'Glee' earns season 3 pickup from Fox (EW Exclusive)

jane-lynchImage Credit: Michael Yarish/FoxIn a huge vote of confidence for the zeitgeist-cracking drama, Fox has ordered a third season of Glee from Ryan Murphy Television and 20th Century Fox TV, EW has learned exclusively.

Season-to-date, Glee is the No. 1 new scripted series among adults 18-49 and adults 18-34, and has averaged 9.4 million total viewers. During its spring telecasts, the musical dramedy, starring Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, and Lea Michele, averaged a 5.6/14 among 18-49 and 13.3 million viewers. It wraps its first season on Tuesday, June 8. “In just one year, Glee has transcended the television landscape and emerged as a global pop culture phenomenon,” said Peter Rice, the Fox Networks Group Entertainment Chairman, in a statement.

Added Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly, “Everything about Glee – from the concept to the characters to the marketing – has been innovative and risky, but with [series creator] Ryan Murphy tapping into the zeitgeist, the risk has paid off with this truly remarkable series. Glee has one of the most active, devoted fan bases I’ve ever seen, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to give Gleeks a third season of their favorite show.”

Murphy also released the following statement: “It’s been a whirlwind year – from shooting the pilot to performing at the White House to the concert tour that began last week – and yet we all feel like we’ve just begun this amazing musical journey. We think our Gleeks worldwide are going to love what we’ll have in store for them in seasons two and three.”

Along with the positive message it sends about the network’s commitment to the show, there are numerous financial benefits to giving a series like Glee a two-year pickup. Not only does it help cut production costs over the long haul, it allows Murphy and his writers a chance to plan ahead (if not breathe a much-needed sigh of relief). Most important, it gives the studio a head start in taking the episodes out into the syndication marketplace. Promising new dramas like NCIS: LA and The Mentalist, for example, sold in syndication in their first and second years, respectively.

In the next original episode, airing on May 25, Glee will feature the music of Lady Gaga when Will (Morrison) encourages the glee club members to express themselves using the pop superstar’s music. Meanwhile, Rachel (Michele) has a life-changing encounter, and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) embraces her inner goth.

The second season of Glee, which has already earned a Peabody, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actors Guild award, will kick off this fall on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

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  • PityPie

    “The second season of Glee, which has already earned a Peabody, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actors Guild award”

    That makes it sound like the second season won all those awards. Which it won’t if Glee continues its downward spiral in quality.

    • Dee

      It’s already acknowledged to be a terribly written show with little to no plot. Which some people like, I guess. But it serves as a vehicle to release music and make money so it’ll continue to be renewed.

      • LK

        “little to no plot”? um it’s about teens in a high school glee club who are just going through life with the focus being primarily on the glee club meetings – wasnt there a show awhile back which had much less of a plot..thats right it was called “Seinfeld” and it lasted years

      • Dee

        Seinfeld had characters with personality. Which separates it from Glee.

        The Glee plot formula goes like this: popular artist wants their songs used on Glee, writers force a plot that doesn’t fit or make any sort of sense so the characters can sing it.

      • Will

        please do not compare glee to Seinfeld. I’ll admit it, Glee used to be good…before the back 9. Now it’s just getting weird and all (yes all) of the relationship plots have become so incredibly stupid. Jane Lynch’s humor and Lea Michele’s voice are the only redeeming factors right now.

      • LK

        cause i definitely compared the two…Seinfeld is worlds different and prided itself on being a show about nothing, im just making a point of how a show about nothing in particular can be a hit. and how do the glee characters not have a personality, has anyone paid attention to Kurt’s storyline?

      • nicetaoldd

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      • Tarchannon

        The trouble with Sein feld was that it was terrible. Glee doesn’t have much more plot, but it’s more attention grabbing and relevant, the music is great, and the twists and turns are interesting.

      • Eda

        Wow! What ignorance you have. Glee defines what high school is all about. The ability to want to fit in but yet stand out. Everyone has a dream that they want to fulfill and Glee makes it possible for those people to believe that they could achieve it. The SONGS are used for significance meanings…like say for example the Lady Gaga one when Tina was trying to find herself. Maybe you should brush up on your Glee and perhaps your music before those hands of yours corresponds to the insiginficant comment of which you have listed. Thanks for a horrible comment.

