Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'True Blood,' 'Lost,' 'Glee,' 'Grey's,' 'Castle,' and more!

ask-ausielloImage Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO; Art Streiber/ABC; Michael Desmond/ABCGot a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the above to

Question: Will Grey’s Anatomy address Izzie’s whereabouts at all? Or are they just going to pretend she never existed now that Katherine Heigl isn’t returning? —Mickey
They’re definitely not going to pretend she never existed. In fact, I’m told the Izzie issue will be addressed during May sweeps. For her part, Katherine Heigl thinks her Jan. 21 farewell — while not originally intended to be her last episode — oddly works as a bookend to Izzie’s story. “Even though there’s a part of me that would like to go back and do the quick Izzie farewell,” she says, “I also think that my last scene — where Meredith says to Izzie, ‘Don’t go, we’re your family,’ and Izzie’s response was, ‘No you’re not, you’re just a bunch of people I worked with, and I can find that anywhere’ — was kind of tragic and appropriate all at the same time. When I was playing the scene I was really trying to convey that, for Izzie, that was a lie that she had to tell herself to have the courage to move on.”

Question: I’m on my hands and knees begging for some True Blood news! —Nick
The show is currently shooting episode 6, penned by executive producer Alan Ball. And guess what? It contains what Ball describes as an “intense” Sookie/Eric moment. “Let’s put it this way,” he adds, “I think people will have strong feelings about it.” In possibly related news, Ball told TV Guide that “Sookie is sexually drawn to [Eric] because she’s had his blood. But there is another reason he’s drawn to her, one that will be revealed this season.”

Question: The promo tease for True Blood‘s third season shows Eric with noticeably darker hair. Why? —Jody
“Because when vampires keep secrets from humans that they love, their hair follicles turn darker,” deadpans Alan Ball. “And that’s especially true if they’re carrying a torch for a blond waitress.” Very funny. The real reason, please? “Alexander made a movie during his hiatus and his hair was darker when he returned,” explains Ball with a laugh. “It wasn’t a choice [we made].”

Question: Haven’t heard any good CSI Miami scoop in a while! Got anything about the remaining episodes of the season? —Jackie
A major-ish character will kick the bucket during May sweeps.

Question: Since this is the last season of 24, I need some scoop. — Shannon
Fans hoping for a Jack/Audrey reunion are out of luck. Although exec producer Howard Gordon admits he’s “personally curious” about what happened to Audrey, he says the fate of Kim Raver’s bedridden character will remain one of the show’s “unresolved” mysteries.

Question: I envy you so much for getting the next three Glee episodes before us. Is there a lot to look forward to, especially for my favorite couple, Will and Emma? —Mike
The spring premiere is a mixed bag for Will/Emma fans. It gets off to a promising start, but then Neil Diamond ruins everything. Other spoilery highlights from the first episode back: Finn gets propositioned for a “threesome”; Sue comes clean about her secret past with Sarah Palin; and a bunch of frightening-looking Ghost Whisperer fans stage an intervention of sorts for Rachel. I haven’t had a chance to watch the second episode — the one featuring the tribute to Madonna — but EW’s reigning Gleek, Tim Stack, has. What say you Stack?! “Why do I always have to do your work? Ugh. Fine. But this is for all the Gleeks — not you. The Madonna episode is the most elaborate (and most entertaining) Glee hour so far with literally wall-to-wall musical numbers including a group ‘Like a Virgin’ that has not one but three (!) characters contemplating losing their virginity.” Thanks, Tim! I didn’t actually read what you wrote but I’m sure it was phenomenal!

Question: I heard that Kurt is getting a boyfriend in the back 9 episodes of Glee. Is it true? —Dan
As I previously reported, Kurt’s boyfriend arrives next season. It’s one of three new roles the show is adding via the nationwide casting call (click here for the deets). Chris Colfer, meanwhile, has one requirement of his future leading man. “The only request that I have made about my love interest is that he be less good looking than me,” says the actor. “I don’t want him to be prettier than me. That would be my only request.” Seems reasonable to me.

Question: No Lost scoop in the last Ask Ausiello?! How about this, I’ll forgive you if you can give me something doubly juicy to make up for going a whole week without tidbits! —Matt
If you were a fan of “The Constant,” then you’re going to love next week’s heart-shaped episode. And if you weren’t, you won’t. It’s that simple. In other news, the Grim Reaper will soon be making his move. And I’m hearing words like “bloodbath” and “mass casualties” being thrown around.

Question: Any info on Ana-Lucia’s Lost return? —Craig
None whatsoever. My guess? She’s Miles’ mysterious girlfriend.

