Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Bones,' 'House,' 'Gossip Girl,' 'Big Bang Theory,' and more!

glee-gossip-houseImage Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/Fox; Bob D'Amico/ABC; Mike YarisGot a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the above to

Question: I came home for spring break to find that my mother had sold my Smurf collection on eBay. The only thing that could make me feel better is little Glee scoop. —Blake
My partner tried to do the same thing with my collection. He’s now missing something very near and dear to him. Coincidence? I think not. Onto the Glee scoop, there’s an episode coming up in which Puck gets paired up with someone new — resulting in a musical tug-of-war for his attention. Guesses? Hit the comments!

Question: Please help out a worried Gleek. Your frenemy put out a spoiler that there is a seriously sad twist ahead for Puck on Glee. Can you spill anything? —Erin
Only that it doesn’t involve him losing a limb or a relative. “It’s Glee tragic,” clarifies executive producer Brad Falchuk. “He’s not going to lose an arm. No family member will pass away. He will get some news that is very surprising that will have a very big effect on his life.”

Question: Can you pppllleeeaasssee figure out what’s going on with the Glee season 2 casting call? ‘Cause I am majorly confused. —Sandra
I’m told there’s been a slight delay. Look for another announcement with additional details next week.

Question: Give me a good reason to keep watching House this season? —Juliana
I’ll give you three: I’m hearing something about a marriage proposal in the May 17 season finale; Jennifer Morrison returns on April 12 (and brings some interesting paperwork with her); and Lost‘s Cynthia Watros debuts as Wilson’s first ex-wife on April 19 — and word around PP is that her scenes with Hugh Laurie are all that and a bag of Baked Lays.

Question: How much longer will Lucas be around on House? I’m ready to see him leave. —Ronnie
True fact No. 1: I was sitting three rows behind Lucas’ portrayer, Michael Weston, on my flight last Thursday from New York to Los Angeles  (where I was headed to interview Katherine Heigl for this week’s cover story). True fact No. 2: House is in the middle of shooting its season finale. True fact No. 3: I swear I wasn’t stalking him. True fact No. 4: Okay, maybe I was a little. True fact No. 5: True fact No. 4 was a joke.

Question: You seem to know a lot about Chuck‘s season finale (and I thank you for sharing), but do you know the title? —Lindsay
I think you mean titles. Remember, it’s a two-hour extravaganza. The first hour is titled “Chuck versus the Subway,” and the second is “Chuck versus the Ring: Part 2.” What does it all mean?! Hit the comments!

Question: When will season 5 premiere? —John
Ooooh, I love games! Okay, let’s see… Is it a cable show? Drama? Comedy? Um… Is it Dexter?!

Question: Got any awesome tidbits about this season’s final Smallville episodes? —David
I have two, but you’re only getting one of ‘em this week: A *a*o* ****** *i** ***** **.

Question: Thanks for all the 100th episode info on Bones! Do you think you can dig up any scoop on the upcoming return of the Gravedigger? Will someone else be buried alive? —Jessica L.
Sounds like a question for exec producer (and fellow Smurf aficionado) Stephen Nathan. “One of the Gravedigger’s undiscovered victim’s will be unearthed during her trial,” he reveals. “The legal battle becomes a duel between Brennan and the Gravedigger. I won’t divulge the outcome of the case, but I will say that we haven’t seen the last of the Gravedigger.”

Question: Got any Desperate Housewives scoop? Maybe a May sweeps scoop? —Manar
Rumor has it Marc Cherry was toying with the idea of blowing up a house in the finale, but I hear he’s favoring a Plan B. What is Plan B, you ask? I have no earthly idea. That’s for me to know and you to find out.

Question: I seriously never contemplated e-mailing you for a scoop, but after watching this week’s Castle, I have to know: Will Becket still around next week? —Josh
I seriously can’t believe you’re asking me this question less than a week after I reported this. Get with the program, Josh.

