'FlashForward' finale: Did advance planning do more harm than good for show?

flash-forwardImage Credit: Michael Desmond/ABCWhen ABC first launched FlashForward, the network and producers boasted of having a five-season story arc for the drama about life after an international black-out. Apparently, the plan laid out by David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight) and Brannon Braga (24) was so compelling, it ignited a network bidding war among the nets before ABC snatched the project. “These high-concept shows can be fantastic, but there are a lot of pitfalls,” ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson told EW back in September. “The fact that they had done their homework made all the difference.”

Did it? Tonight, ABC will air the drama’s 22nd and final episode of FlashForward, because the network decided against ordering a second season. After a respectable debut last fall — it averaged 12.5 million viewers — ratings plummeted throughout the season. (It didn’t help that the show, like V, went on hiatus over the winter.) Part one of the FlashForward finale on May 20 only averaged 5.3 million — down 28 percent from its season average (7.4 million), so it’s not likely that tonight’s Part 2 will do any better. Suddenly, all that talk about a five-year plan didn’t mean a thing if no one showed up to watch.

So will FlashForward go down as a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of planning ahead? For his part, McPherson doesn’t make any apologies about picking up a show with a deep mythology (after all, he did renew V for a second season). “In the end, FlashForward didn’t engage audiences like we hoped,” he told EW earlier this month. “A huge part of rebuilding the network is about taking chances. Some shows just don’t work out.”

Yet two of the industry’s preeminent drama producers — both of whom just wrapped heavily serialized shows — are suspicious of anyone who thinks they can dictate where a show can and should go. “I would be wary of five-year plans,” says Howard Gordon, the executive producer of 24, told EW. “There is certainly a benefit to knowing generally where you are going. But I also think there is energy to the unknown and to the improvisation of seeing where stories take you. Knowing where you are going is sometimes constricting because then you have to get there. You have to have a pretty big brain to think you know where a story is going to go.”

“Speaking from personal experience, the more terrified and assured of cancellation you are, the more likely you are to get through the next episode,” adds Damon Lindelof, the executive producer of Lost. “There’s a certain burden in the first year of a TV show that the audience and network put on you to explain what your plan many months (if not years) down the line is… but the more you think about what you’re going to write in six months, the less you’re thinking about writing the script that’s due tomorrow. The plan comes in time, but in that first season, the plan is completely moot if you don’t take the time to listen to what the show is telling you it wants to be.”

There is at least one more high-concept drama in the pipeline for the 2010-11 season that could come with its own deep mythology — Terra Nova, a drama about a family 100 years in the future that travels back to the prehistoric era. Ironically, Braga is an executive producer on that one too, along with Steven Spielberg, ex-Fox Chairman Peter Chernin, and agent-turned-producer Aaron Kaplan, among others. From what we hear, Braga — together with executive producers David Fury (24) and Matt Olmstead (Prison Break) — is working from a series bible left behind by Craig Silverstein, the drama’s co-creator (with Kelly Marcel) who is now running Nikita at the CW. But at least one source who’s talked to Braga says the writer is petrified about the colossal endeavor — so like Lindelof indicates, fear (not just pre-planning) can actually be good for the new show. Stay tuned.

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  • Mariah

    Having a five year plan did not hurt FlashForward. An unnecessary 4 month hiatus did. End of story.

    • H Dawg

      FlashForward’s biggest problem was that it sold itself as a Lost wannabe, but didn’t follow Lost’s formula for success. Instead of focusing on the characters as Lost did, with the mythology gradually developing, FlashForward focused on the story, which was confusing. Viewers will only get onboard a complex storyline if they have a vested interest in the characters that the story affects. ABC’s blatant advertising of the show’s secrets (“what’s up with the kangaroo? find out more at abc.com!”) was ridiculous as well, and hard to take seriously. Especially when shoved down our throats during the first episode.
      The show had potential but was slapped together too fast by a network and team that had serious Lost envy and was desperate to replace it. Too bad.

