George Lopez on Conan O'Brien: Working an hour later is 'a Latino dream come true'

During today’s taping of TBS’ Lopez Tonight, host George Lopez addressed the big news of the day that Conan O’Brien would join the network come November and how the surprise move would usher in “the next generation of late night TV.”

“If you haven’t heard by now, Conan O’Brien will be joining us on late night on TBS. Welcome! Welcome!” according to an early transcript of the show, released by TBS. “I want to say that I am completely 100% on board with this move.  I talked to Conan on Wednesday and I talked to him last night and I said I welcome you into my deep loving embrace. Then I said let’s take the party and make it bigger … everybody’s heard of ‘I’m with CoCo’ but now everybody can ‘Go LoCo’.”

The O’Brien hire also provided lots of comedy fodder for Lopez’ guest, Chris Rock. Here’s a sampling of his exchange with Lopez:

Lopez: “I think you’re here on a good night…with Conan coming to TBS…”
Rock: “Conan’s coming?  Where are you going?”
Lopez: “I’m staying.  I’m going to midnight.  He’s coming at eleven o’clock and I’m going to midnight.”
Rock: “Get the hell out of here!  So you’re gonna move for the white man, huh?  I hope he appreciates this.”
Lopez: “I think the white man does appreciate it very much.”
Rock: “You don’t gotta clean a park or nothing, right?”
Lopez: “No and I get to go to work an hour later.  That’s a Latino dream come true.”

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  • Bed

    What a scumbag move by Conan. He wouldn’t move his show back 1/2 hour but he has no problems forcing Lopez to move his show back a whole hour. Another Hollywood hypocrite exposed.

    • Mark

      From what I understand, he was made the offer, then approached Lopez to make sure he approved. Which he did.

    • Elgineo

      Totally off base Bed. Conan turned down the offer until George called him and said, “No…please take it…it’ll be good for both of us.” Conan deferred to George and they talked. Jay still hasn’t spoken to Conan. Conan and George showed they want to be on the same team. Jay showed that he’s only on his own team.

  • WOW!

    So loco? Hm.. bout time lopez has sex with coco.

  • mike

    yeah lopez tonight sucks now that conan is on board george is happy didnt george talk bad about conan?

    • RekcufYeh

      “didn’t george talk bad about conan?” who knows? his show was so inconsequential no one paid attention to what he had to say. now that conan is his lead in he’s relevant, or as relevant as those two guys who follow Leno and Letterman.

      • Laura

        Well, that guy who follows Letterman is extremely relevant. Craig Ferguson is a late night inoovator, and, not to mention, a Peabody Award winner. (Can any of the late night guys, aside from Stewart and Colbert say that?) Even Bill O’Reilly doesn’t have a Peabody!

      • Caleb J

        letterman has at least one peabody, laura!

      • Laura

        Hey, if he does, my bad. I’ve never really been a Letterman fan and he has been working in late night longer than I’ve been old enough to stay up and watch. Also, I didn’t know what a Peabody was until about 12 years ago. I plead age-based lack of knowledge.

    • Ben

      How did Conan do on “The Tonight Show”? Yep…that’s about how well he can expect to do on TBS. Nobody watches late night talk shows anymore. Nobody with a brain anyway.

      • hey Ben!!!!!


      • Elgineo

        Ben. Are you sure you don’t work for Jeff Zucker?

    • Bernice

      No he didn’t talk back about Conan he talked bad about a Conan producer. THe producer said that Lopez wasn’t what their audience wanted to see.

  • RekcufYeh

    I thought it was very classy that Conan originally turned downed the offer when it meant moving Lopez. Equally classy (and smart) for Lopez to talk Conan into it. Lopez’ show wasn’t even on the radar during the talk show wars and today everyone is quoting him. I think this puts Lopez ahead of Kimmel in the pecking order.

    • huh

      You are not the target audiance for Lopez, obviously. Lopez has been on “the radar” since the sow started. green says go =D

      • Paul

        I loved watching Lopez’s sitcom, but I didn’t realize he had a talk show until I read this article. Conan is a good move for Lopez, and he knows it apparently. CoCo LoCo!

      • Felipe

        To: Huh
        hahahha. I’m so glad you mentioned George Lopez’ target audience. So funny. I watch him every night. I’m so LoCo right now!

  • Soleil

    Ha! Lopez is hilarious. Does it even need to be said how much better he is than Mencia?

    • Elgineo

      No. It doesn’t need to be said. Way better than Mencia. And also not the joke thief that Mencia reportedly is.

  • jeff

    seems like a smart move for lopez. Lets hope this works out.

  • Lupe

    George puts it down on late night the other talkshow hosts dont even compare lopez has soul unlike the other hosts lookin like robots

  • GoMe!

    I think…this could work really well. I’m a little worried because it’s cable as opposed to network tv but…I dunno, loco will do really well!

  • lydia009

    I think this will work out for both Lopez and O’Brien. TBS= very funny.

  • lisa johnson

    TBS= very funny

  • NG

    So now Conan screws Lopez. That’s karma for ya. Nice going Conan. At least now you can step down from your high horse!

    • shaye

      ummm, karma for Lopez?? He’s actually getting a lead-in now. Karma for Conan? How? The karma comment doesn’t make sense here.

    • Elgineo

      How does “Conan screw Lopez” when he refused the offer until George called him? It sounds like Conan was polite and deferential to George and George was smart enough to realize that this move allows TBS to jump to the next level. Sounds like they’ll be a good team.

    • Scooterbootin

      Did you read nothing from above? Conan turned this idea down and Lopez told him to do it. Pay attention before commenting.

  • sal palmeri

    I love this move!!!! all the way around!!!!! GO LO-CO!!! u get it lol

  • gerry

    Lopez ? He ‘ s still around ?

  • Team Lolo

    Lopez is too nice of a guy to call out Conan for stealing his time slot. Conan got butthurt when NBC asked him to move his show back 30 minutes but then he goes to TBS and the first thing he does is steal Lopez’s time slot so Lopez is forced to move his show back an hour.

    • Blaaaake!


      you obviously know nothing of what you’re talking about. Coco turned it down initally and Lopez talked him into it. get your facts straight.

      • Mike

        Still ironic though, no? All angry when asked to move later for a Jay lead-in. Then Conan does the same thing to Lopez that he was offended by when it was done to him. Whether Lopez likes it or not, it’s still an ironic twist in the story considering how much Conan spoke out against moving later.

      • llevinso

        Well Mike, The Tonight Show is kind of tv history. It’s an icon. You can’t move it to tomorrow. Lopez Tonight doesn’t quite have that cred yet.

    • Elgineo

      There’s a HUGE difference between someone 9George) saying “I’ll move to accomodate this new guy because it’s good for me” and some network saying “We’re going to move your show from the timeslot that it’s been in for fifty-plus years because we would otherwise have to pay a huge $150M cancellation penalty to this other guy (Leno). the point is that TBS and George and Conan talked together like members of a team while Leno used his contract to force NBC to force Conan out. it’s 100% different.

      Go go Coco Loco

  • Yesenia

    I love this. I’ve missed Conan’s late night show since I never really got into him in Jay’s place. I love Lopez’s show as well so it’s a win win for me.

    • gp

      I agree Yesenia! When Conan was on 11:30, he just wasnt himself, and I lost interest and stopped watching. Now, when he was leaving, he was himself and funny again.. maybe because he had nothing to lose. I like Lopez also, but the show just isnt as good as I thought. I think this could be a great combo!

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