My Dream Emmy Nominations part 1: Best Supporting Actor and Actress (comedy)

dream-emmy-ballotImage Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Mario Perez/ABC; Mitch Haddad/ABC; Paul Drinkwater/NBC; Patrick Ecclesine/FoxGood news, Emmy voters: Help has arrived. Again.

The arduous process of selecting this year’s nominations begins next week (finalists are announced on July 8), and as has become an annual tradition, I’ve singled out who (and what) I think is most deserving of kudos so you don’t have to. Beginning today and continuing until Friday, I’ll be unveiling my picks in all the major categories. Do me a favor — heck, do us all a favor — and consult these handy cheat sheets when the official ballot drops next week. Pretty please?

First up: Supporting actor and actress in a comedy…

Best Supporting Actress (Comedy)
* Julie Bowen (Modern Family): Hats off to the straight (wo)man who gives every line a twist.
* Alison Brie (Community): She deserves an Emmy for the pepper spray scene alone.
* Jenna Fischer (The Office): She rocked the wedding. She aced the delivery. And she absolutely killed in “Murder.”
* Jane Lynch (Glee): You think earning an Emmy’s hard? Try not picturing her taking the prize.
* Busy Philipps (Cougar Town): Her comic timing is so good, it could be its own exhibit at the Museum of Awesome Freakin’ Acting.
* Sofia Vergara (Modern Family): She had us at the accent. She had us in stitches with the way she wields it.

Best Supporting Actor (Comedy)
* Ty Burrell (Modern Family): We’re not gonna tell the Academy why he deserves a statuette. Let’s leave ‘em clueless…
* John Krasinski (The Office): Go back and rewatch his face during the scene in which Pam gets breastfeeding tips from her male nurse.
* Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation): The key to amazing deadpan line readings? Apparently, an amazing mustache.
* Danny Pudi (Community): He’s made Abed part freak, part geek, and totally unique. Cut! Print!
* Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family): Plays gay more convincingly than most gay men.
* Michael Urie (Ugly Betty): As Marc nudged Justin out of the closet, a hardcore thespian emerged.

Agree/disagree with my picks? Consider the comments section below your own personal Dream Emmy Ballot.

Coming up tomorrow: Supporting actor and actress in a drama.

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  • Luminosity

    Good lists. For the win, I would choose Jane Lynch & Danny Pudi. They stole their respective shows.

    • Todd

      Amen to that!

    • wowsza

      Although Im rooting for Jane Lynch in the female category, I think Eve Best (Dr. O’Hara from Nurse Jackie) and Merritt Weaver (Zoey from Nurse Jackie) need to be on the supporting ballot!!

      • champmav

        Yay for the Zoey nomination! I wondered if I was the only one who thinks she steals all her scenes!

      • veronica

        I so agree on both counts – they’re my fav characters from that show (which I love)!

    • Melissa

      Your list is incomplete – Jim Parsons!

  • p

    Vanessa Williams?

    • amber

      I know right…she effing deserves one after being nominated 3 times!

    • Marie

      i couldn’t agree more.
      she’s been robbed EVERY year since Ugly Betty began.

    • Vanity Feral

      I really hope this does turn out to be VW’s year.

      • paige

        judging by the track record of the supporting actress category the past years Vanessa Williams has been nominated- it takes your show getting off the air to win. so hopefully she’ll get it this time!

      • Sorry UB

        If VW waits one more year, she can go for the “Guest Actor” category for Desparate Housewives!!!

      • mary q contrary

        I know you guys like her and everything, but Jane Lynch puts her to shame. Vanessa won’t win this year, plain and simple.

      • Hilary

        @Mary if Jane is so amazing, why hasnt she won anything yet? Vanessa has won plenty already.

      • Mo

        Um, Hilary, this is Glee’s first season, so this is her first chance to be nominated and win for her role. Get a little perspective, please.

    • Nick T

      I thought she was mandotory.

      • Jen

        she should be! god she is FAB-U-LOUS

      • Jethro

        Vanessa W. will never be considered an actress, just a beauty queen stripped of her crown.

      • Hilary

        @Jethro – honey, you’ll never be considered anything more than a pig with no time on his hands but to hate. Love ya like a cold sore!

    • anamiii

      yes absolutely… she totally deserves the win too

      • markirmark

        I kinda have to agree w/ Jethro on this one; as much as I love her, that is how hollywood sees her. sry! luv u ness!

    • lyndsay

      Perhaps they want somebody to win from a show that wasn’t CANCELED. and good riddance too

      • Johnification

        Snarky response for the…loss. Kristin Chenoweth won for Pushing Daisies last year.

    • M

      YES! As much as I enjoy Jane Lynch and the Modern Family women, Vanessa Williams deserves the Emmy after being robbed for the past three years. And Michael Urie too– after watching some season one episodes, you can really see how Marc has changed and grown.

      • Sal


      • Bobby’s Robot

        NPH and Rainn Wilson should be nommed until they finally (deservedly) win.

    • commentor

      Merritt Wever – Zoey – Nurse Jackie … so great in this role.

