Erykah Badu to appear on Fox's `The Wanda Sykes Show'

Erykah Badu, who was charged with disorderly conduct for removing her clothes in public during her “Window Seat” music video shoot, will talk about the now-controversial shoot in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza on Fox’s The Wanda Sykes Show April 3.  She is also scheduled to perform.

The Dallas Police Department made good on an investigation that was still in progress as of Friday morning by charging Badu. The singer is now subject to a fine of up to $500. Badu had reportedly settled on Dealey Plaza after finding inspiration in Matt & Kim’s “Lesson Learned” video, which featured the pair running naked in New York’s Times Square. Badu also refers to John F. Kennedy’s assassination in the “Window Seat” video.


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  • KYle

    This could be a ratings bump for Wanda and hope a better lead-in for Sit Down Shut Up LOL!!!!

  • DaniE

    This is what happens when an artist lacks substance. First short-shorts & camis, then Daisey Dukes &Halters. The only thing left is her birthday suit. Her next CD after this one better be hot because she’s run out of things to take off.

    • Canadian


    • martinm

      What an ignorant comment from an individual who obviously has never heard this woman’s music. You made her nudity sexual and that’s why you feel guilty. War and violence are okay, but damn nudity.

      • terry

        Y’know, methinks that if this had been Reuben Studdard a lot of you defending her would change your tune.

      • Jox


        Of course, cause Reuben Studdard isn’t 1/999 of the artist that Erykah Badu is. She is groundbreaking and has been relevant for years. Music critics are loving her new album, as usual. Rubben in another hand, making crappy records and touring with clay aiken… ugh!

      • terry

        So talent is the excuse? That’s kinda elitist. So if Studdard had a song that he felt getting naked in the video would illustrate his point you wouldn’t defend him because he’s not as talented as Miss Badu? You’re kinda proving my point. That is no different than these fools slamming her because they don’t think she’s attractive. I pesonally think Pink is very attractive and talented, but I wouldn’t support her taking all her clothes off in a public place( I’m not a hypocrite, I would look as I would Miss Badu, I also would protest when the cops came and arrested either one). I just chose Studdard because I do know he’s got a tour coming out and I was thinking of someone who was male and overweight(though he has lost some weight, good job Rueben). Because I’ve read on another talkback defending her because she’s so attractive or criticizing her because she’s not.

      • terry

        Sorry, that should have read “I also would NOT protest when the cops came and arrested either one.”

      • Jox

        Of course talent is the excuse! Please, Rubben doesn’t have the “brain” to go naked and pass a message. I guess that you’d been proving your point if i said that she should go nude cause she’s hot. That’s not the point, she had a great song and a great message and she has the artistic credibility. If Ruben made this, this songs and what she did i’d support him, but he’s not doing this, he’s not Erykah Badu. He’s not an artist, he’s a failed AI experiment, a singe with an average to terrible, Erykah on the other hand is groundbreaking and inventive, she was married to the Outkast guy for a reason, 2 creative minds!

      • terry

        Sigh, that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Because someone is talented, they are somehow above the law? My original point was that for a lot of her defenders, even if they want to use artistic freedom, I bet if it was someone physicallt repelant to them, they would back off their stance. didn’t mean to dis Rueben, but he was the first overweight pop star I thought of. but you change my point to talk about talent, and you can’t say that. While I’m not a big fan of either one of them, I would bet that Rueben’s got fans that hate Badu. So if they thought Rueben was more talented(which in your view,means he can now skirt the law) and you think Miss Badu is, who’s right? do you judge on sales? The critics? I’m sorry, but I have to go with neither one of them has the right to break the law in the name of artistic expression. I may not be smart enough to see what her point is, but it couldn’t be that strong since she’s admitted that she got the idea from the skinny white couple. Let’s face it, this is about commerce and a way to drum up revenue for her cd.

    • Khay Copeland

      Your comment has no merit – listen to the lyrics of the song and then watch the video and if u still cant correspond the both thats your shortcoming – so LISTEN/WATCH IT AGAIN! She’s not into ” What Sells” and “What Does Not” case in point “4th World Order”. She performs to relate and inspire not to impress (but maybe a little SHOCK VALUE lol).

      • terry

        Ahh, the old, if you don’t get it, you’re just stupid. Cause obviously music needs the artist to strip down to make a point. That’s why Dylan took his clothes off on army bases when he was singing Blowin in the Wind. And I’ll never forget when Sam Cook was taking his clothes off in DC while singing A Change Is Gonna Come. Cause really, you can’t get your point across with words and music, you gotta have nudity. Which is why strip clubs will be the last true place where someone can express themselves in this country.

  • LOL

    Crackers in Texas can’t handle the truth.

    • Matt

      Punk thugs online can’t back up their comments.

  • nunn3d

    I love this song and video. Her true fans have never loved her for how much she has on but for her voice and uniqueness. KEEP EVOLVING BADU. Rep Big D and we will always be by your side. PEACE

    • Khay Copeland


  • TC

    Its very shame…that artist’s now have to be naked in public for some love or is this a publicity stunt?

