Conan O'Brien gets Emmy push from TBS

conan-ad-tbsImage Credit: TBSTBS is launching an Emmy campaign for Conan O’Brien for work he did while working for NBC. Beginning today, print ads touting his hosting time on The Tonight Show will debut in Hollywood trade publications as well as Entertainment Weekly and the Los Angeles Times to help O’Brien score a nod when the nominations come out July 8.  One reads “For your consideration, outstanding achievement in the use of SPF 150. From your new friends at TBS.” The other includes a picture of O’Brien with the words,  “Give this man one more thing to tweet about.”

O’Brien will debut on TBS on Nov. 8, more than two months after the Emmys air Aug. 29 on NBC. “Conan’s great work in 2009 and 2010 deserves Emmy consideration,” said Turner Entertainment Networks President Steve Koonin in a statement.  We’re very excited to have him join TBS later this year.”

NBC is campaigning on behalf of its late night stars, but only its current ones. Jimmy Fallon will host the Emmys.

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  • Kim

    But NBC’s current late night stars are garbage. And Jimmy Fallon is hosting the Emmys? Well, this year’s show will suck no doubt. I give it to him, I enjoyed his opening act when he hosted the MTV Music Awards some years back, but the man is just awkward now.

    • LOL

      Conan’s shows at the end of his NBC run deserve recognition. Some of the best TV I’ve seen.

  • Sheli

    I’m sorry, I just can’t get past what an awful picture that is. It’s kind of creepy.

    • Tim

      that is what makes it awesome.

      • Headfirst

        Actually it doesn’t make it awesome at all. It is what it is, CREEPY! If you have to “push” for someone to be nominated for an Emmy, well what does that say about Conan? I am not a fan of his and never will be. Tired of the whinny and poor me act. The man and his fans need to move on.

      • Mavis

        It’s the Hollywood machine. Production Companies or the Channels themselves always “push” for their own talents to get nominated for Emmys (and the same for all other awards), it’s just what they do. And this is actually a different type of situation because TBS is pushing for a nomination for a TV show they didn’t produce themselves. But in the end it will also benefit TBS to have Conan back in the headlines.

      • Brian

        Hey Headfirst, it’s called a “for your consideration” ad and it’s a standard part of an award campaign. Everyone who’s ever won an Emmy or Oscar has had to “push” to win. Don’t be so daft.

      • TheExpatriateAct

        “If you have to “push” for someone to be nominated for an Emmy, well what does that say about Conan?”

        Meanwhile, farther down in the article…

        “NBC is campaigning on behalf of its late night stars, but only its current ones.”

        Way to go, champ.

      • emmy

        dear headfirst:
        thank you for demonstrating that conan-haters lack intelligence.
        sincerely, conan fans.

      • Headfirst

        Well Emmy atleast I know how to use proper capitalization. So thank you for showing non-fans how illerate YOU (not all) fans of Conan are.

      • RobinChi

        Headfirst – “atleast” is two words. Also, you misspelled illiterate. Did you not notice the red squiggly lines?

    • Meredith

      I love that his hair is particularly large in this photo. Pretty sure that’s Photoshopped, but still hilarious! And I love “Outstanding achievement in the use of SPF 150.” Soooo funny and yet so relatable (to me)!

      • Kathie Lee Gifford

        It’s not photoshopped (but it’s big enough to look like it had to be). It’s actually the photo that the “I’m with CoCo” poster image is based on. Rad, huh?

  • Tim

    After Conan hosted the Emmys, NBC announced that he would get the Tonight Show in 5 years and that worked out all…wait a minute…RUN, JIMMY, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

  • Yes

    Smart of TBS to do that. If he gets nominated, it means more press for them and Conan’s new show. I would love to see Conan get nominated again. He and his staff have won before, I believe for writing?

    • BeaAnn

      Very smart move from TBS. I would love to see him WIN.

  • T

    What a brilliant move! Whoever thought this up should get a raise at TBS. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if Conan won an Emmy for his work on a station that treated him so poorly? Imagine the acceptance speech.

