Exclusive: 'Legend of the Seeker' canceled

legend-of-seekerImage Credit: ABCHey, fans of Legend of the Seeker: You know that 11th hour stay of execution you were hoping for? Well, you can stop hoping now — I’m hearing from multiple sources that the cult fave has been axed.

The outlook had been bleak since last March, when many of Tribune Station Group’s markets dropped the syndicated series, which had been developed from Terry Goodkind’s fantasy novels by Hercules/Xena producers Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert. ABC Studios, which produces it, kept shopping it around. But, I’m told, they found no takers. So, after two action-packed seasons, Legend is history.

Any last thoughts/parting words/favorite memories as the series makes its way to that great TV show graveyard in the sky?

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  • Levi

    That completely SUCKS

    • SLB

      That TOTALLY SUCKS!!

      • Zeddicus “Zedd” Zu’l Zorander


        HOW COULD THEY – this is AWFUL news. Can’t they take it to SciFi or something. The cast on this show is wonderful – Craig Horner and Bridget Regan have wonderful chemistry together. My day is ruined. I hope they have time to resolve everything. I think they should get a movie – its a great series.

      • Zeddicus “Zedd” Zu’l Zorander

        If you guys want to see how good this show is try and watch the season 1 finale “Reckoning” – Kahlan’s sacrifice and love for Richard will break your heart. Bridget Regan and Craig Horner give excellent performances – that episode was the crown jewel of the series.

      • Zeddicus “Zedd” Zu’l Zorander

        THIS SUCKS!!
        Kahlan played by Bridget Regan has to EASILY be the most beautiful woman on tv. She and Cara were strong independent women with interesting roles, not toss away eye candy. This show had it all, New Zealand as its backdrop, interesting stories, fun quests, and wonderful acting by all of the cast. This is plain wrong.

      • MattyBee

        Too true, the woman who plays Cara has to be the most beautiful woman on TV :)

      • Becca

        LMFAO! Zeddicus “Zedd” Zu’l Zorander has been spamming EVERY Ausiello post for the last month promoting this show! And Ausiello finally does a post on it, only to announce its cancellation! The irony is killing me.

      • haha

        Take your Bridget Regan and raise you an Yvonne Strahovski.

      • Sam

        LOL Becca. That was a mean comment but it was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!! hahahaha

      • Chris

        Why do these stations start a show, you love it and can’t wait for it to come on week after week and then they drop it! This has happened with so many shows on TV in the past.

      • Lord Verso

        @haha I hear you on that!

      • bethodey

        Its not fair that they are cancelling the tv series, I will miss all the actors & actresses expecially, Richard, Kahlan, Cara and Zeddicus

      • Ariadne

        @haha … you can have Yvonne, I’d take Bridget and Tab any day over her :)

      • brandon


    • topher

      That show sucks.

      • Olivia

        Yeah it sucks kind of like how people shorten Christopher by saying Topher instead of Chris

      • Tego Livi

        I have enjoyed watching the show, but the plot was getting sillier and sillier all the time. Fantasy plots tend to get repetitive and silly, and in order to top previous events, the stories get more and more ridiculous. It was getting to where everyone has died multiple times, and everything we’ve been told has been contradicted. It might be better for this talented cast that the show was cancelled. Craig Horner and Bridget Regan should have no trouble finding work–and I hope they try their luck in Hollywood.

      • Gracie

        Why are you even commenting, loser, if you hate it?


      • joe the dirt

        Well, I am pleased to hear this news. A show of this caliber should be removed from the television schedule to make room for better shows, maybe something animated from that Family Guy guy. Seriously though, Legend of the Seeker is one of the worst shows I have ever seen. It’s about a guy who is looking for, or “seeking”, something. If he finds it, then the story, or “legend”, is over, and the series can finally be canceled. This would be good for everyone because, as I said before, it would make room for a better show.

      • LOTS Fan

        “topher” is just bitter. His show, that 70’s abomination, was canceled and everyone else has moved on. He probably thought he should have been cast as “Richard Sifer”. What a laugh that would be.

