Blind Item update: Major season finale death clue!

I’m nothing if not a man of my word: I promised you that today I’d tweet which show will feature what I’m 100 percent certain may be one of the most shocking deaths in any of this season’s finales, and guess what? Just moments ago, I did just that. In case you missed it, keep reading…

The original cast member whose character is getting whacked is on… Private Practice!

The Grim Reaper will pay a most unwelcome visit to the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off in the May 13 episode. I say most unwelcome as opposed to, you know, just generally unwelcome, because the person whose alter ego is being killed off is someone I — and most of you, my mailbag says — have been a fan of for years.

But that’s all you’re getting out of me. Okay, that, and this list of reasons it could/couldn’t be the following.

Kate Walsh (Addison)
Pro: Killing off the star of the show would certainly shake things up!
Con: She’s the star of the show!

Tim Daly (Pete)
Pro: His death would bring about a speedy resolution to the Sam/Addison/Pete triangle!
Con: It’s Tim Daly!

Audra McDonald (Naomi)
Pro: New York-based McDonald has been doing the bicoastal thing for three seasons, and all that air travel has to be taking a toll. Plus, Naomi’s death would clear the way for Addison and Sam to be together.
Con: She’s Addison’s BFF and only emotional constant.

Paul Adelstein (Cooper)
Pro: I honestly can’t think of one.
Con: He brings a welcome dose of levity to an otherwise emotionally charged medi-soap. His light touch would be sorely missed.

KaDee Strickland (Charlotte)
Pro: She has always been the outcast of the group, a point that was driven home even more painfully than usual in the wake of her estrangement from Coop.
Con: Every show needs a bitch.

Chris Lowell (Dell)
Pro: Lowell’s episode order was cut back this season. Has Shonda Rhimes been trying to wean us off Dell?
Con: He remains one of the show’s most popular (and demo-friendly) characters. Plus, Rhimes would never make sweet Betsy an orphan.

Taye Diggs (Sam)
Pro: He’s Addison’s partner-slash-crush and Naomi’s ex, so his death would have a cascading effect that would reverberate for many seasons to come.
Con: Have you seen that smile? Oh, and those abs?

Amy Brenneman (Violet)
Pro: Since her C-section from hell, she has proved to be emotionally unstable (not to mention the worst mom ever). Next step: suicide?
Con: Fans are just now getting over Judging Amy‘s cancellation!

Who do you think is getting whacked? Speculate away in the comments!

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  • cibele

    Is Violet, isn’t it? Tell me it’s not her :(((

    • jenn

      Yeah, I think it’s Violet. My second thought is Dell.

      • James

        I hope it’s that jiezhi whore and her 8 year older internet boyfriend!!!!!

      • Nicole

        James, you are awesome. :)

    • Gem

      I hope it’s Violet.

    • Sam

      It’s definetely Violet. That last bit about ‘Judging Amy’ says it all.
      Chris Lowell would be too obvious since he’s been MIA and is not a major character.

      • Marie

        Well, Shonda made George on Grey’s Anatomy practically nonexistence the season he was killed off. Maybe she’s doing the same thing with Dell.

    • maddie…

      No, I think it’s Naomi, because when the blind item was first posted, it said that there was no hint that this character could die. Violet was so down this season, so I really don’t think it is her.

      • Lauren

        As long as Pete and Addison are good, I’m good. My hopes, but not my money, are on Violet or Naomi. I cannot STAND Naomi this season, and Violet has become this strange/convoluted/mess of a human being I don’t enjoy watching.

      • DivaSoulSista

        I absolutely hate the way they’ve written Naomi this season! And Sam is coming off like a complete jerk to me. That being said, I think it’s Violet or Cooper.

    • Celia

      It’s Taye Digg’s character.

      • :P

        tim daly no doubt

      • Marti

        I absolutely will hate it if this is right, but my guess is Tim Daly. We’ve been fans of his for years, right? And that would open up all sorts of plotline melodrama possibilities. Sigh…

    • MaryJane

      Whew, it’s not one of the shows I watch, so I don’t care.

      • Chris


      • Chris

        LOL! me too

      • Rebekah

        I thought the exact same thing. Does anyone actually watch this junk?

