Breaking: 'Criminal Minds' drops A.J. Cook

There was blood shed on the set of Criminal Minds today, only this time it was behind the scenes.

Sources confirm that producers have opted not to pick up A.J. Cook’s contract option for next season. Which is a fancy way of saying girlfriend was fired.

Meanwhile, fellow cast member Paget Brewster is in talks to remain a series regular, although her episode count is expected to be reduced.

The decision to cut Cook — and cut back Brewster — was made for financial creative reasons. A new actress will be brought in later in the season to fill the void left by Cook.

Will you miss J.J.? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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  • Kris

    How can they fire the hot Canadian?

    • Tricia

      i loooooved aj and paget…….not so much

    • LOL

      She’s way too sexy for CBS.

      • dancinmikeb

        I got hooked on this show precisely because of AJ AND Paget.

      • James D

        she is too hot for CBS

    • Kvivik

      Why are they downsizing the Women of the show?
      Why can’t they cut back the episode counts of ALL of the major players.
      Have Hotch actually take a vacation with Jack. Have Morgan make his yearly trip to Chicago to see his family. Have Reid do a lecture tour that covers a few episodes.
      These are not hard to do.
      I love Criminal Minds, but I see this being the beginning of the end of the series.
      And as for the spin-off, BAD CASTING all around.

      • Kelli Jo

        Exactly! It isn’t must CM that they do it to, CBS seems to target the female actors every time! I can’t believe that someone hasn’t called them on that.

      • Cheery

        Exactly. There are ways to make it work. Not to mention that piece of filth Charlie Sheen gets 1 million+ an episode of his sh-tty “comedy,” but CBS can’t pony up for a quality show like CM. Good taste is DEAD.

        I seriously will stop watching if Paget goes or they transition her to that disgraceful spinoff. How can it be more cost effective to produce a completely new series (which no one likes) over paying two actresses on already established show??

        It makes no f-cking sense. CBS must want to follow NBC’s lead for making AWFUL network decisions.

      • Olea

        I just don’t get it. This is a show with solid ratings and both characters are really loved. Are they butchering CM to boost the spin off? I would rather if they reduced the overall episodes than reduce the cast and in particular the women!!!

      • tvfan

        Yeah, why are the women being downsized and NOT the unworthy men (except for Morgan)?? The should keep the women and get rid of TWO men (NOT Morgan).

      • geekkat

        I was going to comment along those regards. It is deplorable that they are taking away these two great female characters – both of whom are good role models and also kick major ass.

      • Bethany

        That’s actually an excellent idea–make the episode cuts go all the way around, just a little bit, so we can keep the full cast. What a shame–she was so great. Brought some heart to a show that’s often so dark.

      • dee dee

        Sorry Criminal Minds ~

        getting rid of JJ was the final straw….


      • orpheneritus

        I have to agree. One of the best things about CM is the balance of male and female. This will really reduce women on the show, who are great strong women who bring different aspects of femininity to the job. It will be practically an all male cast, and if they also reduce Emily’s role the active woman will be practically gone. Will the women be fetching their coffee next and typing up their reports. Come on.

        I strongly object to this turn of events in my favourite show. If this is the result of funding for the spin off (that by the way I thought was cliched as just an awful testosterone jaunt) I am doubly mad.

      • lucas

        Well I don’t know about Paget. but AJ has a small child at home (that’s why they made JJ pregs out of the blue) and she might have asked to be reduced (they are apparently doing new contracts right now) and was offered a cut and happily took it. We aren’t after all getting both sides.
        Paget may have something similar going on and that’s why they are cutting her back to not every ep.
        As for the men, who knows, perhaps they will mix it up and have them sit out an ep or two along the way. We just aren’t privvy to everything.

      • Kat

        This decision just reeks of sexism. CBS shows have far fewer roles for women than men to begin with, and it just keeps getting worse, with the few female cast members always most likely to be the ones to face the axe… CBS, do you really think we won’t notice? You are going to drive away your female viewers with these sexist policies.

      • Lourdes

        I agree with you. There are a lot of other options instead of cutting the females on the show. They get rid of Emmanuelle Vaugier last year and Liz Veasey this year too. A bit suspicious that they only cut women.

        Or they can just not make a spin off.

      • Myacova

        Wonderful idea! It would work and we could keep our “team” the way it is. I just cannot imagine being without JJ or seeing less of Emily as these women balanced the team and role models for women everywhere.

