Blind Item: Major character killed off drama

UPDATE: Major death clue revealed!

Come season-finale time, characters are always dropping dead on us. (Case in point: The looming fatality on Smallville.) But a certain increasingly popular primetime drama’s decision to kill off one unlucky stiff really surprised me. Why? Put on your thickest blind-item specs, and I’ll tell you!

First, the character in question is both an original castmember and a series regular. Second, said character is played by an Aushole fave — and if that doesn’t guarantee job security, what, I ask you, does? Third, there’s been no hint whatsoever that the Grim Reaper would be making a cameo. No mysterious headaches, no nagging cough, no bad hair days… nothin’.

So, who’s the guy (or gal) whose time is up?

Go ahead — dither, discuss, debate and gimme your best guesses below. But do it fast, because come tomorrow, I’m gonna narrow your field of options by, um, a lot: I’ll be revealing on Twitter via @ewausiellofiles which show the character is on!

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  • lala

    i heard someone is going to die on the vampire diaries

    • Wiley

      Someone always dies on the vampire diaries…. and plus I don’t think ausiello would care too much about the show.


        I just hope it is no one on FRINGE or Human Target – if its anyone else, who cares?

      • Oh, jiezhi

        Oh jiezhi, I really do hope you find true love! And thank you for sharing your heartwarming message of pain and loneliness and your quest to be happy on this blog about television shows. We’ll all look forward to your next romantic update, perhaps on a blog about cooking.

    • Firecat

      Say it ain’t so. I hope Damon is safe.

      • lala

        i heard most likely jeremy or caroline

      • Wiley

        actually, I take back my initial response now that you mention those two. I can imagine Jeremy getting killed off, although that would be tres triste.

      • Sam

        Not Jeremy! That’s the first person I thought of when I read this.

      • Firecat

        Jeremy deserves it for screwing over Anna!

      • lala

        you never know though dying on that show could mean turning into a vampire.

      • Amanda

        they cant kill off damon. and hopefully they dont kill of jeremy. but im all for caroline or matt going. they’ve just been annoying me…

    • Sally in Chicago

      There was a rumor in one of the gossips that Teri Hatcher was going to be killed off; but I think Nicolette’s lawsuit maybe stopped that.

      • Krista

        plus I think Ausiello’s already mentioned that someone’s dying on that show

      • Jake

        primetime “drama,” dimwit.

      • Jakes an AHole

        Wow Jake, what an @$$Hole. She was making a guess. And DH is a Dramedy so up yours.

      • Hannah

        Teri Hatcher isn’t a fan favourit

      • TJ

        “an increasing popular prime time drama’.

        Housewives is definitely on the decline.

    • Crispy

      I am pretty sure it’s someone on Lost.

      • Tired of Idiots

        Did you people see that the item says an “increasingly popular” show? How exactly does that apply to DH or Lost?

      • Desert Cat

        Since it’s already been widely hinted at that there will be heavy casualties by the end of “Lost”, there is no way that this blind applies to that show.

      • J

        He said season finale and Lost ends in May so it can’t be Lost

      • grace

        No it isn’t lost–he said doesn’t guarantee job security and that there is no hint of the grim reaper. LOST will be over this season and if there is any show that continually “hints” at death it is LOST.

      • voluptuousdate

        desmond will die

    • Pedro

      Sawyer- LOST.

      • coastal

        No way. If they killed Sawyer this early, no one would tune in for the end. Its NOT Sawyer!

      • Krista

        plus would anyone dying on LOST really be a surprise at this point?? anyone can die now.

      • Watcher

        There are certain people if Lost killed off would be a big surprise. Sawyer is in the side flashes so I would say no. I’m going with Hurley.

      • elr

        I expect a number of deaths on Lost but I hope one of them isn’t Sawyer.

    • Travis

      I think Damon is the most likely suspect from the Vampire Diaries.

      • Wiley

        somehow I don’t think they would kill off Damon in the Vampire Diaries. that’s a bit over the top… plus the show can’t go on without him. literally.

      • kaloalo

        yea i don’t think that’s right
        he’s in all the books (even if they aren’t really following the book’s plot)
        but yea, the show wouldn’t go on w/o him
        and there’s already been a major death in the series i can’t really imagine them killing off another one

      • Amy Leigh

        Aside from the fact that he’s in all of the books, if they killed off Damon, they’d lose a huge chunk of their audience.

