'Big Love' exclusive: Chloë Sevigny expresses regret, blames exhaustion on her 'awful' outburst

It appears my Katherine Heigl mea culpa-themed cover story is already reaping dividends: Big Love star Chloë Sevigny just rang me up to perform her […] Read the full post.

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  • DB

    What’s so wrong for actress to express their opinions? There seem to be a different standard for Movie and TV actor. Movie actors said crap about the awful movies they did just for the money, but TV actors, bind to their contracts for future seasons can’t express their opinions. Of course, considering they have to work with the people whose just bashed, but it’s not like they’re lying or anything. Also, it seem to be that actresses got more heat for their opinions than actors too. Honestly, i see no controversy about her interview, why are you asking her to apologize?

    • kevin k.

      people aren’t making her apologize, she’s doing it on her own. her original opinion was valid, and now she’s backstepping (which is reasonable considering the position she’s in), but she’s also blaming the reporter who simply was not at fault. he simply started with a fairly innocuous statement about this past season, and she ran with it. sure, she miht regret what she said, or how she said it, and she might have to eat some crow and kiss some ass, but to blame the reporter when he clearly was not at fault is just not cool.

      and sheesh, that’s three interviews in a row where she says she doesn’t “even own a tv.”

  • Josh

    Surrounded by people with guns, Bill’s mom chops off the arm of the man holding them captive. Bill basically says to the second in command, “You can save Horace’s arm and let us go or keep us here and Horace dies.” One person in the back screams, “Kill them!” Another screams, “No, let them go and help Horace Greene!” You know, cause with the dozens of people there one couldn’t shoot Bill and his family while others rushed Horace to the hospital. Probably the dumbest scene in television history. Maybe it shouldn’t come from the cast, but the creators and writers should hear how bad last season was as often as possible.

    • T.

      Agree completely.

    • actingup

      Totally agree. So many scenes and plot lines had me screaming at the TV- they made no sense and the characters all seemed hysterical this season.

  • MN

    2 words…

    Brown Bunny

    Was she thinking then?

    • Fred

      That it was a film.

  • justsomeone

    Yes this season was disappointing, but I don’t. Like niki anyway. Fire her!

  • M

    Ah yes the classic “oh crap I shouldn’t have said that” manuever:

    It was out of context! I was provoked!

    Sorry sweetheart, it was none of those things now grow a backbone and learn to either stand behind your comments or don’t make them.

  • NT

    The AV Club has posted a response to Chloe’s allegations of provocation…including audio of the interview that shows she said what she said. This apology is clearly PR anyways….it’s so easy to blame someone else.


  • Jane Lynch was robbed!

    I’m still bitter about the Golden Globes…

  • Julie E.

    “I feel like what I said was taken out of context, and the [reporter] I was speaking to was provoking me.”
    Oh, give me an effing break. Chloe Sevigny, I just lost all respect for you. Don’t say it if you’re not going to own it.

    • jenn

      Maybe that reporter stepped on her dress.

  • DMC

    I hate to see this talented actress grovel, but you know, she did “ask for it,” and I actually admire her even more for making this apology…and the original statement. As Big Love progresses, Chloe Sevigny is proving herself more and more to be the show’s MVP. The character is fascinating, and Sevigny’s performances are so painful in the best way. I used to hate Nicki and now I feel for her, and that’s due to both the writing and the performance. Last season did suffer–in that other interview Sevigny was absolutely right: the show went off track with the political race storyline, and it crammed in too much plot while abandoning the domestic scenes, which are the most interesting and important. So maybe this will be enough to get the writers back inside the home. I hope so.

  • Julie E.

    “And we talked about how much we love being on the show and how it’s hard work as an actress and how sometimes the press can swing things in a way that you don’t mean them to sound.”
    Weak, weak, weak. STFU.

  • Alyson

    Yeah, listening to the audio it sounds like he really provoked her by, you know, making a statement and not even really getting to the asking-a-question part before she took the ball and ran with it for 45 seconds… But she’s being (mostly) gracious now, save the blame portion, and since she’s not really WRONG….

    • The Obvious

      Are you being sarcastic?

      • Todo

        I think so, I don’t know how that could not sound sarcastic.

  • ken mckechnie

    bringing back anna and knocking her up with Bills baby – was terrible! Dumb! Bill running for govenor sucks, as now he will be ruined … no way he could stay govenor as the public outcry would be huge… the religous right rules in america , maybe chloe knows this, and sees the end coming for a once great show… I,m sad as it was one of my favorites….

    • actingup

      He ran for state senate – not governor.

  • J

    She could have been forced to say some of these things by HBO’s reps to save face. They were the ones who originally said her quotes were taken out of context.

  • D

    She’s right. The season was lacking. I think she’s classy to come out and apologize for making comments that were hurtful to people she admired. Nikki is perhaps the most unique character ever on television–no exaggeration, and she’s brilliant in the role. She deserves any accolades she gets, and I take her at her word that she’s remorseful.

  • Taylor

    Good lord, she doesn’t have to be sorry for stating her opinion.

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