'Big Love' exclusive: Chloë Sevigny expresses regret, blames exhaustion on her 'awful' outburst

It appears my Katherine Heigl mea culpa-themed cover story is already reaping dividends: Big Love star Chloë Sevigny just rang me up to perform her […] Read the full post.

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  • patrick

    i don’t see the problem with what she said. Everything she said was true. Everything was thrown together blindly this season. So much “out of character”ness

  • Janet

    do you beep when you back up, chloe? gee whiz, i love how these celebrities give these interviews and then blame the reporter for quoting them. i was a reporter (pre-babies) and it’s just a classic move when you regret what you’ve said to say the reporter quoted you “out of context.” classy.

  • sam

    I don’t watch her show, but isn’t this the same actress who had a tantrum because somebody stepped on her dress? She seems to have some issues.

    • Alia

      To be fair, if the dress was a loan and someone stepping on meant it ended up torn, then that step could have cost her a ton of money. That might be worth a bit of a tantrum.

  • The Obvious

    “I feel like what I said was taken out of context, and the [reporter] I was speaking to was provoking me.”

    Wow, way to throw Sean O’Neal and the AV Club under the bus, Chloe.

    There was nothing wrong with her original statement. It wasn’t even disrespectful to the show, the writers or the producers. The original article even included her clarifications.

    On the other hand this Mea Culpa is what sounds suspect. Very strange.

    • Ugh.

      For those who missed the PROVOKING question that spurred her outburst, here is the original exchange:

      “AVC: This past season of Big Love has taken a lot of flak for being so over-the-top.”

      To which Sevigny responds:
      “It was awful this season, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not allowed to say that! [Gasps.] It was very telenovela. I feel like it kind of got away from itself.”

      What a big bad interviewer!

  • Jean

    She doesn’t have a television. Spare me. Urgh, how can people stand these snobs who have no problems making money at something that they then claim to be to good to be a consumer of. Wretch and wretch.

    • T.

      I like Chloe, but I do agree. If acting or television is your craft, then you should watch it. I cannot imagine acting on a show, and not caring enough to watch the finished product. Since she only watched half the season, maybe she doesn’t know exactly how it went. With editing and reshooting, and scenes she isn’t in, maybe she would have a slightly different opinion if she had watched the season.

  • Nadja

    Could some slightly competent editor please have a go at that headline? She is not blaming her exhaustion on her outburst.

    • Alia

      This. Replacing “on” with “for” would do the trick.

  • BrianR

    The season was too short and the story overpacked. They should have left out the stuff with the crazy mormon guy in Mexico entirely this season. It was unneeded and caused a big drag in the middle from the main story of Bill running for office. They should have stuck to that story and the problems caused by Anna and the compund stuff was plenty, along with the new casino. They had at leats 6 or 7 other storylines going on and had only 9 episodes to wrap them all up.

  • Brooke

    I’m tired of actresses saying exactly what all the fans of the show are thinking and then getting ripped for it. I prefer people who speak their minds rather than butt-kissers.

    • Momo

      I’m tired of rich actors/actresses saying things out loud without tact or any thought of the people who work their butts off to make whatever it is successful. Sure they can say what they feel, but most people say it better without trashing their co-workers because that’s how most people do it in the real world. Being rich and famous doesn’t give them an excuse to be publicly obnoxious.

      • Momo

        Oh, and I’m not really referring to Chloe. She said her mea culpa and her interview wasn’t as bad as I’ve read before from other celebrities.

  • Cammy

    Total class act!! LOVE her.

    • The Obvious

      Sorry to break it to you but she was not “taken out of context.” The audio of the interview is now available.

      Apparently for Chloe, “Taken out of context” really means “Oh, I meant it, but I probably shouldn’t have said it.”

  • charlotte

    I really think some people need to chill the hell out because we all say things we don’t mean sometimes and sometimes things just come out wrong. Some people on this board act like they’ve never misspoke anything in their lives or something! First – I don’t think what she said was that bad. Second – her apology seems very sincere so I think we should just take it for what it is. I can’t believe how some people just want to break people down for every little thing. It’s so destructive and hateful.

    • Julie E.

      If she regrets saying it and wants to apologize, fine. It’s her lame excuses and blaming the interviewer that are the problem, as far as I’m concerned. “Provoked”? “Taken out of context”? Please. And if you’ve been reading the comments on this board, you’d see that’s the point most people are making.

    • Slee

      What angers me is the fact that she blames some of her horrible interview on the journalist, “who provoked her”. It isn’t what she said. I really could care less if she said that her show needed to be canceled. The journalist didn’t goad or trick her to say those things. She has free will and has to own her behavior, instead of blaming the media. It is even recorded, so nothing is taken out of context. So, no I won’t “chill the hell out”, because unlike you I don’t see a genuine apology but a last minute scramble to keep her on the show and not have Bill Paxton become a widower.

  • K

    I’m glad she apologized but like they are going to kill Nikkie off that would be total show suicide. This season wasn’t the best but I still enjoyed it. As long as people are still watching the show thats all that matters.

  • Flávia

    She was wright at the first time: I love the show, but the hole campaign thig was awful!

  • kathy C

    Roddy –
    1. Bill was running for state congress NOT Governor
    2. It was a polygamist that had the son & his parents
    3. They dealt with Barb & her church A LOT last season

  • Edward Lee

    Chloe just demonstrates yet again the central problem is that actors without a script don’t know what to say.

  • Davidsask

    Was the interview recorded?

    • The Obvious

      Yes, in fact it is up right now on the AV Club.


      Here’s Sean O’Neal’s response:

      “But as the person who conducted said interview, I’m not really sure how a statement like “It was awful this season” can possibly be taken out of context. So while the interview is all there verbatim, and I would think most readers would recognize this as necessary spin, I’m including an audio snippet of our talk below.”

      Sorry, Chloe is the one coming out REALLY bad on this one for blaming the interviewer for HER statements.

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