

  • liam stewart


    • Lola


    • hatedon

      Sorry Liam

  • Jeff

    Is Tax Man the pilot with David Krumholtz of Numb3rs fame?

  • Andrew

    Let’s just hope when Sheldon refuses to sleep with her, she flashes him giving him a “last time he’s going to see these”

    • Cheri

      I don’t even watch Big Bang Theory, but dear Lord, I hope she does that. lol

  • Semaphore

    Perfect casting although I sadly doubt it will amount to anything. I’m not entirely certain he understands the purpose of what’s between his legs.

  • rose

    This is excellent news!!! I’m so excited!!!

  • april-ann

    Yes I am excited! I absolutely adore the lovely and talented Judy Greer. She is fast becoming one of my favorite actresses. She’s always a standout, a scene-stealing presence for sure (in a very good way too in that she makes all around look good as well). I don’t watch this show, but I won’t miss this episode.

    • april-ann

      oops, that was supposed to read “in that she makes all those around her look good as well”.

      • april-ann

        This is an actress who needs to have her own show, pronto! A show worthy of her on a network worthy of her. A network showing leadership for a change. Aw heck, she just needs to have her own show. Her talent is proven. In addition to the roles mentioned in the article above and so many more, I loved her as the frenemy in 13 Going On 30, and of course when she played Myra in Two and a Half Men (not too many “guest stars” are memorable there), and certainly proved she had chemistry with not only Charlie, but every actor with whom she interacted, a nearly impossible feat for any actor. But she had it.

      • quincy

        she DID have her own show. It was hilarious! It was called Miss Guided and was cancelled b/c of the writer’s strike. :(

      • april-ann

        quincy, I do know that she had her own show, “Miss Guided” and I agree it was great, and she was great in it. However, it was cancelled due to a network unsupportive of her and not worthy of her. A network which continually fails to show leadership.

    • Lindsey

      I agree, April. Love her! She’s funny in everything I’ve seen her in, so this should be good!

  • Lynn

    I thought I posted this, but I’m not seeing it. Apologies if I’m posting twice. Anyway, I’m not believing the spoiler is actually supposed to mean he has sex with her. Most of the people involved with the show has been pretty vocal about Sheldon’s disinterest in romance or carnal relations.

    That said, I’m over Sheldon. The show’s overuse of him has quickly made him my least favorite character.

  • BT

    it won’t be sex… come on it is Sheldon,

  • metal2000

    Judy Greer is all kinds of awesome! Whoever DOESN’T know her is missing out.

    She’s been great on screen; she’s been great starring on TV — even though both Love Monkey and Miss Guided were gone too soon, she’s still a voice on “Arthur”; and I’ll take any opportunity to check her out again.

    (Minus actually seeing “27 Dresses”, of course, ’cause that will never happen.)

    • Dan

      “Arthur” or “Archer”? Or both?

  • Jenny G

    This is one episode I must see. Sounds great.

  • Lynn

    Holy cats comments are acting screwy today

    • Genghui

      No Penny!!!!!!Sheldon is just Sheldon

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