Exclusive: Katherine Heigl on being 'disappointed' in herself and the truth behind Emmygate

Before we get to the excerpt from my exclusive Katherine Heigl exit interview/cover story, let’s talk, shall we, about what you’re really here for: what isn’t […] Read the full post.

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  • Rose

    It is very disappointing because her character left the show on a bad note, and Izzie and Alex never got the chance they deserved. It is sad the way it had to go down, but I can appreciate that Katherine has completely different priorities now as a mother. Children need a lot of love and attention, especially when they’ve been adopted, and she doesn’t want Naleigh to grow up not really knowing her mom. That’s a big sacrifice to make when you are a full-time actor, and I think it’s good that Katherine is focused on her family now. As a fan, I am extremely disappointed, because Alex and Izzie’s marriage was what I was rooting for the most this year, but I wish Katherine well.

  • r4shox

    Whatever. The entire thing is BS. The fact that she’s gonna use her daughter as some sort of excuse is complete BS. You started as a nobody, you got you’re break with Grey’s, and now you want to move onto feature films. Case closed.

    • marrow…

      everyone starts as a nobody. and too bad you don’t like it but she can want to spend more time with her daughter AND want to make movies. the two are not mutually exclusive.

    • KH supporter and fellow Sagittarius

      A nobody? Seriously? She was the only name actor I knew on Grey’s Anatomy when that show started, the rest were has-beens and unknowns. Give credit where its due, KH put a lot of effort into a poorly written character and made her the most endearing one on the cast. Izzie’s the only down-to-earth normal human being on Grey’s, the one you’d invite to dinner or hang out with IRL. Maybe that’s why people hate her so much, because she’s too relatable.

  • Derek

    As an Izzie fan, I totally agree with her that bringing izzie back and making her leave again is flat out annoying. I would like to see her come back but I did feel her last episode felt like she was gone for good.

  • Kayla

    oh please!! She is just trying to get out from under the B**ch category she has been put in….but she put HERSELF there. If she didn’t act that way then people would like her more. Maybe she should practice thinking before she speaks. Either way I still don’t like her and I HATE that she got the role to play Stephanie Plum in the Plum Series by Janet Evanovich. She is not good for that role, I don’t care if she did dye her hair!! The hair was not the problem! Somebody tell the movie makers to read the books!!!

    • Melissa

      I am so GLAD that other fans of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum are speaking out against the hiring of KH! She has absolutely none of the traits needed to portray this beloved bounty hunter. Okay, yes, she is now a brunette…but that is it! Obviously whoever hired her has NOT read the novels or they would KNOW she is completely wrong for the part. I, for one, will not be going to “One For The Money” if they keep KH on as the star. It torks me off that a novel series that I have been waiting for years to be made into movies is going to be ruined….it just deeply saddens me.

  • cam

    She suck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I couldn’t throw a rock . . .

    Without hitting an actress on “The Wire” who gave a performance more subtle then any Heigl ever gave.

  • Bruce

    So she is leaving the show. Big Deal.
    You people act like it is a crime or something. Get over it and get on with your life.

  • Jake

    I honestly can’t blame her for leaving. Grey’s was a great launching point for her, but the show’s quality has dwindled after the 3rd season in my opinion. I commend the fans for sticking by it, but nothing will ever touch season 2 for me as she was so fantastic with Denny. I hope she has a great career and continued success.

  • MsDaisy

    So over her already.

  • Mira

    that’s so sad i wish she stays ,i actually watch the show to see her it’s a disappointment

  • Tee

    When Ellen Pompeo talked about only taking 4 weeks off for maternity leave, (some) people made comments about how she didn’t care about her kid. This girl says she doesn’t want to do tv still because she wants more time for her daughter, and people rag on her for being insincere.

    Who knew all these people on the sidelines have such great insights into the heads of people that they really don’t know.

    • Liz

      Because Ellen Pompeo was sincere, and despite only taking 4 weeks, they wrote her “light” so she could spend time with her baby.
      Katherine has 5 movies waiting I believe. Doing movies means going on locations for 6 weeks at least, then the promotion… Much harder than going to a studio close to home where she can take her kid. She wanted to leave waaayyy before her daughter, so her interview? Bull.

      • Tee

        Yes and despite all that with Ellen, people still slammed her for going back to work at all. Made comments about how she had to cling to GA because it was the only job she could get. Etc.

        People in general seem to have appointed themselves experts in the lives of EP/KH.

      • Liam

        Many of those movies have been there for several years. Several of them are just options. She will not be doing 5 movies in a year. It allows her to do a movie then take a break for several months between shoots. She can not do that with Grey’s schedule.

  • Dr. Awesome

    Remember that one actress who was popular on that one show Thursday nights, but now is in awful romatic comedies? What’s her name. . .ah, yes, Jennifer Anniston.

    Katherine Heigl leaving Grey’s makes her the new Jennifer Anniston.

    • Quinky

      and Jennifer Anniston is god awful. she’s had one or two good movies since she left tv. the rest are bombs. a haircut can only take u so far.

      • Ricky

        Not a fan of Aniston but her career is doing a heck of lot better than the rest of the Friends cast. Apply the same to Grey’s. Heigl is also a lot better actress than Aniston.

  • Kate

    This is a nice interview. I’m glad she was so honest and able to admit her mistakes. As a fan of Grey’s, this goes a long way toward changing the perception I had of her based on the negative comments she made. She does seem sincere in saying that she is grateful for her good fortune and that she understands why ingratitude seems “gross” to fans of the show. Wish she had come back for a proper character wrap-up, but as a SAH mom myself, I totally understand her desire to make her daughter the first priority. Grey’s isn’t the same without the original 5 interns, but more screen time for Dempsey will help ease the disappointment! Can’t wait to read the full article.

  • nora

    As far as Emmygate and taking herself out of the running, I think it was very presumptuous of her to assume she’d be nominated for her work that year. This mea cupa isn’t sincere but the spin is funny. Sniff. And cry on cue. Action! Sniff.

  • justme

    Does it REALLY matter how she lives? That her home is modest? That she does her own dishes? The question that should have been asked was…WHY do you treat people and speak to people the way you do? She may be a new mommy and may be finding her “true” self, but the fact STILL remains that when she was up and coming as an actress, she was kind, and sweet and showed respect to her co-stars, producers, writers and the fans. When she became recognizable, she became a sniveling, whining, B*tch of a person who DEMANDED too much from others and EXPECTED people to respect her and bow to her and cater to her. She became a person everyone found difficult to work with and she began to disrespect those people who got her where she is today. While she may live modestly, she brings in ALOT of money. THAT however won’t buy the respect of fans and those in a position to give her a job. She’s obviously realizing that and most likely is fearful that when she does want to work again, she won’t be considered. She’s forgetable. Producers/Directors can find other actresses that aren’t known for being mean, rude, difficult, disrespectful to the “help” along with a history of not honoring the contract. Becoming good at what you do, becoming wealthy does NOT EVER give you the right to treat anyone as IF you are somehow better than they are. THAT is the mistake she made. THAT is what tainted her reputation. I liked her on Grey’s, I liked her in a couple of other movies but totally lost respect/interest once HER attitude changed.

    • Liam

      Her attitude has not changed. Nor is she recognized for being difficult. If you ask any director she has worked with they will say she was fantastic to work with. This perception is one purely driven by the media because she has this moniker for being outspoken.

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