Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Lost,' 'Glee,' 'Sons of Anarchy,' 'Supernatural,' 'House,' and more!

ask-ausielloImage Credit: Adam Taylor/Fox; Prashant Gupta/HBO; Liane Hentscher/Fox; Jack Rowand/The CWGot a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the above to

Question: After the “Happily Ever After” episode of Lost, I no longer believe that Sawyer and Kate will be happening. If they were, they would have had an epiphany in the elevator scene in sideways world from the “LA X” episode. But they didn’t. Care to comment? —Caroline
I have no solid information to back up your theory, but I’ll admit it’s a good one. Speaking of destiny and fate and all that jazz, an unlikely romance will take shape in early May. Normally I’d tell you to start speculating in the comments section but there’s really no point. You’ll never guess this one. Trust me.

Question: Ugly Betty is ending in a week — please spoil us one last time before the finale! —Miagkaia
I ran into executive producer Sheila Lawrence at the show’s wrap party last week and here’s what she had to say about next Wednesday’s swan song: “Every character ends up in a good place — this is Ugly Betty after all,” she teased. “Amanda has a question answered that’s been looming since Season 2, Justin has a dream come true, and Wilhelmina quite possibly has the happiest ending of all.”

Question: Aus, I gave up for Lent. Have I missed anything huge? Or better, do you have anything to welcome me back with? —Laura
Hugh Laurie directs Monday’s House and, to mark the occasion, he’s giving Ask Ausiello readers this exclusive preview: “A baby goes missing from the maternity ward — you know how babies are low-jacked in the hospital these days — so the hospital is locked down until the baby is found. It’s a rather more elegant way of doing the ‘stuck elevator’ plot line.” Oh, wait, you asked for big news. Um… Dean [spoiler] [spoiler] in Supernatural‘s 100th episode next Thursday!

Question: Do you have any Sons of Anarchy scoop about Jax/Tara for us poor fans who are going through withdrawal? —Lia
SOA‘s third season (debuting next fall) will find the star-crossed lovers reeling from the trauma of season 2. “They’re both struggling with who they are as a couple,” reveals series creator Kurt Sutter. “It’s made them both take a step back. It was a reality check and it will impact everything they do throughout the season.”

Question: I am on my hands and knees begging here! Please give me any scoop for Sons of Anarchy! —Nia
As you no doubt heard, Caprica‘s Paula Malcolmson is joining the cast for eight episodes as… um… “I don’t want to give too much away,” hedges Kurt Sutter, “but I can tell you that her character’s name is Maureen and she is based in Belfast.”

Question: I am Mentalist obsessed and, therefore, determined to squeeze spoilers out of you like juice from a lemon. But I am going to play it differently this time, and be specific: Will we ever find out what happened to the pony Jane got Lisbon for her birthday? —Rachel
Yes, but executive producer Bruno Heller has chosen a most unusual venue to make the reveal: This week’s Ask Ausiello! Heller tells me that Lisbon gave the pony to an orphanage in the country. Coming up in next week’s AA: Heller unmasks Red John!

Question: The final season of The Tudors starts Sunday, and you haven’t given us a thing! Can we get some scoop pretty, pretty please? —Tina
The premiere, which Showtime has already made available on YouTube, focuses on the drama stirred up by Henry’s new teenage bride, Katherine. In episodes 2 and 3, meanwhile, Kath’s bitter feud with Princess Mary intensifies (leaving one of them in tears), and a torrid affair commences between two characters.

Question: You, my friend, have turned me into a true spoilerfiend! I demand compensation in the form of House spoilers regarding my fave duo, Chase and Thirteen! —Helena
I’m not sure if this is related to Chateen — is that even a thing? — but there’s a crisis looming for Olivia Wilde’s switch-hittin’ MD. “[Thirteen] is really going to need her strength at the end of the season,” teases Wilde, “but I will not say anything more because it could give something away.”

Question: Any scoop from Brothers & Sisters? —Kristine
Game-changing fatality alert! Brace for impact!

