'Desperate Housewives' finale scoop: The story behind last night's big return

desperate-housewives_mosesImage Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC; Inset: Ron Tom/ABCSPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to watch last night’s Desperate Housewives finale, stop reading now. I repeat, if you have yet to watch last night’s Desperate Housewives finale, stop reading now. For the last time, if you have yet to watch last night’s Desperate Housewives finale, stop reading now. Everyone else, onward and downward…

In tonight’s Desperate Housewives season finale, the show welcomed back — as a series regular — Mark Moses as literal lady killer Paul Young. But that’s old news. Here’s some new news: When we return to Wisteria Lane next fall, he just might be joined by the amazing Harriet Samson Harris as his victim’s vigilante sister, Felicia.

“There was some talk about [me coming back] a year ago,” Moses tells me. “And there’s often talk in Hollywood. Sometimes it pans out, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t get super-excited about a ‘maybe’ in this town, because there are lots of maybes that don’t happen. But then this last year they called up my agent and said, ‘We’re really thinking seriously about [this].’ And eventually, they made an offer, and I was very pleased.” Viewers are likely to be stoked, too. Though, as Moses notes, “the creative aspect of [Paul’s ‘homecoming’] remains to be seen… I doubt I’ll come back as a reformed prisoner.”

Indeed, the character won’t endear himself to the ‘hood by moving into the house that a down-and-out Mike and Susan are forced to vacate.”He was guilty of killing [Felicia’s] sister,” he adds, “but not of killing Felicia, who then disappeared [to frame him for her murder]. So if Felicia shows up, that exonerates Paul. And that’s probably why he’s out of prison. I don’t think he escaped.”

So can the actor confirm that his on-screen foil is also on her way back? “I think it would be great [if Harris rejoined the cast as well],” he hedges, “but I have no idea.”

In any event, Moses’ second coming on Desperate Housewives won’t impact his other gig, playing Mad Men‘s Duck Phillips. “Mad Men shoots at different times,” he notes, “so it wasn’t an issue.”

But enough about him. What do you think? Are you titillated by the prospect of Paul’s return to Wisteria Lane? Or will you (Okay, admittedly, like me) not be satisfied until you find out that Frasier‘s former Bebe is returning as Felicia as well? No holding back… discuss below.

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  • SC

    I’m just glad he’ll still be on Mad Men.

    • Jessica

      I think it’s time to end this show before it gets any worse,last season was awful, this season just made i through. I used to be excited about watching this show but not anymore. And how come a car blowing up on the street does not involve the presence of police in any way or form? Is the actress who plays Gaby pregnant?? What was with the huge ugly gold jacket?

      • paris loves lost

        LOL i totally agree!! they should just bow out and leave the screen gracefully like lost is doing. don’t drag it out until we all just sit back and laugh about the show.

      • JoAnn

        I love the gold jacket! The blowing up of the car without police everywhere as well as Lynette standing amongst her friends saying ‘good bye’ to Susan also made me feel like there was too much to leave out. I guess we will have to assume that they( cops as well as paramedics) came, cleaned up the area, hauled off the Eddie and will be going forward with further investigations and questioning next season. Meanwhile, keep in mind that they forwarded into the next 24 hrs after everything came ‘to a head’. But I am wondering where all this money is that Susan had gotten from selling the club?? Why are they having to move? Nothing explains why she now has no money. Mike’s plumbing business couldn’t possibly have more loss than her gains(?)

      • derbone

        oh my god…weren’t we all glad the remains of Mary-alice’s family’s story line finally vanished from the show after it had beed dragging on for much too long, and now they are bringing back paul?
        this was really a jump-the-shark moment for me!
        I don’t want Paul back on the show!

      • MKL

        Why should they end the show when they have 14 million viewers and it’s one of the most watched shows on ABC. The last season was great!! How do you know if the police never came? They could of came off screen which is not going to make or break the show!!

      • Shrinking

        I wondered about Eva (Gaby) being pregnant, too. Not because of the jacket, but her face seemed a bit plump for someone who always looks so thin. If she was pregnant when filming, though, something must have happened, because there are pictures of her from this weekend with a very flat stomach. ;(

    • Yve

      The finale was SO BORING!!!! nothing really happened… and I’m not interessted in Paul Young!

