'Law & Order: SVU' scoop: Benson and Stabler married with children?!

Talk about a sweeps stunt: Law & Order: SVU‘s May 5 episode will find Benson and Stabler playing house!

“They’re going undercover as a married couple adopting a baby,” reveals executive producer Neal Baer, who says the episode will allow longtime fans to “experience the fantasy” of a Benson/Stabler coupling (without any of the morning after awkwardness).

How far will the partners take the charade? “You’ll have to wait and see,” hedges Baer, who declines to say whether the two will share a kiss. “But there’s certainly emotion shown between them because they’re [supposed] to be married.”

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  • Ally

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! can not wait! SO excited!

    • Lily


      • robinepowell

        How do you get House & Cuddy in SVU?

      • Cheery

        What? Okay…YEAH!!

        Huddy and Oliviot! <3 :P

      • Angie

        A great show like House MD would never ever need a low rated and badly written one like SVU to help its storylines at all. There are talking House as in home not the great show. Learn to read Lily.

      • Elle

        Two “must see” shows, for sure!!

      • Stu Lloyd

        SVU is a far better show than House – with far superior actors and storylines. Grumpy doctors are commonplace — every hospital based series has them! But there is only one show with Benson and Stabler!

      • j

        Angie, if you feel so strongly about SVU being low rated and badly written then what the heck are you doin on here reading articles about it? Go read an article about House!

      • Sara

        I’m totally with Stu Lloyd, after 3 season, House was done, always the same, always boring to death! SVU is a great show, still strong and emotional, with powerful story, even it’s at his 11th season!!!

      • LL

        As a fan of both shows, I have to say that SVU is better. I have enjoyed both since season 1, respectively, but House started getting repetitive and melodramatic (in a bad way) after Chase and Cameron started sleeping together in season 3. Now, the show doesn’t even focus on the medical case, only the personal lives of the characters, which gets monotonous. THAT is poorly written television. Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard are the only reason that show is still on the air.

        As for SVU, sure it has its low points, but at least it keeps me captivated after 11 seasons and the actors are all fantastic.

    • LuckyDevil

      Pretty sure this was my exact response

      • Annie Tudu

        SVU, House and Lost are my 3 favorite shows..no competition there. They are all great and they have entirely different themes…so, just enjoy them and there’s no need to argue about anything…anything at all.

      • Ro


    • Ro

      Frankly, I don’t mind that because Stabler’s wife wears my nerves. She is so negative towards him and never made those children obey and respect him especially that Maureen whom I don’t like. I don’t like kathy or their children, I only like Elliott and hopefully, Olivia will stop acting like a man and let the men be men and still do her job. Olivia! Get a grip.I love Stabler and their is handsome in a MANLY type of way with that clean head. I love his voice too.

  • Elena

    I’m actually kinda upset about this…. I feel like the writers are dangling what the fans want only to go “just kidding! It’ll never happen” :(

    • Lily


      • MikeC

        Once again, Lily, nobody is talking about “House” here. It’s about Benson and Stabler on SVU. Geesh.

      • jared4ever

        Lily, you’re a moron. “Law & Order: SVU’s May 5 episode will find Benson and Stabler playing house!” That’s where she gets it from.

      • Dona

        “COMBIBNE”??!! Well, geez Lily! A lack of comprehension skills AND bad spelling! Wow! The SVU “EO” fandom sure has some interesting fans….

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      You’re surprised? For years they have been dangling Benson and Stabler over our heads only to snatch it away. It’s why I long ago stopped watching SVU, I got tired of being played the fool

      • David

        Olivia and Elliot were never meant to be involved romantically with each others. If you were waiting for that to happen, you never should’ve watched it to begin with. The show is mostly about the sex crimes they handle, not soap opera crap.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        I used to believe that too, then they had Elliot’s wife leave him follwed by some spectacular episodes including one where Elliot and Olivia admitted that as partners they were “too close” then of course the producers changed their minds.

      • Daniela

        totally agree!!! I left this show 3 years ago because of this!

      • stoptthemadness

        I don’t see what the EO shippers do–AT ALL. There have never been longing looks or awkward stares between those characters. Elliot is married with like 6 kids. I always though Olivia would be great with that Editor (until he screwed her over) and then the FBI agent (until he screwed her over). LOL Olivia has no luck!!