Question: I am so excited that Army Wives is coming back April 11!  Do you have any scoop on what’s going to be happening this season? —Jill
We’re going to meet Michael’s Aunt Edie — and she being played by Ann-Margret! The actress-singer-dancer will guest star in the May 9 episode when Aunt Edie shows up unexpectedly on the base to visit her nephew.

Question: Didn’t expect to see Alex leaving again on Law & Order: SVU. Will she return this season? —Mark
Nope, she’s done for the season. That’s not to say she won’t be back next season though.

Question: There are pictures floating around from the Gossip Girl finale of Chuck at the top of the Empire State building. Any hints as to what this is about? I’m so curious. —Jaime
If you were smart, you would’ve asked me what happens immediately after that scene.

Question: I need Gossip Girl gossip. Please? —Alyssa
Jenny’s descent into madness will become darker and much more twisted. Some seriously effed up shiz is going to go down before the season is over.

Question: Any word whether Sarah Drew will be sticking around Grey’s Anatomy full time? —Ellen
No official word. My guess is we won’t know for sure what’s happening with her until the middle of June, which is when those decisions have to be made by. But speaking of the ex-Everwood all-star, I’m told Drew will pop up on an episode of CBS’ new drama Miami Medical next month. She’ll play a bride who is rushed to the hospital after her mother-in-law a storm causes her wedding tent to collapse on her.

Question: Please, please, please tell me that the blind item is not referring to anyone on Grey’s, especially Lexie! —Megan
I can confirm that the B-word will be broached by one of the show’s heterosexual couples before the end of the season. I won’t, however, confirm that it’s the subject of the blind item.

Question: Thanks for the scoop on this Thursday’s Owen-centric Grey’s Anatomy. Anything else you can tease about the episode? —Claire
Look for a Mercy Wester who may or may not have already been mentioned in this column to get on the wrong side on Meredith’s last nerve. Also, two characters will have sex for the first time, there’s a wonderful scene between Seattle Grace’s current and former chiefs, and I predict a guest Emmy nomination for special guest star Sara Gilbert.

Question: Got any FlashForward scoop, please? —Jenna
Next week’s episode will answer the burning question, “Why’d all those crows croak in Somalia?”

Question: Thanks for telling us why Violet hasn’t been on Private Practice recently. But what about Dell? Is he still part of the cast? —Joel
Yes, but a smaller part. As I warned you at the beginning of the season, Chris Lowell’s episode order was cut from 22 to 13. The good news: Dell reappears in this week’s episode.

Question: Any scoop on Ugly Betty? —Bridget
America Ferrera reports that the April 14 series finale doesn’t suck! “It’s satisfying to me,” she says, “and I think it will be satisfying to most of our viewers. I think everyone has a very different idea of what they want, which is great because they’re that passionate about it. But I’m very happy with the way it’s ending up.” Unless I’m mistaken, I think Ferrera has previously stated that she’d like to see Betty end up single. Just sayin’.

Question: What would you consider your five favorite shows to be at the moment, or is that verboten as the grand arbiter of all things TV? —Trenton
Verboten shmerboten. Here’s my current top 5 (in no particular order): Ugly Betty, Justified, Modern Family, Chuck, and Cougar Town.

Question: Is it true that ABC is considering a title change for Cougar Town? —Josh
It’s true. Got any suggestions? Here’s mine: Family Jules. Get it?

Question: Your recent blind item is driving me insane. I just need to know who it is! Can you give us another clue? —Nicole
Yes, but not here. Let’s go somewhere a little more private. Meet me here Friday afternoon and I’ll narrow the field for you.

Question: You’re slackin! Where’s the Friday Night Lights scoop? —Nick
East Dillon’s getting a new wide receiver by the name of — no joke — Hastings Ruckle! According to my casting intel, the season 5 newbie is a tall, lanky, and athletic basketball player who ends up joining the football team.