      • youfailcollege

        I agree that it sucks that they are getting rid of AJ and reducing Paget, but I would like to point out that Matthew (Ried) didn’t have as large of a role in this past season. He has also stated that it is not because of recovering from he knee injury.

      • Darly S

        I don’t think the show will be the same w/o AJ. I think CBS should have phased her out not just fired her. She is the best at her job! This just might be the demise of the show. Bring her back if the ratings drop!

      • Trysta

        It’s not the first time that CBS has pulled stuff like sucking the life-blood out of one show (i.e. budget, production focus and time, ditching cast, letting story lines slack) in order to focus on the spin off of the original show. Hi, ever heard of something called NCIS… That was a spin off and as soon as it got picked up as its own show, CBS completely turned it’s back on JAG, let everything go down the crapper and then cancelled it without even giving it time to properly cap its story arcs, so they had to rush to get the characters where they wanted them to end.
        I smell the demise of yet another of my fave shows. Thanks for zilch, CBS. You made another STELLAR decision…

      • Kiki

        I hadn’t heard about a spin-off? Who’s been cast?

      • Chevyfan25

        A.J. you will definitely be missed, and I hope that things can be changed. Thank you for what you have brought to the show, and I hope you land on your feet.

        That is just what I was thinking; the beginning of the end. This seems to always occur at the onset of a shows downfall. It is sad to say, but when viewers spoke up about a show “Southland” the network did not listen, and that seems to be the case here with CBS so far.

        As for the spinoff…why would you even try. I guess it was doable with the CSI theme, but look what has happened with NCIS:L.A., not doing that well, and as was mentioned here already the cast does not gel well. People are no longer showed up for another Bruckheimer show “Coldcase” and the show was canceled. Jerry [Bruckheimer] don’t let them do this to a show with your name attached to it.

      • Kendall Bennett

        she makes the show with out her it will not be the same I am an avid watcher and she will be missed so please rethink this decision she is what makes the show what it is ! The whole cast is the show and what makes it such a fantastic show .

      • Samantha

        I have been an avid fan of Criminal Minds. Getting rid of the 2 strong females is a big mistake…you just lost me. Too bad, was a good show.

      • danitalinn

        I have to agree with Kvivik, send people on a vacation that way we can keep everyone if you are trying to make cutbacks that is the best way to go. I never like a show when they start “cutting back” people and adding in new ones, the show will never be the same and I to see it as an ending of the show. Too bad! Truthfully if anyone should have gone I have to agree with several others Mantegna should be the one to go.

      • Brian

        I agree with you Samantha, CBS just can’t cut them like that, they worked too hard, too be pulled out like that, it’s bulls***,and I like Rossi better than Gideon, Gideon was to soft, Rossi has more of an edge

      • nic

        What are they trying to do, make it an all male cast [minus Garcia(who knows how long till they replace her) and the chick they’ll be replacing JJ with]. Kvivik, you’re idea about Hotchner and Morgan taking a vacation is really good.

      • Yoda

        Totally agree!

      • TrojanPony

        Dead on! This idiotic move is the beginning of the end. Also agree with what seems to be the consensus here: Mandy Patinkin is a much better actor than Joe Mantegna and Gideon a better character than Rossi.

      • ruby

        it is so awful that they are cutting strong, talented women from the show. what kind of message does it send? That our women are replaceable? Not to mention that AJ is obviously a talented actress and was a very stable part of the show – i love criminal minds, but will love it a little less without the character of JJ and with less of Prentiss.

      • Kelli

        I think it’s wrong to remove A.J. She’s one of the top dogs that gets the investigations on a roll! I don’t see a future with criminal minds if this continues. They are doing the same thing that was done with CSI Miami and it it needs to stop!

      • Meg33

        You need to work for the network! I really think they NEED you! :)

      • Von

        What they are doing is destroying the show. Whenever shows drop their regulars they also lose viewing audiences. Those decisions made by MEN, are usually to get a better viewing audience. MEN have no idea what keeps the female viewers watching the show. Remember that married people usually watch what the woman likes and I prefer AJ to the new BROAD that is not even a good actress. Altho Paget is not my favorite, I think she also makes the show. Too bad they only let MEN make these dumb choices.

      • bec53

        A.J. held the group together. It was sad to see her go like that. She showed how hard it is for working mothers, but she did her job. I feel CBS is pushing away their female viewers to other networks. One thing they got right is dumping Charlie Sheen. Now there’s a looser!!!

      • Sarah

        Agreed with Kvivik – the new Criminal Minds spinoff casting are so bad. The male casts look more like crook and the female casts look more like housewise.