  • Raisa

    My secret confession is that I did not watch the first couple seasons of DH, so I realllllly need to catch up!!!! Can we also discuss who the switched up child is? The two things going around are that Sam is really Bree’s child, or that MJ belongs to Dave and Paige to Susan. AHH!

    • Amanda

      I think crazy psycho strangler kid is Lynette’s and her son isn’t. That way they can play the whole “if I hadn’t been switched, I wouldn’t be in this position” and Lynette can rally for him to get him help….. why else would they have suddenly introduced him and gave him a background and storyline!

      • Jarrell

        that can’t be she has twins and her other son is way too young to be the strangler kids age.

      • mary q contrary

        Oh, man. I stopped watching this show about halfway through the second season, give or take, and boy am I glad. Not that I think it sounds totally awful or anything. I just think my head might explode if I had to keep up with all this stuff.

      • laurin

        That’s what I think too. Plus Lynette’s the only one with enough kids that there could be a mix up. Couldn’t be Gabby. Her 2 look too much like carlos

      • evan

        That would be an awesome scenario though jarrell makes a great point.

      • Jethro

        Is Bree going to really make the call to the police on Andrew? Highly improbable because Andrew is not her son, actually Sam is.

        Do you really think Bree’s business will fall at her waist side, highly improbable. She will learn that her business will remain hers when it is confirmed Sam is truly her son.

        Nothing was ever mentioned that the switched babies had to be two of the housewives but only that it involves one of the housewives on Wisteria Lane.

        It could mean that the babies were switched but that the other mother may not be a desperate housewife after all.

      • JoAnn

        Ooooooh! That would be good.

      • Carla

        That’s a thought!

    • april-ann

      Proves you don’t need to catch up, Raisa, because you just nailed it.

      • candy

        yeah…well maybe Paige and MJ were born on the same day, but this would only work if both sets of parents didn’t know the gender of their babies beforehand…and the gender would be obvious from the ultrasounds which would be in the medical records, so any doctor would see that immediately

      • candy

        oh and isn’t Sam older than Andrew? So he couldn’t be Bree’s kid

      • onlyme

        i agree with the paige/mj thing, think about it… sometimes they can misread scans, the nurse would have probably been one of the only other people in the room, she could have partnered up with other people to do it, she could have changed medical records

    • scorpo

      Sam being Bree’s Child doesn’t hold water because Rex fathered Sam before he met Bree. He is a year or two older than Andrew. I am not sure the theory about MJ and Paige being switched up make too much sense either. If they were the same sex, then yes it might make sense. The nurse in question worked in the nursery. She would have switched the babies there AFTER the parents already knew the sex of their child.

    • MDEP

      I do not think it will be two main characters involved, I think it will only be one and they will introduce some new characters.

      • Diva

        That’s true. The guy said that there was only one from Wisteria Lane. Did anyone notice that when the woman (who switched up the babies) was having the flashbacks, the only one she didn’t hold was Bree’s kids? Either that is one she switched up or you could just rule Bree out.

    • Marc

      I think the hospital guy pulled up in Susan’s driveway. So my guesses are Julie is the one that isn’t her kid. But the other kid could be an unknown of the show. The only other possibility would be Bree’s daughter or Katherine’s daughter (which would mean Susan’s daughter would be dead).

      • TG

        The guy pulling into Susan’s driveway was Paul Young, the new renter and old bad-guy from the show. Not the hospital guy.

      • Karen

        It was Paul who pulled in to the driveway, right? To rent the house? But I agree that one of the switched kids is Julie.

    • Theresa

      Please help! Who is Paige? Dave? Sam?

      • Faith Anne

        Sez you’re not a “Groupy” LOL Just joking, I’m abit lost too!

      • Shrinking

        Paige and Dave are from last season. Sam is from this season. Paige was a little girl that died after Mike & Susan had a car accident where their SUV and a car hit. Mike & Susan were physically okay (but the stress of it led to their first divorce), but both the little girl (Paige) and her mother died. Dave was Paige’s father who was not in the car that fateful night. He married Edie and came to Wisteria Lane, seeking vengeance. Trying not to spoil too much for you in case you decide to watch it. Most of that is covered in the first episode of Season 5.