Question: Any season 2 White Collar scoop? How will Neal cope with Kate’s death? —Joe
“The first season was [all about] Neal’s pursuit of Kate,” says series creator Jeff Eastin. “[Next] season is about Neal’s pursuit of the person who killed Kate. We’re really shifting to more of a Gladiator style mythology. Peter’s quest this year will be trying to figure out what the music box means and what the clue in that ultimately leads to. At some point, those mythologies will crisscross.”

Question: If I said The Smurfs is the best show of all time, might you give me some Castle scoop? —Lori P.
No need to kiss up. I love Castle and never get sick of talking about it. As I previously reported, Nip/Tuck’s Kelly Carlson appears in Monday’s episode as an actress whom Beckett suspects is sleeping with Castle just to get a role in the Nikki Heat movie. And I can confirm that we do get to see them sleep together. I can also confirm that B gets a wee bit jealous, even though she insists Castle doesn’t have to hide his “I just got laid” voice.

Question: Please can I get some scoop on season 2 of United States of Tara? P.S. I love you. —Eric C
And I love… me, too. On the scoop front, Tara’s new alter — therapist Shoshanna — makes her debut next week. Marshall, meanwhile, finally comes out to his parents.

Question: I’m sort of obsessed with your First Look photo of Alcide and Sookie on True Blood. What exactly is going on in the scene? They look a little, um, startled. —Barry
Their search for Bill takes them to a werewolf bar in Jackson, Mississippi — “hence the howling wolf silhouetted behind them,” notes exec producer Alan Ball. “They’re doing a little amateur sleuthing and they’re sort of surprised by what they find.” My guess? This is what they find.

Question: Any chance Lois Smith could return to True Blood as Sookie’s dearly departed Gram? —Carly
“There’s a chance,” e.p. Alan Ball told my assistant colleague, Tim Stack. “I don’t think she’s gonna come back and go like, ‘Oh, you know what? I’m not dead!’ But she certainly can appear in flashbacks or in visions or perhaps there’s a different reality that someone might go into.” I could be mistaken, but that last option smells like a major spoiler. And believe you me, I know what a major spoiler smells like. (For the record, a major spoiler smells like a mix of eggs, cookie dough, and freshly-cut grass.)

Question: Last week’s Fringe was epic! Any scoop on when we will be seeing Peter’s mom again? I had never seen the actress who played her before. She’s friggin’ fantastic. —Rachel
Her name’s Orla Brady, she was friggin’ fantastic, and I can confirm exclusively that she’s returning for the two-part finale, titled “Over There, Part 1″ and “Over There, Part 2,” airing May 13 and May 20 respectively.

Question: I was watching an old Buster Keaton silent movie this weekend and thought that if they ever made a biopic of The Great Stone Face, Jim Parsons would be perfect for the role. Can you pass that on to him? And could you also see what scoop on The Big Bang Theory you can get for us? —Todd
Do I look like a carrier pigeon to you? Don’t answer that. Here’s your scoop: News that Mayim Bialik is joining the hitcom as a like interest for Jim Parsons should be interpreted as a sign that Sheldon is cheating on his first love, physics. “The way Sheldon deals with her will be consistent with the way we’ve seen Sheldon deal with the world up until now. He won’t not be Sheldon,” says EP Bill Prady. “[But] she’ll be someone that Sheldon certainly appreciates.”

Question: Thanks for all the Big Bang Theory scoops. One more, please? —Justin
Look for the Leonard-Penny-Sheldon dynamic to morph into an unorthodox triangle following a certain imminent break-up. Hint: It’s true what they say — when parents divorce it’s the kids who suffer.

Question: Nurse Jackie spoilers, please! —Katy
Someone gets their nose broken. Twice.

Question: My parents have been divorced for over 25 years yet they still see eye-to-eye on one thing: They both want to know if we will see Dom again on NCIS: LA. Will we? —Kati
Tell your parents to sit tight until May sweeps.

Question: Can you please narrow down the pregnancy blind item just a wee bit more? —Maggie S.
Yes, but not here. Too many witnesses. Meet me here on Friday for another clue. And come alone.

