'NCIS' stars seek bumps in pay; How much is Michael Weatherly worth?

ncisImage Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBSUPDATE 4/30: EW.com has confirmed that CBS TV Studios has closed a new deal with David McCallum, who plays Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard.

With NCIS preparing to wrap its seventh season on April 29, the cast has plenty to crow about: The CBS drama is not only averaging 18.94 million viewers (up 5% versus last season), it’s the most-watched scripted show of the year. So it’s hardly any wonder that co-stars Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo), Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto), David McCallum (Dr. Mallard) and Sean Murray (Timothy McGee) are looking to score bigger salaries before the show returns next fall.

Their actions are not exactly earth-shattering; the four actors are at the end of their traditional seven-year contracts so CBS expects them to seek bumps in pay (star/producer Mark Harmon is already a lock, while co-stars Cote De Pablo, who plays Ziva David, and Rocky Carroll, as Leon Vance, have deals that reportedly expire next year). The real question is how much CBS is willing to pay the four stars moving forward: Deadline.com is reporting that the company dangled low-ball offers, which stalled negotiations. Representatives for CBS declined to comment. Last year, CBS TV Studios, as well as other production companies, attempted to institute a pay freeze with its stars, but that didn’t include actors who were at the end of their deals.

Fortunately, there is plenty of time to iron out new deals. Though it’s unclear when a resolution will occur, it seems likely that new contracts will be in place – and Weatherly, Paulette, McCallum and Murray will be back where fans want them – by the time NCIS resumes production in July. Stay tuned.

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  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Yeah I don’t see this being a big deal, CBS isn’t going to kill their golden goose and with 4 actors behind each other, CBS is going to come to an understanding/

    • Ceballos

      I wouldn’t be so sure.

      If I recall, CBS fired temporarily fired George Eads and Jorja Fox from “CSI” (when THAT was the top show on TV) when they asked for more money. The actors claimed it was all a misunderstanding, but it seems like CBS doesn’t play around.

      That being said, it seems like a deal will get done, by the tone of this article.

      • xia

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    • znachki

      Well, they apparently haven’t had a raise in seven years – unless they have automatic bumps or the like in their contracts. If that’s the case I’d say they are due for a raise.

      • Shuler

        NCIS is beyond overrated. I have repeatedly tried to watch it and while Mark Harmon is a good actor the rest of the cast and the plotlines were ridiculous and sorry for a better adjective:cheesy! I agree with the poster below – Weatherly (who I didn’t know his name) is GENERIC in all aspects.

      • m.

        Usually actors have bump in every year the show is on air. I think they ask for more, because show is very popular.

    • Rev. Scot A. Christensen

      I am a big fan of NCIS, a matter a fact is the best of my opinion of the 4 shows like this. I have been in the funeral buisness and ministry and find this show
      very relaxing and entertaining. I agree that its not going to kill to give these actors a raise to keep the show together.
      Again, what a winderful show. Scott

      • Wayensi of Kapolei

        AMEN to that Reverend! :)

    • laura

      they show would suck with out them…

      • lanj

        i agree. the chemistry that the entire cast have is what makes NCIS a weekly ‘must’ watch.

        am hoping that the whole team will be back for season 8. CBS…please don’t disappoint the viewers who have made this show a stupendous success!

    • ashlee

      With the exception of DiNozzo,who is the most annoying and irrelavent character, the other actors sould be given upgrades.

      • kendra

        you must b kidding!Dinozzos humor and ball busting is hysterical!

      • mike

        without tony no show-

  • jetGibbs

    This IS the same network that pays Charlie Sheen over three quarters of a million per episode, correct? If the network wants to keep the NCIS talent, they need to pay for that talent.

    Wasn’t it EW that reported last year that raises were frozen on the CBS dramas? These guys have worked long and hard on the #1 drama on TV. I hope CBS pays them what they’re worth.

    • Jenn

      I don’t know – the writing’s been so bad on the show this season, I find myself hoping PP and MW leave so I can look forward to their next gigs. I don’t think any of the actors are generic (well, maybe SM, but he’s adorable, at least) – they’ve just been given crap to do this season.

  • Dee

    Hopefully I get it. I can’t handle my team getting split up.

  • tejas

    They’re worth whatever it takes to keep them on the show… *if* CBS values NCIS enough to keep them. Weatherly, Perrette and McCallum along with Harmon are the core of the show. Without them, it sinks.

  • tomm

    Mike Weatherly looks like thousands of other guys in yuppie-towns all over the US. He can be replaced by anohter look alike from central casting.