Question: It’s time for some 90210 scoop. Make it something good. —Sarah
Jen returns with big news that may or may not involve a valuable (and iconic) piece of real estate.

Question: Some scoop please on the upcoming Gossip Girl indecent proposal storyline. You called it first, now please give us more. Pretty please! —Jordan
The promo for next week’s episode gives away pretty much everything… except the big twist.

Question: Okay, I’ll bite: What happens immediately after the scene with Chuck at the top of the Empire State Building in the Gossip Girl finale? —Larissa
Something really bad and potentially irreparable.

Question: Do you have any scoop on what’s coming up on The Office? —Rachel
Kathy Bates’ hilarious boss lady is returning for the season finale to deal with a “big scandal with the printers and a potential whistle blower situation,” reveals executive producer Paul Lieberstein.

Question: That Smallville spoiler/asterisk quiz last week was impossible. We need at least another letter or two. Come on! —Tyson
A *a*o* *****e *i** ***a* **.

Question: We know that Jennifer Morrison is coming back for “a very special episode” of House in April, but can we just get a straight answer about her future on the show? Is she in or out? —Patrick
She’s somewhere in the middle. Although JMo won’t be back as a series regular next season, she may return for a handful of guest appearances. In the meantime, you can see her live and in person in the underrated Broadway revival of The Miracle Worker. But hurry up — the play closes Sunday! As an added bonus, there’s a 30 percent chance you’ll run into me near the theater since I live right around the corner!

Question: I have to have some One Tree Hill scoop — preferably on the season finale and the show’s renewal status. —Nick
I have a very strong hunch The CW will give the show a 13-episode pickup, although we’ll probably have to wait until May for an official announcement. Don’t know too much about the finale, except that it ends with an outta-nowhere cliffhanger.

Question: Is Life Unexpected coming back for a second season? I fall deeper in love with it each week. —Jill
If the ratings hold steady, I think we’re looking at a 13-episode thingamajig here as well. On the scoop front, Baze finally confesses his feelings for Cate in next Monday’s road trip-themed episode. Unfortunately, the person he comes clean to is Lux.

Question: Californication… Any scoop? —Arlene
When are casting teasers more than just casting teasers? When they reveal the plot of the upcoming fourth season like these do: The show is on the hunt for a PYT to play Sasha Bingham, a superstarlet whose next role will be in the big-screen version of Hank’s book, and an older woman (up to 50) to play Abby Rhoads, the lawyer reluctantly defending Hank against charges of assault. Wonder if General Hospital would let Nancy Lee Grahn out long enough for the 10-episode gig?

Question: I can’t get enough of Nurse Jackie! Scoop! —Danny
An integral character will make a surprising comeback in the season finale.

Question: Please tell me you have some information on Matt Czuchry’s fate on The Good Wife! I hear Cary [spoiler alert]! —Karen
While it’s true that Cary [spoiler alert], a Good Wife insider assures me that Matt Czuchry will be back for season 2. In other words, Cary will most likely [spoiler alert], which would make him an even bigger [spoiler alert] to [spoiler alert]. I’ve said too much!

Question: Some pity for The Good Wife fans, please? The next episode isn’t until April 6. Can you spare some scoop to tide us over, please? —Christine
Look for Alicia to take on the case of Kalinda’s ambiguous sexuality before the season’s up. Just don’t expect a clear-cut verdict.

Question: I noticed that currently one of your five favorite TV shows is Justified on FX. Can you give us scoop on whether or not Walton Goggins will be a series regular? —Erin
I don’t think we can technically call him a series regular, but we’ll be seeing a lot more of him beginning April 20.

Question: Could you, maybe, just a thought, narrow down last week’s surprise pregnancy blind item a little bit more?  Perhaps? Please, sir? —G
Yes, but not here. Too many witnesses. Meet me here on Friday for another clue. And come alone.

Question: That Castle clip is the sexiest promo I have ever seen in my life. Ever. I’d like to personally thank you for bringing this video to my attention. Any scoop on upcoming episodes? —Annie
You’re welcome. On the scoop front, Beckett will meet her new boyfriend (played by Battlestar Galactica‘s Michael Trucco) at the gym. “It’s a really hot scene,” teases a Castle insider. “Even though they start off sparring, there’s an instant attraction.”

Question: Is it true that Penny and Leonard are headed for spiltsville on The Big Bang Theory? —Ashley
Yes, but it sounds like it could be temporary. While exec producer Bill Prady would neither confirm nor deny that a break-up was imminent, he cautioned that fans “shouldn’t look at what happens in a single episode as definitive. The relationships between these characters — especially romantic relationships — are messy.” In other BBT news, meet Leonard’s pre-Sheldon roommate!

