'Heroes' canceled by NBC

heroes-ratingsImage Credit: Chris Haston/NBCIt seemed inevitable but the news is nonetheless shocking: NBC’s drama Heroes won’t be back for a fifth season. The beleaguered drama only averaged 6.5 million viewers this year. It last aired on Feb. 8, when it only brought in a mere 4.4 million.

The show never managed to recapture those stellar ratings from its critically-beloved first season, when it averaged a whopping 14.5 million. There has been talk that NBC may air a movie that allows the producers to wrap up the story, but nothing has been set in stone. NBC will announce its fall lineup to advertisers Monday in New York.

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  • Alex

    Can’t say I won’t miss it. But not devastated either with all the hero-themed pilots that got picked up.

    • kellybelly

      Finally. But PLEASE do a TV movie to wrap it up. Or a movie every year or something. On TV. Then they could perhaps write a plot line that worked.

      • Evie

        At least your show had 6 years. My beloved Legend of the Seeker had only 2 and Human Target may only have 1. I never liked Heroes,but I sympathize with those who may have lost a favorite show – at least it was somewhat original and the same old cop/lawyer/medical melodrama

      • Melinda65

        Heroes had three years, and Human Target has been renewed for 13 episodes next year.

      • Melinda65

        Whoops, I meant Heroes had four years. I skipped most of the fourth season, so I guess I forgot about it. :-P

      • Todd66

        It has gone down hill but the dvd sales are good enough that it deserves a movie or wrap up to end it. I hate having paid for a series and have it just be left open. Close it up and NBC and it will more than pay for the expense of mini series or movie.

      • Brett

        I thought “Legend of the Seeker” had something like 8 seasons (the first 6 being the ones when the series was called “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”).

      • jay

        legend of the seeker has NOTHING to do with hercules lol. its based on a series of books by terry goodkind… fantasy but nothing to do with greek mythology in any way. never saw the show but the first 4 books are good.. then the books totally took a dive. like heroes did after season one. havent watched 4th season but will prob get on DVD IF they close it with a movie otherwise ill take the series three ending. how absurd turning sylar into nathan.. id kind of be glad NOT to see season 4 and see how that panned out. so much potential in its first season…

      • Dani

        yea ripped off Gerard’s comic book The Umbrella Academy with the white violin Google it all you little fans THIS SHOW IS A RIP OFF

      • Dube

        Big fan of the first season… tried to hang on but every chapter after that got worse and finally, I just gave up after a few eps into S3…. The storylines and the characters got too scattered and lost my interest… This decision is no surprise but for the fans that remain, I can see doing some kind of a wrap up.

      • mike

        @Dani – Heroes is a rip off? Holy cow – the fact that it was actually good and came out before that piece of crap really threw me off the scent of plagiarism, but thanks.

      • Alex

        FYI- Legend of the seeker is based off of a book series, which is like 10 books long or so.

      • esquirrel

        Hey, @Brett…Don’t be ridiculous.

      • KD

        @ Evie-
        “Legend of the Seeker” was 2 seasons too long if you ask me or any other true fan of Terry’s books. What a travesty! Read the books.

      • Michael

        oh my god i actually dont believe you, are you stupid it was the best television series in years, im absolutely devestated and depressed by this.

      • Deshon Britton

        I had just finished season 4 because I had recorded the episodes and I was actually hoping for another season. The end had me wanting more. People these days just hate it when you actually have to pay attention to something to get it.

      • Zink

        Yeah, I’m more than a little annoyed at how they ended things. I supposed they didn’t really get a chance to “end” it…but you get what I mean. It feels like getting immersed in a book series only to have the author die or decide not to finish it. Total letdown.

    • Hah!

      Chapters 1-3 were great. Then it just sucked sucked SUCKED!

      • Jonny

        I agree. I was hooked the first season, but it didn’t hold up well after that. I bailed somewhere in season 3 and never went back. It’s a shame, because it started out brilliantly.

      • KEH

        Stopped Watching last fall. So no surprise there.

        overall a Good week for SCfi and Fun

      • kahlanforever

        I know! Chapters 2-3 were great! Season 1 were awesome! But after that, wtf?