      Eve Best as Dr. Eleanor O’Hara is also worthy of praise.

      • Eric

        WORD to Merritt Wever. She is the best thing about that amazing show. A totally glamorless role, and she just goes for it.

      • Eve

        I totally agree ! These two deserve a mention. They steal the show for me!

      • orville

        Absolutely! Zoey is one of my favorite characters on television right now.

        Stephen Wallem as Thor and Anna Deveare Smith as Akalitus deserve mention too.

      • D.

        I was scrolling down waiting for someone to mention Zoey. She is fabulous!

      • Kdw

        Merrit Wever as Zooey is amazing! The best part of the entire show Dr. O’Hara and Akalitus are inspired as well. Actually my least favorite part of the show is Jackie, which is saying something b/c Edie Falco is amazing! Coop deserves a nod as well! I’m sick of the same shows getting nominated year after year these lists need to be shaken up even if 30 Rock and Mad Men win ultimately. At least let the little guys into the club!

    • Grace

      Oh THANK YOU for mentioning it. I think Jane Lynch is hilarious on Glee, but VW to me is still better. And she’s been doing it longer and more consistently. How could she not even make this list???

  • Jacob

    Julie Bowen and Michael Urie FTW.

    Love Modern Family and Ugly Betty.

    • Christopher

      Love Modern Family, but you missed nominating the funniest supporting actor of the bunch, Rico Rodriguez “Manny”. Eric Stonestreet and Ty Burrell can fight for the other nom.

      • chris

        Totally agree wit you re: Rodriguez. His portrayal of Manny is amazing. I really think he is the best child actor I’ve ever seem. Love the dry humor. Got to credit the writers as well.

  • yoda

    Jane Lynch FTW!!

    • ObiHave

      No doubt!!!

  • Erin Rumbolt

    Definitely Jane Lynch. My top pick.

  • Urse

    I’ve got to include Aziz Ansari in there as well.

    • KRG


    • Mrs. Doubtfire shimself

      No to Jenna Fischer. She was so annoying this season. I’d much rather see Ellie Kemper nominated instead. Or better yet, Kaley Cuoco from BBT or Wanda Sykes from Old Christine.

      • Mark

        Absolutely right about Kaley Cuoco from the Big Bang Theory. Her combination of confusion, admiration and exasperation about the three nerd geniuses that surround her make Cuoco the perfect audience entrance point. Getting laughs despite the larger than life personalittes around her is hard work. The show’s hidden gem!

    • Mrs. Doubtfire shimself

      Whoops on that last comment appearing here, but really almost the entire supporting actor category could be made up of men from Parks & Rec.

      Plus Aubrey Plaza for actress.

      • Will

        Seriously? Aubrey Plaza?

      • Quin

        Right on. She should submit the hunting trip episode—the spit-take sequence was just delightful.

  • MSlatt

    I agree with EVERY single one of your choices Ausiello! Screw the academy! They should just have you pick the winner!

    • Ellie

      Agreed. All of these are top drawer. I’d go with Jane Lynch and Ty Burrell or Danny Purdi, but they’re all good.

  • John

    Hard to say for Supporting Actor, but Jane Lynch for Supporting Actress for SURE. Overall, great selections.

    • Meli

      Absolutely agree – no one does comedy better than Jane Lynch!

    • Jorge

      I was one of the fortunate ones to see the April 10 coernct and can’t believe how great Cher looks for her age! Her legs are absolutely gorgeous and her voice was as strong as ever! She had so many costume and wig changes and had a great lime green dress and red wig on as she belted out That Old Rock and Roll. She wore 3+ inch platform shoes throughout the coernct and did not move around like a 63 year old. I’ve been a fan since I was 3 (which makes me 48) and I was as impressed with this coernct as I was at the other 4 I attended over the years ( once during the Believe tour and 3 times during the Farewell tour). Cher, you still got it, Babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!VA:F [1.9.16_1159]please wait…VA:F [1.9.16_1159](from 0 votes)

  • JJ Saldana

    I agree 100% with the Supporting actresses. With the Supporting Actors category I agree with almost all. I would remove Danny Pudi an replace him with Chris Colfer or Mark Salling of Glee.

    • Maria Corbelli

      Add Chris Colfer! He deserves it!

      • Cara

        Chris Colfer definitely deserves it! He conveys more emotion than any other actor, and is extremely funny to boot. And I’d add the guy who plays his dad (sorry, I forget the actor’s name.)

      • veronica

        @Cara – Mike O’Malley (and yes, he’s fantastic!)

      • Nana

        These pictures are so amzanig and sweet! Rebecca looks as beautiful as she always does:) My favorite has to be the picture of Craig when he first sees Rebecca! And my second favorite are the picture taken before the wedding when they haven’t seen each other yet. They are adorable!!!

    • Mark S

      I agree with Chris Colfer, but you have to keep Danny there. He has been great, even when Community has not been.

    • Ibu

      Yep, get rid of John K. (who’s been phoning in most of this season) and replace him with Chris Colfer.