      • Ally

        I wouldn’t be upset if Jeremy dies. But they would never kill off Damon, it’s wayyy to early

    • DJ

      “Decision to kill off an unlikely stiff” tells me the character is already dead (undead) and is getting killed off. Its a clever play on words Ausie.

      I’m guessing one of the Vamps on TrueBlood. “Series regular” though has me thrown, implying they’re not in all episodes. Please don’t be Alexander. I don’t think Alan Ball’s that stupid, but he might be willing to part with Pam. Perhaps she’s not regular enough.

      • anniikka

        Jessica – come on, the gal’s been destined to be killed off :)

      • Danielle

        Speaking of True Blood, could it be Bill?

        WARNING: Kind of spoiler for the books…

        They’ve got to be shooting the season finale about now, and it would get Bill out of the picture for Sookie-Eric or Sookie-Alcide as in the books. The reason Sookie and Bill split in the books has already sort of been used in season 2.

      • Jeremy W.

        All the clues lead me to think it’s Abby from NCIS. Her death would provide the biggest impact on the show – she was an original cast member and a series regular, and I think I remember an episode where she reveals that she sleeps in a coffin…if I’m remembering correctly…

      • Suzi

        Don’t think it would be a vampire in True Blood or Vampire Diaries, even with the “unlucky stiff” reference. If you read further in Ausiello’s piece, he says there were no hints it was coming, no “mysterious headaches” or “nagging coughs”. This wouldn’t apply to vampires… although, maybe that’s why he said it..vampires don’t get sick so there would be no warning… Damn you Ausiells!!

      • Leanne

        He said the actor was an “aushole” – meaning an Aussie, right? So if it is an Australian actor from TrueBlood it wouldn’t be Kristin Bauer or Alex Skarsgard. Ryan Kwanten, maybe.

      • Suzi

        I think by “Aushole” he meant he was a favorite of Ausiello (himself)

      • Simon’s mom

        C’mon Jeremy, Abby sleeps in a coffin because she sleeps in a coffin. Has throughout the series and what does that have to do with her possibly being killed? But NCIS is hardly an “increasingly popular” primetime drama, so I don’t think so.

      • Jeremy W.

        @Simon’s mom –
        “Unlucky stiff” sounds like something Abby would say about a victim, and the comment about Bad Hair Days makes me think of her for some reason. She was the first character that popped into my head when I read this.
        And NCIS is “increasingly popular” – It’s ratings have steadily gone up every year and it’s the #1 scripted show on TV this year.

      • Kate

        NCIS has a long history of killing off female cast members (why not Tony? Why why why?), so the idea of killing off Abbie makes sense. Wouldn’t be Ziva since she’s not an original cast member.

        Would make me furious, but it fits NCIS’s mysogynistic pattern.

    • Dan

      I’ve never seen “Vampire Diaries”, but isn’t everyone all ready dead?

      • Dahlia

        No, the main character, her brother, her aunt, and several of her best friends are all alive. Only two main characters from the beginning of the show are actually dead/vampires.

    • Ang

      It’s someone from “The Mentalist” or “Castle”

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Lauren Graham on Parenthood? No that show hasn’t been around long enough. I honestly have no idea

    • Celia

      It could be Parenthood, but it sounds like the show has had more than one season.

    • b

      I doubt the fact that it’s an “original castmember” would matter much on a show that’s only had one season. Possibly even two. I’m thinking something that has been around for a while and gone through some cast rotation.

      • Amore22HL

        That’s what I thought, a show that’s been around awhile & with cast changes. So I vote for bumping someone off on House. Not Hugh Laurie of course & hopefully not Robert Sean Leonard. But beyond those 2 guys, I wish they’d kill off every other regular they’ve got. Seriously, all of them. They dumped Cameron when they should have dumped anyone else. I have a 3 way tie for 1st place for whom I’d like to see dead — Forman, 13, & Cuddy. But, drat, 13’s got Huntingtons, so she’s out of the running.

    • Agent_ncis

      That show doesn’t seem it would kill people off .. Brothers and sisters character ?

    • Gitano

      Ausiello would be pitching an absolute fit if Lauren Graham, who he’s been lobbying to get a TV role ever since the end of Gilmore Girls, got killed off of her new show only a few episodes in. Don’t think it can be her, but it might be that show. However, as I don’t watch it, I have no idea who it could be.