      • kim


      • JDD

        First of all, I doubt it was the folks at Flashforward who decided to bill the show as the next coming of Lost.
        Second of all, if as you say is true, shouldn’t Lost have lost its entire viewing audience during season 3 when not a single character retained their personality, culminating in Sawyer essentially saying “Aw, shucks, you got me” when Locke duped him into killing his father?

      • Red ES

        JDD, you are arguing a generalization by making a huge generalization yourself – I don’t think that was the case with Lost’s 3rd season; so no, everyone shouldn’t have stopped viewing because of “no single character retaining their personality”…

      • wombat

        also agreed. and even worse? the show ended up pretty good — and even that is WAAAAY better than v, which did get picked up. very frustrating.

      • Jake

        Lost was for losers…eventually people caught on to what a crappy show it is. If you chekc the records Lost was suppose to culminate in a 10 year run. But the mythos that be was perhaps too to overcome for one network.

      • JohnDoe

        Well, I guess we all know who the “dick of the day” is.

      • Tenney

        Agree. ABC did that to Life on Mars and Pushing Daisies too. You take a show off the air for 4 months in the winter time when people are looking to stay in and watch TV because of the crappy weather outside what do they think will happen? People will find something else to get hooked on and then when the show comes back – the audience has moved on.

      • Mariah

        H Dawg, seriously? ABC may have left LOST alone this past season, but I remember commercials for the airline featured in the show and all sorts of ridiculous marketing for it in the beginning. I tried to watch LOST. I watched it from the first ep and right about the time it took off I realized that I found Jake, Kate and to an extent Sawyer boring as hell and they started killing off the characters I actually liked. So, nice generalizations you’re making, but what rang most true about your post is that you’re a LOST fan who didn’t like the idea of ABC labeling anything as heir of the high-concept crown.

      • Gillian

        This sums it up very well!

      • Billiam

        I don’t think the marketing is responsible for its failure, but I do think that the writers forgot to spend as much time creating engaging characters as they did on the concept and plot (actually, there were also a few too many plotholes).

      • boocat

        Jake – you are clueless about LOST….this show was probably too smart for alot of people and you’re probably one of them.

      • TheDeej

        They never said they were the next Lost, it was the press that did that.

      • Dutch

        I’d say Flash Forward tried to be LOST done right. Unfortunately it’s proof that it is extremely difficult to pull off a multi-year serial when you are judged by ratings on a weekly basis. LOST hooked a lot of people with a GREAT season 1, good character development and all kinds of bizarre happenings that got absolutely no resolution of in Season 1. Easier introducing mysteries than resolving them… They did however balance it well enough to establish a solid fanbase. LOST had over 10M viewers stick with it for the entire 6 season run. Unfortunately FF didn’t hit that right balance in S1 so it doesn’t matter how well it was all planned in the beginning. Hell maybe they can take this to a cable network and resume. Hope so. Oh yeah lengthy hiatsuses KILL dramas!

      • Michael

        “Agree. ABC did that to Life on Mars and Pushing Daisies too”
        ABC didn’t have a choice with Pushing Daisies- it had to take it off because of the writers’ strike. Now you can argue that it should have rushed a few episodes into production for May, but hindsight is 20-20.

      • Kyle

        that’s exactly what happened to practically all of the CW’s line up. They stacked shows up on Mondays because they didn’t want to compete with AI Tues/Wed forcing a bunch of their shows to go on 3 month hiatus and when they returned, the viewers had left. Shows doing decently (by CW standards) started pulling in Melrose Place level ratings.

    • Brenda Barrett

      I think this show committed suicide when the action dragged to a halt, and we viewers got the feeling that we weren’t going to get answers. I stuck with it, but just barely. It should have been a limited-run show from the get-go. If it’s a huge hit, the producers could cook up some new crisis for Benford and Co. the next year, a la 24.