      • wakintes

        seeker is the best show ever made to mankind

      • DarvyO’Wolf

        Yes it’s sad
        how ever in my little space of the world they show it on a CBS Station
        At 1 AM Saturday night / Sunday morning and if you missed a week? no biggie they show the episode from the week you missed Sunday night /Monday morning 1 am
        Get the boxed sets ! Better Still? Read The Books! the Books and the show are two different worlds but that is for you to deside

      • iisk8

        Guess you aren’t a syfy watcher or your a complete pratt if you think LOTS wasn’t good. Same to you Je the Dirt.

      • SeekandDestroy

        Bottom line the show wasn’t good, and got abysmal ratings and that’s why the show was canceled.

        Of course there will be die-hard fans and those who fall a sleep and forget to turn off there tv who would of continued watching the show no matter how bad the show continued to get…

      • A_Wang

        @ Joe the Dirt:
        (1)Your overly simplistic and incorrect analysis of Richard’s title “the Seeker” indicates that you either haven’t watched the show or you’ve been lobotomized at some point in your life — the “Seeker” title is derived from the historical Seeker of Truth figure, who’s primary function is not to “seek something” as you incorrectly put it, but to generally combat false characters and to eradicate evil aberrations in the world. It has nothing to do with the ‘ultimate’ discovery of an object, as you seem to mistakenly believe – the title of Seeker is somewhat analogous to that of the Joker. If I were to take you at your word and interpret your words to mean that you’re a literalist, then would you assume that the purpose of the Joker’s character is only to tell jokes? There are different nuances and interpretations of a character’s title, which shouldn’t be compressed into a simple (and stunningly ignorant) semantic representation by someone who clearly has no idea of what’s actually going on in the show/books …
        (2) I want to be clear that while I am also a Family Guy fan, I have actually followed the creator’s other animated endeavors and have found them sorely wanting. I didn’t really enjoy either the Cleveland Show or American Dad, and Family Guy itself seems to be getting sillier and more repetitive as the seasons continue to drag on … Not that I’ve stopped watching it [still pretty funny], but Family Guy is not a perfect show either.
        (3) You’re probably one of those … people … who got Firefly canceled, too.

      • Jonathan

        When the show started I was prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt. I have read the “Sword of Truth” books on which “Seeker” is based.
        I would ‘probably’ have enjoyed the series more if I had not. I for one will NOT speak ill of the show as it was a ‘decent’ show if judged on it’s own merits but I could never get past how little it had to do with Goodkind’s work.

      • Kit Taylor

        if this show sucks,then it sucks as much as you do!!!!

      • Coral

        I miss Legend of the Seeker already.
        I love that show.
        For all you haters out there;
        Not everyone will love all of the same shows. Im positive that you like shows that many other people think are stupid.
        There is no need for you to take the time to write a negitive comment.
        If you dont like the show,then dont watch it.Why do you think that fans of the show want your two cents anyways?

      • Tinna

        Well your mom sucks but I don’t complain so shut up

      • tamara

        You suck you don’t enjoy good shows

    • TheBest

      This is the BEST news I have heard all day.

      FINALLY, the stupid LOTS posts will stop on the EW boards.

      • Hope

        Ditto it’s probably a good show and all that, but it really gets a annoying with all the random posts on the other boards.

      • Allie

        isn’t it “lost”, not “lots” lol. i saw a few episodes of the show, but it wasn’t nearly as good as hercules and xena shows(the same person did legend of the seeker and also those 2 shows).

      • Vikki Sixx

        No, Allie…it is LOTS as in Legend Of The Seeker. Acronyms aren’t your thing, are they?

      • Mark

        @Vikki Sixx

        I take it that subtle humor (pointing out another show that tends to dominate threads and forums) isn’t exactly your thing.

      • Trixter

        It is (was) a silly show. I tried numerous times to get into it but just never could. That said, I hope to see Miss Regan in something again soon.

      • A_Wang

        @ Mark — [quoting from Allie]
        “The same person did Legend of the Seeker and also those two shows” …
        Being able to distinguish between stupidity and subtle humor isn’t exactly your thing is it? Seriously; it’s her second sentence in a two-sentence post.