    • Daisy

      That’s what I was thinking!

  • Bobby’s Robot

    Is Castle considered a drama? I hope that’s not it.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      I think Castle is a dramady and while Aussielo does like Castle I don’t think any of the castmembers are particular favorites of Ausiello except maybe Nathan Fillion but there is NO WAY Fillion is leaving Castle. Besides Castle is a relatively new show an this article seems to imply that an older show is the one he is talking about (Use of series regular and original castmember, Castle hasn’t had any changes to the cast to warrent that kind of distinction) So I put my money on shows that have had either cast additions and or cast changes

    • Nick

      That was my guess when I read “increasingly popular prime-time drama.” I’m thinking either Ryan or Esposito, but there’d have to be some reason for killing him off. I hope not, though, as they have such great chemistry with each other and the rest of the cast.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        GAH! “Increasingly popular” is such a vague reference he could be talking about any drama he is trying to spin on. It could be Glee or True Blood or any other drama that isn’t at lease shedding viewers. While I agree that Castle is the only real notable drama that is gaining viewers. I’m not putting much stock in “Increasingly popular” instead i am focusing on him pointing out that said castmember is a favorite of his. Aussiello has shown NO preference for ANY of Castle’s cast except for Fillion and it cannot be him. My guess is that it is some other drama.

      • Erin

        Could it be Castle’s mom?

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        I’ll say it again. I do not believe it is Castle. Why? Ausiello said “Series REgular and Original Castmember” This implies that the show he is talking about has had casting changes before. CAstle has had NO casting changes.

      • LuLu

        How exactly does him saying original castmember and series regular imply that the show has had casting changes before??
        I bet that it is Castle. It will not definitely not be Beckett or Castle, but it could be Castle’s mom, Espisito, Ryan, Lanie, or the Captain.

      • Sue

        Wow. Someone thinks Glee is a drama.

  • Kimberly

    Jenny from Gossip Girl!

    • Eric

      That’s what I first thought.

      Or maybe someone on Chuck. Either way, Monday nights and Josh Schwartz might mean death.

    • Celia

      That’s what I originally thought, but now I’m thinking it’s someone from LOST or Desperate Housewives.

      • Celia

        Scratch those two…”increasingly popular” has thrown me off. I have no idea. Maybe FLASHFORWARD?? or THE GOOD WIFE?? or FRINGE???

      • mary q contrary

        Uh, I think it’s safe to assume there will be LOADS of original castmembers getting killed off Lost before the SERIES finale. Forget about that part?

      • Lulu

        Not The Good Wife! I couldn’t part with anyone from that show (except maybe Carey) but TGW doesn’t get much play around these parts. Actually thank god :)
        But I’m not quite getting the “thickest specs” and “nagging cough, bad hair day” references. My thoughts were of Ugly Betty, but that doesn’t make sense…

      • TheObserver

        Increasingly popular means its a new show…series original and series regular means while the person may have appeared in and is integral to the story they are not featured in every episode and its a fave of ausiello so its gotta be Chris Noth on The Good Wife

      • Adrienne

        I don’t think it would be Chris Noth, since Alan Cummings was promoted to series regular for season 2, and he’d need a reason to stick around.

    • Kelly

      I agree–Perez Hilton reported last week that Gossip Girl was parting ways with Taylor Momsen

      • Jem

        Yea, but she isn’t really “an Aushole fave.”

      • Q

        Also, GG has been doing the opposite of “increasing in popularity.”

      • Jase

        Besides he said no bad hair days. Jenny is the queen of terrible hair.
        But Jenny is getting the boot i think – this just isnt about her.

      • Rob J. (ShutUpRob)

        Ausiello wouldn’t do a blind item about news that’s *already been reported.* So it’s not Momsen.
        — Rob

    • Ana

      Should we be so lucky.

    • Kem

      You wish.

    • Lena

      god i hope so

    • MChL17

      That’s what I think too since it is alrealdy be announced on Perez Hilton and on Ausiello too I think, that she wasn’t coming back next fall and that it would be explained in the finale when we see what happens to her ! Serie regular + original cast..

    • JustMe

      I don’t think its Jenny or anyone from GG for two reasons. One, Jenny isn’t really a fan fave and two GG isn’t really what one would consider to be increasingly popular.