    • Joel

      You’re assuming fans want the two of them together. I, for one, do not. Benson and Stabler should not be romantically involved.

      • jenn

        Second that. I hate the idea of them as a couple. It definitely will never happen so long as Elliot is married, because Olivia would never cheat. But the second they hook up, I stop watching. Not all of the viewers are fangirls who “squeee” at the idea of a Benson/Stabler hookup.

      • Caitlin

        Agreed. I like them as partners. They have good chemistry. But I don’t think they should be together, and it’ll never happen thankfully.

      • T

        Thirty some odd years old, and I’m being called a fan girl because I’ve been a fan of the show throughout most of its run (started watching season 5) and completely buy into the idea of Olivia and Elliot having more than partnerly feelings for each other. Hm. Jenn, I suppose I’ll take that as a compliment – though I’m hardly a “girl” I guess it’s nice to be seen as younger! (And PS – grab the DVDs of seasons 7 and 8 – you need to rewatch “Fault,” “Fat,” and “Web.”)

      • jenn

        Oh, Christ, I also have seen every single episode, but I refuse to believe that just because two people have chemistry that they need to have sex. It would CHEAPEN their relationship! Do you realize that, even if Elliot dumps Kathy first, once they sleep together it would be like admitting that they’ve been wanting each other for ten years? I’m sure Kathy would feel like she had been cheated on, because she has suspected it all along, and Olivia would feel like an adulteress. Olivia would NEVER do that.

      • Kristi

        I also agree … the comedy between the 2 is great how it is. if you ever put them as a couple it would ruin it i believe … now if they could find a love interest for munch that would be AWESOME

      • a

        Around work I hear she needs to have a relationship with another woman to really heat up the series and get more new viewers.
        Not all of us want to see Olivia and Chris together some people want a little zing, I hear the fantasy all day at work from the men that want to see Olivia with a girl. Don’t know as though she would agree to do the scenes they would probably have to hire a double lol.
        I think the show is awesome , I watch it over and over again, don’t care how many times I see the reruns.
        Keep up the good work Chris and Olivia.
        Keep the show going forever.

      • Michelle

        I’m so glad that there are more of us who don’t want Elliot and Olivia together, I mean the show is called Law & Order SVU, not “The Elliot & Olivia Show” but they might as well change the name to that since that is what it has become.

        I really wish tptb would STOP teasing the EO shippers! It’s like waving a juicy steak in front of a starving dog and then taking it away. But the worst thing about these teasers is how much it is contributing to the endless sea of EO fan fictions and providing more pictures that could be used for EO banners.

        I hope that Dick Wolf keeps his promise that EO will never happen.

      • rachel

        Yeah they def shouldn’t get together, I’d feel sorry for the kids. Also Jenn made a good point about it looking like they would’ve wanted it for years.. But I still think it would be a good episode, because I have sometimes wondered what they would be like as a couple and now I wont have to anymore.. Kinda

      • Katie

        i am not watching it and waiting for them to get together…i wouldnt mind if they did but i wouldnt be extremely disappointed if they didnt. dont assume that all fans are desperate for them to get it on

    • SheWolverene

      I agree. I’ve thought about and even ‘felt’ the vibe between those two; but this would be something that is too obvious. Leave them apart!

      • Lily


    • Andrea

      But do we really want that to happen?

    • joan

      i know right so evillllllll

  • Ang

    Thanks for the scoop! I hope they don’t go down that path in the future. I love that Benson and Stabler are friends and while they have terrific chemistry, they never crossed that line.

    • WhitneyD

      Me too! I’ve always appreciated that they didn’t throw in the romance- I thought it’d cheapen how deep their professional relationship is.

      • T

        See, I’ve never seen this side of the coin… when I began watching in season 5 or so, I just instantly latched onto their chemistry and was surprised to find out they were just partners (a little sad, too!). I’ve gotten to the point where I’m pretty sure it’ll never happen, but I still interests me to run across people who don’t see their chemistry. Maybe if you are more invested in the crime-solving part of the show?

    • MikeC

      I think their chemistry is great, too, as partners, not as potential lovers. I would hate to see the show go in that direction simply because they were pressured to do so. I do not understand this need to put lead characters together in sexual situations. Too often, it ruins the chemistry rather than enhancing it. I think Stabler’s relationship with his wife is realistic for a cop, and I hope they stay together.

