Exclusive: Katherine Heigl on being 'disappointed' in herself and the truth behind Emmygate

Before we get to the excerpt from my exclusive Katherine Heigl exit interview/cover story, let’s talk, shall we, about what you’re really here for: what isn’t […] Read the full post.

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  • Carli

    Still don’t like her. She just comes off so fake to me, like she’s only doing this to look better. Pretty much everything she said or did while doing grey’s after it got really popular seemed like she was ungrateful, so I don’t get how she “slipped up.” it was more like she’s always that way

  • Kah Luchesi

    I’m sad that she’s leaving and I really really love her, but she does sound a little ungreatful… Hope she can change that with the time :)

  • Fefe

    I still don’t like her or truly believe her. She has a reputation of sounding off with venom instead of addressing things in a more diplomatic way. You can speak your mind Kat but there is a way to do it with class and sophistication, she refused to do that on more than one occassion. I don’t like GA and partly becaus of her.

    • zuma girl

      wait, so you don’t like her…because she has a reputation. never mind that you don’t actually know her and that her reputation is built *partly* (not all, but partly) on exaggeration and misrepresentation. (Eg: the Letterman comment about working 17 hour days — she was clearly joking.) Funnily enough, she also has a reputation for being an animal lover and a supporter of adoption, and those are pretty admirable things.

      • Marty

        Zuma – 1 Fefe – 0

  • Kay

    Blah blah blah. It would be nice if what she says about her daughter were true. It’s probably not considering how many movies she’s got lined up and the amount of new parents on the cast of Grey’s.

    • KAR

      It’s common knowledge that tv actors work harder and have longer days than movie actors. She can film three films a year (which is a lot) and still have lots of extra time at home.

    • gg

      I am sure she is telling the truth–sounds like what adoptive parents go through– I am an adoptive mom myself. An adopted child needs are very different. An adoptive mom needs to be there for bonding etc.

      • maxine

        She had to do some reshoot for her movie yesterday and there are some adorable pictures of her with her daughter on set.

  • Supes

    Grey’s will not be the same. The show was better with Izzie Stevens on it…

    I normally don’t ever read the EW magazine but I’ll have to check out this interview with KH. Great job on by Michael Ausiello to ask these questions and get answers :)

    • Not to beat a dead patient but . . .

      They had her screwing a ghost. Not to mention commiting gross negligence and not getting fired for it and performing surgury on a deer. Was the show really that much better?

      • If those were the story lines I was getting

        I’d be ticked at the writers too.

      • marrow…

        ugh. really is a terrible show.

      • Chan

        ANd you blame the actress or the writer for screwing a ghost? even of the whole hate thing started when Izzy screwed a married mad…

  • Marty

    Unbelievable… some of you will never be satisfied. Get over it! She is a human too.

    • DanaV

      get over it that we’re not drinking from the same PR kool-aid as you are and don’t subscribe to the same BS as u do. this woman has shown in actions and words who she is. when people show u who they are, believe them. im suppose 2 believe that she is leaving because of her child when others on the show have children 2 and she is still going off 2 do movies. I’ll stick 2 my camp and u can stick 2 yours.

      • Liam

        No you have chosen to believe what you read in the tabloids. If you actually watch her interacting with fans at premieres or just walking down the street you will see how genuine and nice she is. She does a lot of wonderful things that don’t get reported. Her work with her animal charity and organ donation advocacy for a start. You, like many people judge her on what you want to see not the reality.

      • marrow…

        “when people show u who they are, believe them”

        Exactly. So her adopting a special needs baby and being close with her family and sticking up for her friend when no one else would…those are way less real and important than her slip-ups?

        The reality is that no one is perfect, little girl (who apparently doesn’t know how to spell words like too/two and you). Some of us can enjoy her movies without demanding she be a saint in real life. And God knows people like you would fare poorly if you held yourself to the same standard she’s held to.

      • DanaV

        marrow thanks there grandma/grandpa (which ever since ur name is marrow and could be either sex) on the spelling lesson. I love when old people take me to task. Love how u added that in there along with your talking points. Thanks for your passionate argument but I will agree to disagree.

      • L

        I think Marrow was just pointing out how unintelligent it sounds to make an argument with such horrific spelling mistakes. That or it’s a pet peeve. I’m young (probably younger than you since you seem to be threatened by Ms. Heigl.)

        Or you’re just angry that she left your beloved Grey’s. Listen. I like Grey’s too, but you know what? The writing SUCKED for a while and then when she made her comment, the writers started writing BETTER. So you should be thankful she speaks her mind. Also, most media outlets (even this one) are ignoring what she said right after that she didn’t think she should be nominated that year – THAT HER CASTMATES SHOULD BE! She actually mentioned the actresses that play Bailey and Christina. Literally two seconds after she said she didn’t think she was given material to warrant a nomination that year. So…… Yeah.

