Scoop: I spy a 'Chuck' pickup!

chuck-leviImage Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBCRather, my spies spy a Chuck pickup. And really, isn’t that better?

Multiple sources confirm that NBC is expected to do the right thing and renew the action comedy for a fourth season. Per one insider, the show has thus far figured into all of the network’s preliminary plans for its May 17 upfront presentation.

Although a 13-episode pickup is the most likely scenario, my moles suggest that there’s also chance the show could be given a full season order.

An NBC rep had no comment. Series creator Josh Schwartz, meanwhile, says not to believe the hype. Renewal? “That’s news to me,” he swears. “I would urge fans to take nothing for granted… and watch tonight’s all-new episode, guest-starring Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd, and the return of Anna Wu (Julia Ling).”

Listen to the man. And NBC, listen to the fans. Chuck fans, the comments section below is all yours. Post away!

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  • mindonlost

    This gives me hope. I LUV Chuck and it continues to entertain me every Monday night. Please NBC do the right thing!!!!!

    • Hope

      YAY!!! I don’t want my hopes to be raised to high. But have to take good news as a blessing. Fingers continue to be crossed till official word. Thx Mike. :)

    • darclyte

      Agreed. I just wish that there was good news for LotS too, such as that it got picked up by ABC Family or SyFy…but alas…

      • marty

        I’m guessing that you mean Lost.

        Back in season three, the producers of the show negotiated to end the show after the sixth season. They WANTED the show to end after its sixth season, so that their story could be brought to a logical conclusion, rather than being forced to drag out the series through an indefinite number of seasons with “filler” episodes.

      • Billy

        No Marty, darclyte means Legend of the Seeker.

      • Brett

        Yes, unfortunately. These LotS fans seem to lurk around every TV related blog waiting for an opportunity to plug a now-defunct mediocre series.

    • Jeffrey Wack

      I agree – do the right thing NBC and don’t crush my soul the way ABC did when they cancelled Pushing Daisies.

      • Jill H.

        Couldn’t have said it better!

  • JosieG

    Oh, please, please, please! This would make my week!!

    • LOL

      CHUCK ME!

  • Ally

    From your lips and fingers to TPTB! Plz renew Chuck!

  • Jenny

    YES PLEASE!! Chuck is one of the best shows on TV right now! 13 episodes is just not enough. I need the full season. Please NBC! You can’t deny Chuck has devoted fans. Do the right thing!

    • kristytru

      I agree, I just love love Chuck this is good news.

    • Hannah

      Yes DO THE RIGHT THING !!! They need 22 episodes !!

  • brandy

    NBC, you really can’t afford to do anything else that will make millions of passionate TV watchers hate you. Do the right thing!

  • bob


  • Matt

    Please watch Chuck tonight everyone. We can’t suffer another ratings drop. If anything, watch and hope that Chuck calls Christopher Lloyd

  • Matt

    Please watch Chuck tonight everyone. We can’t suffer another ratings drop. If anything, watch and hope that Chuck calls Christopher Lloyd doc at some point.

    • Matt

      Sorry didn’t mean to double post

  • JessChuckNorris

    THIS MAKES ME SMILE! ID LIKE TO CONTINUE MY SERIES OF “Chuck (my nickname) Watching CHUCK, wearing Chucks!”


  • Justin

    Excellent news.. Chuck is definitely the funnest show on TV. I will be watching in force as well as the whole family and friends. I certainly hope NBC picks up a full season. I would like to see what Schwartz/Fedak and company can up with going in knowing that they have a full season to play with.

  • Jen

    I like how you say “NBC is expected to do the right thing”… because it’s true.

    NBC, this is your best show, do the right thing and renew it. Nielsen ratings are not a true way to count us millions of Chuck fans. Trust me, we are glued to this show LIVE, Online, and with DVR and Tivo.

    You think NBC will read my little message above? most likely not :)

    • John

      I agree, NBC has suffered badly in the past season (Jay Leno anyone?) It is severely lacking in good shows. And plus, Chuck would go well with that new spy show they picked up

    • Neerja


      You can post a message through’s Comments section – click on their “contact us” link at the bottom left corner of their website. I just did this, because CHUCK is so worth saving. We need all the votes we can get!

      • Vladislav

        Lars-Krugman has a blog entry on how bloggers are addnig to the econmics discourse. I posted this comment. I hope you and Nunes post comments too. Excellent open-mined commentary by Krugman.Scott Sumner (The Money Illusion) and the rise of the Market Monetarists is the current example of the blogosphere opening up discourse to new people. Market Monetarists believe in the Fed publicly and transparently targeting nominal GDP, through conventional and unconventional means. Goldman Sachs recently issued a report saying the same thing. The bloggers brought this idea into the mainstream.