Question: Did Katherine Heigl sign a contract to play Stephanie Plum in the first of Janet Evanovich’s book, One For the Money? —Regina
Yes. It’s the reason she’s sportin’ a darker ‘do. “I just knew when I got attached to the role that there were a lot of fans of the books going, ‘Huh? How can Katherine Heigl be Stephanie Plum?'” confesses Heigl. “I’m this little, like, uptight blond playing all these über-neurotic characters. I really want to deliver this character to the fans because I’m obsessed with the books and I have this idea in my head of Stephanie, and I know how disappointing it is to have your favorite book turn into a movie and it not be what you hoped for. And I know how exhilarating it is when they nail it and you’re like, “Yes!” Like the first Harry Potter I was like, ‘Oh my God, they created this world, not exactly the way I saw it in my brain, but in a way that totally fits and works and is awesome.’ And I wanted to do that for the fans of this book. I didn’t want to disappoint them, so I thought, ‘Well, I’ll just jump right in now and start walkin’ around town as a brunette and see if people buy it!'”

Question: Are we ever going to see more of Vampire Diaries‘ werewolf, Tyler? He’s been surprisingly absent since that foreboding full moon. —Marz
“I think it is more interesting to keep [his inner werewolf] hidden or suppressed,” says exec producer Kevin Williamson, “and instead play out his aggression and daddy issues and things that are associated with a wolf without making him a wolf.” The werewolf card will eventually be played because “wherever there are vampires, there are usually wolves nearby,” notes Williamson. “My biggest concern is what the weekly special effect is going to look like. That takes careful preparation and a lot of money and some testing. We’re working on it now to figure out what we can do that won’t just look stupid. And they have to still be sexy — because, let’s face it, we cast these beautiful people for a reason.”

Question: I need Vampire Diaries scoop, please! —Vanessa
Ian Somerhalder predicts that Team Damon will experience a surge in popularity as the season winds down. “I think we are going to find out more about Stefan that might make fans switch teams,” he says. “He isn’t all goodie-two-shoes hero-boy.”

Question: I just read that Alaina Huffman will be returning to Smallville in the show’s May 14 season finale, “Salvation,” as Dinah Lance/The Black Canary. Will any other members of the Justice Society or Justice League appear? —Aled
Yes indeedly do. The finale will also feature comebacks by Hawkman, Cyborg, and Stargirl.

Question: Can you maybe try to narrow down who’s getting a visit from the Grim Reaper on Smallville? –Alex
It’s not Lex. Or Clark. Or *****a.

A *a*o* *o***e *i** ***a* **.

Question: Glee starts back up again in less than a week, which means I’m almost done harassing you for scoop. This is my final plea: one more little tidbit? —Loki
You’re about to get an answer to one of the show’s most puzzling mysteries: What Sue’s beef with Will’s hair? And speaking of Sue, there’s a surprising (and hilarious) hookup in her future (May sweeps to be precise). Guesses? Hit the comments!

Question I’m hearing that Scott Porter and Gaius Charles will both be reprising their roles on Friday Night Lights in season 5. Any truth to this? —Kaitlin
It’s true that Jason Katims wants them back. But it remains to be seen if he’ll get his wish. “We have ideas for Gaius Charles and Scott Porter, as well as other [former MVPs] like Adrienne Palicki and Zach Gilford,” says FNL‘s boss. “If this is the final season, we want to build toward an ending that will honor all the seasons of the show. We particularly want to come up with something for the Taylor family that feels organic as an ending and [harkens back] to the first moments of the pilot.”

Question: I’m loving Parenthood. It’s so great to have Lauren Graham back in my living room again. And the cast is great together. Any news on whether the show’s getting picked up for a second season or not? —Kay
I’m loving Parenthood, too. Head over to my Bubble Show Scorecard for some very good news about the show’s season 2 prospects.

Question: How long is Jason Ritter’s stint on Parenthood? Any chance we’ll be seeing more of Mike O’Malley? —Lelia
Ritter’s in the midst of a three-episode arc and exec producer Jason Katims says they’re “trying to bring him back for the season finale.” O’Malley, meanwhile, returns in episode 9.