    • Chappel

      Yeah… totally sucks. It’s one of my favorite shows.

      • Governor

        I agree with you IT IS ALSO MY FAVORITE.

      • Victoria

        I toooootally agree! I watch this show all the time. Never missed an episode.

      • joy

        it broke my heart to hear that my one and only legent of the seeker has been canceled.how could u people do this to me? i fell in love with this particular moving like never before and you guys just take it away from me like that.is not fair,not fair at all.i wish i could just see my cast one more time,i wish i could…..seeker,kl,zed,cara,i will miss you all.

      • joy

        my best moving

      • The French Turtle

        I think this was realy sad. I really looked forward to another season. Even if I’m a recent viewer, and live in france, I was crushed knowing this show had been canceled.
        I also think haters are useless in a discussion like this one. If you neither like or watch the show there’s no need saying you’re happy it’s canceled.
        I think it’s a loss for all of us and before canceling a show like this, they should … I don’t know, find a solution to make sure they’re not losing THAT much. But sadly we can’t do much from where we stand. The only solution would be for one of us to become a TV chanel president or something.
        Anyways, I will bare the loss of this show for a very long time, even though I haven’t known it long. Knowing it has been canceled ruins my MONTH (and not DAY).
        I think we (fans) will morn for a long time and our grief (and anger) will keep on growing.

    • darclyte

      Bummer. I was hoping that it either would get renewed or perhaps moved to the ABC Family Channel or some other network…even the SyFy channel. This season has been pretty good on the whole and the writing and acting has been much better than the first season. It’s clearly a certain appeal and not as wide as one would hope for, but they knew that going in. I’m very sad to see it go. I can only hope that the same fate doesn’t befall Chuck.

      • Lord Verso

        If Seeker and Chuck were to both go, an emotional day that would indeed be. (Chuck has to be safe mind, averages almost 4x the viewers of Seeker) If the 3rd season doesn’t come into fruition maybe a couple feature lengths could quell our need?

    • Jason

      It’s a sad day in television when a great show like ‘Seeker’ can’t make it beyond 2 seasons, yet the reality dreck the networks spew forth…well, nuff said.

      Yes, we can certainly fault the various stations for a horrendous lack of promotion, and also fault Tribune for being such jerks, as well. Exactly what will you be shoving down our throats instead, Trib? No wonder you’re bankrupt.

      Craig and Bridget…we’ll always love you and your wonderful chemistry and storytelling. Cara and Zed, too.

      • Jason

        One more thing: Folks, this should really wake you up to one fact: If you truly want a series to remain on the air, you not only have to be a REGULAR TV VIEWER (not a DVR or online viewer), and also need to drum up other viewer support, as well. The networks obviously are not putting forth one speck of effort to publicize certain shows.

      • richard

        I AGREE!!

      • Sarah L

        The networks need to find a better way of gauging what people are watching. DVR’s and Online viewing is what people do now. I’m in the 18-49 demographic and I can only watch that way. The series may not have followed the books but it was trying to gain viewers who may not have had the patience to remain otherwise. I am losing faith in networks. Every show that is remotely interesting gets canceled. LOTS had potential. The characters were finally becoming more real and interesting. This is truly disheartening.

      • jr

        Actually it is completely irrelevant how *you* watch the show since if you watch it directly when it airs they have no way of knowing… It is just a fact. They have households they monitor, those people need to watch it when it airs. The rest of you are just imagining your support since it cannot be measured.

      • omar

        we need to do something i swear i think i have been like killed i need season 3 or i will not survive this sad feeling in my heart!!

      • spectatores

        Well, following the “bottom line” thinking paradigm to all of the mentioned downs of the show – the show wasn’t funny, being NOT a comedy, and it had lousy ratings among many social/racial/sexual/religious groups in America.

