Armchair Casting Director: Law & Order: Los Angeles

law-and-order-los-angelesImage Credit: NBCStill mourning the cancellation of Law & Order? Good news: Based on the just-released character breakdowns, the upcoming Los Angeles-based spinoff bears all the hallmarks of the iconic mothership — right down to the interracial detective duo and the bombshell assistant prosecutor. The deets…

Detective Rex Winters: A handsome, rugged ex-Marine in his early 40s, Winters has the intuition of a natural cop. His experience during the Rodney King Riots — which occurred during his second month on the job — shaped his philosophy on policing. Basically, the world is chaos and people are either good or bad. He’s currently married to his ex-partner. Seeking a Caucasian, African-American, or Hispanic actor.
Armchair Casting Director’s suggestion:
Terrence Howard.

Detective Tomas “TJ” Jaruszalski: A mid-30s Hollywood native, TJ possesses a cynical view of the entertainment industry. He’s affable, smart, and confident. In contrast to his partner’s black-and-white view of things, TJ sees all shades of gray. He’s also a health nut with an active social life — which is typically code for major hottie. Seeking a Caucasian actor.
Armchair Casting Director’s Suggestion: Scott Foley.

LT. Park: Captain of the LAPD Robbery Homicide Division, the fortysomething Park is a cool professional who keeps his/her private life private. He’s also a passionate advocate for his/her detectives. Seeking an Asian actor or actress.
Armchair Casting Director’s Suggestion: Ken Leung.

ADA Peter Morales: An offspring of a political family, Morales — who is also in his 40s — is a “battlefield general” in the courtroom yet “coarsely sardonic and self-deprecating” in real-life. Seeking a Hispanic actor.
Armchair Casting Director’s Suggestion: Carlos Bernard.

DDA Eva Price: This brainy and drop dead gorgeous assistant prosecutor doesn’t take crap from anyone. Seeking a Caucasian or African-American actress in her 20s.
Armchair Casting Director’s Suggestion: Kristin Kreuk.

Got casting tips of your own? Hit the comments!

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  • Charlotte

    I really like these suggestions!

    • wakeforce

      I thought Ken Leong was the guy from The Hangover!

      • conservative blonde

        They should all be white.

      • krak

        ken jeong is on community. meanwhile ken leung is played miles on Lost.

      • kel

        @Conservative Blond-

        And you should move to your own island and never procreate, but can’t all have what we want, can we???

      • Ajay C.

        @ Conservative Blond…
        Maybe you should go back to whatever European country your family came from….

      • I love LA

        While I LOVE Ken Leung, he is too young to play a character in their 40s! What about Ming Na? She needs something to get her off that crap of a show called Stargate Universe.

      • DL

        @I love LA: Ken Leung IS 40!

      • WhiskeyT

        Ken Leung is not too young, he is 40

      • Alan of Montreal

        I was thinking of Ming-Na, too. Or how about Rosalind Chao or Tamlyn Tomita or Lauren Tom? (I know, I know–I just named the entire cast of The Joy Luck Club). Lucy Liu might work, too. As for Conservative Blond, I think he/she is probably just trying to push some buttons for the sake of pushing buttons, so just ignore him/her.

      • Alan of Montreal

        Oh, and ken leung is already a regular on Community

      • liberal girl

        they all should be PC

      • Dominique

        I love law in order you should add me to your casting i would be a great decteve im young attertive an i solve crime everyday in oakland ca im different because i learn the system by being in it this is real life no tv i would bring truth fullness to the show My number is 510-228-7529

    • james

      Carlos Bernard = Major Win!!!!!!!!

      add Annie Wersching and I’ll program this show into my dvr

      • Ajay C.

        No way!!! Carlos needs to be available for the 24 movie…

    • alicia

      there is a “web//site” named “black // white / Cupid” for dating or relationship, black or white singles can go there to find something sexy or beauty online !!!! ;)

    • Dominique

      I love solve in crime i would bring some realness in my charter i would say what you ask great memorey im african amercian from oakland im very attractive if u pick me to be part of your show as one of actors viwers would say law in order is real thats some good acting i believe in solvin crime an get the bad guys

    • Dominique

      I love solve in crime i would bring some realness in my part i would say what you ask im african amercian from oakland im very attractive if u pick me to be part of your show as one of actors viwers would say law in order is real thats some good acting i believe in solvin crime an get the bad guys i would say my lines like their no tomrrow i use to be in the system let me give back 510 228 7529

  • marc

    Autumn Reeser has a gig on No Ordinary Family. Why would she leave a promising new show for a gig on s procedural

  • Thad

    Autumn Reeser as Eva would be hysterical! (In a VERY good way).

  • Ashley

    I’d love to maybe see Kelly Hu as Park! I miss her not being on my screen. And I LOVE your Autumn Reeser suggestion (though I’d love to see her back on Human Target).