      • amj

        All of you who gave up missed a really great season 4 ending. That’s really too bad since the ending really gave Heroes a place to go in Season 5 that would have reinvented the show…!!! I hope we get a tv movie wrap-up!!! But, to be honest, season 4 ending could have been considered a wrap-up as well. I will sincerely miss Sylar on my tv! Please NBC give me a few more moments with my Heroes.

      • Tony

        If Heroes was On the CW, We wouldve had 10 seasons

      • Marc

        Heroes had some serious potential, but it started to lose viewers into the final couple of seasons. You know it’s getting bad when the writers make Claire into a lesbian to try to get our attention.

      • Randy Sortian

        @ Tony, Yeah it should switch over to CW. Smallville is ending its final season (10) and maybe Heroes should fill up its spot next year. or sooner. sooner.

      • Mark

        I think it was good enough to be pickud up by sci-fi or something… There are terrible shows that get 10 years.. This one was getting better toward the end.

    • Tom Strong

      I’ve been saying this on EW for the last 24 hours. Nice for EW to finally catch up to me.

      • t3hdow

        Yeah. Nice for EW to catch up with an overly persistent Internet fanboy. Do you want a medal or something?

    • Pete

      Best news I’ve heard today!! This show has been nothing but an embarrassment for the unfortunate actors that stayed past the first season!! There were definitely a few actors that deserved better, at least now they are free from this burden!

      • minister

        Nooo kidding… good luck to the cast getting new work, though many of them don’t need it. Heroes post-season 1 is the ultimate fanboy test. If you liked it after season 1, yes, you are a frikkin fanboy.

      • o.thagrl

        CRAZY. heroes was one of the BEST shows i have ever watched. if NBC does not do a movie serious then I don’t think I will ever watch anothr show from their network again. How can they leave us just hanging there!! shame on them.

    • tess

      apparently i’m the only person left in america who liked heroes. i agree that the second season was garbage and the third struggled to get back on track, but the season 4 finale ended with claire jumping off of a ferris wheel on live tv. i’m just sad i won’t get to see what happened. oh, and t-bag from prison break could have been left out of the show entirely.

      • Hannah

        No you weren’t the only one. I loved Heroes from beginning to I guess what is now the end. Maybe I’m easy to please. I’ll definitely miss it.

      • MsSuniDaze

        Your not the only one. Even when I was mad at the show I still watched it.

      • JEQP

        Great, there goes the surprise ending for those of us watching on DVDs. I agree the first series was best, but the second and third had their moments, enough to buy the DVD set anyway. And I hear Dollhouse is gone. What is left?

      • Jen

        I loved it, too. Yes, season 2 and 3 could have been better but season 4 had a total new set of characters which I thought was awesome. When I heard a couple of months back that they want to end the show this with the 5th season I thought “okay, as long as they don’t mess up the end like they did with Pushing Daisies” but canceling the whole thing is just plain unfair. I think Heroes deserves a proper ending, even if it’s just a TV movie.

      • Ruby

        @ Jen

        Watch Fringe. Way better than Heroes. You won’t be disapointed!

      • amj

        Tess–no you are not alone–i completely agree. I loved Heroes and will surely miss a weekly dose of my beloved Sylar. Those who are bashing it didn’t stick with it. Season 4 gave us some new hope and the ending would have given us a whole new series in Season 5 if written correctly. I am truly sad and hope to see these characters again in a movie.

      • Heather P

        I’ve got to agree with you. I own the Season 1 DVD set and still enjoy watching it. Season 2 sucked. Season 3 fixed all the mistakes that Season 2 started but made a whole bunch of new mistakes.

        Season 4 was could have been a lot better without the annoying stalker that was Gretchen. The ending was okay, but not Season 1 good.

      • Angel2480

        Add me to the list of people that are sad to hear this news. Lost is ending, Flash Forward axed, Heroes gone..if Rupaul’s Drag Race gets the axe I might as well get rid of the tv.