Question: Are viewers going to see a relationship develop with Crosby and Jasmine on Parenthood? —Jane
I put that question to Jason Katims, to which he sheepishly replied, “You may just.” (Translation: Yes!)

Question: The recent synopsis posted about Supernatural‘s 100th episode has me curious. Do you know who the familiar face is and what the angels’ new plan consists of? —Andy
At the risk of someone sending the angels after me, the person is someone you definitely thought was dead and gone forever. And I can tell you how one trench coat-wearing angel plans to stop the apocalypse: beat Dean to a pulp.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, anonymous tips to Also, you can follow me on Twitter via @ewausiellofiles. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Carrie Bell, Sandra Gonzalez, Vlada Gelman, and Keith Staskiewicz)

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  • Will S

    I gotta say, nothing really interesting jumped out at me this week for Ask Ausiello :(

    • Itaintrite

      I can surely spoil Lost for you if that’s what you want :P

      • Itaintrite

        Ah screw it. Here goes. Not a major spoiler, but one that Lost’s more romantic fans will surely enjoy.


        Juliet will be back. And Suliet will be together again in sideways Flash.

      • Googoo

        how is this unpredictable? Ever since Juliet mentioned going dutch, fan’s assumed we would see her and sawyer together in the flash sideways

      • lostspoiler


        Juliet is the mother of Jack’s child in the flash sideways


      • CCCJ

        It probably is like Sayid and Jack or maybe Eloise Hawking and Sawyer? I wouldn’t see either of those coming.

      • JRE

        What about Ben and Juliet? Wouldn’t see that coming ’cause I don’t want to see it at all!

      • Jam

        What about Zoey and Lapidus

      • LAJackie


        Juliet is the mother of Jack’s child in the flash sideways

        No she is not. Damon & Carlton confirmed that it is Sara, Jack’s wife.

      • Donna Rose

        We know Alex’s mother Danielle Rousseau is in sideways L.A. How about a Ben/Danielle romance? It would certainly be unexpected.

      • Pantagathus

        I’m thinking Ilana & Ben… “I’ll have you…”

      • Irena

        Richard/Illana. Her smile when he came back during “The Package” spoke volumes.

      • MerleMarie

        DEFINITELY Ben and Danielle Rousseau!!

      • F1MX

        Sawyer and Rose ;)

      • Chito

        Unpredictable? How about Richard and Eloise Hawking? They’re both mysterious people, and they’ll be perfect together! :D

        I sure hope it’s not anything gay in nature (and I mean that in the most respectable / non-discriminative way). I just couldn’t handle that kind of a shocker on LOST right now.

    • Erin

      ITA, it was all a bit meh (both the above scooplets AND the fan given Suliet ‘scoop’).

      • farva627

        unfortunately both of those FAN given spoilers are true. ‘Suliet’ run into each in a flash sideways and the memories bleed over from the Island timeline and they have a moment.

      • Sen

        Farva- I agree, it is obvious, especially after the latest episode. it’s clear that the losties see the sideways world when they are near death. So it would make sense that we will see her and sawyer grab a cup of coffee.. Can’t wait to see Juliet!

      • Russ

        I think it will be… Charlie Pace and Juliet. That’s who he saw in his vision, not Claire.

    • robert

      i hate this guy….he is always talking out of his ass about spoilers and upcoming events. they should rename his blog….hey guess what i don’t know.

      • M Ausiello

        Something WILL happen to a *major*(-ish) character on ***a** during May sweeps. Set your DVR!

      • readinrobin

        Then why are you even reading it?

      • Svfan2006

        I think i got it. A MAJOR COUPLE WILL BREAK UP.

      • spoilerchicka

        Okay, so blind Item #3 clue is no one on Lost gets pregnant in the season finale. What I’m wondering is if the poster M Aussiello is suppose to be The columnist’s response. Tired of this blind item business. Stop with the fish food feeding and give us some real spoilers or at least decent clues. Man this sucks. May have to switch to other blogtainment columns if this one doesn’t get better.

    • Celia

      The fact that Katherine Heigl is a Harry Potter fan makes me actually like her now.

    • dj

      Third week in a row, third week without a WEEDS scoop. I’m beginning to think you dont love me anymore.