    • Irishlily1615

      not her she will be back after 5-6 shows but something big is going to happen to her one the finale

    • ThatGirlyouknowoverthere

      See i thought it would be Jenny, but he said ‘no bad hair days’ jk.

      I’m pretty sure that Jenny will be back eventually. I don’t think it’s anyone on Gossip Girl because he said the show is getting more popular, which Gossip Girl is not.

      • scoots

        That’s the first thing I thought of too! ha

    • Maddie

      he says that he likes the character. church bells would ring if they killed jenny

  • lala

    i also heard something about ncis. and maybe it’s thirteen on house?

    • sada

      it wouldn’t be thirteen on house because she wasn’t an original castmember

      • Karen

        I’m thinking Cameron, since she appears on tonights ep.

      • lala

        thanks sorry that was a blonde moment

      • dave

        Might be Chase on house! Not sure if he is a fave, but i’m using “Aushole” as a clue for Australian A**hole…he has been very bratty since he killed the dictator.

      • Joe

        Maybe it’s Cuddy. She’s certainly a favorite.

      • b

        After both Amber and Kutner’s sudden deaths, I would hope that House is done killing off regulars for a while. It’s getting to be a little cliche if they do one per season.

      • lala

        it’s not cameron sources say she is signed on for four season 7 eps

      • celeste

        I think is Chase, but I wouldnt like it to be… He is my favorite character and I think it has a lot to give to the series, more than thirteen…

      • Lint

        House is not an increasingly popular drama, House is a popular drama

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Doubt it is NCIS, Ausiello doesn’t show much preference for the show

      • GeekGirl13

        When Ausiello was “Aushole” fave he isn’t referring to himself, but to us, his avid readers. As much as I hate to think it, I fear it just might be NCIS (and quite possibly Tony or Ziva) based on the increasingly popular clue. NCIS has been steadily growing it’s audience for a few seasons now.

      • ana

        @GeekGirl13 – Ziva is not an original cast member

      • GeekGirl13

        True. All the more reason to fear it’s Tony.

      • pb

        ziva wasn’t an original cast member, though

      • krystal

        It better not be Tony. Or Gibbs. I don’t know if McGee is counted as an original cast member or not, but I’d prefer it not be him either. Or Ducky! But seriously, it better not be Tony.

        All of my other favorite shows are on USA and not on right now, so I’m content with any other character on a show dying.

        Except Wilson on House. I may not watch that show anymore, but I’d be upset if he died. Still, since it’s an “increasingly popular” show, I highly doubt it’s anyone on House.

      • Matt

        Not Tony. Maybe Ducky – David McCallum may want to retire. Or McGee because Sean Murry no longer fits into the McGee/Probie/McGeek stereotype.

      • Probie One-Kanobie

        Technically McGiggles wasn’t an original cast member, (first season, yes, but he didn’t come on until a few episodes into the first season.) So hopefully that means he’s safe. No way they could kill off Tony. Or Abbey. Ducky, maybe, but not Tony or Abbey.

      • YBKGirl

        I worry for Abby… she’s my fave character, and she makes the show all that it’s worth!

      • Matt

        Isn’t David McCallum an Ausiello favorite? If not, how could he any but?

      • Tricia

        My guess is for NCIS as well. Not only is it a “rising drama” since the ratings skyrocketed this year, but the show has a pattern of killing off a major character every couple years, and they’re due to kill someone this year.

        Unfortunately, my bets would be for Tony, Palmer, Ducky, or McGee. Though McGee and Palmer aren’t technically original cast members, they have been there since at least the second half of the first season.

        I doubt they’d kill off Ducky or Abby since they’re the “novelty” characters, and I don’t see how killing them would help the show, but like I said, I’d guess Ducky if it were one of them.

        My only fear is that NCIS isn’t the show in question, but that they are still planning on killing someone. Mostly this fear stems from the fact that they tend to kill women, not men (Kate, Director Sheppard, Agent Lee), and I really don’t want Ziva to die.

        Anyway, I’ll shut up now.

      • danno

        not to be Baron Von Buzzkill here, but weren’t there rumbling of Mark Harmon and Shane Brennan(show runner) not getting along ?

      • Chappel

        I’m guessing it’s Ducky on NCIS. David McCallum is close to 80 years old and he might be ready to retire. Lord knows he’s earned a rest… he’s been a working actor, and an excellent one, for a long time.

      • Jordan

        Im betting it could be Tony.

