Breaking: 'Smallville' to end next season

tom-welling-comic-conImage Credit: Michael Courtney/The CWDiscretion and restraint are clearly not among Tom Welling’s superpowers.

The CW was hoping to announce at its upfront presentation Thursday that next season of Smallville — the show’s 10th — would be its last. But Welling — who was expected to deliver said announcement in person — jumped the gun and blabbed it to the press last night.

“Season 10 of Smallville will be the last season,” Welling told last night at an event in Beverly Hills.

That noise you hear is Dawn Ostroff frantically searching for her blue kryptonite dagger.

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  • Sam


    I love Tom.

    this is why he doesn’t often give interviews for the show.

    • Mary

      What Ostroff might not realize is that

      1) the fans aren’t stupid. We knew that this season would be the last

      2) One of the reasons that Tom Welling is beloved by Smallville fans is because he’s not some Hollywood politician. I’m proud of him for just telling the truth. The CW has screwed around with Smallville for years. Refusing to promote it and not giving it the attention or credit it deserves. Welling had every right to tell the truth and I’m proud he’s not jerking the fans around.

      I loved SEason 9 and I’ll be back for Season 10. I’ll be sad to see the show go but I’ll be there till the end.

      • Scarlett(TWU)

        Agreed Mary and Sam!

        Thanks to Tom for sharing this information, when asked about it. How is that “blabbing”? Kudos to Tom for answering the question honestly, instead of giving some vague answer.

        Looking forward to the final season ten of Smallville. Hopefully, it will be focused on Clark Kent, and that this show will end on a high note!

      • BHM1304

        Excellently put Mary! Dawn Ostroff shouldn’t be running a 7-11 much less be programming a network. This idiot should have been out of television YEARS ago instead she is allowed to continue to bury this stupid network with each stupid decision that she makes.

      • s-k-s

        I find it hard to describe a show that has been on for 10 season as one that has been “screwed around with.” Few shows, if any, get that treatment these days, especially not ones that have never come close to the top of the Nielsen’s.

      • Andrea

        Yes, the show has been on for 10 seasons. But it has not gone unnoticed (even in this magazine by Ken Tucker) that the network has failed to promote the show or give it any attention over the last few years. It’s been very underappreciated by the network despite bringing in solid ratings even on Friday evenings.

      • Nada Nuff

        I don’t know if I agree that we knew this would be the last season. The same thing was said about seasons 8 & 9. We keep assuming that each season will be the last, but CW kept surprising us and extending it.

        Smallville had a longer-than-average run, especially for a show of this type, which is why people (including Michael Rosenbaum) kept believing that it would end after a “modest” run.

      • Sonus

        QFT, I love this show and it has never been promoted as it has deserved to be. Its one of the only shows that has kept the network afloat up until now and it has NEVER been promoted. Good for Tom for being himself, thats kinda why he’s so refreshing and loved

      • paul

        Very true Tom tells it like it is and I love smallville it a great show i just hope that they replace it with something just as good, i like the aquaman premire there should run that , well season ten is going to be great as well and i will follow it too the end ( then watch it on dvd )

      • Brett

        That’s right. Tom saved my cat out of a tree once. He’s an alright guy.

      • terri

        100 agree Mary, Aushole is mad he didn’t get the exclusive.

      • TR

        Doesn’t this just create even more buzz for the CW’s upfronts? i don’t see it as a bad thing.

        Like was said, we fans know Smallville and Supernatural are ending next year when the star’s contracts are up (not when the producers left).

        Here’s hoping both can go in knowing they are ending and tie it all up nicely and not just put it all off for the last two episodes to jumble it together.

      • Hanna

        I am of any accore with you

    • Mary

      Totally agree. I was proud to hear this news from Tom. He’s the glue that has held that show together for the last 9 years. I don’t care what anyone says. Supporting characters come and go and they all have their supporters and detractors. Without Tom and his beautiful portrayl of Clark there IS NO SHOW. Tom Welling is Smallville. Always has been. Always will be. HE is the heart of the show. He has had many wonderful supporting characters and relationships to help him along the way but HE is the star and heart and glue of the show. And if the show is ending I’m proud to hear it from him. The true and only STAR of Smallville.