      • Justin


      • Angela

        I stuck with this show until it went all soap opera instead of medical drama…so yeah I’m glad it’s not one of the shows I wath & love (Fringe, anyone? btw, I want Charlie back on taht show…)

      • Angela

        watch* argh typo…

      • bklynny

        I’m glad House was not the medical drama with the character death.
        That’s my show.
        I hate Private Pratice. It makes me sick.

      • bklynny

        I used to watch it too. Then stopped watching for a long while.
        The characters make me sick.

      • bklynny

        Typo: Practice

    • kellybelly

      Since this show has slowly and steadily started, the life and energy our of the viewers…I would be happy if more than one bit the dust. But alas, if I have to choose – it’d be Naomi for me. Her character is awful this season. (I wish it’d be Addison, but I doubt it). Or Dell. He’s kinda a useless character, on the fringe of the show anyway. And then Addison can adopt Betsy! when Pete goes back to Violet! Yay!

      • Susan

        No, they kill off Pete, Violet still doesn’t want to deal with her kid, so Addison gets to raise their baby.

      • dartwoman63

        I was going to say the same thing about Addison adopting Betsy if it is Dell.

    • kellybelly

      Since this show has slowly and steadily started, the life and energy our of the viewers…I would be happy if more than one bit the dust. But alas, if I have to choose – it’d be Naomi for me. Her character is awful this season. (I wish it’d be Addison, but I doubt it). Or Dell. He’s kinda a useless character, on the fringe of the show anyway. And then Addison can adopt Betsy! when Pete goes back to Violet! Yay!

  • Jim

    Hey, you promised to say which show the blind item is about. Well, which show is it?!!

    • Jon

      Uh, can’t you read?

    • Krista

      omg! it’s private practice. did you not read what he wrote at the beginning of this??

    • Nevin

      either you’re an idiot or you failed at comedy.

  • AMN

    Still just glad that it isn’t bones!

    • Nic.

      or Fringe!

    • Travis

      or the Vampire Diaries!

    • Shannon

      DITTO to Bones!!!

      • jericho

        I’m still laughing that we all ignored this show when the original Blind Item came out.

        I mean … this show is “increasingly popular”? Its just sad that no one even thought of this dreck when given the clues we were given.

        And yes, I would say its Amy/Violet because her presence makes many people turn off their sets every week.

    • James

      Didn’t really care after Renee got killed off 24 last night. Glad it’s not House, though.

  • Amanda

    I kind of hope it’s Violet…

    • maiv

      Yeah, either her or Dell…I don’t care if it’s too obvious with the latter, but he sorta gets on my nerves

    • Natasha

      I hope it’s Violet or Naomi, both have been such downers all season and make me not even want to watch this show anymore.

      It better not be Sam or Pete or I will never EVER watch again.

  • george

    If it is Cooper or Pete it’s the biggest mistake ever.

    • Heidi

      I agree those are the two who’se careers I’ve respected and whom I really love on the show.
      But I kind of think it could be Pete…if he dies Violet will finally step up, wake up, and be a mother to her child, and it also puts Addie right into Sam’s arms.

      • Melissa

        I don’t think it will be Pete…I know right now, starting with the next episode, Violet and Pete go to war over custody of Lucas. I don’t see the writers cutting that storyline off. But I could be wrong.

        I don’t want Violet to go, nor do I want to see Charlotte (although she must be in the clear because she was not on the show from the beginning) go…there is no way they will kill off Addie. That would be incredibly stupid…although, since I read her tweets as well as Shonda’s, they both state that Addie will be happy next season. I don’t know if that tells us anything or not. I just really do not want to see any of the characters die. I like them all…I don’t like some of the couplings…but I do like the characters. I do NOT want to see Addie with Sam and I don’t really like her with Pete. I am hoping they will bring in new male blood for her.

  • eggy

    My money is on Naomi. Please, please let me be right.

    • tonya

      Well the blind item says “the person whose alter ego is being killed off is someone that I — and most of you, my mailbag says — have been a fan of for years” that’s most definitely NOT Naomi (but I still secretly hope it’s her!)

      • KCatty

        I think people may be fans of Audra McDonald, not necessarily the character of Naomi.

        And I hope to god it is her. Audra is immensely beautiful and talented, but I swear, her character has become the most unlikeable female character in the history of television. I am actually a professional female and I find her utterly revolting.

        To the point, where I actually wondered a couple weeks ago if they were going to suddenly explain away all her hypocrisy and childishness with a brain tumor. seriously.