    • as

      try again….NCIS wouldn’t be what it is without Harmon & Weatherly leading the cast. But why is it that EW is so focused on *his* worth?

    • tejas

      Well, he is a tall human male in his 40s with brown hair and green eyes, so yeah, if that’s all you’re going by, I guess so. Most of us appreciate his talent, as well.

      • CJ

        I don’t…sorry

      • May

        I don’t either, sorry as well. NCIS is a nice show all the same.

  • Joanna

    They better give the cute goth girl whatever she wants. I’m done watching if they get rid of her.

    • Mike

      That’s cute goth woman, she’s 41

      • Jack

        Agreed. It was cute in teh beginning…now it’s almost sad…like a 40 year old guy that lives in a basement and keeps his action figures in display cases

      • Joanna

        She looks good for 41.

  • as

    Is this the network that pays Chris & LL 300k per episode? No Michael Weatherly….No NCIS…he is just as important as MH is to the show as are the other 3. If the network is willing to pay cdp, it should be willing to pay them all.

    • DJ

      Chris and LL were also established, veteran, multi-millionaires BEFORE they were ever cast for the show. You have to look at salary history just like you would do in any other job.

  • as

    & would EW care to explain exactly WHY the article title is focused on MW when there are 4 actors total in negotiations? Why is the worth of only Michael Weatherly in question here? Will EW do the same next season when other contracts are up?

  • Charlotte

    Those guys are worth every penny! They seriously make this show. I’m so glad that this show is doing well. For a while, it was kind of this little show that could and few shows get better and better. I didn’t think I could handle it when Kate was killed off in season 2 but I’m still committed to this show! I LOVE TIVA!

  • Emily

    That is the thing about this show. They couldn’t get rid of anyone because people loves everyone. Every character makes the show what it is. Get rid of any of them and people will stop watching.

    • Vicky

      I agree. All members make the team complete. Remember “JAG?” The show didn’t last long after the Admiral left, and he wasn’t considered a main character. I don’t know that that had anything to do with it, but it seems suspicious. Keep the entire team together, CBS!

      • Kathy

        JAG was canceled now because John M. Jackson left, but because Donald Bellisario decided David James Elliott wasn’t essential to the show’s success. CBS disagreed, and without him in the lead, canceled the chow.

  • ExWisie

    Didn’t Les Moonves just call the NCIS shows a billion dollar franchise? Seems like they could throw a few crumbs to the folks making it happen.

  • tara

    one thing is for sure, if mark or michael or cote or abby or sean ends up leaving th show, especially mark, michael or cote; the ratings and viewership will decrease big time…cbs might as well kiss ncis good bye, cause mark and michale are the show and loads of fans love them, myself included….and i think that sm, dm, mw, cp and pp deserves a proper raise, cause they are hardworking and they do they best to make ncis #1…so cbs should give them the raise they deserve..or else their #1 scripted show will die! oh, and i will cry and die :(

    • as

      Think it’s more MW, MH, PP & DMc – the original 4 – that the show needs to worry about losing…more specifically MW & MH. THe show could definitely survive losing CdP they’ve lost their female agent & other female leads before with no ill effects. Losing MW &/or MH would kill the show.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Hey, hey, hey! Loves me my Ziva! They tried to clone her ‘tough chick’ style in NCIS:LA and, no offense to the ex-cop character in that show but she’s no Ziva. Anyway, altogether, it’s the ensemble which really makes the show work.

      • tejas

        Actually, Kinsey (sp?) is the best character on LA and a *much* better character than Ziva.

  • tara

    for anyone who is updated on ncis, remember there are rumors that gibbs might die or something bad might happen to him?? well in the artilce they say “mark harmon is already a lock” does that mean that he will be in season 8 and he will not die or leave end of seaosn 7?? PLEASE ANYBODY, ANSWER ME IF U KNOW!!!!!!!! thanks :)

    • Joanna

      There’s rumors someone else will die, but not Gibbs. He’s safe.

    • well duh

      They aren’t going to kill him off and then pay him for another season to NOT be on the show.

    • Leah

      When they say Mark Harmon “is already a lock” just means that he’s already ‘locked’ into a contract for next season.

  • tara

    btw, the others are just as important as mw…so stop focusing on his “worth” the others are worth just as much as him!!!!! :p

  • Jenna Fawn

    As a recent NCIS junkie, I don’t care what they have to do to keep the cast uber intact. They are all pricelessly talented actors who continue to deliver top notch performances and consistently keep the hope for quality scripted shows alive. When history looks back, NCIS will be held in the same high regards as shows like MASH, Gunsmoke, and the A-Team. NCIS Forever!!!!!!

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