      • Ashleigh

        matt ryan and kirsten vangsness not so much!

      • Xraymama911

        I agree with Kvivik – I really don’t like the new spin off. I muddle thru it cause there is really nothing much on the other channels. I really get tired of watching reruns all the time!!!!! Really tired. I don’t mind loosing Paget, but AJ? come on, you gonna make it all males and keep Penelope I hope! Of course this is just another woman’s view. We are getting to be a third world country!

    • Hal

      That blows. She’s so hot. :(

      • Joe

        She’s gorgeous! And not to mention has the most beautiful eyes.

      • Fletch

        What an idiodic comment LD. Bringing a biggoted religous comment in out of the blue during a discussion about a TV show…

    • Sign the petition

      Sign the petition to keep these women on the show: www [dot] petitiononline [dot] com/cmwomen/petition.html

      • Carol Land

        I think they should keep the show the way that is!!!

      • Bean

        Not only the women… but AJ as well!

      • Jan Goodwin

        DUMP the SPIN OFF…If the women are not reinstated …I assure you I WIL NOT BE WATCHING !!!

      • cmartin

        jj is an asset to the show, i love
        her. i wish they would bring gideon’back. i miss seeing him on the show.

      • Pat

        It “was” one of my favorite shows;I think the cast was strong, but I did prefer Gideon.

      • Amanda Perry

        J.J was the $h¡+ and i’m really upset and dont know if i will watch it anymore….. they should have took one guy and girl if they had to take 2 ppl cause this isnt right at all….. CBS is begining to suck……… BRING AJ COOK BACK!!!!!!

    • Justathought

      This is an ensemble cast. Tinker with the chemistry too much and the audience will move on.

      Network TV is shooting itself in the foot, one cut at a time. Clueless network executives are playing with fire as they time and again disrespect Fans.

      • Darken Rahl


      • carolyn

        I completely agree. The heads of these studios are idiots.

      • dani


      • catherine

        It has nothing to do with CBS. They pay the producers- who fire and hire the cast.

      • mykey716

        @catherine – actually CBS owns partly owns this show, so they do have a lot to say about casting as well!

      • Colleen Anderson

        I think it’s awful to cut the cast like this. If ain’t broke don’t fix it….bad budget cut the execs not the casst!


        Sorry but her character was boring. Very dry personality. Get someone with spunk!

      • PJ

        network execs who needs them JJ made the show. IDIOTS

    • Lori Farrar

      I think that cutting AJ Cook from criminal minds is really going to hurt the show. I know alot of people will stop watching it. Just is the really unbelievable . It is like kicking your but out the door and not appreciating anything she has brought to the show.

      • Agent Hotchner

        @ BLUESMAMA have you actually watched the show? Her personality wasn’t dry, and her character was super relatable and believable (came from a small town, played soccer, collected butterflies, was afraid of the woods, good at playing gin and darts, dates a police detective, has a child). Dry personality? Does every character need to look and act like Penelope Garcia? Yes, I’m sure that would make an awesome Criminal Minds.

      • Mike

        I agree. She’s one extremely beautiful actor who will truly be missed by me.

      • jean

        I agree. I always loved the show but with j j gone it is just not the same. I don’t care for the new girl at all and I am not sure how long I will continue to watch especailly if they continue to take off all my favorite characters. Please bring j j back.

    • Teresa

      I know it is a matter of dollars, but some characters play essential roles and I think AJ fits that bill. I did not like it when her character was replaced for the “maternity leave” She just fits with the rest of the actors

    • Kim

      A.J. Cook brought alot to the show I will miss.

    • candace

      shes my favorite. im realy uypset by that i might not eve watch the show now

    • Cynthia Choate

      This is my favorite show on TV!! Why mess up a good thing. I took a whole season for the show to get good again after the last orgainal member left. But Cook and may be Brewster show cut back. I may not be able to struggle thou this season. Please leave the great shows that are getting great ratings alone!!!!!!

    • MAD

      Drop A.J.????? Sounds like the producers are the one’s that need to go..knuckelheads!!

      • Fred

        you c**k suckers! Leave the hot chik in! take out someone else you freakin idiots!

    • jen

      what is it with these studios they have a good thing going, good cast which complement each other a top rated show worldwide, and still they have ruin it. AJ Cook was an integral part of the show, and a firm favourite over here in England, come on CBS get your act together and bring her back, she will be missed.