      • Anne

        LOL totally disagree, she’s my fave character (and actor) on the show. Love her, flaws and all. Really hope it’s not her. I’d be sad about any of them honestly, I really like that cast, but I guess I could live without Dell.

      • audrarulz

        Audra is a Broadway star and multiple Tony award winner with TONS of fans.

      • audrarulz

        –oooo and Taye is a Broadway star as well….makes me think they are both vulnerable and THAT makes me scared for their character’s lives!!
        Oh, please kill Violet or Dell!

      • Nancy

        ‘Fan of for years’ says to me they were on previous shows that were popular – I’d say it’s Addie, Pete or Violet. I’m guessing Pete (Violet would not be a surprise at this point)

      • Elle

        “Fan of for years,” I’m thinking Sam. Any RentHead can tell you the intricacies of his career from the Tokyo Disneyland quartet to PP. Major pro: it would free the family up to return to NY and put both him and Idina back on Broadway!

      • Trace

        I’m thinking Violet b/c he said his mailbag was full…and the coment about Judging Amy!

    • Miss M

      Totally it should be Naomi, she’s always been annoying but especially this season. Hate her storylines with her boss and wheelchair guy (but I love wheelchair guy). Hate her always whining about Addison. Go away Naomi!

      • lorna

        omg i love naomi with wheelchair guy. thats the only time this season she has not annoyed me.

  • sheridanleigh

    OMG – who is it?

  • Steph

    I thought this show was cancelled???

    • crispy

      I thought this “major” news was going to be about a show people actually watch.

      • Melissa


      • bill

        my thoughts exactly! this is one of the most boring shows ever.

      • jordan

        i actually love this show. i gave up on grey’s and this show has much more compelling plot lines in my opinion.

      • judith

        If you don’t like the show then just don’t comment on this, we don’t need haters here.
        It’s an amazing show and if you think it’s not then just leave it alone.

      • crispy

        But how will you know you have bad taste in shows if no one ever tells you?

      • Liz

        I watch this show and LOVE it! It’s like a grown up version of Grey’s Anatomy.

      • Kennith

        if you don’t watch it or like it they why make a fool of yourself, hater!

    • Sue

      I’ve wished since the first season It would be canceled. I tried to like it , but……. and Grey’s went downhill after Addison left. It’s a waste of all the actors. I would love to see any of them on a program I like, esp Amy.

  • Loubna

    Oh Crap

  • sheridanleigh

    I hope its Sam or Naomi. They bore me. I’m also good with axing Charlotte.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Naomi – we need Audra back on Broadway.

      • Zo

        Here, here. I don’t even watch this show, but I love Audra onstage. Need her back pronto!

      • Rachel

        Hell yeah we do. I miss that gorgeous voice of hers.

      • Paloma

        I think we need Audra doing anything where she sings. She has the most amazing voice. And I haven’t found her character that compelling on Private Practice this season. Anyway, Naomi is away from the show now in Switzerland, so perhaps they will just have a plane crash and we’ll never see her again. And I though the blind item clues called this a show with increasing popularity. Is Private Practice getting better ratings?

    • Juniper

      No, no, not Sam. I don’t watch Private Practice as a general rule but I like knowing I can just flip the channel and see Taye Diggs’ beautiful, beautiful face.

  • Noelle

    ummm…Tim Daly’s character’s name is Pete…

  • JonIt

    It’s got to be Naomi or Violet which will really impact next season. I wish it was Dell who really serves no purpose on the show any more and there is a good reason his episode order was cut back this season.

  • Tricia

    I can’t think of it being a good thing that any of them die, but … my guesses are for Violet, Peter, or Naomi.

    I hate guessing about who is gonna die. Its so depressing!

    • Liz

      My first reaction when I read Private Practice was “Oh god not Pete” I didn’t really realize I was that invested in him but I guess I am. SO I am hoping it’s not Pete and would like to vote for Naomi.

  • Jim

    Sorry, I didn’t see the update about which show before I sent my last post. Now I know which show, Thank You!

  • Emily

    My guess is Violet. I just hope it’s not Cooper. Please, anybody but Cooper!

    • Emily

      But Violet dying would be hard on Cooper…so in that case I hope it’s not Violet.

      • A

        All the more reason for Cooper to cry on Charlotte then! :)

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