      • Sue

        I had a hard time engaging in the show when it’s future was so uncertain. What was the point of hanging in there if it was only going to be canceled? And the 8pm time slot did no favors. Although my kids liked that they could watch it before bed, I was still too busy to sit down and invest my time in it.

      • April

        Exactly! The show started great then they decided to not introduce us to the characters and therefore I didn’t care about them. I was fast-forwarding through many parts of the episodes before the hiatus.

        But after the hiatus it got better and the series finale was really good. Oh well.

    • Meli

      I like FF – but it had problems from the beginning. It had the secondary storyline of Mark’s friend and his daughter in Iraq, which never clicked and didn’t fit in. There was a huge cast that wasn’t well utlized – better to bring them in later. But the biggest issue was the loss of momentum with a four month hiatus. You just don’t do that in a first season show that’s still trying to work out the kinks.

      Shame on ABC – they really blew it – great cast, great premise, good writers, bad timing.

      • Sharlin

        Every network should now after the writer’s strike that 4 month hiatus’ will never work. You will ALWAYS lose viewers.

      • Fatima

        The army story was so out of place I felt like I changed the channel. Not to mention all the people involved were incredibly unlikable

      • phil

        shame on ABC is right. A lot of good shows that weren’t given a chance came from the alphabet(Sports Night and Day Break)A long hiatus is killer but lets face it, most people cant handle high concept shows. Just give em Wilson talkin over the fence every week, and the sheep will watch

      • Al

        It took me some time to get hooked on FlashForward. I thought the writing and story got significantly better after its hiatus. I completely agree that the Tracy/ Aaron storyline was awful. Those characters were unlikeable and pretty annoying. I think they should have focused more on the double-agent story and plot twists. That was when the show started to hit a better stride. I think the show had real potential and am sad it wasn’t given another chance.

      • LR

        yes – the alcoholic/army storyline was so so boring and i didn’t care about it at all – i stopped watching after an episode where it was focused as the main storyline. plus the hiatus killed it

      • JK

        I was hooked from the very beginning. But the hook eventually let go of the bait when an interesting idea turned into a dozen or sub plots with characters that I soon cared LESS and LESS about.

      • Sean Kelly


        I am a huge die hard lost fan and this was no lost, but it was an incredibly interesting story. I have been watching flashforward from the beginning. I will agree that some episodes dragged on, but one episode doesn;t make or break a show. The finale was awesome and I will be so pissed if they end it here. And as far the side story with Aaron and his army daughter goes, if you really watched the show you would know that Jericho is involved with the blackout and they captured tracy because she was “special”. THerefore, its no side story at all and unfortunately we may never learn anymore about that part of the show. I am very upset about the chance of it not continueing.

      • Diane

        I agree about the wintr hiatis losing fans. I also suggest that new shows should not air against older well watched shows opposite them. A lot of my friends never even heard of Flash Forward or V because they were watching other established shows. There are a lot oif dumb shows making it only because thewy have no competition. Flash Forward and V had potential, the producers blew it…..

    • Semaphore

      The show deserved to stick around more than V did. I’m going to miss Sonya Walger in this.

      • Deb

        I agree with you about being better than V. They lost me when they resorted to “comic book” action….Anna’s teeth coming out after she mated!! I turned it off and haven’t turned it back on.

      • Sue

        Sonya had more heart as Penny, though. She seemed to be “going through the motions” with this character. Maybe Olivia was too stand-offish for me.

      • boocat

        I disagree. I love V….that actress who plays Anna is brilliant in that role and I liked the fact they ended the season with what will probably become a faceoff between her and Elizabeth Mitchell’s character…

    • Doc Raider

      I completely agree Mariah! I loved this show, the ideas, etc. But 4 months off???? Seriously???? It’s just ridiculous, I cannot stand starting to like a series and then POOF it’s gone. :-P

      • bake

        To me it wasn’t so much the 4 months that killed it as nothing really grabbed me before the hiatus or other people as evidenced by the ratings. I half heartly continued to watch it figuring I’d give it a chance to pick up and the second half of the season was way better and was actually good so I’m disappointed it wont be coming back.