    I don’t know if I’ll watch this installment. It entirely depends on the cast, so lets hope they go with some of your suggestions (loving Carlos, as well).

    • Cherice

      I agree about Kelly Hu. She was really good on Vamp Diaries

    • Alan of Montreal

      Doesn’t Kelly Hu already have another series lined up?

  • Bruce_F

    This is a perfect opportunity for NBC to totally steal the Ken Leung/Josh Holloway cop show idea. Cast those two as the lead detectives and fill out the cast with former Lost members.

    • sammie.

      Unless they cast someone awesome out of nowhere, this is the only idea that would get me to watch.

      • Bruce_F

        They should definitely do it:

        Det. A – Ken Leung
        Det. B – Josh Holloway
        Lt. – Jeff Fahey (Lapidus)
        ADA – Nestor Carbonell
        DDA – Tania Raymonde
        M.E. – M.C. Gainey

      • pop

        and they can get naveen andrews to show up once in awhile. L&O: LOST in LA

      • Vicki

        I’m with you on that. Josh Holloway & Ken Leung would make me check it out (as would Scott Foley), otherwise it already seems lame. Why not just bring back a better L.A. cop show (a la Boomtown)?

    • Liana C

      Bruce, LOVE LOVE LOVE your casting ideas! Don’t know who Tania Raymonde is, but totally buying into Leung, Holloway, Fahey and Carbonell in a series. Would definitely watch just for the eye candy!

      • Mary

        Tania Raymonde was Alex, Rousseau’s daughter raised by Ben.

    • Cate


    • leenabeth

      Another vote for that whole cast, Bruce: We need to see them in anotha life, brutha! Sponsored by Duct Tape, First Alert, and Target, of course.

    • Bethann

      Co-sign. This would be a genius choice.

    • melissa

      I told my husband I would totally watch a spin off of Miles & Sawyer as LA detectives.

  • Brian

    I really think they should have just kept the original… This seems pointless and I doubt it will see a season two.

    • Siobhan

      I agree!

      • cooktime37

        I also agree. Law and Order is a New York show. Why the move to L.A. I loved the detectives they had on L&O. They really are doing the wrong thing my doing LOLA. I wonder what Lennie would think of this?

  • Erica

    Johnny Messner as one of the detectives. If NBC actually wants me to watch this.

  • Angela

    I think they should cast Detective Rex Winters as a Caucasian and then cast Rainbow Sun Francks as Detective Tomas “TJ” Jaruszalski (but would need to change that last name).

  • Trooper

    Annie Wersching needs to be in this!

    • Bruce_F

      You could apply that to just about any TV show and I wouldn’t disagree with you.

  • Steve

    Idris Elba or Nestor Carbonel in the lead Detective Role.

    Anyone who has seen Elba in The Wire or BBC’s Luther will know why this would be the clear top choice.

    • DITTO!


  • GeekGirl13

    I’m not a big L&O franchise fan, but depending on the casting I would give this a shot. Kreuk would guaranteed I don’t. So for the part of Price would suggest Shannon Woodward. I would really love to see them use Alimi Ballard and/or Dylan Bruno from Numbers for the detectives. I know they aren’t likely to use them both, but either one would guarantee I at least checked the show out and both would likely demand I watch until I learned to like the format.

    • Kvivik

      Alimi or Dylan would be great as either detective.
      But I’m not digging these characters at all. Why can’t there be a female detective?

  • Alex

    Mike, Kristen Kruek isn’t caucasian or african american.

    • Doug

      Or a good actress

      • teo

        Kristin kreuk is a good actress,i watched her in smallville and chuck.

    • Pat

      Kristin Kruek is Caucasian, which is another term for ‘white’

      I’d like to see Jennifer Morrison in the role though. Gorgeous and talented.

      • Nicole

        She is actually Dutch and Chinese. And I would puke seeing her on screen. Smallville made me detest her.

      • Alan of Montreal

        and she’s Canadian

    • Kris

      I was just going to post this. She’s an awesome actress though. I would only even consider watching this if she was in it. I miss Lana.

    • Dan

      She is gorgeous, however.

  • Jelana

    I still think this will suck. The only reason to do it in LA instead of NY is to take replace all teh best gritty elements of the show and replace it with over-the-top generic network tv type stuff. Though, I do agree with Steve that if Idris Elba is in it, it would suck less.

  • Mincha

    Good choices! I especially like the idea of Ken Leung as Lt. Park, since as a Lost fan, I’ll never get to see that Sawyer/Miles detective spinoff.

  • Steve

    I hope this isn’t just typical Law and Order with a little Southland mixed in. Either make it gritty about the real issues of LA “The Wire” style or tone it down and make it a little comedic “Life” style.

    • LAmade

      I think Southland does a good job depicting LA! But i agree they need to go the edgy route and not soft hollywood

      • Kris

        yeah, if it’s all drugged out movie stars and aspiring actresses killing casting agents I’ll just stick to SVU.

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