      • Mary

        And I make that above comment as an admitted Clois shipper and die hard Erica Durance fan. I have never lost sight of the fact that Welling is ths star of this show and that is Clark’s story. I’ve been proud to support the show for 9 years and I’m happy to hear this news from Tom.

      • Cris

        I’ll co-sign your entire comment, Mary. Well said.

      • Scarlett(TWU)

        Agreed Mary! Tom is the only reason that I have watched SV for nine years, regardless of which supporting characters have been on the show.

        Thank you Tom Welling, for all the hard work you have done on SV the past nine years. You are my generation’s Superman!!!

        I look forward to watching season ten, and I also look forward to seeing you in other projects.

        You are a talented director and producer, but please don’t “disappear” behind the cameras!

        I need to see your gorgeous face in front of the camera also, as actor and leading man.

      • MaryJane

        ITA with Mary, WELLING is the show, and the only reason that this show has held on as long as it has. I hate that this guy is so highly underrated by his own network, he is so talented and so charismatic, he was born to play Clark Kent/Superman. I also thought it was pretty stupid of the producers of the newer Superman movies to by-pass Welling, he is the perfect choice for any Hollywood production of the movie, and if he is willing, I hope that he becomes the movie Superman. I absolutely have loved watching him grow up from that untried young actor to a true TV heart throb, Tom Welling deserves much more exposure to the masses than his network gives to his show.

      • Brett

        So, you’re saying he’s the glue of the show, Mary? And the star?

      • Mary

        Umm..yeah. Not sure how much clearer I can be. Clark is the star of the show. He’s also the glue that holds all the other characters on the show together because they are all there to revolve around HIM.

      • Steve

        Agreed with your point Mary, however the point was well understood before you kept ranting on about it :D

    • Ang

      Oh good grief, who cares that the news everyone was coming anyway came on Tues or Thur.

      • Brian

        Agreed. And Ausiello could’ve had a little more journalistic integrity than being so snarky about it.

      • Dan

        Tom really should have waited to announce this on Thursday at the CW upfronts. Everyone is there to see what the CW is trotting out this fall, new and old… and to get newest CW programming news. You don’t blab that stuff at a party… but whatever. Show’s over in a year anyway.

    • darclyte

      The perfect ending would be to have Tom as Clark emerge from the Fortress in “The Suit.” Then he flies off and the camera follows him. Finally, he flies towards the camera and gives the “Christopher Reeve Smile and Head Nod” before flying off. It’d be both a fitting end to the series, the start of his life (unseen to us) as Superman, and a nice final homage to Christopher.

      • Brian

        I’d prefer it something distinctly Smallville and iconically Superman, rather than an homage to outdated and overrated movies.

      • Brett

        I think the series should end with a small kid clutching a Superman comic book, waking up from the dream that was “Smallville.” Just to hammer home that the series stood alone from the comics, movies, and all other media in which Clark Kent has appeared.

      • Brian

        I’ve gotta really disagree with that. Smallville shouldn’t be a dream–what a slap in the face that would be.

      • He11o

        Brett, that would be epically stupid.

        Smallville is the modern re-telling of Superman. As sure as the tides, all else will end up curving towards it.

      • Ed

        I agree with you darclyte! I have always felt that would be the perfect ending.

    • Hkb

      The show has gone on a long long time, we see how it would end next year…. as long as the ending doesn’t leave you wondering or leave it boring. The show was really good, the last episode that aired was interesting…. It was curious how they did that. In my opinion, I thought that they should re-do the movies, so then we can see Michael Rosenbaum(Lex Luthor)He was a great part of the show. I hope they do…… hoping……. curious- REALLY CURIOUS to see how it ends…. Do they bring Lex Luthor back???? Lana? Martha Kent a bit more?? I liked the last season, but I didn’t expect Zod to end like that……
      I think they should re-do the movies, so we can see Tom Welling as Superman…. and about Superman- When does he get off the name “The Blur” ?? when does he get into Superman? my opinion the whole Series was awesome!!!! :) I hope they dont get rid of my fave actress….:( but who knows…..?

