'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Ousted castaway talks about distrustful women

SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know who got voted off of last night’s Survivor, do not read on.

james-thomasImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS James “J.T.” Thomas can complain all he wants about those gosh-durn distrustful women, but it’s not like he could take Russell’s pinky swear all the way to bank. After the jump, the good ol’ boy from Alabama talks about his decision to give the immunity idol to Russell, and whether he thinks it will go down as one of the stupidest moves in Survivor history. (Editor’s note: the boy has a doggone thick accent, so we can’t take responsibility for anything that doesn’t make sense. He’s a little hard to understand.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I’m a woman. Will you be able to trust me?
I trust you, I really do.

I’ll give you credit – you took it well at tribal council. You didn’t look angry at all.
No ma’am, there wasn’t any anger. It’s been a game where the best strategy ever has been played by the best players. I never once thought that someone was coming after me. There were no hard feelings. I knew Russell played me and I knew he did well right after tribal. So I had to give him credit where credit was due.

Why did you say you didn’t trust women? Russell was just as distrustful.
At the time I wasn’t sure whether Candice or Amanda or both … had changed our plan of who we are voting for. We tried to confuse everybody to vote for someone no one suspected. And they still ended up guessing right with Jerri. So I wasn’t sure the girls on my tribe had betrayed me. I didn’t know. There was a lot  going on when I said that.

Defend that love letter you wrote to Russell — especially since there are a great many Survivor fans out there who thought giving him the idol was a boneheaded move.
I’m sure, I know there probably will be. We never get a chance to talk to those people at all and we never knew that we’d have the opportunity to tell him what was going on or what we wanted him to do with the idol. So we pretty well better tell him. And just in case, we didn’t know what was going on, we put up this letter. We never once figured this was all going to not go smooth and that Russell was never really going to be part of our alliance. We just wanted to get Parvati out of the way. We figured he’d do at least that much to make us believe that he was with us. So we thought Parvati would definitely be gone and then we just vote Russell off next. We didn’t know nothing about it, we feared Parvati more than anyone else. Yes ma’am, at the time, it was something we shouldn’t have done. Parvati was in charge of things and she made some great moves. Russell was fooled by everyone at tribal council last night. He thought we were voting off Sandra. And he had no idea that Parvati had the idol. He wasn’t up to par and I didn’t know that until I watched that last night. My hat was off to Parvati last night.

Dalton Ross considers that to be the fourth most idiotic move in Survivor history, which he says and I quote: “slightly more moronic than Colby’s misguided attempt to be a good guy, yet not quite as asinine as Tyson essentially voting himself out of the game.”
It turned out to be dumb move on my part but it could have very well been an excellent one. You have to make big moves to win. I knew that going into this game. I felt like I was a big target.

How did it feel watching Parvati read that letter out loud?
Oh it was tough, it was very hard. It was miserable. I think it was definitely a tribe decision. I have to include Rupert, he stood up for the letter also. I’ll take the fall for it because it was what I had done on the show, and I feel like I kinda built that up. But you’ve got to take the bad with the good. I felt like I did something that would either put me in the finals or send me home. It turned out to be the bad end of the deal.

Nobody swears on their children. Why didn’t you question Russell?
Well we actually talked about it a bit, I did question him. I knew he was up to no good. Then when Rupert brought in the other news from Sandra … we figured she was just manipulating Rupert. Had we ever had a chance to talk with Sandra, we would have done something different. We knew that Russell was not on board when we went to tribal council. We even tipped them off that we were voting off Sandra, but it was a little too late.

Parvati told Amanda that she had one of the immunity idols. Did Amanda report that back to you and the other heroes?
Amanda told me that she was pretty sure that Parvati had one by the way Parvati was talking, but she didn’t say for sure. We didn’t know. Amanda kept her options open. She was trying to decide which way she was going, if she was going to go with Parvati or stay with us. It looked like Amanda’s bad actions didn’t help us any either.

Parvati willingly got off that pole. Why didn’t you see that as a sign?
That was when we knew for sure that they were way too comfortable. When I was falling off at one point, they both jumped, they were so excited, they thought I fell off the poll. I knew for sure they were just waiting for me to get off the pole.

Can you respect Parvati’s game play now?
She did really well and I’m actually surprised at some of the game play. Russell used her a lot. They were a good team. I like someone in my tribe to bounce ideas off of. But I was impressed with Parvati not allowing Russell to know about the idol and pull one over him at tribal council. If Russell goes against anybody who knows what kind of player he is, he doesn’t have a chance. Parvati knew what kind of player he was and read him like a book.

Russell is so taken with Parvati. At least you never flirted like him.
When we merged, he never talked to the girls much at all. He stayed with us, that was part of his plan. It was too odd that no one would talk to anyone about strategy, and Sandra was scared that Russell would vote her out next. If he caught her talking to us — none of us got a chance to talk to her other than Rupert.

So that comment you made about not trusting women — do you really think that’s going to help you score chicks in the future?
I don’t know. I hope it does.


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    jt .. u got played (lol).. great tv last nite.

    • joblo

      JT’s okay by me. He made some boneheaded moves but in the end he’s got the right perspective. It’s just a game and he isn’t going to be bitter about it, as it should be. This is the BEST season of Survivor ever so far, and if it finishes strong it will stay that way.

    • Rosalie

      I was so glad to see him go! He is beyond STUPID. Not very far behind is Colby, he pretty much told Parvati that they were not going to vote for her at tribal council. Stupid rednecks, they make us country folk look dumb. Colby, you are a shame to The Great State of Texas. Please make California your legal residence.