Question: I just want to say thank you to everyone at “Ask Ausiello” for your amazing spoilers and teasers. (For which I want to hug every each and every one of you!) —Kathryn
On behalf of the entire team here at Ask Ausiello —  the writers, the photo editors, the costumers, the lighting designers, the key grips, the make-up and hair crew, my six assistants, four body doubles, craft services, payroll, the gaffer, and assorted foley artists — you’re welcome. We do this for you.

Question: There seem to be some buzz about a Leonard/Penny break-up coming up on The Big Bang Theory. Got any scoop on that? —Anders
Funny you should ask. I just hung up with Big exec producer Bill Prady and asked him for a scoop about the episode they’re taping tonight. His response was… interesting. “It’s tricky to give you scoop on [this episode],” he hedged, “because it deals with the aftermath of what happens in the Wil Wheaton episode [on April 12].” Hmm…

Question: I was wondering if the elevator on The Big Bang Theory will ever be in working order?  —James
Funny you should ask. I just hung up with Big exec producer Bill Prady and asked him that very question. “The elevator is not going to get fixed,” he said. “But it’s possible that there might be circumstances under which we see it work. However, it won’t be fixed. That’s your mystery. Leave that to your smart readers to figure out.” You heard him — hit the comments!

Question: I just watched three seasons of The Big Bang Theory in three days and now I am completely hooked. Have you any scoop on my new favorite show? —Tina
We’re going to meet Sheldon’s pre-Leonard roommate, Sebastian, in early May. And in the season finale, eHarmony will attempt to fix Sheldon up with his female doppelganger. The role — which calls for a quirky actress in her 20s or early 30s — is potentially recurring, which makes me wonder if Chuck Lorre is rethinking that whole third gender thing.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, anonymous tips to Also, you can follow me on Twitter via @ewausiellofiles. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Emily Exton and Tim Stack)

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  • alvaro rivera

    on glee isnt it mercedes that puck gets with?? and that puck sad twist thing not much help lolsz but thanks anyways lolsz now more wemma news or.. more news on britt and santana plsz & thnxz :)

    • :P

      WTF!! They better not change the name for Cougartown!!! thats really gonna piss me off if they do!!

      • dr zoid

        Why? It might help get more people to watch. I know I skipped it for the longest time because the title made it sound stupid, but when I checked it out I fell in love with the show!

      • nykolus

        i thought that was the point of the whole damn show!!! we watch it. it’s funny. not for everybody, but we love it.

      • Tego Livi

        “Cougartown” doesn’t really fit the situation as its developed, but changing titles isn’t usually very smart. On top of that, it’s hard to imagine anything they could come up with that wouldn’t either sound obvious and boring or pretentious. I was thinking something like Suncoast (the region where it’s set). Maybe The Courteney Cox Show, except that is counterintuitive based on the ensemble quality of the show.

      • Ames

        I think “Family Jules” is a pretty good idea. Barb should get a spinoff called “Cougar Town.” It fits her better.

      • jules

        Barb cannot get a spinoff because that means she would have no time to continue playing Diane on General Hospital. She’s hilarious as Diane and not a typical soap actress on a show filled with typical soap actors/actresses and I would be sad to see her go. :-)

      • George

        Really them changing the name of a TV show will piss you off… HMMMM think you need a little anger management there pal..

    • E. Franco

      “Wemma”-that’s too cute! Like it!
      Love them together-cute couple!

    • Sabrina

      Wow, alvaro rivera. Your post made absolutely no sense to me. I feel ancient at 29.

      • DomeFoam

        Sabrina, my thoughts EXACTLY. Also 29 here.

  • Kate

    Another week without Finn/Rachel (Glee) scoop? Come on, Ausiello! Give us some scoopage on Glee’s best pair!

    • Audrey

      Which is Puck/Quinn, clearly, right?

    • Cheery

      Yeah right. As if those two have any real connection. Rachel is desperately obsessed with him and he’s still hung up on Quinn. He’d only rebound with Rachel because she’s so pushy and he’s hurt.