      • Mike

        Well, for me, it definitely WAS that the network out the show on hiatus for 4 months. Terrible idea. The network should have back this show in much more constructive ways than it did. FlashForward deserved better. You stink ABC.

      • MsSuniDaze

        I agree. Out of sight, out of mind. It’s a shame though, the potential was there and ABC dropped the ball. Networks are so fast to cancel shows now. I think a lot of people just stay away. If they guaranteed one season, with a promise of answers I will watch. I did it for lost.

      • Tim

        The hiatus is what killed it. Look at the great shows on cable, they build the story and momentum week after week and you cannot wait until the finale! The networks just lost another viewer. I am tired of this foolishness…

    • lois


    • phil

      Nets shouldn’t take on high concept shows unless they are committed to them. You cant pull the plug after one season.

      • dom

        too true!

    • Jay

      I agree about the hiatus. It was killer. And the reason people stopped watching is that they canceled the show – do they really think a ton of people are going to tune in to watch a show that was not the planned finale?

    • wakeforce

      Several months off didn’t affect Glee, but an Idol lead-in certainly didn’t hurt. I don’t know what show JDD was watching to say that “not a single person kept their personality.” Jack was always the Savior, Hurley was always Mr. Nice Guy and Sawyer was always Mr. Wisecrack.

      • levelheaded

        Glee is not a ‘high concept’ show. You don’t need to remember details and story plots with Glee the way you did with Flash Forward. That’s why a 4 month hiatus was an idiotic idea.

        I really like both shows, and I watched both of them after the hiatus, but I *knew* not to get invested in FF because I kept hearing rumors about them cancelling the show.

        With a high concept show people don’t want to get invested with a complicated story if its just going to go away and leave unfinished business. It’s annoying and a waste of time.

      • V

        FOX also re-aired (and advertised!)the last episode of Glee from December just before the hiatus was going to end, so that you’d remember what was going on…

      • Sadie

        Yeah, but FlashForward had that recap episode that aired 2 days before the show came back, so that you’d remember what was going on.

    • DL

      The issue was a combination of three factors: the months-long hiatus, the fact that the plot hit a low point right before said hiatus, and a too-early timeslot. After FlashForward came back, I found that within a few episodes it really picked up the pace and became hugely engaging, as it was in the first few episodes. However, right before ABC decided to take the show off, the story actually hit a huge lull, which is exactly why most of its audience didn’t decide to come back. Additionally, it didn’t help that a show of this intensity (and violence) was airing at 8:00 PM. Clearly the subject matter was quite a bit more mature than the timeslot it occupied.

      • Amber

        Totally agree. It would have done so much better if it was on at 10 after Lost. I always ended up watching it online.

    • Mac

      Very good point, ABC has very good scifi shows whose fans want to see episode nearly every week, They should followed 24 model and run 22 straight episodes

    • lmb

      I agree. I truly hate ABC. They always ruin good shows with crazy schedules and/or changing the nights of the shows.

      • Jessie

        ABC has ruined quite a few great shows for no good reason. Pushing Daisies (I’m still sad about) and Dirty Sexy Money got cancelled way too soon. Ugly Betty got thrown around so much that viewers didn’t even know when it was on anymore. It’s a shame there aren’t people at ABC that know what they’re doing.

      • MLL

        Agree. I love Eli Stone and was getting invested in what was going to happen to him, and POOF its cancelled. ABC should just run a disclaimer on the last shows stating, “write your own ending, suckers.”

      • levelheaded

        @MLL – I agree! They do tend to just leave us hanging.

      • Roger

        I’m still bitter about ABC’s treatment of Tim Daly’s show Eyes a few years ago. Another show with great potential that got the short shrift.