      • Cate

        Gibbs, Tony and Abby are NCIS’s big three. Without any one of them, the show would lose a huge audience. They’re all safe, and Ziva isn’t an original cast member, so I’m afraid it’s either McGee or Ducky (Palmer isn’t a main cast member)

      • badprobiemcgee

        I’m gonna guess that it isn’t anybody from NCIS because Mark Harmon has said that all of the main characters have still got quite a bit of time left on their contracts. That and I don’t think that the show would be quite the same if any of them left that would include David McCallum.

      • Anna

        A few months ago someone had posted on another site that Pauley perrette might be leaving NCIS…

      • Bob

        I’m thinking that it is David McCallum because 1) he may be thinking of retiring and 2) the reference to “unlucky stiff” since Ducky works on them all the time. Hope not but he will be 77 in September and has been in the business for 53 years

      • Peggy

        Neither McGee or Palmer are original cast members, although McGee showed up as a recurring character early in the first season. Palmer still isn’t really a regular cast member … he isn’t even in every episode these days.

      • Zee

        I hope it isn’t NCIS.

        Isn’t there a major NCIS rumour saying NCIS’s finale this season will be Gibbs-focussed?

        And they can’t kill off Gibbs.

      • Doug H

        My guess also is Ducky… As others noted, David is older and actually lives with his wife in NY where he commutes on weekends.. he’s probably made enough and now that the show is in syndication, he’s probably set.. My only thought is that they wouldn’t want to tick off the fans by killing him… They might want to have him retire instead… why kill him off when that could leave open the opportunity for him to come back for a guest shot or 2 down the road… you can’t do it when you are dead… Producers usually just kill of actors they don’t like… ie… Edie on Desp Housewives (Nicolette Sheridan who is now suing them)..

      • Gfdguugh

        On the mobility wod go to the rogue link and seacrh mobility. They have a couple different packages put together. One has a blue and a green band and lacrosse balls. Or you can get a package with a single band and lacrosse balls.

    • Allison

      Also, how unexpected would it be if the woman with the big scary genetic disease died?

    • Mercedes

      I have a hard time believing it would be House. Ausiello did say “increasingly popular” drama, after all. House has been popular for a while and isn’t doing much increasing.

    • Nic.

      I don’t think it’s House because he said “increasingly popular”. Hasn’t House pretty much been on top, even with that abysmal pick-the-new-team season? I’m guessing it’s a show in it’s second or third season, perhaps had a few casting shakeups and is now picking up steam–sounds a bit like Fringe. But if they kill off Walter, Peter, or Olivia…well, that will be the end of the show for me. Unless it’s Blair Brown’s character? (the “no bad hair day” fits–her hair is always perfectly in place). But would she qualify as a series regular? I really hope I’m wrong….

    • Sharona

      Doubt it’s House. They’re not growing in popularity at this point.

  • Kelly

    Alex on Grey’s?

    • Vikki Sixx

      Grey’s has actually lost a lot of its popularity so I doubt that.

      • Alain

        moi je ous conseille le sony esorcsin t610 qui est une creme comme quelqu’un la mentionn? plus haut. En plus ca tombe bien je vends le mien avc le chargeur la housse et le kit mains libres. prix a partir de 100euro a debattre. merci de repondre.

    • mads

      I was going to say Derek. Ausiello mentioned bad hair days and McDreamy is known for his hair. Of course, that could just be a joke; but series regulars drop like flies over on Grey’s.

      • Allison

        I don’t know why but for some reason I thought of Grey’s Anatomy and immediately of the Chief (Webber)…I hope I’m wrong…

      • Jami

        I’m thinking Derek because Shonda has mentioned the season finale being a “game-changer”

      • Caroline

        Can’t be Grey’s because it’s popularity has definitely gone down, and even if it was, no way is it going to be Derek. Patrick Dempsey is happy on the show (he’s practically the only one) and there is not a snowball’s chance in h-e-l-l that producers would let him go; him leaving = the end of Grey’s for all intents and purposes, no matter how much they think they could continue.

      • Bobby

        Yea my guess would be chief webber on grey’s

  • mario

    someone on castle came to mind but, i doubt it.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      See my above post, I don’t think Castle qualifies here

    • Lindsay

      It’s Katherine Heigl on Grey’s Anatomy.

      • Katie

        Agreed! That’s definitely how they’re wrapping up the Izzy story. No divorce, no mess. Alex has an uncomfortable break-up box/obituary coming his way.