  • Nicole

    Any scoop on Glee’s Finn and Rachel???

    • Ben

      Why does someone always post that in the comments EVERY WEEK?! Jeeeez. “They will get together” There. There’s your spoiler. Now stop asking.

      • Hope

        Deal with it! A lot of people love FInn and Rachel and want to know! Me, included.

  • L

    No Gossip Girl? :(

  • Jo

    Still nothing about Finn and Rachel come on I know you have the first three episodes of Glee give us the goods

    • Sarah

      So, Sen. McCallister gets a massive heart attack on B&S?

      • AnnR

        No, I think he dies in a plane crash.

      • Tego Livi

        It’d be more interesting if he got assassinated (maybe by some right-winger who thinks he’s a RINO–which he actually is, because we’d hate him otherwise).

      • Beth

        Shot by that guys she kissed (while aiming at Kitty) would be more dramatic.

    • LAJackie

      Finn & Rachel break up. She starts dating the lead singer from the rival Glee club who may – or may not be – using her as a way to get info.

      • rebecca

        when were they together!!??

    • Logan

      Well I know I will like it better. It was just tying up loose ends. It’s Lexie is the ssiter. And the Dr. knows that Mer is hiding something more and it’s that she lost the baby. I can see holding her back. I forgot to mention the chief. That was one of the best parts when he was dancing in the office and Mer walked in. I think it was excellent and I like you am so glad he is back to being chief. It was okay just not up to standards If your previews are like mine it runs over into PP and you get them at the start of that recording

  • Brad

    Sue’s love interest is Neil Patrick Harris’ character

    • Kay

      Hmmmm…. I’m thinking that it’s the principal since you see a quick view of them in bed together in the teaser trailers.

    • Jenn

      Not NPH – she blackmails Figgus by getting him into bed w/her (nothing happens – she just makes it look that way)

      • Nataly

        I simply neeedd to appreciate you yet again. I am not sure the things that I would’ve implemented without these concepts revealed by you over my industry. It had been a very horrifying situation for me personally, however , being able to view a new well-written avenue you solved that took me to leap over delight. I’m grateful for the assistance and as well , hope you comprehend what a great job you happen to be getting into training some other people with the aid of a blog. I am certain you haven’t come across any of us.

  • Reese

    Oh man. Katherine Heigl as Stephanie Plum? I’m not so sure about that…

    • Jessica

      Agreed. This just means they are going to have to cast Joe and Ranger’s characters PERFECTLY! Betty White for Grandma Mazur!

      • ketchikan9

        Betty White as Grandma Mazur is an awesome idea. I can definitely see her pulling a handgun out of an oversized pocketbook. LOL!

    • mary q contrary

      She knew you would say that, so she dyed her hair. Or something like that.

    • Carrie!

      I know, right?!?!? I was hoping for Anne Hathaway…but we shall see how it goes…I was sooo disapointed in what they did to Confessions of a Shopoholic that I still refuse to watch it….hoping this one is good!

      • wow

        can i just say that anne hathaway was the only character in Alice in Wonderland that seemed completely miscast. Not saying she hasn’t done some ok work. but her over the top theatrics just didn’t work in that movie.

    • TaMara

      I’m a Heigel fan, but her as Stephanie? Yuck. Nothing could make me see it.

      • mojomom

        Rodrigo Santoro for Ranger. definately. betty white for Gramma Mozur is genius!

      • Beth

        Double ICK!!!!!

    • Carrie Ann

      I was bummed when I heard she’d be playing Stephanie Plum, too. I don’t really care for Katherine Heigl and I don’t know if she can pull it off. I adore those books. They’d better find the right people to play Lula, Grandma Mazur and Ranger.

      • Peggy

        I love the Stephanie Plum books. Katherine Heigl is too thin to play Stephanie, who is on the plus side. Will she gain a little weight or maybe add some padding?

      • brooke

        I was not too happy to hear that Heigl will be playing Stephanie. I LOVE these books and always pictured Alyssa Milano playing Stephanie, though she would need to grow about 6 inches. LOL And I never pictured Stephanie as plus-sized. It always sounds like she has an average, healthy body.