    • Heather P

      That was my thought. For the small cost of a couple of print ads in a trade publication they get way more than their money’s worth in publicity. He doesn’t even need to win, just the news that TBS is trying to get him nominated for work he did on NBC is enough to make news.
      Brilliant publicity work on TBS’ side. NBC, take notes.

  • donner

    I read on another site that the numbers for Leno’s viewership aren’t any higher than they were when Coco was hosting. Why doesn’t NBC scream and cry about that? Oh wait…go Coco, you rule!

    • Headfirst

      You read wrong donner. Leno’s numbers are much higher than Conan’s and he is beating the heck out of Letterman. Do tell where you read your info? I read mine in newsweek.

      • Skip182

        Actually chief, you’re dead wrong. Leno is currently matching Conan’s lowest numbers. Although I am impressed that a Leno fan of your advanced age is able to figure out how to get on the internet.

      • Thom

        Who shows off that they get their news from Newsweek?

      • hmm

        Wait, there’s still a Newsweek?

      • Headfirst

        So funny with the age thing, didn’t your mother teach you to respect your elders? Ok, Skip182, show me where you get your facts at? I would love to read them.

      • sam

        Probably talking about one article that was out last week saying that Leno was below the trend of 18-49 viewers for one week. Not total viewers. Just an attempt by a writer to show that Conan was ahead in something.

      • Travis77

        Look at the stats on “TV By The Numbers”. You’ll have to search it because it won’t let me link.

  • The Masked Grammaro

    Lynette, you wrote, “…but only it’s current ones.” It should read, “…but only its current ones.”

  • Karen


  • Johnny

    Even the most diehard Conan fans will admit that his 11:30 show sucked.

    • Fish

      Uh, no

  • Phillip

    To the people who think that Conan isn’t good because people are campaigning for him to get Emmy consideration, NEWS FLASH they all do it. Whether it’s themselves, their agents, the network, fans, or whoever, it’s done for everyone. It’s just done privately a lot of the time.

    As far as Conan, even if I wasn’t a Conan fan, I would want to see him win an Emmy just so it would be a big F U to NBC for that whole mess.

  • El Gigante

    Please let this happen. The fact that the Emmy’s are on NBC makes this all too perfect …

    • El Gigante

      They might decide to cut to commercial during his acceptance speech.

      • Blaaake!

        I wish they did… it would only prove what sore losers and behind-the-times Dinos they are.

      • Heather P

        I don’t think even they are that stupid. They can’t do that, especially since Leno will get nominated too. Their hands are tied.

  • marie

    He dosen’t deserve an emmy. He sucked as the host of the Tonight Show.

    • Brian

      His last week on the Tonight Show was some of the best work of his career, as good as the best of his Emmy-winning work on Late Night.

      • Headfirst

        Says his one hardcore fan. Conan fans just can’t accept the fact that Conan sucks. He is not funny, his work is not Emmy-winning work. Never has been, never will be!

      • Heather P

        He has three Emmys already.

  • Chaz Winterbottom

    I loved him in Precious.

  • LOL

    I’m with Coco!

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      Don’t let Ice-T hear you say that.

  • Tim

    Im sick of Conan not getting the recognition he deserves. He is the future of comedy, and overall a very nice and deserving person. The only people doing the whining are his fans (me being one of them). He got a bum wrap from that B*TTPLUG Leno.

    • Headfirst

      No Time he didn’t get any bum wrap from Leno, Conan did that to himself along with NBC. Stop trying to blame it on someone else. It is getting tiresome and beyond idiotic. Why should Conan whine? Hell the man walked away a very rich man and he still gets a show. Tell me why in the hell does he have anything to whine about? His fans need to move on.

      • Headfirst

        Well meant Tim but I really don’t give a rat’s butt what I called you.

      • bre

        Um, I kinda think YOU need to move on. For someone who doesn’t like Conan, you are spending a lot of time posting and re-posting on an article about him. It is a big World Wide Web out there, I am sure you can find a site that better fits your taste.

      • Steve

        Don’t you all get it? Headfirst…Think about it. Who’s head is first on this screen? Conan’s, right? Of course, right. Headfirst IS Conan. No human is really that stupid. Great work Conan, you almost had us fooled.

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