    • Zeak

      Not really ‘end of story’. Even before the hiatus, the ratings began to drop. People simply didn’t think it was a very good show. And they were bored by Joseph Fiennes. Again, this is in GENERAL (though the numbers bear it out). Obviously, some people loved it. But the hiatus was just a part of the problem. End of story.

    • Jomskylark

      I also agree, perhaps with a better schedule it would have done greater.

    • disagree!

      A hiatus doesn’t kill shows….if the show is any good. Glee went on hiatus and it’s back just as strong. I tried Fast-Forward. As someone else said…the lack of character development in a relatively confusing plot is what killed Fast-Forward. A hiatus can really work if you’re left waiting breathlessly for what’s going to happen next….

      • V

        Glee isn’t comparable…it’s a whole different show. PLUS…FOX marketed the HECK out of glee during the 4-month break, they re-aired the last pre-hiatus episode the week before the new ones aired, and they released the soundtracks DURING that hiatus. Glee was never actually out of sight.

    • Bamboozeled

      Having everything planned did well for Lost…Oh wait, they didn’t plan anything.

    • willie

      I agree 100% with you. The show was very exciting. What actually killed the show, was the 4 month hiatus. I think Flashforward was a better show than “V”. I tuned into flashforward when ever the show came on and wished that the picture would come on at least twice a week. But I guess to each there on.

    • Don

      Agreed! Hiatis killed it for me. Almost killed LOST for me, Hero’s, and a couple others. Run the show’s people!! We don’t like to wait!

    • Lily

      I love FlashForward. Think it’s great and am sad it’s being cancelled. It’s a compelling story. I watched the first season of LOST and then it lost me in the second so didn’t watch after that. But hey, I also love 24 and will miss that. FlashForward wasn’t really given the chance it deserved.

    • Nick

      Many of you blame the hiatus, but honestly, until they took a break to get their ducks in a row, this wasn’t a very good show. The writing improved ten-fold after the break, unfortunately, not many people stuck around long enough to find out due to the poor start.

    • kgb

      The problem with this show and LOST (greatest show ever) is they make the viewer take a few seconds to think. If it isn’t a dumbed down show (ie, the number one show American Id(i)o(t)l, viewers immediately turn the show where their brain can veg out. I cannot believe American Idol is the number one show…I think it says volumes about the state of American education and intelligence in general.

    • TheDeej

      That says it all right there.

  • Kate

    I always felt like it was deprived of its true audience, which would have been the after Lost viewers. V felt so cartoonish after Lost, but benefitted by that audience. I think Flashforward suffered being at 8 o’clock, when more adults are still trying to put kids to bed, against Survivor and once the numbers were shown, I bet Vampire Diaries did better and then there was the whole draw of the NBC comedies that there seemed to be a lot more advertising behind.

    • ld70

      I completely agree with the 8p time slot! It was a killer for me. The show needs a lot of attention (like Lost!) and once you start to miss out it’s impossible to catch up. I always thought this was a 10p show (esp. given some of it’s content).

  • Chrissy

    I am apart of the 5.3 million that tuned in for FlashForward’s Part 1. And I will be watching tonight. FlashForward, I will miss you. The network never gave you a chance and yanked you right when you started to get good.

    • Andrew Katz

      100% agreed

      • phil

        1000% agreed.

    • Upcomingauthor

      I agree to that. The reason why the story slowed down is because they just don’t want to get all the good stuff out there and then have nothing left to show like they were planning to show in the five year plan. I give the writers credit for taking a new idea instead of repeating and changing an old one like a lot of writers do now days.

    • Deb

      I So agree!!!

    • David

      I also agree 100%!! If they had run this show continuously, they would have built an audience and it would have survived for another year. Why does this stupid network (ABC) never learn?? They keep doing the same dumb things over and over.