        As for Ranger – what about the guy who plays Franco on Rescue Me? YUM!

        Betty White as Grandma Mazur would be freaking hysterical.

      • Codi

        Queen Latifah for Lula would be great!

      • Suze

        If they are only doing “one for the money” Lula, wasn’t in that book. And I think Queen Latifah would not make a good Lula… Betty White would make a great grandma Mazur.

      • Teresa

        I agree not stoked for Heigl. I would really love for them to make this a weekly series instead of a movie, I think the character lends itself to that and the supporting “cast” is great.

    • Sen

      ITA! When I read the books I totally saw Sandra Bullock as the perfect Stephanie (think awkward and socially inept ala miss congeniality).. Oh well, here’s hoping ranger is as hot as I have pictured him in my head for the past 10 years…

      • Martha

        Yep! I was all about Sandra Bullock, too, with a Jersey accent. Ranger needs to be smoking hot and I want a good Joe, too.

      • Linda

        Sandra Bullock would have been my choice as well. Heigel as Stephanie Plum doesn’t work for me.

      • Courtney

        I share your sentiment! I always thought Sandra Bullock for Stephanie, Queen Latifa for Lulu, and Benjamin Bratt for Ranger. After his stint on Modern Family I definitely see him as Ranger…I always thought about Matt Dillon as Morelli, but he might be too old now..

      • JMH

        Agree. I always pictured Sandra as Stephanie and Sherry whats her name from the View as Lula. LOL OH well.

      • debi

        One for the Money did not have alot of Ranger in it, but I suspect writers know what the fans want, right? Can’t think of actor yet for Ranger (sigh), but Joe Manganiello would be my pick for Morelli. What about Cloris Leachman for Grandma Mazur?

    • JRE

      Katherine’s no Stephanie!!

      • Morrishill

        Sandra Bulloch is Stephanie Plum. Heigl is such a disappointing choice. Have been looking forward to these movies for years. I will not consider watching Heigl in them.

    • elr

      Yeah Reese, that was my first reaction also, but since it sounds like she’s a fan I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt until I see her in the role. But YEAH, they are finally making a Stephanie movie.

    • RPM

      Hate the idea of Heigl. I’m with Morrishill. I’ve always pictured Sandra Bulloch as Stephanie Plum. Betty White as Grandma? Perfect!

  • Emily

    I was the first to guess Chase and Thirteen as the blind item pregnancy and I’m sticking by that!

    • Chrissy

      Definately Agree!

      • Materassi

        Love is never more lovely than when capretud in the eyes of those who have betrothed themselves to one another for life. Blessed are you to have shared in such a glorious moment, and I hope for a lifetime of love and happiness for both Stephanie and Travis. I know that mom is with her in spirit and very proud of her beautiful daughter.

    • Lala

      I don’t know if Chase will be the father (they would have ADORABLE children…messed up emotionally though) but I definitely think 13 will end up preggo.

      • nitemar

        As long they dont hint House is the daddy…:(

      • hacky

        Totally agree!

      • bklynny

        Chase could be an option, or Foreman.

    • Jill

      It would be completely irresponsible for Thirteen to get pregnant since she’s going to be dead in another 10 years, leaving her kid motherless and possibly fatherless.

      So yeah, it’s what Shore would think is a brilliant idea.

    • Erin

      Really? Its a bit left of field. Which could be good I guess. Though I’m anti-shipper, the show really spiralled into suckitude since they closed in on their personal lives and hooked them all up ala Greys Anatomy. BUT Chase & Thirteen do have potential, their scenes have surprisingly been ok and I’ve found her more bearable, especially with him. BUT she could suck him into her vortex of annoying drama. BUT they would have absolutely gorgeous babies. BUT it would screw with the Chase/Foreman bromance… I am undecided how I feel about it.

      • Sandra

        As much as i like 13 and Chase, I think it would be too soapy to put them in a relationship. We have seem them both in a relationship before, we don´t need to see them again.