    • Shaina

      I just have to throw my two cents in to say that Puck/Rachel is loads better than Finn/Rachel

      • DJ

        I agree, I thought they had a certain something when they were together (even if it was only one ep)

      • Skye

        I don’t see it. I think I’m one of the only people who thought the whole Puck/Rachel thing was just weird. I’m still hoping for more Puck/Quinn interaction (as well as Finn/Rachel).

      • StrawberryFields737

        Yeah, I never really understood Puck/Rachel either. I really don’t think they “connected.” (I apologize for being cliche.)

      • JennaG

        I’m going to have to disagree. I think Finn and Rachel have more storyline potential and better chemistry between the actors. Puck and Rachel just didn’t work. The entire episode of Mash Up was about things that don’t work.

        I’m glad things are moving ahead with Finn and Rachel because they truly are one of the brightest spots of the show.

      • Easypeasy7

        My nickel disagrees. Finn and Rachel FTW.

      • Mila

        Puck & Rachel have more chemistry in their solitary stilted episode together than Puck has with Quinn or Finn has had with Rachel since the beginning. That’s why Puckleberry is a fan favorite. Finn is a complete tool && he cheated on Quinn just as much as Puck scams on other girls when you really get down to it. Keep in mind Puck didn’t chase any skirts when he was with Rachel. They most certainly connected.

  • Mary Q. Contrary

    Oh, Aus, I adore you! Thank you for being consistent, and once again, congrats on the cover story!

  • Tucker

    I’d like to buy an ‘E’ for the ‘Smallville’ clue. That’s a bit too secretive.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      I second that!

  • G


    • Swimmer

      oh my heck, please give us more than that!

    • jack

      a major couple will break up! dats my guess 4 smallville spoiler

      • JaySin420

        Nicely done Jack! I know people won’t like this but I’m guessing Lois and Clark. I mean they really aren’t supposed to be together yet anyway. And maybe Clark will do it to protect Lois, just like Superman.

      • Mariko

        Awesome job, Jack! Even better if you’re right and horrible forced Clark/Lois is coming to an end! Maybe Season 9 will get watchable!

  • Steve

    That was a waste of time. There was nothing useful in this stupid article. Get a life loser.

    • Jesse

      I concur.

      • Ica

        . . . Who forced either of you to read it?

    • BLM

      This is Ausiello’s life. He gets paid to do this!

      • Nicolars

        It’s always funny when people will comment “Get a life”, because they are the people who have nothing to do but sit around and waste their lives reading and commenting on articles that they don’t like.

  • K

    Smallville- That’s not a spoiler, that’s a headache to decode! lol I look forward to next week’s spoiler, hopefully we’ll get actual words ;)

    • Jamie

      It looks like “A major member dies April (insert date)” or something like that.

  • Alex

    That’s not very much to work with Smallville wise.

  • Lisa

    Thank you for all the Grey’s scoop! :)

  • Abby

    Mercedes is the “someone new” isn’t it?

  • Katherine

    Sorry but I already knew about the proposal on House and it is Cuddy and Lucas. Big yawn. Do the show runners really think we like this pathetic storyline or are the determined to shove it down our throat. Thank them for ruining Cuddy’s character.

    • Keir

      We knew that months and months ago didn’t we. The mole-hunt really spoilt spoilers this season!

    • Bellel

      Yawn.Yawn.Yawn. More Lucas – haven’t the show runners twigged yet that most of their audience are indifferent to that story line and that it is trashing Cuddy’s character (poor Lisa E). House v’s Mrs Wilson number one – well that just sounds like a tired rehash of House v’s Amber (RIP Amber we miss you)and oh delight Cameron returning probably with divorce papers. Well done on destroying your female characters and serving up some really inane plots this year House writers. I love this show but this season is killing me.

      • Ica

        This season has been horrible. I hate Luddy, I hate Huddy, I hate that Cameron’s coming back (seriously, why are the writers/producers of HOUSE incapable of writing off a character and KEEPING THEM GONE), I hate that this show sucks so badly when it used to be genuinely good.