        So – the “bottom line” solution for the screenplay writers, is to make a COMEDY, another Black-Hispanic-Jewish-Irish-Gay-Lesbian-Muslim-Greek comedy about Richard Cypher and Kahlan Amnell fighting off the evil in the Midlands.
        Europeans wouldn’t watch it, of course *(they liked this version better, stupid Europeans), but who cares, the movie INDUSTRY is located in the U.S. anyway. The ratings would be sky high…

      • joy

        i don’t think i will survive without the season 3 of legent of the seeker

      • joy

        i agree with you…is not fair

    • lilly

      Why isn’t SyFy buying this series? I mean, they air it, why not buy into it too?

      • Ashley

        It’s a first-run syndication show. No particular network owns the rights to air it.

      • TR

        I think Lilly is asking why SyFy doesn’t just buy the rights since it’s now been canceled?

        I guess the cost was too great for SyFy to manage.

      • Ben

        SciFi’s too busy airing cinematic jewels like “Mega Pirahna” and “Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus” to worry about snatching up LOTS.

    • m.a.Frank

      who makes these decisions??!! I have seen some of the upcoming shows; keep the seeker loose something else.

      • m.a.Frank

        you people are the reason we watch reruns

    • John R

      This sucks that the show is cancelled. can’t help but think if it had been more true to the books it would have had a better following. I am the only person i know that has read the books and could still stand the show, so many crucial aspects were changed

      • Max

        @John R Thats so true, i read the entire series and i was really excited when i heard about the legend of the seeker, but after watching the few episodes i knew this show would not last. They skipped so many crucial twists in plots and character development. This show does not do justice to the books, hopefully someone will make a series/movie one day that ties in more closely with the books.

      • Defskins

        That is absolutely the case with me. I watched one episode and the actor that played Richard just didn’t fit the “book” Richard, at all.

      • VicVan

        @Max I totally agree. I enjoyed the show but it was too different from the book and eventually it backfired.

      • Deadpool

        @Max I’m not surprised by the cancellation at all. It probably took the network this long to get around to watching an episode and realize just what it was that they were airing. I’m so disappointed in how they approached this show. I was one of the many that didn’t watch.

      • BradH

        Agreed. They destroyed the entire plot of Wizard’s First Rule in the first episode. I wrote off the series at that point. I later made myself ‘catch up’ and watch all the episodes, just for the benefit of doubt. I then had to re-read the full series (just finished) to get those horrid thoughts out of my head. I really feel sorry for Terry Goodkind and seeing his work so utterly destroyed in this fashion.

      • hawk941

        I was very excited when I saw the show while channel surfing (never once saw any ads for it). I quickly realized that they just used the characters and certain facts/events/items from the books to create a mash-up show. Very disappointing.

      • Jerry

        Yea the show changed the books completely the only thing I’m looking forward to is Terry Goodkinds new book featuring Kahlan and Richard coming out next year

      • Cheryl

        I read the series and loved it. If the show followed exactly, it would have been boring. This way the characters are familiar yet its like a new chapter.

        It also was getting better. I was a Zena and Hercules fan and this rates higher for me.

      • Save our Seeker!

        @ Max
        Tue 04/27/10 8:50 AM

        what show has EVER been as good as the books?

        do you know how long it would take to make a tv series and include ALL the major plots and twists?

        that would be too long for the “average” tv watcher..

        its still a good series in itself.. no its not spot on w/ the books..
        but i find joy in BOTH. i do not try to compare.. you CANT compare ANY tv show/movie with any book ever.. it just will NEVER stand up to the book and the personal image you have in your head of how the story goes..

        that personal joy from the books is just that personal and different from person to person.

        when making a tv show you need to appeal to ALLLLLLL types of people and genre’s etc

        you get my point. the show was great.
        the book’s were great..

        lets just love them both!!!

      • jasonw

        ive read the books also and im a huge fan of the show yes the missed alot of the crucial aspects but it is a tv show i just wish they would keep it on it is a very good show

      • Norablind

        Well the books are fantastic, and I agree you can’t compare books to a show/movie they won’t be the same. You have to get out of the mind set of comparing the two, but for myself, it got to the point of ridiculousness the creator accusing Richard of being a servant of the Keeper and Darken Rahl returning from the dead. The story line was getting out of hand. Hopefully, some other company will buy the rights and keep the actors but scratch the writers.

