'The Office' scoop: It's not over for Michael and Holly

the-officeImage Credit: Chris Haston/NBC; Glenn Harris/PR PhotosDon’t let the recent introduction of Amy Pietz as a new love interest for Michael fool you, Office fans: Producers remain invested in the Michael-Holly love story, even if Amy Ryan isn’t currently around to help tell it.

“We’re definitely hoping [to bring her back] next year,” says executive producer/co-star Paul Lieberstein (Toby), who describes Michael’s dynamic with Pietz’ barkeep, Donna, as “very different” than the one he shared with Holly. “With Holly, they were both just goofballs on the same wavelength. I don’t know that’s what we’re seeing here. [Donna] has a lot in common with Michael… [but] it’s more circumstance that they’re together.”

Not surprisingly, the courtship hits multiple snags in the coming weeks when “Michael’s attempts to date her don’t work out,” previews Lieberstein. “So he brings her in to [Dunder Mifflin] to sell her some printers, managed print services and paper as a client and makes some very inappropriate advances.”

And what exactly does a bartender need a printer for? “She works at a big Dave & Busters-type chain,” explains Lieberstein. “They must have a back office there and maybe there was some need for a printer.”

What do you think, Michael/Holly ‘shippers? Is the new girl a genuine threat? Or is she just a placeholder until Holly returns? Hit the comments!

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  • kyle

    bring on the holly!

  • Jessica

    So basically this Donna is like Michael’s version of Karen

    • Tessa


    • Amy

      GREAT comparison! But I still like them both.

  • Ambient Lite

    I’m pretty irritated with this Donna and Michael pairing – too ridiculous, too far-fetched. Though he does have a track record of hooking up with good-looking ladies, there’s usually a catch (Jan=crazy, Holly=dorky, etc.). But with this one either we’re supposed to believe some hot chick was just instantly attracted to him.
    I suppose they’re saving Holly for the end of the show’s run, but it’s hard to wait.
    Go Molly/Hichael/someone help me here! heh

    • p

      I’ll vote for Molly, it’s too bad not every couple is as easy to nickname as PB & J/ Jam.

      • manduhai

        Gina! I was so thrilled to get your ceommnt and then the Lovely Blog award was the cherry on top! I have no idea (sheepish grin) as to how to post it on my blog…any help you can offer? Our children are definitely special blessings and I’m excited to learn more about your journey and even call on you when I need a little “what did you do when…” advice. If that’s okay? ((Hugs))

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Donna being attracted to Michael at his most buffoonish was just a little too far a stretch – didn’t buy it for a second.

      • sara

        Is this show all of a sudden the real world or something? Can you buy that Michael is REALLY a manager who hasn’t gotten himself fired yet?! Didn’t think so…lol…it’s just supposed to be F-U-N-N-Y

      • Kazue

        Recently I lost my Aunt Rene and most folks have plenty of Aunts, she was my last. She raiesd me in Scotland and it continued when we came to this country.She did have a good long ride, but guess I feel like I am still on the bike with her. At 60, I guess I should take the transition better.She was surely worth a couple of days of feeling empty and lost to a degree and the video reminds me that God will in time, pick me of the ground and point me in the correct direction.Maybe the video was his way of telling me that yes, it was a good ride, but your journey is not quite over.

    • John

      Dorky is not ‘a catch’ when in regard to good looking women… at least not in the way you mean it. Hot dorks rule.

    • Emily

      Pam’s mom was pretty hot, and she put out for Michael right away!

    • Wiley

      Bring back Jan!! I miss Melora Hardin

  • Desmo

    It’s hard to care about a possible relationship that hasn’t been addressed for soooooooooo long.

    • llevinso

      I don’t see how it’s been sooooo long when technically we last saw Holly around 9 months ago in “The Office” world at the company picnic. That’s not that long ago for Michael to still have a flame burning for her…and they are the perfect couple.

      • Noshur

        9 months is fine…for a psycho.

      • Desmo

        I wasn’t talking about it being sooooooo long for Michael, I was talking about it from an audience stand-point. There actual relationship was the very beginning of Season four then she left and Michael didn’t see her again until the company picnic as you say. For audiences its going to be about two years from when we saw her to when she may come back… a very long time indeed.

      • llevinso

        I see what you’re saying Desmo but for me it’s still not too long because they are just, as I said before, the perfect couple. I’ll be happy no matter when Holly comes back.

      • B

        Actually Holly didn’t come in til the season 4 finale and then she was around for 6 or so episodes in season 5 and then she reappeared at the end of Season 5. Holly and Michael are perfect for each other.

    • Eliza

      I agree. I liked Holly when she was there, but so much has happened since she left!

  • p

    Yessssssssssss is all I can say. Love Amy Ryan, she is so talented and definitely deserves all the movie roles she is getting, but she better come back ASAP.
    Also would love Dwight/Isabel news (Dwisable? )

    • Jessica


  • Jacob

    Wasn’t this in the magazine…I read this scoop days ago!

    • LOL

      Exactly. EW is slumming here.

  • Semaphore

    Holly was just one of those artificially written “oh so perfect for them” love interests. I’m fine with never seeing her again.

  • Wilma

    I think the office writers need to blow it out the box. That way, they can think outside of it. What if Dwight and Michael take a singles cruise together and get lost at sea. They start a paper company somewhere near Bermuda. They meet really hot locals and seemingly live happily ever after. Except that one day, Jan and Holly are on a similar cruise and they too get lost at sea. They find Dwight and Michael on the island but it turns out the island was really the parking lot of DM in Scranton. Dwight and Michael accidently ingested toner and went mad. Same thing with Holly and Jan.

    • Randi

      You should write for THE OFFICE…or work for Dunder Mifflin, can’t decide, hmmmmmmmm

    • The Mighty Musnud

      Ladies and gentlemen, a textbook example of how to jump the shark…

      • Wilma

        That’s in the sequel – Dwight literally jumps ten sharks. And a barrel of beets.

  • Melissa

    Forget about Holly, she’s a dork, just like Michael, the chick from the bar looks interesting.

  • llevinso

    This is pretty much why I never care about/like any other girl for Michael, because I know Holly will eventually return and that they are perfect for each other.

    Hooray for Holly and Michael!!

  • graeme

    Where the heck is Jan these days? We haven’t seen her in forever. I miss her.

    • Karen

      I agree! Also vote for more Toby appearances.

  • tnsmoke

    I never really was a Holly fan, she got on my nerves. I actually like the chemistry between Michale and the bar owner lady.

  • bunker

    I like this show, but how much longer are they going to leave it on the air? The last episode was ok, but if they keep going it’s just going to get worse. It’s getting too drawn out.

    • LOL

      It’s already been renewed for next season.

  • Ellen

    Holly was perfect for Michael, and Michael wasn’t nearly as unsufferable around Holly. I found Donna’s attraction to Michael to be way too far-fetched, considering his ridiculous behavior in the bar.

  • Pilar

    Bring Holly back, they were perfect together, they are like the same dorky person.

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