      • hacky

        @ Sandra
        It doesn’t have to be soapy.
        For me that is just an cheap excuse.^^

      • bklynny

        It wouldn’t be soapy. House stil deals with the medical aspect even though they have relations.

        Chase and Foreman. Foreman looks like he doesn’t even recoginize Thirteen or look at her that way, so I think he wouldn’t care.

      • Kylie

        Definitely agree with you on how much House sucks now, well ever since season 4 to be honest. It just seems like Shore thinks that as soon as one character becomes single, they automatically have to jump into another relationship. This show used to be awesome and I loved it for its medical basis. Now it’s just a shockingly boring show about relationships rather than the medicine.
        13 annoys me and she’s one of the main reasons why I’m bored with House. I only hope that her ‘requiring strength’ or whatever, leads to her leaving the show asap!
        Nothing good can come from a romance with Chase, it’s just like she’s following Cameron’s footsteps once again. 13 is boring and her scenes with everyone are so bland that you can literally fall asleep and not miss anything except for stony expressionless faces with a monotonous voice!

    • bklynny

      I think Thirteen could be the blind item, with her being pregnant and guess who is the father.

    • Steven

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  • Jen

    No Finn and Rachel scoop? :(

  • Semaphore

    Lost unlikely romance: Ilana and Richard. The way she was looking at him makes me believe it. The only problem is will Juliet from season 5 shoot Ilana while they are in the Ajira canoes?

    • Googoo

      All the unlikely matches I can think of and a few outrageous ideas:
      Claire&Sayid, Claire&Flocke, Sawyer&Zoey, Kate&Sayid, Kate&Ben, Kate&Claire, Widmore&Zoey, Ilana&Richard, Ilana&Jack, Ilana&Ben, Ben&Zoey, Ben&Flocke, Ben&Jacob, Zoey&Jin, Jacob&Flocke
      …….Hey Ausiello did I come close?

      • Ann

        What about Hurley and Kate?

      • Jeff

        I think it will be Claire and Man in Black.

      • Platypus Man

        It’s Doc Jensen and The Man in Black. Come on, it’s so obvious.

      • Desert Cat

        I’m gonna say Sideways Ben & Sideways Rousseau.

      • LostG

        Come on guys, Ilana and Hurley!

      • jlrabbit

        What about Claire & Sawyer. Back in season 4 he was mighty protective of her.

      • Sharon Mia Opinionstein

        It’s Ben and someone, see his other article. I’m thinkin’ it’s a dude.

    • Natasha

      If you see the way she looks at him, then it’s not really unlikely is it?

  • Emily

    Unlikely romance on Lost: how about Ben and Illana? Or Ben and anyone for that matter. Ben needs some loving!

    • Jac

      Actually, Ben/Illana was the first thing that came to my mind too! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that!

      • Plum P

        Moi aussi! Ben and Illana came to my mind!

        Ben, that serial killer now filled with redemption, needs some looove. And just because he’s been one of the most amazing character in the history of tv. Let’s give him the love, baby!

      • vshukla1

        I’m going with Hurley and Illana. But for it to be shocking, it really has to be with main cast. Lets say Kate and Flocke… that’s REALLY unpredictable!

      • Waz

        People, wake up. Its Miles and Ana Lucia. Already been spoiled.

      • Googoo

        Thank you Waz. Maybe a little warning next time.

      • pop

        everyone guessed ana lucia and miles when he mentioned he had a girlfriend so i don’t think thats what this refers to. i’m thinking lapidus and someone or ilana and someone. maybe miles and kate? zoe and miles? claire’s squirrel baby and vincent???

      • Erin

        “claire’s squirrel baby and vincent???”

        I like it!

      • Desert Cat

        I just posted it elsewhere here, but I’ll say it again: Sideways Ben & Sideways Rousseau. THAT would be unexpected, but would weirdly fit, given Dr. Linus’ attachment to Alex. (I don’t actually believe this will happen, I’m just speculating for fun. No idea who it might be.) I agree with everyone else, though: Ben needs some love, if only so I may finally have MY geek fantasy and see Michael Emerson shirtless. Josh Holloway? PUH-LEEEZE. :)

      • Olga

        Can I simply say what a eirlef to find someone who truly knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You undoubtedly know learn how to deliver a problem to mild and make it important. More individuals have to read this and perceive this facet of the story. I cant believe youre not more well-liked since you definitely have the gift.