      • T

        Mike, I definitely think it’s realistic as well, but you have to remember that Elliot wasn’t going to come home when Kathy asked him. It wasn’t until she told him that she was pregnant (from an after-a-horrifying-case-one-night-stand) that he decided to come home. They had already signed the divorce papers. Just that sequence of events told me that producers were headed down the El/Liv road and made an abrupt decision to bail because they thought the show would have to end. And if anything, you know Dick Wolf will try to keep his shows on the air forever!

      • HGFM

        Actually, you are wrong. Elliot told Kathy he wanted to come home at the end of Response, which took place weeks before Annihilated and then Screwed.
        Elliot signed the divorce because he thought that’s what Kathy wanted, not because he wanted out of the marriage. That is clear from all of Elliot’s behavior.
        The producers were smart enough not to try to go down the El/Liv road because it wouldn’t work. Elliot and Olivia have never had any chemistry as a couple. They were as partners until Neil Baer screwed up the show’s path. Now they don’t even work well together as partners.

      • T

        HG, Neal came in as show runner season 2. I will agree with you that he’s made some screwy decisions, but I don’t think he screwed up the path. It’s still hitting 9, 10 mil viewers and going into season 12. And really, Elliot wanted to go home? Kathy drags him into a room at the station and tells him she wants him to come home. He shuffles his feet and grabs the back of his neck and goes, “Look, Kath…” So… yes. Of course, I was wrong. Elliot completely, utterly and totally jumped at the chance. Then, when she told him she was pregnant, he looked thrilled and gathered her up in arms. Snark aside, I really don’t believe that he had any intention of going home then.

      • HGFM

        If you look at the ratings for this season, most of the time the number of viewers are around 8 million, not 9 or 10. They have done a little better by going to 10PM, but not much.
        Yes, SVU is going into season 12, but only because they are on NBC. If they were on another network, do you really think they would still be on? The ratings have been declining since season 7 (when Neal Baer announced he was changing the path)and costs have gone up. If NBC canceled SVU, do you think another network would pick them up? I don’t think so.
        If you had seen Responsible, you would know that Elliot said “I want to come home.”. And he meant it. But what we weren’t shown or told about was Kathy’s response. There were still problems that Elliot needed to address in his life, mainly his obsession with his job and his problem with communication. Kathy would have be a fool to have taken him back without require that he/they work things out between themselves first. they hadn’t dealt with that when Kathy found out she was pregnant. So Elliot didn’t jump for joy when she told him.
        Having Kathy get pregnant wasn’t the best way to get Elliot home. There should have been scenes of Kathy and Elliot working things out, or at least Elliot talking about it. But Neal Baer knew that would cause even more EO shippers to leave. So he took the coward’s way out and left the story unfinished.
        Does Elliot want to be home with his wife and kids? Yes, but he also wants to save people by doing his job. If Christopher Meloni does decide to leave at the end of season 12, I hope they are smart enough to do it by having Elliot choose his family over the job.

      • T

        Well, I’m a shake-hands-and-be-friends moment, how about you? No matter what happens, we’ll still be watching. Rabid fans on both sides of the fence are still rabid fans, true?

      • Gabriel


        The average SVU this season is over 9 million.The most-watched series on NBC. If SVU would be aired on CBS for 14 million. The series does not have any previous program that helps the hearing.

      • HGFM

        The mathematical average for the season so far is 9.1 million. However, looking at the numbers episode by episode tells a different story.Two episodes were over 10 million. Four were over 9 million. Five were less over 8 million. The other nine were in the low to mid 8 million. That means most of the time the number of viewers was well below 9 million.

      • Alex

        HGFM, correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t these episodes (that were over 10 million and over 9 million) Hardwired, Quickie and Witness?
        1- Hardwired = Alex Cabot’s return episode -P.S. The show hit its highest ratings with that one for the first time in season 11.
        2- Quickie = a deceptively hyped episode as an Alex Cabot-centric episode. But it was good nonetheless.
        3- Witness = A REAL Alex Cabot-centric episode – which was, by the way, awesome. One of the best so far!
        Now, if anything, that would prove that NOT everyone is watching the show for this “Benson and Stabler the power duo” crap. A large portion of the audience watch for compelling stories, good plot lines, and a squad of FOUR detectives, one captain, and ONE ADA solving sex crimes. It’s okay to show a glimpse of their personal lives, but to make up whole episodes around one or two characters and their cheesy personal drama, forgetting about the rest, and leaving the soul purpose of the show fading into the background to the point of nonexistence is absolutely ridiculous!
        Just go back to the good writing and leave this crap to the fanfiction, goddamnit!