      • Jon T

        I LOVED heroes!! even though the last season was pretty strange I was hangin in there!! @JEQP Dollhouse is gone and it was the saddest day in the history of…i don’t know EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tampa

        You’re not alone, I loved heroes. It’s unfortunate that’s it’s cancelled because now they have room for another freaking reality show.

      • Amir

        I really loved heroes. I think it’s the best (after lost of course!) I dont know what to say i’m just depressed! :( I hope next tv series go to an end!

      • Randy Sortian

        @ Ruby I think you meant that to JEQP, and yes fringe is awesome. If you like fringe, Supernatural on CW is also pretty good.

      • april

        I loved this show. So pissed that NBC cancelled it. The network has to realize that 9pm on a Monday night was 24. I was a huge 24 fan so I watched 24 and went online the next night to catch up on Heroes. They should have moved the show to a different time before they cancelled it. I hope they make a DVD or movie to at least give us fans closer.

      • peniro77

        Ever hear of “*spoiler alert*”!?! Thanks a lot

      • Toni

        I believe Heroes was a great show I mean yeah it had it moments where I wanted to throw my TV through the wall but all in all it was a fantastic show I loved the storyline for all 4 seasons and the season finale of 4 literally had me sitting on the edge of my seat…..So mad it ended that way actually I’m mad it ended at all, it is a shame how people stop watching something just because u actually have to think and pay attention while watching, I hope they will end up going the movie to wrap it up, but I’m with Tess, T-Bag could’ve stayed on Prison Break shoot I didn’t even like him there……

    • me here

      Finally….! It should’ve been gone after the awful season 2! Good riddance

      • Future Peter

        I hope Hiro goes back in time and alters your preception. Honestly the Season 3 finale was tremendous and Season 4 had some bright spots too. The Adam Monroe/ Hiro sword fight for Hiro’s life was outstanding and the Sullivan Brothers Carnival story line was at least inventive.

    • potatoe


    • MR.Glass

      Heroes was a good show untill it got a little difficult to follow , first peter had all the powers , and then he could only use one power at a time – they killed the flying dude , syler was the best part of the show- and he was the bad guy ,i didnt really understand why they focused the attention on the cheer leader she couldnt fight , but she can take a punch lol. At the end of the day heroes was a good idea gone worng.

      • shea

        Frist of all i loved heroes i was liking forward to season5 i think that cw should pick it up since smallville went off the air or a mini moive they need to do something

    • Rob

      This sucks! This was a well written show that appealed to us closet sci-fiers. BRING IT BACK> Cancel reality crap that is mindless and makes stars out of complete losers. (Jersey Shore, Real World and any type of lame competition show that beats down on the nice people to win and ends up making them into celebrities because of their lame behavior)

      • april

        I am with you. I hate the Jersey Shore and I live here. Too much reality tv. Well writen story line and deep. The people who can’t follow the story line I am guessing are the same people who watch the Jersey Shore.

      • ben

        Did you know the jersey devil exist?
        It’s Snooki
        But I am pissed why they cancelled the show

    • jerome

      NOOOOO, please don’t cancel my favorite show man. Thats messed up if they dont have a fifth season all these BS Shows that get 7 and 8 seasons and you get this great idea for a different type of show and they cancel it.

  • HAhahahah

    Awesome news!!!!!!!

    • brandon

      i agree, start the decade with some new shows

      • Steve

        I agree. The first season was great and totally sucked after that. Lost had that happen to them during season 3 but rebounded incredibly after that one down season. Now that is a show I am sad to see go. See ya Heroes, no loss!

      • tvfan

        I agree, but next time get some shows that have a future. I read that the Heroes team wanted to kill off Heroes and have new Heroes each season and when the fans won’t have that, they didn’t know where to go with their stories. WOW! bad planning and it showed after season 1 they had NO plan.

      • sho5mo

        i’ll politely assume you know the new decade begins in 2011 and not 2010 and that i offer this truth for those others who do not. lets not make the same mistake so many misguided souls made when they celebrated the millenium on 12/31/99. any shows launched this fall season, will therefore, be products of this decade.