    • Tony

      If you watch the Lost Slapdown on ABC, Darlton tell Michael Emerson that he is getting a romantic interest: Mr. Friendly!

      • Desert Cat

        THAT was some funny stuff.

    • Thomas

      It’s Claire and sayid. They are both “sick” and evil and not predictable.

    • pascha

      I also thought Illana was paired with Ben especially after she told him she’d have him back. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks so! :)

      Maybe Rousseau is his ex-wife and Illana is his current wife in alt universe?

  • Megan

    THAT’S the Glee scoop? C’mon. Give us something on the elite couples of Glee! Give us some Puck/Quinn, Finn/Rachel and Will/Emma scoopage!

    • Nisha

      in the promos you see Puck in the choir room telling everyone that Puck and Quinn are together. He even has his arm around her waist. Finn and Rachel might get together if Finn can get over his reputation issues and don’t get sucked in with Brittany and Santana (as again seen in the promos). Rachel is dating that Vocal Adreline guy anyways.

      • Beth

        Puck and Quin should be together and I think Rachel is too cute for Finn. Finn is not that cute at all! I think he is the least talented one as well. Will should be singing way more each episode as well….more acafellas please!!

      • Cika

        I’m fed up with network TV execs. Men in Trees was just like my faotvire show of all-time, Northern Exposure. Both shows had a loyal following and didn’t insult your intelligence. All that ABC will come up with is a bunch of crappy reality shows so that they don’t have to pay talented and worthy actors. ABC stands for all bull crap if they don’t reconsider. CBS cancelled another one of my all-time faotvires, The Brotherhood of Poland New Hampshire just after only several shows. I will never forgive CBS. Neither will I forgive ABC. I guess I need a life, huh?

  • Alex

    Got my question answered this week! This is me being very happy.

  • Gare

    Its totally Adam on Supernatural. i read the article in TV guide magazine. the angels are using him for their back up plan. baby brother may be an interesting tool against the boys.

    • Chrissy

      DAMN! I was hoping for some JDM! Using theier Dad would awesome ace up the sleeve for the angels

      • tvgirl48

        I would love it if JDM came back eventually. I know he’s busy doing movies and whatnot, but come on, he was John Winchester first.

      • Natasha

        I was hoping it was John too, I’m getting a little sick of Mary, and I just miss him so much, but JDM is probably too busy.

    • Josh

      I don’t know. It’s a bit random for it to be Adam. It’s not like any viewers have a bond with him or even the brothers. The one they knew was a fake. I mean the only reason it might be him is because of the whole “bloodline” thing, with the vessel thing seemingly being in the DNA. BUt it isn’t like Sam is an option…I don’t know. I’d be pretty disappointed if it’s Adam just to have him as Michael’s meat suit…

      • Jenn

        Except they specifically stated in the TV Guide article that Zach was eyeballin’ Adam. And he certainly wouldn’t be in-the-know enough to say “no”, and is probably easily manipulated. Lord knows John W is more stubborn than his sons.

    • Christina

      That doesn’t really make sense to me because Adam doesn’t have the bloodline that Sam and Dean have. The bloodline came from Mary and John not John and Katherine Mulligan.

    • Wickeddoll

      I’m hoping it’s John instead of boring Adam. But we may not see John again until the series finale – if even then.

  • Whitney

    Where is the Finn and Rachel stuff?

  • Kyle H

    Two guesses for Lost and Glee:

    The romance: Sawyer and Juliet regaining their Island memories in the alternate universe.

    Glee: Sue will hook up with Neil Patrick Harris’ character

    • mary q contrary

      that’s not in any way unlikely. I think we all kind of expect that to happen, in some capacity. I’ll bet it’s Hurley and Ilana.

      • vshukla1

        That was my initial thought, but then I thought about Happily Ever After’s message, and thought, no it’s supposed to be Hurley and Libby… we’ll find out more in Hurley’s centric I guess.

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