      • daniel

        i have read the books and i was very mad when it went to far from the story but after a few more episodes it was prty good it was a good show but the books were way better lol if they would have kept the books storyline they would have had a lot more viewers

      • Victoria

        Well, yes the show isn’t like the books, but you got to admit, a lot of movies are made from books that aren’t very similar either, and the movies made great hits.

      • Josie

        John R…No! you are not the only one who has read the books and can stand the show. I’ve read the whole series, have both 1st & 2nd season DVD’s and still miss the show. Richard & Kahlan were evolving into something even more special…So, I’m writing my own Season 3! Good luck Craig and Bridget..hope to see you again.

      • Lisa

        Omg thank you for spelling cancelled correctly!!!!!!! Learn how to spell people!!! LOL! But yes, I am currently with other LOTS fans rallying for a season 3!!!!

    • JimC

      OH NO!!! A Saturday afternoon show is canceled!!! LOL No one cares because virtually no one watched.

      • Jack

        Hey guess what? Well over 2 million people care and it aired Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon, AND Sunday late-night in addition to being available online. It was an AWESOME show so F*** YOU!

      • SeekandDestroy

        Seeker was a bad series with a lame ass love story that was not believable.

        Glad the show is canceled and maybe abc will try a better scripted scfi next time.

      • A_Wang

        @ JimC — Why do you LOL when no one cares because virtually no one watched? QED.

      • Tinna

        Seekand destroy your a f***** b****** get a life and quit hating and ps your parents have a lame ass love
        Story so shut up!

    • jodipo

      I know. I haven’t been this bummed about a cancellation since Firefly

      • seniordatematch

        terrible news, bbwfriends

      • A_Wang

        @ jodipo — Agreed. People who cheer at LOTS’ cancellation are analogous to those who preferred SG-1 over Firefly — mind-boggling.

    • Raven

      This totally, sucks. WB you finally had a show worthy of watching even though it came on at 5 in the afternoon and you’re letting it go. I mean where does it end. Craig and Bridgette have insane chemistry and i love the fact that both the female leads are actually female leads and not just sex toys. Please re-think what you are doing and bring back our show. Long Live “Legend of the Seeker”.

    • Emme


    • Kehm

      kinda figured this show would get cancelled with how garbage the acting was it was kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. The “LEAST” they could have done was end the second series with an ending that gave closure. too many writers nowadays leave open ended stories with hopes of picking up a new season. well thats stupid if people like it they will continue to watch it whether you leave us with a cliffhanger or not.

    • JErry

      All I have to say is WTF!

    • brandon

      LOL THANK GOD!!! What do you get when you put together BAD ACTING,BAD DIRECTING, and BAD PRODUCING??? you get cancelled, this show was soooo dumb… im so glad it is gone

    • brandon

      Guys no one bought it because only 100 peopple tuned in every episode, omg can acting or directing get any worse than this>???? if you want to watch a good tv show go watch Merlin… this Seeker show is just garbage, obviously you all like it and hate me but come on, i could spend hours talking about how everything they did didnt make sense, acting bad.. etc etc

  • Luciana

    Nooooooooooooooo!!! Just when I discovered the show they just had to go and ax it?! Isn’t there any hope at all?

    • Suze

      I know, right? But new episodes at 5pm on a Saturday?? seriously?? I’m sad… this show was superbly acted by everyone (except that dude that plays Zed, ugh couldn’t stand him)…

      • S

        I know! It’s Tribune’s own damn fault- 5pm on a saturday for god’s sake?! And when has ANYONE ever seen a single ad or tv spot for it except right after the show when they preview the next week’s episode? GAAAAAA! NOT PLEASED

      • nicstepro

        try 2-3 am on a sunday! on the rare occasion i’v seen it…

      • marionravenwood

        This show has it all – comic, complex, creative characters, breathtaking scenery, entertaining plots, super suave and sexy Craig Parker. This is so unjust. It was never marketed correctly and had an abyssmal time slot. There is no justice in the world.

