'Lost' exclusive: Who's Ben's new [spoiler alert]?

benjamin-linusImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCLeave it to Lost to save Ben’s knottiest twist for last: Sources confirm to me exclusively that next month, the show’s enigmatic puppeteer will find himself mixed up in a most unlikely romance.

“It comes out of nowhere,” says one insider, declining to reveal whether Cupid strikes Ben on the island or in the “sideways” world. “I don’t think anyone will see it coming.”

Then again, as Lost speeds toward its May 23 series finale, it has started to seem as if Cupid is targeting just about everyone. Last week, there was Desmond-Penny’s swoonworthy follow-up to Season 4’s “The Constant,” and next week’s Hurley-centric outing features the return of Cynthia Watros as his ill-fated crush, Libby.

Of course, with great love comes even greater heartbreak. I hear there’s an episode late in the season that will go down as one of the show’s deadliest ever.

Think you know the identity of Ben’s mystery lover? Speculate away in the comments! (And yes, this is the surprise coupling I teased in this week’s Ask Ausiello.)


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  • sammy k

    Ben and Rousseau in sideways world?

    • Presidentpez

      Ben and Rousseau is what I was think as well.

      • Presidentpez

        Er, thinking.

      • UGH

        They couldn’t get the actress who plays Roussuea to return this season.

      • Guest

        Agree- it would make the most sense. In sideways world he helps Alex out and she’s Alex’s mom. They’d have reason to cross paths. But as pointed out elsewhere, the actress who plays Rousseau wasn’t able to return. Not too many womenfolk left – maybe Illana? They had a moment.

      • davey

        “Not too many womenfolk left…” why does it have to be a woman? If Lost was ever going to do a gay storyline, this would be one helluva time to do it – and the character is perfect too!

      • Luca

        they set it up with the whole Alex thing.

      • KC

        It’s probably Juliet.
        Remember way back when that she spurned his advances?

      • Kander23

        What came to mind is Ben and Alex in sidewises world. Though I hope that doesn’t happen. Creepy…

      • Jif

        They’ve already played the gay storyline. Do you remember Mr Friendly? And why he said Kate wasn’t his type?

      • Erik


        Lost already did a gay storyline (albeit a small one). Don’t you remember Tom Friendly in New York City with Michael?

        I say Ben and Alex or Ben and Kate.

      • Matt

        Maybe it IS Mr. Friendly?!?! LOST!

        I hope not though, I would have thought Rousseau as well.

      • Q

        @UGH – The actress who plays rousseau initially declined but will now be back, so this is still a possibility.

      • Marty duh Marine

        Could beright. Mira Furlan who plays Danielle Rousseau is scheduled to be in episode 6.15!

      • TedStriker

        Ben’s love interest should be with Sideways Ben. A Ben on Ben finale with Mr. Friendly just watching in the shadows of the background. Hahaha, that would be horrific. What a way to end a show. “Everything about this island is in your head, Ben. In order to break the loop you will have to do yourself. It will cause a rip in the fabric of spacetime as well as disgust about 95% of our audience for the biggest ‘I didn’t see that one coming…” in television history.

      • Jayne – UK

        Definatley Ben and Rouseau – and would tie in with the recent ‘love’ theme. Seems we are teaming everyone up in the sideways world – ready for the move over there??!

      • Jules

        It’s Rousseau. If I was a writer, and I wanted to surprise the audience I would ABSOLUTELY leak to the tabloids (like EW) that the actress who plays Rousseau could not come back this season. BEST WAY EVER to surprise the audience.

    • Sarah

      I personally would love to see Ben and Kate together; now that’s something i’d never see coming!

      • kelly


      • Deb N

        They could sit on the beach and have coffee while she’s wearing this pretty dress….

      • I think Kate shouldn’t end up with anyone . . .

        Such are the consequences of playing games.

    • Stephanie

      I think it’s going to be a man in the sideways world. It would make sense and the show has only featured heterosexual couples before. I think it makes sense. But wondering who… Dr. Ethan Goodspeed?

      • Fred

        Have you forgot Tom and Jerry?

      • Bobby’s Robot

        Ben & Jerry? Sweet.

      • D.

        i have had the same exact thought, lol.

      • Michelle

        Mr. Friendly was homosexual…remember when he went to visit Michael off the island?

      • Ungay Tom

        That was a 20-second background bit, though. That hardly counts as a “subplot”. I could totally see it being a guy.

      • Sophie

        Ben isn’t gay!! It’s blatently going to be Rousseau!!

      • taco

        its deff going to be ben and mr. friendly

    • jj

      already confirmed over at darkufo

      • s-k-s

        do you mean ben and Rousseau?

    • Johnification

      I think that sounds likely, yeah. Awww, he’d get to be Alex’s daddy again!

      • NeoDelRio

        brilliant, I think you’ve got it…

      • Jack

        Spot on. That would make the most sense, and also now that I’ve read it, I need it in my life.