      • Shrinking

        Oops, forgot Sam. Sam is the father of Bree’s first husband that she never knew about. He was featured this season (Season 6) trying to be part of Bree’s life/family.

      • Katie

        I Shrinking meant Sam is the son of Bree’s first husband by another woman.

    • KEVIN

      my first thought was MJ was Dave’s child, meaning Mike and Susan were involved in the accident that killed their true child

    • Kristoffer

      Is Paul’s son Zack the same age as any of the other kids? I was thinking since they brought Paul back, Zack would be part of the baby switch somehow.

      • sara

        yes, susan’s daughter Julie is the same age as Zach and Bree’s daughter Danielle

      • Shrinking

        No way. Zack was never Paul or Mary Alice’s kid to start. He was born in an entirely different state.

      • Dana

        Yeah, Zack was actually Mike’s biological son.

    • Becca

      I really think that it is MJ who was switched with the deaf grandson of Roy, whom we saw for just a moment as they struggled for MJ’s T-Rex toy. It adds that extra twist because they know him while not really knowing him and the added bonus of them having to cope with a disabled child, though it could be Danielle and Julie switched, but that would have been a long time for that nurse to have her guilty concience that forced her to quit. The hospital will be willing to pay outrageous amounts to keep this quiet so Mike and Susan will be able to move back on the lane, but first they will have to get paul out.

      • Diane

        Come to think of it, they did show the nurse handing Susan a baby in a blue blanket, so that would have been MJ and not Julie.

    • Shrinking

      Raisa, if you have Lifetime, it is pretty easy to catch up. They show 2-3 a day. Or, Netflix has the DVDs. Hulu has all of Season 1.

    • Diane

      It would make sense that Sam and Andrew were the ones switched at birth. They both had the same dad, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch that they were mixed up if they were born in the same hospital at the same time…

    • Justin

      My roommate and I are thinking Eddie might prove to be the real Meyer’s kid, or maybe even a Scavo. I think that would be interesting…

  • Eli

    i’m just sad to see John Barrowman go… plus his ending didn’t really left a way for a return.

    • Jarrell

      im glad he isn’t coming back i need my Torchwood

  • NYC

    It was a good season ending. No huge cliffhangers but a nice teaser with Mark Moses return. Brothers & Sisters was better in my opinion more emotional punch.

    • Shrinking

      With all the shows that have been cancelled in the last few weeks, DH was probably playing safe by only having a mild cliffhanger.
      FlashForward, Scrubs, Happy Town, Better Off Ted, Heroes, Ghost Whisperer, New Adventures of Old Christine. . .

      • WhitneyD

        …Shrinking, were you in a coma perhaps for the last two years? I see that your list is of cancelled shows, but since none are recent, I’m utterly baffled as to why you included them.

        (Though Ghost Whisperer actually had a series finale)

  • emily

    I am more curious about which child was victim of a switch up!
    But i am excited to get paul young back on the lane. I always found him interesting and exciting!

    • Grace

      Me too. Though none of my friends (nor my mom) agrees. I have no idea who the child switch up could be, I suppose it could be anyone except Lynette’s newest born?

  • CookieP

    Who cares? And isn’t he WAY too good for this show? I stopped watching when they killed off Karl last Fall (Richard Burgi). Haven’t missed Wisteria Lane a bit.

    • buckboard

      CookieP, you obviously DO miss Wisteria Lane or you wouldn’t have bothered to read the scoop about the show and post.

    • Delena

      @CookieP I was also upset that they killed off Karl. He and Bree’s relationship was the only interesting thing about this entire season. And then they had to go and get Bree back together with that psycho Orson. This is the man that ran Mike over, went to jail, and became a misogynistic kleptomaniac. And the audience is supposed to think he’s a better match for Bree than the former womanizer Karl? They should’ve killed Orson and kept Karl.

  • Cartman

    I never felt his character was all that compelling so this season ending was rather meh to me.

    At least I won’t be holding my breath for new episodes, lol.

  • Samantha

    I am happy Paul is back. I really really hope Felicia is back! I hate that the mystery was unresolved!

    I don’t really care if his son Zach comes back though. Didn’t really like him much.

    • candy

      yeah, Zach sucked. Maybe if they replaced him with a hot actor. Then he could try to seduce Gabby for real

  • TJ

    I was hoping for some better cliffhangers, but it was an okay episode.