      • HGFM

        Hardwired had 9.15 million viewers in the 18-49 age group. It was the first time the 9 million mark was broken.
        Savior had 9.04 million viewers.
        Witness had 9.65 million viewers.
        Bedtime had 9.96 million viewers.
        Quickie had 10.78 million viewers.
        Disabled had 10.44 million viewers.
        SVU has lost many viewers due to the bad writing and the concentration on Olivia Benson as the lead character. It should be no surprise that Daniel Truly, one of the writers and now producer, used to be involved in the Hercules series.

  • Rick Moyer

    Now this will be interesting!

  • DVaRmy


  • Vanna Land

    Wow, what a double standard. That picture has her obviously airbrushed and him not.
    I like this show but I must say I don’t watch it nearly as much as I used to. I guess I just got bored.

    • GoMe!

      no Mariska’s just naturally beautiful!

      • nikki

        well, yeah, she’s stunning, but she’s not made of plastic. they always airbrush her too much, and they really really don’t need to…

      • WhitneyD

        I agree that Mariska’s stunning- but this picture was definitely airbrushed.

    • Mar

      Someone went overboard with the Blur tool.

      • T

        And didn’t need to! Mariska is gorgeous.

    • Dorie

      I don’t think either one needs airbrushed, she is Jayne Mansfields daughter, both beautiful women, I just think he’s georgeous! So whatever they did, guess they (whom ever they are) thought they should.

      • jared4ever

        And he’s a total stud. I hate it when they airbrush people into barbie dolls.

    • Ana

      I think he is airbrushed, just not as much.

  • Libby

    I like it. It pleases those who want them together without ruining the show. And Stabler’s married…so the premise is necessary to see them together.

  • Laura

    Yikes. They could have airbrushed her a little less. And him a little more…

  • Giselle

    Oh God!! That´ll be good!!
    I can´t wait to see that!!! SOOO EXCITED!!

    • Cheery

      I know!! :D
      They better kiss before Elliot leaves the show or I will be PISSED!

      • nikkispeaks

        He is NOT leaving the show. Chris said so himself in a recent interview and said he was miss interpreted by the Australian Magazine which first broke the news.
        There is great chemistry between Benson and Stabler and if any of you nay sayers go on you tube and search for Mariska and Chris’s tv guide photo shoot you will see that they hint to it themselves as well as poke fun at it.

      • T

        Love that interview, nikki! Those two are adorable – you can really see how well they get along off-screen. They are very lucky to have that kind of chemistry with each other! Have you seen some of their bloopers from filming? Half the time they are fake-kissing each other in the middle of the scene. Too funny.

  • Vicky

    OMG OMG OMG!!! Can’t wait…

  • robinepowell

    It’s not that interesting, they’ve been “intimate” before.

    • Maureen

      Wait! When?

  • Rose

    Oh, good grief, undercover AGAIN? If the SVU squad spent as much time catching criminals as they do on the community theatre, the streets of NYC would be as clean as a whistle. But I’ll be tuning in; who are we kidding.

  • wcgreen

    Once this was an intelligent, well-written, well-acted crime drama that dealt with actual professional police detectives and the victims of sex crimes. Now, it’s fangirl dreck.

    • Fanatic

      I KNOW, right! Quite sad actually.

    • Katie

      ok wats with everyone saying dreck and dreckatude all the time??? its crap

  • Katherine

    Any good Huddy news before the end of the year? It has been a drought season. Any hope for us Huddy fans to finish the season with?

  • Alison

    When they mean “house” they don’t actually mean [H]ouse. I mean yes, seeing them on here is great. My best friend and I have made fanfic like this in our free time, just out of random. But really guys, they don’t mean [H]ouseMD!

    • Niki

      Yeah, I would be the best friend. And playing [H]ouse does not mean Huddy and Bensler in one episode. It doesn’t mean cross over. But it still means epicness!! hehe. Btw, Alison we should finish that fic lol.

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