      • darclyte

        It was on at 7pm on Sunday here, which was a great time. I think my local market carrier was happy with it.

      • Fiona

        It was 12 am Monday morning for me. Awful timing. But I watched it every week. I *loved* it. It was my favorite show on TV.

      • Tego Livi

        We got it at 8pm on Saturday, then the same episode was repeated on Sunday afternoon at 3pm the following Sunday (8 days later).

    • No

      Awesome! It is about time!!!!!

      • laura

        i see you have no taste for fun fantasy shows.

      • Carolyn L Cossiboom

        you have no taste at all

      • SeekandDestroy

        c’mon you would have to be mentally retard to like LOTS

        The first season he was barely able to kill anyone the next season he is slicing and dicing where is the believability in the character development.

        Second each episode had more plot cracks than the keeper cud ever hope to create.

        Why is the noble seeker in one of the episodes so willing to take the risk and give away all his haan for love when the whole world is depending on him, that is pretty selfish and not a trait of a true hero.

      • Adam

        Well if you didn’t like the development in the TV series which i love btw go read the Sword of Truth book series i bet you will like it

      • brandon

        Right i cant beleive this show made it past the 2nd episode

  • devastated


  • dcr

    Would have thought maybe Syfy could have been a good home for it. They could pair it with “Merlin”.

    • Matthew

      I was thinking the same thing, or possibly stick it on ABC Family and actually ADVERTISE it!

      • B

        Agreed. A Merlin/Seeker night sounds better than an SGU/Merlin night. The two would go well together.

      • LOTS

        “Seeker” may be too dark for ABCFamily.

      • TR

        Nah, around season 3 ABC Family loses all interest in a show.

        Being a Kyle XY fan, I can tell you this for certain. Yeah I’m still bitter.

    • zeplady

      It’s too good a show to land on SyFy. The special effects alone are much better than anything SyFy usually shows.

      • Skeptics0FT

        There are alot of people who need to take a step back and think about the fact that nowadays, anything is possible.

        One – Seeker isn’t gone forever. (Duh)
        two – OVERALL the show was a great addition to the storyline that so many fans loved that just couldn’t handle the fact that it was over. Disney gave us all a glimpse to what the story would have looked like in real life. What more could you all ask for ?
        Three = I’ll agree, i had probly 70% of the episodes make me mad to the extreme but its still there, and all these people worked extremely hard to get it done so we could watch.
        and Four, someone mentioned when the last story put into series showed alot of the twists and plot changes – Well how bout Avatar the airbender ? How about the hanibal series ? . those are just some examples.

        My advise guys, honestly, if your gonna reckon that all time and effort was wasted on something that was given to us as a gift. how bout you consider the words in terrys books that ramble on and on and on, and i quote ” Use your Head ”

    • Melissa

      Crap! I didn’t realize that SyFy had purchased Merlin! That would be a good pairing.

      • Macfish

        This is really silly…me n my boo hv bn waiting 4 d next episodes… ABC U suck…

    • Joel

      Yeah…..Seeker followed by Merlin. that would be a great pairing. Hopefully someone from SyFy is reading these posts!!!

  • Styrch

    I must admit, I hated the first season being a fan of the books. But the second season got much better. Pacing was still a little slow. But it was getting good! I agree this would have done well on SyFy. I am dissapointed they gave up on it.

    • Mary

      I think this is what disappoints me most of all. It was only getting better and better. A third season would’ve been amazing.

    • redrabbit

      I agree with you completely, however going to the SyFy network just doesn’t work. I mean this show deservers more than that. Let them have a chance at BBC, and i mean they will rock on that channel for sure!!!

  • Janice

    Given that the episode before last made absolutely no sense with the previously developed story it isn’t entirely shocking. I’ll miss Richard’s abs though.

    • Becks

      I’m with you on the abs thing Janice. I watched the show regularly for the eye candy – not the stories. The books were FAR better in the storytelling department than the tv show. I get that a series can’t stay identical to the book, but there were so many unecessary departures for this that I was often yelling at the writers. That said, if you forget about the books (or have never read them), the tv show is pretty enjoyable. Sad to see it go.