      • Sue

        How is Grey’s Anatomy increasingly popular?

  • Rob

    I’m guessing Matt Czuchry on The Good Wife.

    • Vann

      My first thought was also from TGW! I would hate to see either Matt or Christine go :(

      • EM

        This seems most likely.

      • bree

        I don’t think it’s him — I wouldn’t really call him an “Aushole fave”

      • Jamie

        Matt Czuchry was on Gilmore Girls (as Logan).

    • AndrewJ

      That was my thought as well… Poor Matt seems to have been pushed to the sidelines lately…

    • Celia

      The Good Wife seems like the logical choice. But Ausiello said there’s no sign that the character is going to die, so that means it will be sudden.

      • Ashton


    • Jordan

      It’s already been confirmed that Matt will be back for season 2, so most likely not him.

    • DJ

      One of the best episodes this season was when Matt was stoned…it better not be him… I “heart” him :-)

      • Scoobsnx

        I think it’s gonna be chris noth. He’s pretty much wasted on that show anyway and they don’t really have us rooting for him to make up with his wife. It was better when she was a single mom dealing with the kids.

      • A

        Doubt it, Alan Cummings is coming back for season 2 (a regular), which means he’s got some reputation fixing to do.

    • Carrie

      But it was just confirmed that Matt was going to be back for Season 2 as a regular cast member.

      They can’t kill anyone on that show, they’re all too damn good!!!

  • Stefan

    no idea, dont care, give us more clues or leave it be

  • Tina

    Better not be anyone on True Blood!!

    • Mary

      If it is, my guess would be Lafayette.

    • sam

      It’s not. This spoiler is for a show that’s currently airing. True Blood doesn’t air for another 2 months.

    • Heather

      I heard that Alex Skarswhatever’s ego has gotten really big and that he may be replaced. Don’t watch True Blood, but this made me go hm anyway.

      • Carrie

        Doubt it- he’s definitely the most popular actor/character on the show- they’re not going to kill the golden goose, especially when the character is a major part of the upcoming seasons.

        Could be Vampire Bill, though.

      • lsukat

        Can’t be Alex because True Blood is based on books. Although they have added characters and gone off the story line a little, they wouldn’t go that far off the story line. Bill and Eric are around for the long run. The books are up to 10 and they are in all of them.

  • Michael

    I’d agree with Kimberly, Jenny from Gossip Girl

    • Lily

      No, she’s going to be back during the fourth season. Maybe Lily though?

      • Dahlia

        It wouldn’t be Lily–there actually HAVE been signs that she could be terminally ill.

  • FNL

    Maybe someone from Vampire Diaries. The show has shown that is clearly willing to kill of cast members (Vicky, for example).

  • Zeliha

    Cant be Grey’s or Parenthood cause those aren’t increasingly popular primetime drama’s…. Im out…

    • James

      LOL ~ where do you get your information that Parenthood isn’t an increasingly popular drama? While I dont’ think this is what he’s referring too, I think it’s a little early to act like you have any idea how Parenthood is doing popularity wise.

      • Bfleet

        Zeliha makes an extremely valid point. Parenthood is in no way increasing in popularity.

      • Dahlia

        If it’s too early to say how Parenthood is doing popularity-wise, then one wouldn’t be able to say it WAS increasing any more than one could say it wasn’t. So, still probably not it.

      • KCatty

        They’re called ratings, Dahlia. And no, Parenthood’s aren’t really on the rise.

  • Megan

    Puck on Glee?

    • michael

      That’s hilarious!!! Puck meets his end due to a brain-swelling after slipping on a slushie that he threw at Kurt. Neil Patrick Harris sings him out with a new version of “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

    • Celia

      Glee is a comedy. I just noticed that it says, “increasingly popular” so that probably means it’s Parenthood or some other new show.

      • Jordan

        It also says “series regular and original cast member”, so that sort of implies that it isn’t a new show.

  • Bobby’s Robot

    The term “increasingly popular” makes it appear it’s not an established hit show like Grey’s, House or Gossip Girl.

    • mscisluv

      Or one that’s rapidly losing viewers, such as FlashForward.

    • alex

      I agree, but I do however think it is a show that is at least a SOPHMORE or JUNIOR.

      Note he says original castmember, whichwhile not hard evidence, leads one to believe there HAVE been cast changes.

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