    • petedogg

      This is not a publicity stunt whatsoever… any fan of Badu already knows that she is one of the rare musicians out there who cares none whatsoever about fame and fortune. She had her chance to sell out a decade ago. It’s amusing that people freak out when someone like Badu gets naked in public but have no problem paying 10 bucks to see nudity in the movie complex…

      • Shamrock

        That’s because you are making a choice to pay, what of those people who don’t. I know my 5 year old doesn’t

    • Preston

      I don’t think this is a publicity stunt at all. I think Erykah Badu should tell her side of the story, not the media. I don’t think she was doing it for shock value. When you get past the taking clothes off portion of the video–the message is far more important. I hope that Erykah talking about it on Wanda Sykes will increase more dialogue on this subject.

  • Luigi

    I admire her courage to llustrate the prudeness of our country. ERYKAH is an artist with a message we need to hear. Thank god she has the venue to show us her wisdom.

  • samuel pitts

    Can Erykah please perform the show naked at the show. Just one more time to see that wobbling ass of hers.

  • RBI

    This is what you do today when you have no real talent and your black. Badu wouldn’t even make it to Hollywood on AI.She would look right at home in National Geographic. All she needed was a spear or some babies with flys orbiting their little heads next to her.

    • daMonstah,CEO of daBlogPound,Inc.

      Maybe your racist cracka ayass can play e-thug behind the keyboard…but I doubt if you would say ANYTHING of the SORT in the company of some real brothas…cause I would PERSONALLY serve you up something PROPER. F***ot!

    • Khay Copeland

      @DA Monstah – Dont trip on his comment my brotha – he just lacks attention ( Me , You, and Millons more know our Queen Badu is just that OUR QUEEN – who gives a rat’s azz what the “Walking Dead” have to say! The album, The video and The track are all FIRRRRRRE!

      • daMonstah,CEO of daBlogPound,Inc.

        For sure though “G”.
        Loved the song. She did an interview with the Huffington Post and explained her “reasoning” behind the nudity and the thoughts behind the video. I remain a loyal fan. Erykah…you are a NUBIAN QUEEN my sistah…and an ARTIST not afraid to be BOLD. Get it!

    • IndeedAsh

      Hey, RBI, a little village named Ignorant just sent out a mass bulletin. It appears they lost their idiot. Do you know how to get back?

    • Jox


      AI makes Singers. Badu is an artists, they don’t do something like this, she’s one in a million, she was part of an vanguard and till this day she is still highly influential from India.Arie to Jazmine Sullivan, even Lauryn Hill, Keyshia Cole, Mary J Blige and Alicia Keys have been admirers of her music. She’s an artist and her music is art, the video has a great message, it’s not Erykah’s fault if you just wanna check her booty instead.

      • Ken

        Whether one agrees or disagrees with your take, it was still wrong of her to do this in public with children present. And it is hypocritical of her to say – after the fact – that she is sorry if she upset any of the kids who were there. If she really cared, she wouldn’t have done it.

  • G. Law

    As one artist to another I say go Erykah! You’re gorgeous and if you’ve got it flaunt it. What the world needs is more beautiful, naked, black women.

  • clove

    all u racist white haters will seek redemption one day. dont be mad because black women’s bodies are more beautiful than white women

    • terry

      Black women’s bodies are more beautiful than white women’s? That’s your rebuttal to racism? I will admit, being white, I usually am more attracted to white than black, not always, I can definitely appreciate a beautiful black woman. But the main point( and some of the idiots on this site are making this about Miss Badu’s looks which is irrelevant) is this was an unnecessary publicity stunt to sell cd’s. You can try to defend her by saying she would never sell out, but in fact many artists have gone years being anti-corporate, only to turn around and sell their music to a car commercial. I just don’t see a point to the nudity in this video, and even her comments about it, that it wasn’t something that came out of her but she got the idea from watching another video(featuring a skinny white couple that was unnecessary as well) shows her “art” wasn’t even original. This has nothing to do with race(though some will try) but about commerce. And while I have stated my dating preferences(what can I say, it was how I was raised, I know a lot of blacks that wouldn’t date a white either) I can say that I think Miss Badu is very attractive and I was kinda offended by the spear remark as well.

    • Karrie

      “dont be mad because black women’s bodies are more beautiful than white women”

      Um, isn’t that a racist comment, Clove?

  • RBI

    Well Clovis, you might have a point if it was Tyra Banks. Badu is right out of National Geographic though and she is ugly as sin. She should have been arrested for environmental pollution.

    • mocoohay

      Ger your eyes checkes,Tyra Banks is ugly as sin too. She needs to cover up that fivehead of hers and stop wearing ill-fitting pants.

      • mocoohay

        *GET your eyes CHECKED*

  • blank

    I think this is art. Listen to the lyrics.

  • guerta ava

    Racist, ugly white folks mad for no damn reason. Don’t know absolutely nothing about Erykah, yet y’all are so quick to judge. Crackers, do your research before making ignorant comments. You all sound really stupid.

    • Jane

      As do you.

  • reallyrogue

    It was art, for real — but we choose to seek out the art we want to see, or choose not to … those bystanders who didn’t choose to see Erykah nude were just drive-by chumps in the way of her artistic line of fire.

  • Trina

    Badu is a publicity-seeking nitwit. You want to film yourself in the nude in a public plaza, you get a filming permit from local officials and close the area off to the public. No big deal. Badu obviously sought publicity in doing it her way. How very transparent of her.

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