    • BlatantURLPimpingMustDie

      I post almost non-stop over at the EbonySaucer spoiler site, where we beseech unemployed surfers in Oahu to loiter around the Lost sets and get us scoops. Thereby henceforth I can triply confirm that it is Ben and VINCENT.

      • Jean

        Hahahahahaha!!!! Er, I mean – that’s disgusting! (hee-hee!)

      • JibJab

        Word on the street is Vincent is also going to be the new Jacob. The answer to LOST is VINCENT

      • Jules

        Vincent and a polar bear. Then they swim in the ocean, a Dharma tatooed shark jumps out of the water and eats them. Fade to black and … L.O.S.T.

    • JB

      nah girl, Ben and Alex. aahhhhhh.

      Ben and Claire?

      Ben and KATE? ahhhhhhhhhhh.

      Ben and…..MILES! (Why is no one gay on this show but Mr. Friendly???)

      Ben and Ana-Lucia!

      • Jules

        No one else is gay because it’s more like the real world. The disproportinate ratio of gay/straight people on TV is fantasyland.

    • wd

      Ben and Illana, thats my guess. They have forged an understanding on the island, I could see in the Sideways world this turning to a relationship.

      • cristina

        That was my first guess too!

      • I actually thought that . . .

        The first time I heard that there would be a romantic pairing on lost no one saw coming.

      • lostforever

        completely agree. it’s going to be a very awkard, creeping, affair which could only work on a show like Lost and only work w/ those two characters. I just can’t wait to see what Miles will have to say about it!

    • MOLL

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    • Amelia

      I could see Rousseou in the sideways world. But, I could also see Illana in the island world. I personally am hoping for Illana.

    • sb

      Mira Furlan, who plays Rousseau, is listed on IMDB for the upcoming episode What The Died For. So yeah, she is my bet.

    • bigworm

      Ben and Hurley as lovers

  • Sammie


    • sandradee

      that’s what i was thinking too…but it seems kinda obvious.

      • Pantagathus

        and now she is in little pieces like Artz…

  • CindyC.

    In Ask Ausiello I guessed Ben & Ilana in island world, but now I’m thinking him & fakeFey… But I do like the idea of him & Rousseau in sideways world, because he already loves Alex like a daughter there. That would make me very happy.

  • Erik

    Ben & Zoe?!

    • Patrick

      That’s my guess. It can’t be Rousseau and I don’t know anyone else who would work. I’m guessing Zoe is… well nevermind. : )

  • Heath Steele

    Ben and Rousseau makes sense, but don’t rule out Ben and Alex. She was giving off a pretty strong “Don’t Stand so Close To Me” vibe last time.

    • Abbie

      Thankfully, this theory doesn’t work. If it were the case, he would have had an Ah Ha moment when he first saw her.

    • laurie

      Gross, man.

    • Mike

      Ben and Alex. He gave her a creepy stare in “Dr. Linus”.

    • princess 7

      maybe ben and lock in island world lmao.. Y not the smoke monstor

  • Eric C


    If it’s in the sideways world, I’ll go with Ben and Juliet (though I wouldn’t bet against Rousseau).

    If it’s on the island, Ben and Ilana. :)

    • Jackie

      That’s what I was thinking!

      • Melissa

        I’ll go with Ben and Juliet too.

        Although the one I wouldn’t see coming is maybe Ben and Ana Lucia.

    • lafflynne

      at this point though, i’d hate to see Juliette with anyone but Sawyer

      • ashley

        so who do you think sawyer will see? juliet or kate?

  • Annechantal

    Ben and Kate

  • DS9Sisko

    Ben & Hurley

    • Jon

      Agreed. Ben and Rousseau is expected. Ben & Hurley is very unexpected. So it has to be.

      • j’nay

        ben and richard is my preferance

  • Ministry Addict

    Ben and Claire. Trust me.

    • Goober

      Yep, my thoughts exactly!

  • Maserda

    Ben and Llana, since they both have tried to kill each other this season.

    • Made

      Agree. It can be Ben and Ilana You know the thin line between love and hate, lol.

      • ernie

        that was my first thought as well

      • Justin

        The episode after Hurleys episode is supposed to be all about llana (according to tv guide I think) so it might make sense that they might hook up in the sideways world

    • Pantagathus


  • Yawn

    It’s Dr. Linus and Rousseau in the sideways. Can we get some fresh spoilers, please?

    • harper

      The actress who played Rousseau has said she’s not coming back for the final season. So I seriously doubt it’s going to be Ben-sseau.

      • Dude Abides

        You must have missed the news that Mira Furlan changed her mind, and will indeed make an appearance.

      • Bev

        Search Mira Furlan on IMDb.com; you’ll get your answer.

  • smiletherapy

    Ben and Rousseau? Ben and Zoe?
    Ben and me?

  • DS9Sisko

    Ben & Jin

  • Jay

    It’s gotta be Juliet

  • Matt

    Ben and Mr. Friendly!

    • Shell

      You know, I think that’s a good guess!

    • Guest

      Did anyone catch Mr. Friendly in the promos for the upcoming ABC show “Happy Town”. Nice to see ABC keeping its Losties employed.

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