      • Hkb

        Ya Tom was a pretty awesome Superman!!

  • Johnification

    This is good for the show. Actually, knowing your last season is your last season is the best possible thing for a show like this, since they can specifically direct it right into the Superman mythos and start introducing the stuff they’ve been hesistant to show.

    • Nightstar

      I totaly agrea, knowing is better then not. Here’s hopping they don’t hold anything back and we see him finaly down the sute and fly to new hights.

  • Charlie

    So sad, but maybe now he can move on to bigger, better things.

  • FH14

    LULZ at Dawn Ostroff’s big press moment getting taken away.

  • Anna

    You know. I’m okay with this. Smallville has be on for so long, season 10 seems like it’ll be a good note to end on. As long as Clark flies…. preferably BEFORE the series finale.

    • swtndl81

      LOL!!! I stopped watching the show for that very reason. I felt the storyline was moving too slow. I will definately tune in since supposely Supernatural is moving to Fridays.

      • athena606

        watch season 9 it was a creative resurgence of epic proportions seriously

    • Katy

      I remember reading somewhere that Smallville has a “no tights, no flights” policy. Meaning we will never see Clark in the Superman outfit, nor will he fly. Though they have gotten around the no flights thing a couple times. I personally have been waiting to see him fly since I started watching back in season 1. If he does fly, it probably won’t be until the last seconds of the series finale, unfortunately.

      • TR

        “No tights, no flights” was implemented by Millar/Gough who left after season 8. Mainly it meant that this wasn’t Superboy, it was a different version of young Clark’s life but now he’s growing up and he has a version of a costume with an “S” on it…

  • Rich

    Great news! This means they’ll have a whole season to bring the show to a spectacular conclusion!

    • Lois Stinks!

      I hope this sesason ends with Clark realising his destiny and not trumped by Clark and Lois getting together and living happily ever after. BLECH!

      • Brian

        Can’t we have both? Superman and Clois happily ever after?

      • athena606

        god what is all this Lois hate it just show a lack of understanding for the superman mythos lois has been a part of Superman since the first issue have a little respect geesh and open a comic

      • lolz

        The Lois hate is because Chloe has fans. Bitter, bitter fans.

  • Jonnny


    Glad it was told that it was to end, RATHER THEN TO BE CANCELLED!



    • Fran

      Smallville? sure, and Til’Death is the best comedy of all time!

      • Mary

        Dude, if you don’t like Smallville then why are you on this thread? To many of us, Smallville has been a beloved show that we have genuinely enjoyed for the last 9 years. There have been moments where I’ve been frustrated with the show (::cough:: Season 7) but I’ve stuck with it like many others. I’ll be sad to see it go. It has been one of my shows that I’ve most looked forward to for 9 long years. If you don’t like it…then seriously…leave. Why ruin it for eveyrone else?

      • Josh

        Fran is a whore

      • Lory

        if you don’t like the show then get out of here !!! he is totally right smallville is and will stay the best show ever !!

      • Sam

        Oh please. Even the hardcorest (totally a word) of fans can’t say that this is the greatest show EVER. There have been too many bumps in the road. Even the most spectacular seasons (for me it was 5/6) were just “great,” not “fantastic.”

      • Andrea

        No one has to think it was the greatest show ever to say outright that they have enjoyed it immsensely for 9 years. I’ve loved the show for 9 years. I never said it was perfect but I’ve loved it.

      • billy john bob


        If you are referring to Supernatural, that show sucks DICK.

      • TR

        You could always go back to watching those ripoffs on “Heroes”- oh no wait that got canceled….

