Exclusive first look: The 'Ugly Betty' series finale

ugly-bettyImage Credit: Patrick Harbron/ABCA lucrative opportunity leads Ugly Betty‘s title underdog to part ways with Mode in the ABC comedy’s April 14 series finale, but her farewell bash quickly goes to the dogs. “Amanda’s beloved pooch, Halston, dies,” reveals series creator Silvio Horta, “and in true Amanda fashion, she turns Betty’s party into a funeral.” Speaking of bittersweet goodbyes, I attended the show’s wrap party last night — and I’ve got proof!

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  • FH14

    AHHHHH! I Don’t Want it to be Over!

    • Donnie

      Right with you there. Ugly Betty has been such a charming series, it’s sad it is ending. I hope they kill Henry off before they wrap up. :)

      • april-ann

        @ Donnie — LOL!

      • Petra


  • Bobbie

    I am really going to miss Ugly Betty. For some reason it is the only show that my Husband will watch with me.

    • april-ann

      Ditto, Bobbie, on your entire comment!

  • jaime



    • the neighbor

      yeah, a farewell cover would be nice for a well-beloved series.

  • Amanda

    I hope they, at least, hint at Betty and Daniel getting together. ::crosses fingers::

  • marissa

    Soo not ready for it to end. I kinda hope betty and daniel end up together.

  • Jan

    I’d love to see the UB actors do another series together! Come on, non-ABC networks, do it!

  • redraiderdc

    They really made a mistake. This is ending too soon. The show was clearly on a creative upswing and wasn’t this good in ages. What a shame.

    • april-ann

      ITA, but that is what happens when a good show is on ABC, a very classless and unsupportive network. Another network would have been smart to pick it up. ABC picked up another network’s sloppy seconds (Scrubs) and ran it way too long. But Ugly Betty is a wonderfully high quality show that deserved so much better than it got. Hopefully producers of quality shows will not shop their wares to ABC anymore.

      • Kathy

        april-ann: I agree with you. Will definitely miss the show.

      • Absurdist

        Okay, to clear this up:
        NBC did in fact drop Scrubs, but if you paid a little more attention, you’d notice that Doozer produces scrubs with backing from Touchstone Television (Disney) and ABC Television (also Disney). ABC was actually selling Scrubs to NBC, and when NBC dropped it, ABC decided to air it themselves.

        I mean, think about it; if you look at the end credits for FOX sitcoms over the last decade or so, most of them weren’t produced by FOX, they were produced by CBS Television (frankly, all the shows that CBS was justified in not green-lighting for themselves).

        Get a clue. Television is an outsourcing business, like everything else.

      • Cristiano

        Mr. Potato Head has to be one of the toys with the most longevity on the marekt for good reason! Got to get one! The real trick will be keeping my daughter and her neighborhood friends from stealing it off the piano. Maybe I should get two

  • hasir

    What’s with the flag? Is betty going to work for a magazine in the UK? I’m pretty sure the guy she interviewed with was so moved by her passion that he contacted his friends over at another magazine (i’m guessing one that discusses current issues (and women’s issues in particular, probably)) and got betty a job there!

    And I for one hope Betty ends up together, because she doesn’t NEED anyone. This has been a feminist show on so many levels, they can’t ruin all that now. Plus Amanda and Daniel obviously belong together.

    • hasir

      Woops, kinda got mixed up there. I hope Betty ends up ALONE and successful.

    • FLGrl

      Just because she doesn’t NEED anyone, doesn’t mean that her life wouldn’t be better with someone who loves her! But I don’t see how they (Betty and anybody) could develop an appropriate romance in just a few episodes.

      • Autumn

        How is being alone construed as a feminist? Should all feminists choose careers over love? I think a better message is for both. Who wants to end up alone? Besides, this show has always come across as a romantic comedy. I hate romantic comedies where the girl ends up alone. It’s just stupid and unsatisfying. But maybe that’s the message they want to send: that anyone who doesn’t look like a model should ONLY focus on a career. No thanks. I personally want her with Gio or Daniel. Heck, I even liked Henry until they ruined it.