    • Matt J

      I completely agree that Chris Colfer deserves a nod. Kurt has been amazing to watch and the work he has done in the second half of the season has been stellar.

    • Aaron

      CHRIS COLFER!!!!!

      • Kiki

        Kurt FTW! And I want to hear his speech!

      • Parvez

        I love every single pctiure that is in this album. I would buy all of them for my dear friend Rebecca! Craig’s heart warming expressions are priceless and so are the moments that were captured by this amazing photographer. Love you both very much!!!

    • cc

      Totally agree for Chris Colfer. His scenes with Mike O’Malley are always amazing.

      • Bonnie

        I like both Colfer and O’Malley, maybe O’Malley hasn’t done enough epis but he has been great, probably in large part to do with the writing. I bet he’d be up for an Emmy if he were a b*stard of a father in a gritty cable show, but being a struggling, midwestern dad trying to do right by his motherless son is not worthy??

      • s

        O’Malley is in guest. I would absolutely love it if Chris Colfer got in! “Kurt’s Turn” was outstanding!

      • KCC

        don’t get me wrong, i think (chris colfer and Mike O’Malley) there scenes are great…but they are more dramatic than comedic…

      • KCC

        I mean you can’t really say there scenes TOGETHER are funny…

    • Indra

      Rxed wod at 17:37. All 3 exercises were in opstpioe sides of gym. Huge triangle walk! alsothos gym I’ve been going to this week is packed and had to sneak in a rep between some other dudes set. Thanks dude!

  • Meow

    I agree with all of your actress nominees! I think those are the best. As for the actor nominees.. I think Ed O’Neil needs to be included with Ty and Eric! Maybe Kenneth from 30 Rock too.

    • dj

      Agreed…especially about Ed O’Neill. I think you could make an argument for any of the males in Modern Family.

    • Lindsey

      The whole cast is brilliant, but I’d also include Jesse Tyler Ferguson… I could do without Parks & Rec myself, so throw Jesse Tyler in there.

    • Mark

      Ed O’Neill for sure. Burrell and Stonestreet get the big laughs, but it’s O’Neill who can break your heart with just one line (“Sometimes being a good dad is just being there”). Add bonus points for disappearing so completely from Ed Bundy (Ty Burrell’s character on “Back To You” had Phil similarities). While I admire the selflessness he took for placing himself in the supporting cataegory, I wish he would have gone lead, so that he and one other male co-star (plus should-be-lead Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara) could have swept the comedy acting awards!

  • Sarah El

    I like the Community/Modern Family picks, as well as Jane Lynch. I’d also shoot for a Chris Colfer nod from Glee, or maybe Adam Baldwin from Chuck!

  • Will

    Good list. Are you trying not to jinx Jim Parsons by leaving him off your list?

    • terry

      Or Raj or Howard.

      • Mrs. Doubtfire shimself

        They have been stellar this season.

    • Dan

      Jim Parsons was in the Lead Actor category last year and that is where he belongs. What about NPH from “HIMYM”? Agree with suggestions for Wanda Sykes for “New Christine,” and Chris Colfer from “Glee.”

      • Sarah El

        I’d agree with you on NPH for any season but this one. He’s been fine, but he’s been better too.

      • Gillianna

        NPH absolutely. It’s been a terrible season but he’s deserved it for the last 4 years.

    • Sarah El

      Jim Parsons would be for lead, I imagine.

    • Mike

      Jim Parsons would be up for a lead role I believe, not supporting.

    • sam

      jim parsons is a lead actor not supporting

  • Katy

    Eric Stonestreet; I want to marry him.

    • Sabrina

      Get in line!

      • Natalia

        thank you so much for sharing these pitcures..can’t wait to see all of them..what a beautiful job you did you always had a smile on your face and was so pleasant with all the nephew Jody and partner Mark are two of the most beautiful people i know was marvelous to have a day full of laughter and happiness .thanks for putting up with all of us love auntie row(oregon)

  • pop

    busy philipps really? i love cougar town but she is not my favorite. also, i’m with Urse who said Aziz Ansari! also sophia overdoes the accent – a little too much for my taste. its over the line of funny and crosses to annoying.

    • mscisluv

      That is her natural accent.

      • Aj

        I’m so glad you folks let Pop know. I thought the accent was a bit much too, until I saw her on Ellen.


      Have you heard her speak as Sofia? That’s her real accent.

      • BlatantURLPimpingMustDie

        Dontcha love it when ill-informed people comment? LOL

    • Jen

      Aziz!! for the DJ Roomba episode and his sad storyline with his divorce, he kept it real and funny at the same time.

    • Tab

      Busy Phillips is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!

    • gah

      ugh she DOES totally exaggerate. interviews of her compared to the show show how much she does. its awful.

    • Carol

      Busy Phillips is the worst actress on TV and that’s saying something. She’s dreadful on that show.

  • amber

    Where the freaking hell is Vanessa Williams. After losing 3 times, I want her to win for once!!!!! It would be a dream if Ana Ortiz or Becki Newton got nominated as well..

    And Love Michael Urie!

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