'Gossip Girl' exclusive: Jenny goes [major spoiler alert]!

jennyImage Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CWSpotted: Absolutely no sign of Taylor Momsen (Jenny) when Gossip Girl returns next season.

A source close to the CW soap confirms that the actress will be absent for an unspecified number of episodes at the beginning of next season for “creative” reasons.

“When you watch the finale,” the insider adds, “you’ll see that we’re doing something very big with her character.”

A Gossip Girl rep declined to comment.

What do you think GG is doing to Jenny? And will you miss her? Hit the comments!


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  • Rebecca

    Please let the something big be that she never comes back…

    • april-ann

      @ Rebecca — LOL and ITA. Can’t stand the character or the actress who plays her; worst thing on the show.

      • sandrine

        I completely agree. Get rid of Momsen. Hate the character, hate the actress.

    • Francesca

      I was thinking the same thing, who likes her character anyway?

      • Brittany

        THANK YOUU!! I completely agree. I don’t want her back at all.

      • Ry

        Are you guys crazy!? Get rid of Serena… All she does is complain like a little girl… IN EVERY EPISODE! Jenny is one of the best characters… her struggle with the line between good and evil is awesome.

      • Emma

        I love jenny. I wish she would get together with Nate but clearly that’s not happening.

      • Lena

        are you crazy ry? struggle? that bitch is straight up evil, she’s trying to steal her step-sisters boyfriend!

      • Alejandro

        I do. I love Jenny, her character is the most interesting one. I will so miss her, I dont want her to be gone for good. And I hope that “Unspecifed numer of episodes” mean 2 or 4 but no more.

      • whale sweater

        i love her character, she is one of the most interesting on gossip girl. all the characters scheme to get what they want. that is the show. she has the bitchiness of blair, the self destructiveness of chuck the manipulation of lily – she is great!

      • Bia

        I love Jenny / Taylor… she is my absolute favorite on the show. I will be super p-ed off if she doesn’t come back. And for all the haters, please, you’re so transparent. Her character is not even half as bad as the whinny, annoying Serena… If I see her bite her bottom lip one more time, I swear, I wi,ll scream. And Jenny is not evil, she is young and unsure. She’s like Nate for a long time, so what if she *tried* to get him. Serena SLEPT with him when he was dating HER BEST-FRIEND. Give me a break, Jenny is a thousand times better (and more interesting) than Serena!

    • Ana

      From your mouth to Josh Schwartz’s ears.

    • Fiona

      I bet she’s going to army camp.

      • Danielle

        I hope so! I actually like her character (not the actress, lol) I think she needs to go to boot camp or something, maybe that will make Jenny more appreciative and less of a b*tch. haha.

    • Stella

      YAY. For all I care, she can go to hell.

    • Liz

      I was so excited that Jenny was gone and i was hopign the rest of the Humpries would go with her but then I read she would be back.TRAGIC

      • mn

        I agree, I wish they would all leave permanently. They are so boring!

    • mneiai

      Jenny makes the episodes nearly unwatchable. At least with Serena there’s some argument that she’s important to the relationships on the show–with Jenny they just have to keep trying to force her into storylines that don’t work at all.

      • Liz

        EXACTLY! The entire Humphrey family is like that! They are just shoved in there! The Humpphreys are like that girl that your friend has been dating for a couple of weeks and she comes along to someone’s birthday party and then they break up like the next week. That girl is always going to be in the pictures but she just won’t fit in.

    • Nicole

      THIS. I couldn’t agree more – I really cannot stand her character, to the point where I haven’t watched the last few weeks because I can’t force myself to watch the ep focusing on her (The 16 Year Old Virgin). I think I’ll just have to skip it and watch the others. The character and the actress are so freaking unlikeable. Ship her off to military school and be done with it. If she and Eric switched in the amount of camera time they get, I’d be happy. Eric is so much better than Jenny.

    • Erin

      you can’t just blatantly say that she’s a bitch/slut/all that crap because, despite her clothing choices, she is incredibly talented for someone so young. Maybe people should try to appreciate her for how hard she works rather than how she dresses or what her script says… just saying.

    • Alli

      Jenny’s my favorite character, and Taylor Momsen is awesome. She has great music too! She’s not asking people to like her. She’s doing what makes her happy! And Jenny is the best character on the show, not to mention the most interesting!

  • Zack

    Definitely not going to miss her.

    • mishka

      Neither than me. Taylor Momsen killed the good-girl-gone-ba Jenny with her so-called “edgyness”.
      If the producers could just replace Taylor and give another shot to Little J, fine by me.

    • tvfan

      I think the character/actress are off-putting and that’s not good on a buzz-driven show.

  • Angel

    i hope she dies..

    • Brittany

      hahahaha…. they had filming pics of her leaving at Grand Central Station..