    • kris

      Seriously? You have poor taste.

    • Brian

      I love this show and I’m really sad to see it go, but at least they know next season is the last.

      • Brian

        This show hasn’t been perfect, but it has become my favorite version of the Superman mythos ever-the handling of the triangle-for-two, Lois’ development, and the creation of Clark’s dual identities-neither of which is a cartoon or lesser than the other (finally), but rather just two sides of the same man, clinched it for me.
        There are better written shows, but Smallville’s my favorite, tied with Malcolm in the Middle and the US Office.

      • Brian

        Scratch that, Smallville edges them both out.

    • Brian

      Not only is Smallville my favorite show, but with Season 10 it will be the longest-running US-produced Sci-Fi show EVER.

      • Rick

        Stargate SG-1 ran for 10 seasons.

      • K

        Rick, it’ll surpass SG-1 with it’s 200th episode I believe

      • Brian

        Yes SG1 did, but Smallville will edge it out with more episodes.

      • athena606

        Rick Once SV goes 200 it beats SG-1 as longest running Sci-fi show ever

      • hmm

        I wonder if the big event of episode 200 is Clark flying? Either that or Chloe dies. Johnathan Kent died in episode 100.

      • Lyam

        Smallville will edge out SG-1 by 3 episodes I think.

        wish both those shows would last forever *sigh*

  • Rich

    They need to dovetail this into a reboot of the Superman franchise in 2012 with Tom in the starring role.

    • Cas

      I doubt he’d want to do that. He’s been playing the same role for 10 years; I would think he’d want to move on to something else. Stretch his wings a little, so to speak.

  • Euii

    I was hoping for 20 seasons. Damn! lol

    • oderal

      Law & Order: Smallville…now you get twenty seasons

      • Bridget


        Not gonna lie. I’d watch that!

      • TR

        If they turn this into a Justice League show, I”m going to watch ;)

        Seriously, give Justin Hartley his own Green Arrow show.

  • Wes

    I’m sure this comes to the surprise of nobody. The show’s got to wrap up next year anyway unless they’re going to start a new series with him rocking the Red and Blue spandex. When you’ve gone so far to start including Darkseid and the New Gods into the mix(I’m assuming that was Granny Goodness in the finale) you’re definitely in Clark-as-Superman territory. I just hope s10 is as good or better than s9 to give the show a good sendoff.

  • Liz

    Lolz Dawn Ostroff. That’ll teach ya for cancelling Everwood and keeping One Tree Hill… Yep, still bitter about that… Yay TOM!!! Will miss Smallville though… :(

    • Natalie

      It was never between One Tree Hill and Everwood; it was between Everwood and 7th Heaven. Just so you know! I was bummed, too.

  • Snap

    As much as I love the show, this is good news. This gives the writers time to plan accordingly. Season 9 was utterly fantastic; I fully expect the Smallville folk will deliver us a stellar final season, now that they don’t have to waffle about which direction to take if they’re renewed versus which to take if they aren’t. Besides, at this point, SV’s Clark IS Superman in everything but name and flight. :)

  • Kryptonite

    I love Smallville and I think it’s a reasonable decision =)

  • what

    You mean it’s still ON?

    • Dan

      I know, right? I’m kind of amazed that this fluff is still on. Though I’m not surprised fans are complaining it didn’t get enough time. Because ten seasons of moping and non-movement isn’t enough?

      • billy john bob

        Dan you are lame.

        Smallville RULES and you SUCK.

      • TR

        Uh he hasn’t been “moping” for a while and I’d call introducing his own Leage, the JSA, Legion and a relationship with Lois at the Daily Planet as “movement”.

        Thanks for playing Dan but you lose again ;)

  • DJ Doena

    Only good can come out of it. If you know this will be the end before the shooting starts you can devote 20-22 episodes to bring it to a good end.

    It’s far better than to get the news 3 episodes before the end or worse, after you finished shooting.

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