      • Dustin

        Honestly, I’m kind of tired of the Glee love. I’m not a hater persey, i liked the first few episodes. But it got old. The show blows its Plot Load in the fall finale, and basically tries to rehash all the old problems from the first story arc. In that aspect, it is the same as any other teen drama/comedy hour long Fox has done. The OC threw the kitchen sink at everyone first season, and then got rediculous afterwards. Are Glee and OC different? Yes. But they both revolve around a set of unique teens/parents who screw within their circle first season and bring in new characters to keep the old fresh. It’s normally when this is done that fans usually turn on them. MY POINT is, this is not a Reinvention of the wheel folks, its another teen hourlong, with singing. Its only selling point is the singing, besides that point out where its different then what we have had before. Normal High School Kids? Freak and Geeks/70’s Show/Wonder Years/ all did that perfectly, and first. The OC was briliant first season, and fell apart afterwards. So will Glee.

      • Dustin

        Also, don’t even compare Seinfeld to Glee. That’s just basphemy.

      • Noelle

        May I remind everyone of a plotless musical that’s only redeeming quality was it’s costumes and music, it was called CATS and it ran on Broadway for 12 years. If you are just going to analyze Glee, then here’s a novel suggestion, DON’T WATCH IT!

      • Sarah

        I strongly disagree, I think the show is great. The characterization is good. By which I mean, situations change the characters and how they look at things. The character Quinn has had the biggest personality changes, caused by the troubles her teen pregnancy has caused her. Also, you might notice each Glee episode has a message or theme, which I find interesting.

        While Glee does use songs, that’s not it’s only appeal. If it were, they would only use songs from current mainstream artists. While they do use several from artists currently popular with teenagers, like Lady Gaga, they also use many older songs as well.

        Now, regarding plot… How many TV comedies have a plot that extends through the entire series/season? Most plots are one episode, and so are many Glee plots. The other shows that have been mentioned… Seinfeld. Is there an overall plot to that? No. What about That 70’s Show? No overall plot to that either. Do you people know the difference between “premise” and “plot”?

      • cat

        don’t watch it if you don’t like it. never ceases to amaze the stupid comments from people who don’t like something.

      • Gleeker

        Dear hater of glee, Dee, Glee is a great tv series with a plentiful plot as many gleeks have explained to you already. And as the saying goes “if you have nothin nice ta say then, DONT SAY IT AT ALL!!!!!” whether you have or havent seen the episode “night of neglect” your attitude is EXACTLY like the hecklers, just downing on something that has some ACTUAL VALUE of existence, unlike those comments of yours. If you dont like glee then DONT WATCH IT!!! if ya do anyways then YOUR A MORON!!! Dont comment mean things about the tv series, actors, writers, producers, Ecsettera ecsettera; cause in a way your just being a bully. Just please do all gleeks a favor and not involve yourself any further with ANYTHING that has to do with Glee unless you actually like glee and and enjoy all qualities of it.

    • Frank

      You would think an entrainment mag would know they are still in their first season.

      Lea Michele singing on my tv for two more years it win.

      • Juliana

        total agree.
        Lea and CIA until 2012!

      • Johnification

        Unclear grammar, but pretty sure the descriptor is just applying to the word Glee and not “The second season of Glee”

      • jessiesk

        why comment if you hate the show that much, go do something useful instead of being so negative.

      • Preston

        They should have said season 2 pickup instead of season 3. They did half of their shows earlier this fall and the other half this spring. They could have said Glee renewed for 2 seasons instead of that confusing title.

      • red

        the article says that they are still in the first season. it clearly states that the first season wraps on june 8.

    • Rowan

      Lynette’s grammer and syntax has always left much to be desired. The way she worded it, the article does say that the second season won awards even thought it has’t even begun filming.

      • znachki

        Late the party, so there may have been edits, but I didn’t fine the sentance unclear at all. Commas folks, they’re not just for show.

      • kat

        The grammar is technically correct. The phrase about winning the awards is closest to Glee, the noun it’s describing. The wording is just a little awkward. I had to reread it twice, because I thought it was a mistake the first time.

    • Will

      Did I miss something? Last time I checked it’s only season one, and people get it really confused. Glee had a break like all the other shows, and it’s back to finish the FIRST season. So technically Fox renewed it for a SECOND season. Geesh.

      • Michaela

        it is season 1 still, but way back this winter they renewed it for next year, the 2010-2011 year, which would be its second season, so (so far as i presume) this announcement means that it’s secure for the 2011-2012 season as well. good news!

      • jo

        no, they just renewed it for a third season. it was picked up for a second season ages ago.

      • red

        read the whole article folks. it clearly says that the first season is wrapping in june, the second season is going to be great, and they just got picked up for a 3rd season.

    • Breckster82

      while i don’t think it’s deserving of all the extremely high praise it’s getting, glee is still a wonderfully fun mid-week escape. and frankly, the spring episodes have been of a much higher quality plot-wise/story-wise than the fall episodes. terri’s fake pregnancy?? come on, that was just ridiculous. and while there seems to be a bit more shameless plugging of certain artists, the episodes that don’t center around that have been stellar. i will admit, i really do dislike when it’s obvious they want to include a specific song and then work a story around it just to try and make it fit.