    • candy

      I agree. It didn’t seem like a finale, just like a normal episode. I did like the humorous bits in there, like Gabby’s impression of Angie and MJ’s cute facial expressions

  • blinkone

    After this season, I doubt the producers will utllize this actor or character effectivly or entertainly.

  • p

    Not such a fan of that Duck/Peggy relationship, but I am glad he’ll still be on Mad Men.

  • 2n2me

    Am I the only one who doesn’t remember Paul? Who was he again?

    • Drea

      Paul is Mary Alice’s husband.

    • Shrinking

      Probably. ;) He was central to the first season. He was Mary Alice’s husband, “father” of Zach Young. He killed one main character (will not say who in case you want to watch and catch up) and another framed him for something else. Mike also decided he would kill Paul, but changed his mind.

  • Jayne

    What happened to Susan’s strip club money? Are they really broke or is she just not touching that money?

    • Yve

      yeah she was rich and now?! nothing?! really stupid!!!!!!

    • Tigerlily

      I think the IRS cleaned out her strip club money. Back taxes, fines and such.

    • JBW

      In the episode where Mike borrows the money from Carlos, he tells Carlos that part of the reason he can’t tell Susan is because she’ll want to use her strip club money from Karl, and that won’t cover all the debt he’s aquired. And I don’t think she was ever exactly “rich” from it. And do you really think that Susan would let that money sit in the bank while they rented out their house and went to live in an apartment across town? Pretty unlikely. . .

  • Victor Eloy

    what happened to dre de Matteo? did she die??? what happened to his son?????
    what happened to Eddie? did he turned himself down because of Lynette made him do it?

    • La

      Did you watch the finale episode? All the questions were answerd there. You can check it out on ABC.com in a day or 2 from now

    • Jethro

      Drea/Angie and Nick the FBI agent left to continue to stay clear of the FBI.

      Her son is going to NY to be with family and friends.

      Eddie did not turn himself in. He will continue to be the object of Lynette’s storyline.

      • Miles

        Eddie did turn himself.

      • Jena

        Yeah, Eddie came back and asked Lynette to call the police for him.

    • Shrinking

      Watch the show. ;) It is on at abc.com and hulu. But if you really want to know without watching, here it goes.

      Angie built the bomb, most likely a dud. Patrick told her if that bomb did not go off, he would shoot her and then her son. So, Angie said she would work on it a bit more. Meanwhile, Gaby tried to get Nick out of the hospital (which really did not change the outcome of anything overall) and then tried to distract Patrick and save Danny.

      Patrick told Angie he was taking her to Oregon to set the bomb off and then drove less than 200 yards away before stopping. He told Angie that he actually left the bomb in her house as he pushed the detonator. He reminded her that she had 30 seconds after he pushed the detonator. Angie ran out of the car (closing the door on her way out) and kind of half-jogged toward her house. After a few seconds, she stopped, turned around and waved goodbye to Patrick. She had built the bomb into the detonator. It went off and he was a goner (as well as the car).

      Because the FBI is still looking for them, Nick & Angie ran off to somewhere south (maybe Atlanta) and sent Danny up to New York to live with his grandma and reunite with Anna.

      Eddie did not want to kill Lynette and offered to take her to the middle of nowhere and drop her off. She said no, because her water had just broken. She wanted to go to a hospital, but Eddie was very flustered and then it was too late-she was having the baby. In a very nasty scene, Eddie tried to help deliver the baby and stop the umbilical cord from choking it. The baby was okay, but covered in chunks and stuff. Eww. I know they are trying to be realistic, but eww.

      Eddie asks Lynette to give him a bit of a lead before she calls the cops. She tells him to turn himself in. He says he does not want to go to jail. She tells him he is already there. She begs him to turn himself in and tells him it would make her proud. It takes a minute, but this gets to him. He asks Lynette to call for him and holds her baby as she dials 911 (although her first try she actually dials 6OnOn, but. . .).

  • Victor Eloy

    what happened to dre de Matteo? did she die??? what happened to his son?????
    what happened to Eddie? did he turned himself down because of Lynette made him do it?

    • La

      Did you watch the finale episode? All the questions were answerd there. You can check it out on ABC.com in a day or 2 from now

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