    • EE

      I was also one of the 5.3 million I really liked flash forward I kept up with it since day 1 and I must say Im gonna miss it :'( Especially after the episode tonite OMG! it ws sooo goood left me wanting more

      • angelvoice

        Tonight’s episode really left some story lines for another season. Is there any chance FF could return in the Fall? I thought Aaron/Tracy/Army storyline was a loose end that was never wrapped up.

    • Lily

      10,000% agree.

    • Dave

      So they pulled a show just as it started to get good? maybe it should have been good a lot earlier :-)

      I gave up during the hiatus

  • mike k

    putting shows like this on a long hiatus in the first season are the problem. i just didn’t care at all by the time it came back on and i had almost forgotten about it.

    • Chris Lawson

      I agree. The hiatus is what killed it for me. Then they cancelled Better Off Ted and Scrubs. There aren’t a lot of shows that draw my attention to ABC.

      • ALF

        I still get upset about BOT. I have Season 1 on DVD and watch it over and over. BOT was one of the smartest and funniest shows on TV. ABC did NOTHING to support it from time slot to advertising. I guess smart comedy just doesn’t work anymore.

      • LPM

        It is really sad that ABC has some of the smartest shows and doesn’t even give them a chance. Better Off Ted was HILARIOUS (most of the times, it was much funnier than 30 Rock). I think that FF’s problem (besides the hiatus) was that it kept going back to the day of the blackout for the 1st 10 episodes instead of developing characters and moving the story along in some way, shape or form. The writing and story line drastically improved after the hiatus – but I am sure it was too little, too late by then. Also, I wished there was more of a link between Afghanistan and the blackout before the last 10 mins of the series (I might have cared more about that story arc).

  • commenter

    This show started out so strong… to bad the hiatus, then the writing, took away the show’s momentum.

  • hannah

    I love Flashforward. I am sad it will not be renewed, but it’s not a surprise. I don’t know how long they could have carried out their storyline. The whole point of the show is about a “flashforward” or blackout. How can that storyline really last five years? I expected it to only last one or two seasons, three at the most, and I love the show.

    • Sarah

      The show was good at first. Then got boring. Now its getting better. I don’t know how they really could have made it last more than 1 season.

      • Brenda Barrett

        It was boring because tptb had to start dragging out the story to make it last five years; if they’d planned going in to make one season of story, every episode would have been edge of your seat good.

    • gusteaux

      Obviously you haven’t been watching, Hannah. There are going to be more global blackouts and there have been hundreds of smaller-in-scope blackouts. Ever since coming back from Hiatus, this has been an amazingly good show.

      • eyeheartnyc

        I agree with Brenda. As much as I agree it sucked that the show took a hiatus, the episodes prior to the hiatus were s-l-o-w and boring that it was hard to want to stick with it. And while I have watched every episode, it’s not at all appointment TV for me like LOST or the first few seasons of 24. It felt really overstuffed – too many characters (many of whom we could care less about) and too much time spent on their flash forwards, instead of the overall mystery. Some of these characters could have been introduced in later seasons instead of in this first one. I guess for a show that was a race against time, it felt like it was meandering to the conclusion before they took the hiatus and recalibrated the show. Now it’s finally the fast paced show it should have been from the get go but nobody’s watching… it’s a shame.

      • phil

        i dont think it ever stopped!

  • Vince from NYC

    The hiatus did hurt the show, however I think the fact it was on Thurseday night against NBC’s big line up didn’t help either. I bet if V was on Thursdeay night and Flashforward was on after Lost, V would be getting cancelled insead. It’s a shame because I liked Flash Forward way better..

    • Glenn

      “Thursday night against NBC’s big lineup”? What, Seinfeld and Friends are still on the air? NBC hasnt had a big anything for awhile.

      • Vince from NYC

        30 Rock and the Office do very well..

      • Josh

        actually 30 Rock and the Office don’t do super gangbuster ratings. they are respectable though. but FF was on at 8. these shows are on at 9. so you’re incorrect.