      • Amy

        I don’t think that that actually happens all that often. The Madonna episode is the only clear example of songs dictating plot. I think the songs are used specifically in relation to the plot – I don’t think that the last episode was about dreams just so that Glee could throw in an Aerosmith song and one from The Mamas and the Papas.

    • Michele

      What are you talking about–obviously you don’t watch the show!!

  • Sean S.

    This is great news. The show has the heart and humor of Murphy’s Popular (which I also loved) and a fabulous cast that brings the fun and entertainment of the musical aspect to engaging new heights that musicals often struggle having.

    • Emma

      Hey, remember what happened to Popular in it’s second season?! LOL

      • Steven

        At least now if Quinn runs over Rachel in the season finale next year we’re sure to see what happens. lol. I LOVED Popular!

    • Miss Talk

      Great great news. I’m both happy and scared.
      Mr Murphy, i’m down on my knees begin you to never let Glee have the same fate than Heroes. As soon as the series start to tire, make the entire cast sing ABBA’s “Knowing me, knowing you” and just end the series. Thank you.

      • Robert

        Actually, the final song should be ABBA’s “Thank You For the Music”…it seems much more appropriate.

        I hope this show doesn’t end for a long time, honestly. I want to see a show that isn’t courtroom, forensics, or medical, and actually last.

        And I do love these spring episodes more than their first episodes. Better singing, better characterization, much better song choices (which also means many more songs that the viewers actually know)…and Dream On is one of my favorite songs that Glee has ever done – and this is coming from an Aerosmith fan.

  • Lisa

    Glee is amazing and I’m thrilled it was picked up for a 3rd season. I can’t wait!

  • ashley

    OMG THIS IS AMAZING!! i am so excited that they renewed it so early! they havent even finished the first season!

  • Dee

    Ten bucks says that viewers do a ‘Heroes’ and bail on the show in massive numbers halfway through the second season.

    • jenny

      one of the reasons why a lot of fans ‘bailed’ during the second season of Heroes was b/c the writers were forced to cut out of lot of their previous storylines b/c of the writers strike. The second season of Heroes wasn’t even bad, it was the 3rd that sucked. But that was again attributed to the writers strike what with the writers having to cram a lot of the storylines that previously would have been in S2 leaving S3 to feel crammed and disoriented. Thus losing its viewership. Glee while it has its problems won’t suffer from this same fate.

      • Dee

        …People will just get tired of different things. It’s not even a top 10 show.

      • luke

        Well, what I will say is is that Glee has a much broader appeal than Heroes did. Adults, kids, girls, guys all watch it. Heroes did transcend those demographics for a while, but a sci-fi/superhero show would never sustain that kind of popularity. Also, Heroes had a greater propensity to go off-kilter what with it being a supernatural show. While Murphy has ruined shows in the past, I think that he has Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan there to ground him. Falchuk in particular seems more into the emotional, melancholy and realistic aspects of the show, so if he remains on the writing team, Glee shouldn’t suffer the same fate as Nip/Tuck or Popular.

    • Michele

      Dee, I bet you’d be wrong!!

  • Summer

    wow! Big news. I’m so happy I have more Glee to look forward to for the next couple of years. I just hope that they still retain my fave characters.

  • Karin

    Hopefully this means loads of PQagnst <3 :)

    • Ashley

      Please Quick is dead and never coming back. let it go, Puckleberry is where it’s at!

      • Hee

        Finn and Rachel(=Finchel) for the Win :)

      • Tyler

        I’m for both Finn/Rachel and Puck/Rachel. Both seems like a good match to me. Just have to see where they are going with both couple. I know Finn/Rachel are pre-determind as end game but i’m not sold on them yet. We shall see now that Glee got picked up for season 3, but I do have to agree with Ashley, Quick is dead and gone. I was never for them anyway. they had no chemistry.

  • Kate

    Ok i love Glee but isnt this really smart, i mean, not saying it will, but what if next season if appalling and awful!

    • llevinso

      Agreed. This is premature and I think, stupid. Not that I don’t love Glee and all. But couldn’t they have waited until the second season at least started?

    • tvgirl48

      I think it would be kinda hilarious if Glee got awful next year and they were stuck with it for another season. Not that it would get cancelled after that…Heroes coasted on their initial greatness for a long time.

  • Diana

    Thursdays in the fall, I believe.

  • Sam

    I just want Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff to be made regulars. I know it’s a lot to hope for, but why the heck not?

    • StrawberryFields737

      I agree. There’s been talk about bringing Jon Groff back next season and I sure hope they go for it.