  • Sophie

    Can not really fault her for wanting to spend time with her daughter. Ellen Pompeo took a 4week leave and has a baby nurse. At least Katherine wanted to be a mom and not work the long 17hours. But saying that, she did put her foot in her mouth several times (Emmygate & Knocked Up). She has the uncanny ability to speak before thinking. As for Isiah Washington, I do miss Burke on GA (oh and Addison) but Katherine was only standing up for her friend TR Knight.

  • april-ann

    Sorry but the whole things smacks of manipulation. I could barely read on after the first two questions. I don’t watch Grey’s, but I can tell the fans were really cheated. She obviously felt the show was completely unimportant, and that there was nothing important going on in her career and could easily take those three months off. Somehow I don’t think she would have taken those same three months off if she could have been shooting a movie Hollywood heavy hitters.

    • Macky

      Agreed. She has always had the NYPD Blue David Caruso disease of thinking a TV show was beneath her when the show was what made her.

    • Liam

      I watch Grey’s but don’t feel cheated at all. Her character had already been destroyed by poor writing. Season 6 is a pale shadow of the former show. I am pleased for her.

      • april-ann

        ITA with your comment too, Macky. @ Liam, sorry, but that does not and should never matter at all. Any actor with class in the business treats every job they are signed to like it could be their last, giving it their all regardless of their personal disagreements, or whether they feel they are above it, knowing they have the option of not renewing when their contract is up. And she was signed to it; she had a contract.

      • Liam

        And if you didnt notice ABC released her from the contract. In the same way they did TR Knight and all the other actors they have let go from the show. Are you mad at them too?

      • april-ann

        Being “released” from a contract that is still in effect because you have made a big stink and fought and fought is not the same thing as leaving a show when your contract is up. I’m sure you know that, Liam. And no, I’m not “mad” at anyone. But yes, I feel the same way about any “professional” (ahem) who behaves in a similar manner.

  • JosieG

    Honestly if trying to bond with her daughter is her main reason for leaving than I just became her biggest fan. It’s probably just a lot of PR control, but to see or hear about an adoptive mother doing everything in her power to make sure her daughter knows she’s loved… well that’s how it should be.

    • Macky

      oh wow JosieG u r so naïve. If that was the real case, she wouldn’t be doing movies either.

      • KAR

        come on. this is the 21st century. women are allowed to work AND be a mom at the same time. she can get way more time off this way. deal with it.

    • Enough!

      Agree Macky. She has 5 movies in production right now. I think I’m most annoyed because she’s being such a hypocrite about it. Why not just come clean and say she wants to do movies. 3 hits? Knocked up, that was ok, but mostly because of Judd Appatow. 27 Dresses. just more RomCom trash. The Ugly Truth. I heard it was crap too… whatever. I’m just glad the drama is over on Grey’s, though i don’t think it’s over with her and any movies that she’ll be in.. just wait..

      • Liam

        She doesn’t have 5 movies in production.Those have been listed for several years – some of which don’t even have scripts yet. Of course she wants to do movies she says so but the advantage of movies are that it allows her to spend time with her daughter which is what she really wants.

      • KAR

        i think i remember her saying she was always happy to make movies in the summer during hiatus from grey’s. but then she became a mom, and she couldn’t do both. if she stayed on grey’s, she’d have had to continue working 17 hour work days six or seven days a week for ten months of the year. she won’t film 5 movies back to back to back. she’ll film one or two a year and have plenty more time to spend with her daughter. being released from grey’s allows her to be a mom and achieve her goals.

  • Rich

    So Heigl has an Emmy but NO ONE on “The Wire” won a single one over the course of five amazing seaons?? Shows you how seldom awards equal quality.

    • TeamSandra

      So agreed Rich. Hit the nail on the head.

    • Candy

      So belittle someones achievements because your favorite wasn’t rewarded? The fact is she should have won more than once.

      • I couldn’t throw a rock . . .

        Without hitting an actress on “The Wire” who gave a performance more subtle then any Heigl ever gave.

    • “Shows you how seldom awards equal quality.”

      You’re just realizing this now?

  • Dani

    Gizzie was working for a lot of people. In fact the ratings were way higher when they were a couple and I know many fans who quit when Gizzie ended.

    So stop acting like everyone hated them when half or more of the fans really loved them and still do.

  • Enough!

    Vomit. I want to know if she’s going to lighten her movie load, my guess, she won’t. She’s wanted out for years and if you’ve followed Grey’s you know this…

    • KAR

      why should she? the most she’ll film is two or three movies a year. even with promotional commitments, she’ll have way more time to spend with her daughter than she would being on grey’s full time.

  • Allison

    I’m gonna miss Izzie and Grey’s. But here is the thing I like more than Izzie and Grey’s: Katie Heigl!! She is sooo amazing and this interview is the best I’ve ever read!! The best actress and person ever!!!!!!!

  • alfie

    Katherine, congratulations with your family. We’re not disappointed with you leaving, just make sure that you’ll make great movies and win oscars, next.. You’re a great actress! Stop playing in crappy movies!! :)

  • Stephanie

    If she’s growing up, that’s great.

    I still get to love that Izzie Stevens is gone. Good riddance to that do-nothing character!

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