      • Lord Verso

        When will people get over the fact that books have no constraints and are the purest imagining of a tale. TV shows have to work hard to encapsulate elements from these tales and given the constraints I feel Seeker did well and is getting better. Why do you want it to be identical to the book you read it already!

  • Laura

    Ohhhh, this makes me so terribly sad. I love this show. Why is it that the BBC can produce material like this constantly (Robin Hood, Merlin) and as soon as something sci fi/fantasy is on a mainstream station on the US, it’s axed? Boo. Seeker, you will be missed.

    • celawren

      Because Merlin is ten times better than Seeker. Although I will miss Seeker.

      • JUSTIN


      • Dex

        Wow..best show ever? A Hercules/Xena style show based on a mediocre set of fantasy novels that only exist to promulgate more? I gave up when Richard was building some statues in another kingdom, realizing that Goodkind was never going to truly resolve anything…just keep things going as long as he could milk money out of poor saps.

      • Boo

        I’ve watched a few episodes of “Merlin.” Even if you set aside that the creators decided to seriously screw around with Arthurian legend and mythology, the fact is that it’s poorly written, poorly acted, and so ridiculously “politically correct” in its casting that I can’t imagine too many people wanting to watch it at all.

      • Jossie

        I love both Merlin, and Seeker, but Legend of the Seeker is better than Merlin.

      • jasonw

        dex it all come sto an end in the final three books you shoul d read the rest of them

      • Adrian

        9 million tune in every week still to watch merlin on the BBC.

  • Marl

    No ‘effin way!

  • Flave

    Nooooo, I love this show, it’s great and different, it’s so enjoyable, they can’t do this!

  • Jeffrey Jefferson

    Noooo!!! Although i expected it to happen after i heard ‘Kahlan’ had been cast in Smallville as Wonder Woman, hearing it is still just as painful! Richard Cypher you will be missed! RIP :'(

    • Jen

      Bridget wasn’t cast as Wonder Woman, that was just an April Fools joke posted over at ‘Kryptonsite’, a Smallville fansite.

      I can’t believe they canceled it, that just sucks! And crap like Melrose Place or 90210 is still on… :(

      • Desmo

        No I’m pretty sure those have been canceled.

      • Jen

        Melrose is a goner, I’m sure. Not yet confirmed, though. But it’s confirmed that 90210 has been renewed. I can’t believe there are like a million reality tv shows going into nth season but Legend of the Seeker gets canceled. Sucks.

      • wakintes

        I know right that’s some old bull

  • Bethany

    I just wish they would have cancelled it earlier so they would have been able to wrap up the season nicely, but I guess that’s not happening.

  • Steph

    well that just ruined my day :(!!!

    • Rachel

      Mine too. :(

      • psyche

        ya, count me in for day ruined :(

      • elizabeth

        Add me to the list!!!

    • Tinna

      Me too ):

  • Jeffrey

    Noooo!!! Richard Cypher you will be missed! RIP :'(

  • mo

    I tried to like this show, really I did. I found it the most boring fantasy show ever, even worse than BBC America’s “Robinhood” and that’s saying something!
    So, it does not surprise me that it is canceled.

    • laura

      seriously? you must not have an understanding of the fantasy genre. i would guess your favorite show is law and order?

      • shiny666

        zing! that’s all i have for now. now, mo, go back to watching “American Idol” and “The Tonight Show”. zing!

    • LOTS

      I cannot even UNDERSTAND how you could find this series boring. Lots of action, mythology, tragic losses, hard choices, beautiful people, humor…the positive elements go on and on.

    • iisk8

      Really, you think Demons, & HEX were better, don’t know what planet you live on..

  • Andrea

    This is disappointing news. This was the one show I made a point of watching on Saturday evenings. I guess I’ll have to wait for Terry Goodkind’s new book to get my fix of Kahlan and Richard.

    • nigel

      sorry andrea terry finished writing sword series 5 years ago
      heis latest book is a crime series

      • Jill

        The Sword of Truth series is over, but he’s writing another book titled The Omen Machine due to be out early 2011

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