      • Hee

        Jon Groff will be in London this fall doing a play in the West End when Glee is shooting Season 2. I predict that he’ll show up right at the end of Season 2

    • Wayne

      I Agree With Ya SaM

  • Rae

    I love Glee, but I fear this renewal is premature. I’ve seen too many shows set in high school to know that only the best are able to stay interesting and relevant beyond three seasons. It’s just the nature of the beast – either you keep the show in the high school and replace cast members as they graduate, or you keep the original cast and take the show beyond high school into college (yawn) and/or adult life.

    Due to the concept and the presence of teacher and administrator characters in the regular cast, Glee is clearly positioning itself to stay in the high school. If so, I truly hope that Ryan Murphy has a strong vision for the show beyond stunt casting and themed song episodes. Otherwise, the show will fizzle long before the end of the SECOND season.

    • Travis

      I second that. I have had it up to here with the themed song episodes. Just tell the stupid story, already.

    • Mai

      I thought they said they were going to do a That 70s Show with Glee and never let them graduate? Not that I disagree I think this is very premature given how the second half of this season is shaping up. There’s gotta be a change next season since it’s already getting old.

      • StrawberryFields737

        I think Ryan Murphy was joking when he said the kids would never graduate.

      • StrawberryFields737

        I think they were kidding when they said the kids weren’t going to graduate.

      • DeeB

        I really enjoy the musical side of the show, it’s fun to be reminded of some of the great songs we haven’t heard in a while and see them performed in a different way…the story line is getting kind of cheesy and some of the “emotional” moments lead to more laughter in our home and eye rolling than tears. We are anxious to see what they come up with in the future since the kids are in High School and will eventually need to graduate and move on. I don’t think they would have the same luck bringing in new characters…it would have to be done slowly and with time for us to get to know them.

        Liek someone else said, while the show isn’t one of the best ever story-wise, it is a great mid-week pick-me-up and something fun to look forward too!!

    • um…

      I guess that could be said of Degrassi: The Next Generation…but I couldn’t care less about the new folks that they brought in…haven’t watched the show in years…so as long as they never express a “time line” of sorts…its fine by me.

  • gleeisme

    wow!!! great news!!! I’m putting on my gleek shirt now!


  • gleeisme

    whoops, sorry guys, here’s a better link, now I’m getting my gleek shirt…YES!!!!!!


  • yeahok

    This show is going to burn out sooo fast after the first season. The same thing that happened to ‘Ugly Betty,’ ‘Heroes,’ ‘Pushing Daisies’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’ will happen here. Big debut season, constant buzz, followed by diminished returns and plummeting ratings.

    • yeahok

      And Gossip Girl.

    • Doug

      OR it could be like True Blood, Supernatural, The West Wing, or Grey’s Anatomy and come back with a phenomenal second season that overtakes the first.

      • Dee

        So many lols that you could possibly EVER compared Glee to The West Wing.

        But the second season of True Blood was considered disappointing after the first and the “first season” of Grey’s Anatomy only contained 9 episodes. So it’s easy to “get better”

      • Kristen

        First of all… You cannot compare The West Wing and Glee, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the show. The subject matter doesn’t even begin to compare. They exist in two very different genres. I think Glee will continue to be a success because they have many different directions that the show can take after its initial season. With its cast of characters, they have a great opportunity to keep the storyline fresh and exciting… Let’s face it, this show is a new genre unto itself, and that is what is making it successful. I, for one, cannot wait to see what they have in store for us for the 2nd and now 3rd seasons.

    • jenny

      And yet Desperate Housewives, is still around as such with GossipGirl. Now while I don’t like either of these shows clearly they still have a strong viewership or the networks wouldn’t have renewed them year after year. Also Doug makes an excellant point especially with mentioning Supernatural where the creator was so sure they wouldn’t make it past season2 and the show just got renewed for a sixth season. You never know how these things will turn out. Considering glee’s more than just a tv show it’ll be around for a while IMO

    • AC

      Pushing Daisies was a different story right from the start. It never had high viewership numbers because it was the kind of show that was only going to attract a quirky niche market at the best of times. It was also extremely expensive to make and therefore would have to have higher ratings to justify the expense. The show also had a very truncuated first season (only nine episodes) due to the writer’s strike, and then a huge break before it came back for S2, which didn’t help with the bleeding viewership.

      Glee is an entirely different story, because it has been consistently picking up viewers as S1 has gone on, even with the large break between the initial 13 eps and the back 9. Also, even if the ratings dropped, the show makes money through music sales, merchandise, the live tour, etc., so the cost of filming is offset by things other than ratings/advertising.

  • gleeisme

    jeez louise, what’s wrong with this thing…I’ll try again…I’m pretty sure this works, if not I give up


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