  • jen

    VIVA LA CHUCK! please god let this come true.

  • maria

    oh that would be perfect :D

  • Miss

    hope it’s not true. Chuck is completely unwatchable, and should be gone from NBC’s sked for something a bit more decent. They need to a real shake up to survive, not more of the same crap.

    • Everett

      In my opinion, Chuck is excellent. It’s some of the last real “Feel-Good” TV out there; the diametric opposite of Breaking Bad (which I also love). In fact, NBC has had that category locked up since Pushing Daisies was canceled, with the passed before it’s time My Name is Earl and now at least, Community. Their main problem is that almost all of their good in-house shows over the past half-decade have been passed on and picked up by rivals to great success; House, Eureka, Battlestar Galactica come to mind.

      • Deebo

        Please do not talk about Breaking Bad in same sentence as the garbage they call “Chuck”…Chuck is hands down the most idiotic show on TV and its fans are delusional psychos…Breaking Bad best show on TV!!

      • Melanie

        Hey @Deebo, SHUT THE HELL UP.
        Chuck is the BEST television show NBC has. It would be the right thing to do to give Chuck a fourth season. Go Chuck!

      • googliezoo

        I simply cannot understand this attitude of hoping a show you don’t personally like gets cancelled. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Simple! I’m not some rabid uber-fan that can find no fault with Chuck (it’s been a bit uneven this season, but much improved since they got rid of boring Shaw and finally ended the will they/won’t they with Chuck and Sarah) but it’s still consistently fun, escapist tv for me, and one of my favorites.

      • Brett

        Even I have to call “Shenanigans” on you for this one, Deebo. “Chuck” is simply NOT the most idiotic show on television. That honor is shared by “Desperate Housewives,” and everything on the CW that isn’t “Supernatural” or “Smallville.”

    • John

      Completely unwatchable? It is the best show on television…by far.

      I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion though…luckily very few share yours.

      • Miss

        judging by the show’s pathetic weekly ratings, YOU are the one in the minority, not I.
        On any other network, Chuck would have been a goner long ago.

      • anon

        @Miss. Actually, CW can only hope and dream for Chuck’s ratings…

      • ER

        On any other network, they would have much higher ratings. NBC sucks all around right now. Don’t blame Chuck for that.

      • Brett

        If “Chuck” was something people really wanted to watch, it would be higher rated. It’s on one of the big 3 networks and has even had the same time slot for a couple of months now.

    • brian

      and what show do u watch

    • May

      This is great and hopeful news to us Chuck fans, please spread your negativity elsewhere

      • Hannah

        I know !! This is our happy moment don’t ruin it !!

    • Mike

      People are entitled to their opinions, but if you think the show is so bad, why are you reading and posting on its news articles? If you don’t like it, just don’t watch. No need to criticize fans of the show. I don’t go reading stories about American Idol or Gossip Girl and writing posts calling the show’s fans “delusional psychos.”

      • Deebo

        Any article that has anything to do with NBC even remotely gets spammed by idiotic Chuck fans and its annoying…Just a taste of your own medicine…I hope Chuck gets cancelled and they pick Heroes up for two more seasons ha-ha!! Chuck has low ratings for a reason , Subway Subs can’t help you!!!!!!!!!

      • anonymous

        A few of my fellow Chuck fans can give us all a bad name…kinda like a few bad anti-fans give the non-fans a bad name. *coughDeebocough*

      • Brett

        “Heroes,” unfortunately, suffered from poor planning. The writers screwed themselves out of any chance for a continuing series. At least “Chuck” keeps it light, simple, and uncomplicated. Sort of a show for the lowest common denominator.

    • Carol

      Miss and Deebo are twits with nothing better to do obviously than disparage others opinions on “healthy” entertainment; We who find CHUCK entertaining are far above them in social graces. We should be tolerant of their small mindedness. GO CHUCK FANS!!

      • Hope

        careful guys I started a nasty spat with LOL and HA once by calling them trolls it wasn’t pretty. Go easy with what you say.

    • rex0136

      If you don’t like Chuck that is your right, but you are on a blog that is filled with Chuck lovers. Just like America, if you don’t like it then leave !

      • rex0136

        Miss and deebo, why don’t you just go back to watching ” the L word”, stick your tampon in, and shut the Frak up. It’s not our fault you hemorrhoid medicine isn’t working so go back to the bathroom and reapply.

  • Everett

    I promise I will eat Subway every Monday for a year if this happens!

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