      • hasir

        I don’t want her to be with someone to just “be with someone”. If she finds love, that’s awesome (and possibly cheesy but whatev’s). But she couldn’t by the time the series ends. I want Betty to be happy and fulfilled without >having< to be in a relationship. This is a feminist show because its women protagonists are independent, they don't define themselves as "somebody's girlfriend / wife".
        Also, romantic comedies are stupid.

      • Autumn

        I think if Betty was with Gio or Daniel, it wouldn’t be with just “someone.” I think the perfect ending would be for Betty to find her passion and move away and the guy who loves her ends up wherever she went. So it’s a hint. Both worlds win! Also, romantic comedies (the good ones) are awesome!

      • uglybettyfan

        how is betty a feminist when all she does is what she “thinks” others want her to do. she’s working for a magazine she doesn’t have a passion for. she works there because of daniel. she also goes from one relationship to another and “conforms” to whomever she’s with. the first time she stood up before getting fully burned was with the actor. if she did her blog full time without having to depend on anyone else… then i might think her more a feminist.

  • Abbey

    Honestly, the Marc-Amanda-Betty dynamic is always something I looked forward to (Fat Carol in season one, anybody?) so that photo breaks my heart.

    • Liz

      Yea, I’m getting all verklempt looking at that picture. Ugh I will miss Amanda’s “runway strut” more than anything else in the Bettyverse.

  • Abbey

    *the tenses in that felt off to me?: the Marc-Amanda-Betty dynamic was always something I looked forward to (Fat Carol in season one, anybody?), so the photo there breaks my heart.

    • Jen

      It’s okay, we knew what you meant :)

  • I’m on team Daniel

    Its all eyes on Detty for the finale.That is the biggest storyline here.The promo picture that was released yesterday is just heartbreaking.

    • uglybettyfan

      i’m on team daniel too. gio hinted at this last week in london when he said there has really only been “one man” in betty’s life. that’s DANIEL!

  • Mels


    This was the best season yet. I’m going to miss this show.

    • Mels

      Oops I forgot about the great 1st season.

  • Kate

    Yeah, I imagine the editor in England probably called Christina to talk about how impressed he was with Betty and they have a social issues column in their magazine that he likes the idea of someone who knows the voice of fashion writers to write social issues for his readers and would also open up his customer base since London (according to Daniel) is not the fashion mecca, a fashion mag there might need diversification. I am curious what a Henry who perhaps has matured as much as Betty has would be like, I am guessing he is a single dad and is less naive and whiny. I would kind of like a guy have to follow Betty as supposed to her following the guy (i.e., with Gio to Madrid? with Henry to New Mexico? to wait for Matt?, but what about a guy picking up and moving for her?

    • Maya

      “but what about a guy picking up and moving for her?”

      I can only think of one guy who would that for her, and truly loves her (and not just puppy love) and that man is: Daniel!!

      yea i’m on team Detty.

      • uglybettyfan

        London also puts daniel closer to alexa. i think he will realize the only reason he too stayed with mode was because of betty…

  • Josh Emerson

    As long as they do NOT have Betty and Daniel get together, I will be happy. I’d hate to see the final season of the show ruined with an ending like that. Whether she ends up alone or with Henry is fine with me.

    • Kyle

      I so agree with you Josh! Everyone seems to want them to end up together, and im like WHAAAT?!?!

      For four years, we’ve been shown how Betty and Daniel are the closest of friends. The idea that it could go into anything more is just weird. It’d be like a brother and sister getting together.

      I would rather see Betty end up with Henry if anyone. When they were together and it was good, she always seemed the happiest, and I want all the characters to have happy endings. :p

  • David4

    Damn I thought there was still several more weeks left to for Justin and Austin, they are the cutest Tv couple ever.

    • Steve

      Hi, Betty. I watch your program all the time. I love how you cook with us. I to shop Kroger I rellay thought your shopping haul was a nice video to watch. I always wonder what other people buy, You gave us a chance to see. Keep up the great work. May God Bless you and your family.

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