      • sam

        @sho5mo you are annoying.

      • Aanth

        You are right about the millennium, but a decade or century is just a measure of 10 or 100 years respectively and can begin from when you choose. In fact, the standard convention is to start decades from the 0 year to 9, so it includes all the 10’s, 20’s 30’s etc, If the 30’s started at 31 it would end at 40, so you then couldnt refer to it as the 30’s etc…

  • Deana

    Shocking…NOT. They killed off Nathan..there went the show.

    • peter

      nathan failed

      • aughra

        No, Nathan didn’t fail. Adrian Pasdar pissed off the show runners and got written out. Of course, he was pissed off because the scripts were crap. Loved season 1, but I don’t think the writers knew where to go from there. I’d be ashamed too.

      • Ruben

        Yeah, he did.

      • militarysinglesdate

        did claire hookup with peter, militarysinglesdate

    • mary q contrary

      The show was dead long before they killed off Nathan. It was a goner just a few episodes into the second season. It still boggles my mind how fast it went downhill, though.

      • Dave

        It started the decline at the season 1 finale and never recovered.

      • Allysin

        Season 2 was during the writers strike. Those first two or three episodes were before the strike… then after, well. The proof is in the pudding, I guess.

      • Nix

        The show started to fail after they saved the cheerleader. Then she and Sylar took over the show and it was all about them.

      • Amy

        It was a great show…. I believe it was the writers strike that killed it. Shame on them. They ruined something that could lasted a long time.

      • Michael Compton

        lol @ Amy….Yeah, blame the writers striking….Not the bazillionaires that write the checks, blame the writers. ‘They should just shut up and do what their betters tell them to do! Damn unruly serfs!’

    • Ren

      Word. Never should have killed Nathan, he was awesome. If they do get a movie to wrap things up, I only hope they bring Nathan back for it.

      • Chance

        Never should have killed him? why, so he could betray them a 4th time? all he did was make terrible decisions, change at the last second, get hurt in the proccess, then do it again. I’m glad he’s dead, he was one of the main villains of the series.

  • Ryan


  • erin

    About damn time!

  • Amber

    Finally! I’m so glad that show got put out of its misery.

  • Jeff

    Well, I think it just became to tangled and messed up for it to even continue with any fans. I didn’t bother with the last few episodes because it was just soooo confusing.

    • Future Peter

      Confusing? It’s a serialized drama dude. It’s supposed to be a bit confusing. Go watch Happy Town or an old Full House re-run. Less confusing. Heroes tv movie is a must. C’mon NBC shake a feather.

      • Jose

        I totally agree. It seems that when a show is in any way challenging people start looking for something else. The show had the right amount of plot, the only problem was they kept changing good writers.

      • Eliza

        It became irritating and annoying. Its becoming irrelevantly it looks like the writers lost touch

    • dude

      If you think it was confusing you need to consider what you’re saying. If you didn’t watch the episodes, of course it was confusing, it’s a serial drama.

  • J


  • Joe

    I hope that they do a two or four hour special to wrap up the series for the fans, like I heard a rumor about.

    • J

      They’re not.

      • Joe

        Says who…? The article says this is still a possibility.

      • Daniel

        They rarely do that, I’m still waiting for my Jericho 2-hour special.

      • Future Peter

        Heroes had way more fans than Jericho though. Just a fact and I do believe NBC will do some type of series wrap up. But I think it would have to be at some point in 2011 or not at all.

      • Bob

        It seems like not at all.

    • DFSF

      Hah! This show never had a cohesive “storyline.” Season 1 finale proved the writers were just pulling stuff out of their assses and seeing what stuck.

      • Eliza

        I agree. I thought way more was gonna come

  • DavidJ

    Glad to see NBC finally putting this show out of it’s misery.

    Too bad networks don’t do this more often with their old and worn-out shows (I’m looking at you, Smallville).

    • Alex

      Diss Heroes any day, that’s fine. but taking a stab at Smallville is not cool. Smallville has had new life this season, and has been better than it’s been in years.