      • LC

        Stupid redneck making you look bad? I think you just did that yourself since JT is a lot richer than you are considering he already won on a survivor series. You people kill me with how fast you are to critize other people who actually made an effort.

      • Rosalie

        Dear LC, Just because you may have more money than someone else, it doesn’t make you a smart person. Money makes you rich and gives you a comfortable life, and some power. HOwever, money does not give you brain cells or knowledge.

      • Christie

        Evidently, ROSALIE, because YOU’RE DUMB!

        JT is smarter than you will ever be.

      • Kirstie

        JT is not the smartest, but it is not like he is an idiot. Just lay off. You know him through a television show! You should not judge people through that. THAT is stupid.

  • Lauren

    You’re such a dollface, JT! I’m sad to see you go, but we all saw it coming… I like the game you played this season; the letter was a risky move and I dig that. You’re a good guy for going out with your head held high. That’s hero material.

  • YX

    JT, I am so disappointed that you got voted off. I was in total shock when Parvati played the idols!
    I still love you though!

  • Sawadee

    Ah JT–the man’s man. I can appreciate the risk you took in giving the idol to Russell, but your play appeared to be pretty dismissive of women in general and your explaination of your end comment doesn’t make sense. If one of the women on your tribe tipped off Parvati, wouldn’t she play only one Idol? I mean, why would she play both Idols if she had inside information? My sense was that you were just angry that women had outmanuvered you strategically, but you could accept it if a man did.

  • deedee

    Still can’t fully own up to his boneheaded moves…always has to drag someone else into his explanations

    • CW

      All of them agreed to it – just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean it was a bad move. Had it worked it would have been HUGE!

      • nomoretrolls

        IF it worked it would have been huge, but it was still a boneheaded move because the chance of it working was so minuscule that it was stupid to take that kind of a chance. JT was blinded by his fear of women. He had no reason to trust Russell except his gender.

  • PR

    Sadly, we realize that it was Stephen that was the game player that propelled JT to win in his season. JT still doesn’t get it or won’t admit that he, like Tyson, voted himself out because Russel manipulated him. Don’t know how anyone can assume a “villian” is really a good guy. So sad. I liked JT.

    • nomoretrolls

      Russell didn’t have to manipulate JT. JT was so frightened of Parvati that he couldn’t even see Russell.

      • D


  • eks

    I was sure Parv would use that 2nd idol for herself! As much as I can’t stand her, she definitely knows how to play this game!

  • jared4ever

    The guy is a joke. He looked like an ass on the show and I was so happy he got played. He should never have been on the “heroes” tribe to begin with. Wishy washy, backwoods redneck. Cya!

  • CW

    JT We love you!! I was disappointed when you got voted off. This season is by far the best one ever!!

  • Jeff

    What a moron. Nice guy, but dumb as a doorknob. Amanda tried to warn JT about giving Russell the idol and he didn’t listen, so there was no we there. Rupert tried to warn JT, after what Sandra told him about Russell, but JT didn’t listen. Women didn’t get you voted off, stupid, Russell did.

  • Jimmyjohns

    Holy crap; lay off the poor guy about the “never trust women” comment. In his first answer he TOLD you that when he said it he didn’t know what was going on and thought he got played by a bunch of women who lied to him. Would you try to lighten up a bit?

    • nomoretrolls

      That comment was consistent with everything he has said and done in both of his seasons. His first choice has always been to target the women and accuse them of all sorts of nefarious game play. He is the walking definition of a misogynist.

      • Jimmyjohns

        BS. I watched Tocantins and didn’t see any misogyny. You feminists need to get the sand out of your vaginas. THAT is misogyny. Not anything JT has done.

      • nomoretrolls

        You need to watch Tocantins again. JT’s preferred targets for suspicion/eviction were always women. Also, I don’t happen to have a vagina, but your obvious hostility to them indicates that you may not be the best judge of what constitutes misogyny.

      • dg

        When given the change women in survivor will leap to a women’s alliance. The men in survivor need to account for that psychology. at the end TC it’s better for the women to compete against each other, and for the man to have whupped everyone bad.

  • B

    I love JT but i knew that he was doomed as soon as he gave russell the idol…Its not his fault he didnt know what a snake russell is

  • sls

    Hey Lynnette, speaking as a good ole Georgia girl, I don’t think JT has much of an accent -I think it’s all you damn Yankees that have the accent that’s hard to understand! JT got played by Russell, Russell got played by Parvati. And so it goes. That’s just Survivor at its very best! This show just gets better and better.

    • LC


  • Laura

    I think this season of survior is the best season ever. Even tho I can’t stand Paravti and Russel they have totally made this season great. I am still bummed that Boston Rob was voted off, but last nights episode was awesome. Totally caught off guard that she played both of them and gave them away. Why she gave it to Sandra Id don’t know, probably to form a girls alliance. Great Episode!

    • Kat62

      She gave the idol to Sandra, (1) to show the heroes she knew what they were up to, and, (2), to keep the villain numbers strong.

    • nomoretrolls

      She gave it to Sandra because she didn’t know which of them, Sandra or Jerri, was being voted off and would need it.

  • gink

    So easy to judge not being there. It was a bold move, and Pav and Rus did the same–they took risks-some pay off, some don’t.

    • D

      But it is better to take a smart risk than a dumb risk.

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