      • Q

        Isn’t that the plot of the GG books – the Little J character goes off to boarding school eventually?

      • Austin

        I bet they’ll recreate the Serena story with Jenny. She’ll do something really bad, then she’ll go off to boarding school, and then come back some time later sort of reformed but not really.

      • april-ann

        I don’t know anything about the GG books but, bite your tongue, Austin! lol. If they do bring back Jenny, please let it be in the form of a different actress altogether. The current sourpuss no-talent makes it too difficult to get behind the character, or even care what happens to her.

  • Ryan

    Does ANYONE like Little J? I sure don’t!

    • Joel

      I do. Well, I like Taylor. But I think that her part has been written rather poorly as they’ve been all over the place with her.

      • tinkthespike

        I like Taylor, too, and I used to love Jenny. I agree that the writers have really done a poor job with her, which is very unfortunate. I want the real Little J, the one I liked so much in season one, to return.

      • cas

        I dislike Jenny BECAUSE of Taylor. She’s a really ungrateful little person. When asked if she was planning to do anything for Haiti after the quake, she said she wasn’t because she had more important things to worry about, like recording her album. Seriously? Ugh.

      • Bee

        I’m with you cas. I know I shouldn’t judge a chacter because of the actor’s personal life but Taylor’s brattiness in the press has made me dislike anything she does.

      • Blue

        The reason that Jenny is written like that is because Taylor Momsen wants her characters to be “badass”
        So season one jenny turned into season two jenny then season three jenny, because of Taylor.

  • Alan

    She’s the most boring and annoying character on the show.. SO LONG LIL’ J!

    • april-ann

      I so agree, Alan, but why stop there? ….insipid, offensive, grating, useless, foolish, stupid. And probably more, but who can be bothered spending any more time on such a nothing character?

    • chris

      Boring? That would be Nate, Dan, or Vanessa, but not Jenny! I love Lil’ J & I am definitely going 2 miss her! :(

  • Sofia

    She’s going to Haiti to help now that she isn’t so busy!!

    • wtfnyc

      AWESOME, Sofia.

    • Amy

      shes going to haiti loool

  • taylorrness

    she’s going to rehab.

    I don’t even watch the show and I can guess that….

    • Marie-Sophie

      lol!! That is so funny!

  • Marie-Sophie

    I am NOT going to miss her…

  • Lynn Marriott

    Won’t miss her one bit! She’s tiring and sooo boring!

  • corinalombardi

    Preggers??? LMAO *shrugs*

    • Eliza

      Is she the subject of the blind item?

      • AC

        I bet she’ll be pregnant with Nate’s baby

      • Alex

        ooh, that’s a good guess…

      • Roma

        I was thinking the same thing… please let HER be the subject of the blind item… PLEASE! if it’s her then the blind item doesn’t concern me and i can rest in peace and calmly wait for the season finales of my shows ;)

      • bklynny

        No, because she won’t be intimate with Nate this season.
        The blind item is either Greys, House or Chuck.

  • S


  • Britney

    ‘Creative Reasons’ basically meaning that Taylor will be busy on the Warped Tour when they go back to filming, I’m assuming. Good for her.

    As long as she comes back, as like her or not, she’s one of the best actors on the show.

    • Marie-Sophie

      We are not watching the same show…

      • Michael

        Ugh…We’re all watching the same show.

        Dan and his girlfirend are bores. Serena is predictable and also a snooze. I can’t comprehend why a character like Jenny, who at the very least, is scheming and changing(for better or worse), is so hated. She’s an annoying character but she’s not boring. Taylow does a good job with what she’s been given and she’s much more interesting than half of the main cast.

      • tinkthespike

        I agree with Michael.

      • Britney

        No, I’m just watchung unbiasedly. Ed, Leighton and Taylor are the only ones that can act, and even Leighton has gotten worse this season – though I’ll blame it mostly on the grating material they’ve given her to work with. Blake mumbles and can’t act, Penn and Jessica are just there, and don’t even get me started on Chace.

      • Jon

        Wow, I completely agree with Michael, tink, and Britney.

        The show has become terrible. They need to go back to the core idea of the blue-collar Humphreys vs. the bluebloods.

      • Paige

        Almost all the characters are horrible now. You can’t just blame Taylor. The writers are awful at developing characters and plots. If they would stick to a Jenny more like the Jenny in the books, people would like her a lot more.

    • Alejandro

      So agree. She is one of the best. Love taylor and jenny

  • Holly

    Yes Yes Yes Thank-you, unspecified number of episodes? can we let be for the WHOLE season, thank- you very much.

    • cas

      Or the whole series. That would be okay. Kill her off, PTB!!!

  • samanthafromitaly

    I won’t miss her at all. I’m not even a Serena/Nate shipper,but Jenny really is a witch and she’s touching new low levels.

  • ่่jess

    Lol that’s great !
    I Hate her !!!

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