      • Katie

        HA! Sorry, but Smallville sucks. Your indignation makes me hate it more.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        Hey Katie, have you seen Smallville this season? It is great, one of the best seasons in years!

        I’m with Alex all the way, and I’ve watched Smallville since season 1!

      • Sarge

        No sorry…Smallville = sucksville
        The whole Zod storyline is boring and this checkmate crap…Pam Grier looks like she is acting in a neck brace…..I want to go on but I have wasted to much time to this already.

      • wtf

        smallville is better this season but the show still sucks. I continue watching it cause I love the superman mythos but it’s more out of obligation. Smallville has its moments of greatness surrounded by massive suckiness.

    • Alan

      I don’t think a show has ever dropped in quality so drastically from Season 1 to subsequent seasons.

      • Jimmy Greenwood

        Did you see Twin Peaks?

      • Yemi Ogunbase

        Exhibit A: “The O.C.”

    • Dee

      If Heroes made half as much money for the network as Smallville did, it’d still be on the air.

      • MC

        Um, Heroes actually made a lot more. The CW just has really low expectations. I’m not a fan of either show, but as a big ratings guy, that statement was ridiculous.

    • Jeremiah

      If you do not like “Smallville” don’t watch it. My friends and I “Tivo” it and get together to watch it every week. Great show…too bad about Heroes…dumb NBC…wonders what is on during that time slot on the CW

      • Bob

        “Dumb NBC”??? Didn’t they cancel a series called Star Trek?

      • Wesley

        They also cancelled a phenomenal series called Journeyman after one season (despite great writing and huge fan support). NBC has a history of cancelling shows at the wrong time and ticking off their talent and viewers. Just look at the whole Conan/Leno debacle. And I don’t even watch L&O, but at least give them the shot to break Gunsmoke’s record, NBC.

      • sho5mo

        remember “the black donnelly’s”? very good show! they pulled it after perhaps 6 eps.(5?) then allowed the remaining episodes to run online but that was one great show, killed in it’s prime. dumb nbc is right!
        they are serial killers. ;)

  • 4rocket


  • ralph

    I watched from the beginning, but I’m neither shocked nor traumatized. My only regret is that they did not get a short order next year to wrap up the show on their own terms and perhaps give some closure to the long-suffering viewers who stuck with it.

    • Grace

      I agree with you Ralph. I’m OK with this decision, but at the same time, the last season especially was miserable and I would have liked some finality. Even if it was just a big explosion that killed everyone or something equally lame.

  • lucy

    Good never watched it

    • Frank

      And if Lucy didn’t watch it, it wasn’t worth watching to begin with. What were the rest of us thinking?

    • Lisa Simpson

      Because not watching it was taking up so much of your time?

    • Bart

      All the shows Lucy never watches should go off air.

    • Michael Compton

      lol Frank :)

    • Sabre

      I’m confused. Why would you even have an opinion – strong enough to write a comment at that – if you never watched it??

  • Jacob

    Despite the fact that I stopped watching during early season 3, I’m still a little sad that NBC didn’t at least let them do a 13 episode closing season. Though I guess I shouldn’t, since the writers should have known to get their act together after the fan reaction to the disaster known as season 2.

  • Nick

    It’s about time! Good riddance. I stopped watching mid-season 3 after Kristen Bell left.

    The show got to be so stupid – no consequences, no real deaths, people kept “coming back”. Sylar’s good, no bad! no good! no bad!

    Terrible, terrible writing.

    • shelly

      i 100% agree with u, don’t understand were exactly they are going with the whole good-bad sylar thing.

      • DFSF

        Neither did the writers, shelly. Neither did the writers.

    • Sabre

      Come on guys. It kept the story interesting … it’s not a Marvel comic where the goodies are always good and the baddies are always bad!

      • Tonit

        i like boobies

      • Daniel Elkins

        I got 200$ wrapped up in seasons1234. If I would have known they weren’t gonna have a ending to the story I wouldn’t have bought seasons1234.

      • Daniel Elkins

        I want a refund. NBC has stolen my 200$. I want it back or I want an ending to the story. Shame on u NBC

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