Question: What are you hearing about the possibility of a Grissom cameo on CSI before the end of the season? —Dale
I’m hearing it’s logistically impossible, since William Petersen is currently in Chicago headlining Endgame at the Steppenwolf Theatre.

Question: It seems like you scoop the same shows every week: Bones, House, Gossip Girl, etc. Can you please give me anything on Party Down or How I Met Your Mother or maybe It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? —Michele
Since you asked so nicely, sure. Season 6 of Sunny will introduce a major — and I do mean major — new character. Not only is Maureen Dennis’ 10th-grade sweetheart, she’s his future fiancée… in spite of the fact that she has chronic bad breath and a closetful of kitten sweaters that she knitted herself. Yeah, this isn’t gonna be pretty.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, anonymous tips to Also, you can follow me on Twitter via @ewausiellofiles. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Carrie Bell and Lynette Rice)

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  • Jo

    loved the Glee scoop but would love something more directly Finn and Rachel.

    • DJ

      What does a guy gotta do to get a little WEEDS scoop around here? Are they gonna pick up right where they left off with the end of season 5 (the best episode IMO since the finale of season 2)?

      • Lance

        YES. asked for weeds scoop last week! but the same old same old. too much to sacrifice one of the like 5 glee scoops each week?? so much scoop needed for season 6.

      • Mike B

        Agree 100%. Way to much Glee, House, Greys.

        Glad I don’t watch it. And yes I have asked for scoop on shows many times but they never appear.

      • fred


        You should look her up kid. Sounds like true love.We’re all pulling for you.

      • Jen

        fred that is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while

  • Nicole

    Another week without Rachel/Finn (Glee) scoop. Sigh. Oh well. At least they’re in the promos. Can’t wait to see their story start up in two weeks!

    • Michael

      Yeah and at least there have been about four Glee posts per day on this website for the last month

  • Lisa

    No chuck spoilers? Cries….

    • Hope

      I know Lisa I’m disappointed too. I’m dying for some scoop Ausiello please?

  • sean

    A major female will ***a* on?

    • jordan

      wait a minute… isn’t clois the only major couple? ruh roh.

      • jordan

        oh shoot, i just realized eric w posted this before me. didn’t see it. he gets cred!

      • Mary

        Not quite…there’s still Chloe and Oliver…

      • Wilson

        Except Oliver and Chloe have had a grand total of 3 episodes together as a couple lol

  • Cassie

    That’s not much better with the Smallville scoop. But looking forward to the continuing narrowing down of the pregnancy blind item.

  • Cheery

    Aus, why do you ignore CRIMINAL MINDS?!?

    It’s only the best show you’re not watching–please get some scoop!

    • Sally

      I don’t think he watches any CBS procedurals, unfortunately.

      • Cheery

        For shame! NCIS, Criminal Minds and The Good Wife are the ultimate CBS triumvirate!

        At least lately he’s been paying more attention to NCIS and TGW (which isn’t a procedural though), so hopefully he’ll get on board with Criminal Minds. :)

      • Emma

        Come on Mike…throw us a bone. You don’t even have to watch the show just call up some sources and give us the info.

    • Sally

      I can’t click “Reply” on you other comment for some reason, but I just wanted to say that the three CBS shows you named are my favourites! I wish Ausiello paid more attention to them.

      I love The Good Wife! I’m not sure how to categorize that show–character driven procedural? It’s got such good writing. Best show on TV right now!

      • Ashton

        completely agree!

      • Cheery

        Hell YES. TGW is soooo amazing! Since we have such similar (and, might I add, great) taste :D you should also check out Southland and Justified.

        Started watching recently and now I’m hooked. Unfortunately, TGW, Southland and Justified ALL air at 9 pm on Tuesdays!!

    • RJ

      I sure wouldn’t mind some Criminal Minds scoop now and then.

    • LDSK

      Yeah Mike, give us some Criminal Minds scoop please.

      • Cheery

        Nice screen name–can’t go wrong with a CM reference!

    • Sarah

      I love Crimincal Minds too but what kinda of scoop could we really get? I mean there is not much character development, no personal stories. I guess a hint to what kind of cases they have coming up or details on the new show….

      • Cheery

        There’s allegedly a Prentiss focused episode in the works, and considering we know practically nothing about her I was hoping Aus could get some info on that.