      • Cheery

        ITA. I get that they need to keep House and Cuddy apart to stretch the show for as long as possible, but the Lucas plot is SO F-CKING CONTRIVED it’s making me sick. Oh no, Lucas proposes! Will Cuddy say yes? Will House confess his love to stop her? DO THE HACKNEYED STORYLINES EVER END??? House used to have the best writing on TV–what the hell happened??

        Thank God shows like Southland, Justified and the Good Wife have come around to replace this banal sh-t.

      • Dasala

        The paperwork makes me think of the blind item. Maybe Cameron returns preg and wants Chase to sign away his parenting rights, or something similar? Just a thought.

      • Francis

        I am so happy I have Bones to help me get through the loss of House.

      • Tabitha

        @Dasala Divorce papers. The blind item was not about House.

      • susan

        Bellel carmon and chase are aldreay getting a divorce.

      • bklynny

        Tabitha, House can be the blind item. It’s the show who Ausiello craves coverage on, and they have the loudest shippers at war.

        And runner up is Greys.

      • Tabitha

        @bklynny The mole said it was not about House.

    • Beth

      Is this season a joke? Were are those fantastic House/Cuddy scenes gone? What the hell is Cuddy doing with that loser? (I like the actor, not the character he plays). Why is Wilson having a girlfriend when he is gay? Why House and Cuddy can´t try a relationship? Why is Cam leaving, coming and leaving again?

      • Erica

        I like how he says the proposal like: A) it is a good thing and B) that we all did not already know that it is Luddy.

        Nowing about the proposal, that is why he could not say that Lucas was leaving and decided to give us a total non-answer.

      • Pistach

        Yes! House is a joke this season. Not a great drama anymore. TPTB have destroyed one of the best on-screen chemistry (Hugh and Lisa) and they have given Michael Weston a poor character to play. I´m still waiting for my strong and lovely Cuddy to come back to the show. I want to see her caring about House as she used to.

      • carla

        Agreed. “House” has really gone to Dullsville this season, what with the overdose of House/Wilson sappiness, the loss of House’s diagnostic mojo, and the sad absence of the electric spark between House and Cuddy. Lucas is a bore and a boor; Cuddy’s character is trashed for putting up with such a loser. And now Ausiello is dealing in stale, trite “spoilers” that we have learned about weeks ago. What gives with the former greatest drama on television?

      • norhu

        I agree with everybody here. This season has been a waste of my time. I have enjoyed a few House/Cuddy scenes, a few House/Wilson scenes and a few Chase scenes. I haven´t enjoyed the rest. And my biggest problem is that producers have changed Cuddy just to put her in a ridiculous relationship and LE screentime is close to zero.

      • Person Who Talks

        The first episode of this season was the best, but after that…mehhh…Just a quetion, am I the only one who House to get back together with that lady he met at the mental hospital? She seemed really good for him.

  • Keir

    “He will get some news that is very surprising that will have a very big effect on his life.”

    Maybe that his mother needs to move away for work, but he’ll man up and stay behind to be there for his baby. That would mean he’d have to leave school and get a job to pay rent, and so will also have to give up New Directions and football… unless there’s someone who could take him in.

  • Re

    *sigh* Okay, what’s up with the so-called Smallville scoop?

    It’s not funny; it’s just insulting.

  • Melissa

    Are you kidding me with that Smallville spoiler?!?! You’re an evil,EVIL man Ausiello.

  • aby

    I don’t watch the Big Bang Theory but when I hear quirky actress my first thought is Felicia Day. I still want to see her on Chuck, I think she’d fit right in at The Buy More, but no reason she can’t do both.

    • Angela

      Both of those things NEED to happen.

    • Lelolai

      Don’t we already know that the actress is Judy Greer?

      • Lelolai

        If Felicia was on BBT then they could give a nod to Dr. Horrible since Simon (who plays Howard Wolowitz) was “Moist” while Felicia played “Penny”. All they’d need is either NPH or Nathan Fillion to make it complete.

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