      • melissa

        you’re forgetting Community. That is a HUGE show.

  • Kevin

    For me, it was all about the writing. I forced myself through the pilot because I was intrigued by the concept. But when the writing didn’t get any better in the next two episodes, I gave up.

  • taw

    I am very disappointed that Flashforward was not picked up by ABC but I have watched it faithfully from day one. Honestly if Goyer and Braga has both not abandoned the show and the show was allowed to go into repeats to attract viewers instead of being put on hiatus I am sure that it would have been renewed. Flashforward is also 10 times the show V is. I won’t be watching V that is for sure.

  • Laura G.

    I have enjoyed Flashforward this year. Is it as good as Lost? No, but it is more entertaining than most of the shows currently airing.

    • Al

      Agree… it would have been nice to look forward to a second season of FF now that Lost is done. There aren’t any other shows left I really like.

      • sher

        I loved Flashforward. The only thing wrong with it was some of the casting, like that leading man for instance. I recommend Josh Holloway. Then some other network should pick it up.

  • Tom

    Yeah ABC’s stupid scheduling really killed this show. Period. Granted they had some down episodes and there were some real problems, but this show would have and should have continued to do well in the ratings and had a second season had ABC not decided to send it away, mysteriously, for almost half a year for no reason. They can try to find an alternative explanation all they want, and EW might never admit it, but ABC’s amazingly dumb scheduling put this show in an early grave.

    • LaurieMann

      Flash Forward was a strong series with a great cast and interesting ideas, but a few too many storylines for its own good. I agree the hiatus was a horrible idea for a complicated show like this. I gave V a chance last fall and hated it after about three episodes. I don’t see any reason to watch ABC anytime soon.

  • Josie

    I think everyone is really trying to pull a glee, long hiatus after long hiatus, that will build the buzz. But this is not Glee, and not their audience. They had a powerhouse of established actors, and they blew it.

    Glee had soundtracks to promote them during the hiatus, and FlashForward had a plot that was way more involved. By now the networks should know that SciFi shows gain a cult following that needs to be built slowly, even if it means moving it to the friday night deathslot for one season.

    I think they handled this show badly, but one can only hope that eventually they will learn from their bevy of mistakes when it comes to SciFi shows.

  • Jen

    What killed this show was the poor casting, namely, Dominic Monaghan and Joseph Fiennes (who are both fine actors elsewhere).

    • Jacob

      Dominic is one of the few bright spots in this cast.

    • bootsycolumbia

      I’m with you on Joseph Fiennes, but Dominic Monaghan was terrific on FF and one of the few reasons I watched the show as long as I did.

      • eyeheartnyc

        I like them both but Dominic is really hitting it out of the park on this show. I’d watch a spinoff of just his character.

      • sher

        I like Dominic in anything. It was that main character I wanted to slap, just to change his facial expression. Is his name Fiennes? Bad actor, ugh. With so many great actors to choose from, why’d they choose him, I wonder?

    • megan

      i agree…i never cared about joseph fiennes’ character and i thought his chemistry with sonja walger was non-existent. he was great in shakespeare in love but, flat and boring in FF.

    • PrimulaBlue

      While blaming the cast is easy, the UNLIKEABLE CHARACTERS were created by the WRITERS. Oh, and the downer story lines. Why do I want to watch a married couple currently in love who I KNOW are going to break up AND be sleeping with other people in 8 months? UGH.

  • gusteaux

    I just don’t get it. FlashForward is 1000 times better than V.

    • Jake

      You are wrong. both shows suck as bad as Lost did. Woohoo! both are done for good!

      • Goober

        You are a tool.

  • s-k-s

    The poker game episode killed the show for me. Dumbest plot line ever. I couldn’t take the show seriously after that one and gave it up entirely an episode or two later.

    • Glenn

      Thats exactly the moment I abandonded it too.

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