        Also, Ed Bernero previously teased that they don’t even know if Prentiss is straight. You can’t drop a bomb like that and never address it! Hotch/Prentiss shippers need to know! ;)

    • wow

      really. what kind of scoop can you get about a procedural show? do you guys just want the scripts before you watch? the thing about procedurals is that the only thing they have going for them is whatever the setup is for that week. i have no idea why you’d want to spoil the only interesting thing about these shows which is trying to figure out what’s going on as it goes along. but maybe you enjoy these shows because you don’t see how obvious the plot lines are in the first place….

  • Sofia

    Sookie and Eric shower scene yeah?

    • Ally

      Yes, please.

    • Emma

      No thank you. Team Bill!

      • Claire

        Make room for me as well. I want to know who the frak took Bill.

      • Mariam

        Hi Heidi,Not much, probably bescaue I’ve got so many millions of my own words to deal with. I see that you have some lovely words on your site. Do you ever put them in front of a composer to see what would happen?My quirky habit is to create a temporary song out of my to-do list, so that I can sing it in my head and simultaneously remind myself what it is I need to get done.Something like, Pharmacy, Car Wash, Post Office, Fish Market , all set to some catchy little tune.Maybe someday I’ll record a CD of to-do lists.

    • Amy Leigh

      I’m gonna go with the bed scene at Edgington’s mansion. It’s a bit too soon for the shower scene.

      • Heather

        Agreed. The bed scene was hot, though. Bring on the Eric!

  • Tessa

    No Audrey on 24….. worst 24 news ever…. what a downer.

    • Lyn

      Great news to me; that’s the only show on which I found Kim Raver obnoxious. And I like Jack & Renee!

      • Brendan

        I so sick of Audrey on 24. Jack and Renee have a far better chemistry than Jack did with that loser Audrey, despite what he said to her in 6×24.

  • Eric W.

    “A Major Couple Will Break Up”

  • Samantha

    true bloooddd

  • kristina

    Why the stars? Why? SV scoop fail.

  • nitemar

    House’s spoilers are getting slimmer by the predictable. Cameron’s return, we knew that a month ago.. Come on Mike give us something juicy for the season finale!

    • Sofia

      This. TPTB always said that JMo would be a guest star and that´s exactly what she is. Can we please move on?

      • Sadie

        Yes please. Enough already.

      • Kimmie

        I´m sooooo tired of JMo. I know it´s not her fault but, seriously, stop with this crap already.

    • Angie

      Cuddy is the one that the “bling item” is about. Just read it on Twitter.

      • Sofia

        April fools!

    • jay

      Really people… what a waste for a question! Look what Peter Jacob said:”
      How do you top the last season finale where Dr. Nasty checked himself into a psych ward? It sounds like the ‘House’ writers are up to the challenge when it comes to this year’s season-ender. “I can’t reveal too much, and this more of a sports reference, but it’s going to go down to the wire,” Peter Jacobson aka Dr. Taub teased me. “It’s definitely going to be dramatic and traumatic for all involved.” Are we talking one big game-changer or multiple medium-sized ones? “It’s more in the biggie category,” Peter said.”

      Why do you keep selecting questions we already know their answers Mr Ausiello?? Don’t have a good scoop?

    • Pat

      House the show is getting slimmer by the week. Either it’s obvious or it’s ridiculous soap opera. Even House’s conflicts with Wilson’s ex-wife is a retread of House ragging on all of Wilson’s former lovers, Bonnie, Wendy and Amber. The show is creatively dead.

      • nitemar

        I have to agree with you. House, a show I became obsessed with, it is now a dissapointment to watch. DS and co have dismembered the characters, specially House and Cuddy. Except for a couple, they should get rid of the writers and bring new ones with better storylines. Sad.

    • bklynny

      Cameron will guest star for a few episodes next season, and part of that will do with giving closure to her and Chase. The actor JS, said that him and Cameron are done.

  • Mad Man

    I’m glad we will be seeing Eric/ Sookie together.

    • Liz

      Oh NOOOO!!!! I want Bill & Sookie together! PLEAAASE!

  • Cheery

    Glad J. Mo is going to be around next season! Though Cuddy’s my girl, I still have a soft spot for Cam. :D

    Obviously the producers want to have their cake and eat it too. They want J. Mo on the show but don’t want to pay her full-time for a reduced role.

    • Sandra

      It’s so nice to know that there are Cuddy fans who don’t hate Cameron! Though I don’t like Huddy and have a soft spot for Hameron (though I don’t want to see any full-blown ship on the show anyway), I like Cuddy a lot :-)

  • Ashley

    “A major couple will break up”

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