    • mcenzie

      you just broke apart a great cast!! it will make a bug difference in the show! BIG MISTAKE!!!

    • Kathleen

      I love this show and never miss it! They should not mess with it they will ruin it and lose viewers. Why do they think they know best? People are watching just leave it alone.

    • llsmith

      TylerSG above is right on. Joe Mantegna brings nothing to the show, but neither did Patinkin. Gibson can stand alone as the boss. They can also get rid of the fatty tech, but not JJ. I’m not watching it anymore. They get a good combination of people and then blow it. Sad.

    • Sandy

      cut backs happen all the time. We don’t understand them, all we know is that our favorite acters get taken off. I love Criminal Minds! Changing up the actors won’t make me stop watching it unless you get rid of Hotchner. But it makes absolutely no sense to take off JJ when lots of people love her and then give that job to someone else. Why not just keep the one that everyone already likes to watch? I’m glad they got rid of that one hot head chick and replaced her with Emily and now you want to get rid of her. It’s one of the most watched shows because of the characters in it, not the producers, so why can’t you just leave it alone. You already lost a lot of viewers after taking JJ off, just bring her back and leave them alone

    • Sandy

      This sooo sucks. CBS has all my favorite shows especially Criminal Minds. I can’t believe you took JJ. You can have them all miss episodes here and there but do not get rid of anyone else. CM is one of the most watched shows but you keep making changes it won’t stay that way

    • Von

      Start a petition……..

    • tbangel17

      The loss of J.J. will probably be a loss in viewers. Her character was needed and respected. Criminal minds is my favorite show but I was very upset to hear A.J. was cut from the program. What are the producers thinking? The best part of the show was the chemistry between all the characters. I suggest in the best intrest of the show bring A.J.’s character back. As far as Emily she is important to the program and I think cutting her episodes back is another mistake. Why did you fix something that wasn’t broke?

    • Concepcion Aubry

      Soy fan de Criminal Minds y creo que es un grave error quitar a A.J.Cook del grupo, asi como disminuir la presencia de “Emily”; si siguen haciendo cambios por razones económicas, (sus salarios), pronto tendran mayores problemas cuando el programa tenga que salir del aire por falta de audiencia…

    • jonesgx

      I have stopped watching since JJ left. She was the glue that kept the team interesting. I don’t like the new spin off series either. What screw up a good thing!!

  • Don J

    I absolutely hate to see AJ go, but from a storytelling perspective it makes sense with her character. JJ is a new mother and will probably be tired of working in the FBI and want to spend time with her family.

    I have to wonder if greenlighting the new Criminal Minds spinoff had anything to do with the cast cuts maybe to shell money out to the new show? IMO, that sucks big time. I hope Paget says no to the reduced episode offer just to say Efff You to CBS/ABC Studios.

    • Joe

      Could be, the new spinoff is horrible in my opinion… Forest Whitaker? Seriously? The spinoff episode that aired a while back was beyond horrible in my opinion, spinoff’s just don’t work..

      • Ashley Raye

        Totally agree. I thought Whitaker’s episode was so lame. His acting was awful as was everyone on his team.

      • Steve

        NCIS was a spinoff – one of CBS’s top shows.

      • Juli

        I agree…the spin off just didn’t cut it…I think they were trying too hard. Sometimes less is more, folks…not every thing needs to be ‘spun’.

      • Katie

        Steve, NCIS being a spinoff is like tomatoes being a fruit. Technically they are, but they don’t have any of the hallmarks of the category. Most spinoffs, this new criminal minds one included, take a proven formula, add in some half thought-out characters and half-hearted writing and hope audiences don’t notice how bad it is because it has the franchise’s name attached to it. Thankfully, while not completely unique, NCIS does not follow this pattern.

      • Katie

        Original flavor that is. I can’t defend the LA one.

      • Khrys

        Katie, I think Steve was referring to the fact that NCIS itself is a spin-off of JAG. Though, I agree with your assessment wholeheartedly.

      • pizza girl

        I think Forest is wonderful but a spinoff just isn’t needed. It’s ridiculous to get rid of one major character and cut another on the original show to save money for the spinoff. Stupid.

      • sherri

        YAH.. Forest Whittaker???? that man shouldn’t even be on tv or movies!!! he STINKS as an actor and he’s hard to look at.. keep JJ and Emily!!!!!!!! don’t ruin the show!! this show is GREAT AS IT IS, NO CHANGES.

      • Diane

        Amen! Regarding the CM spinoff. How ludicrous can you get–an ex-con and a Brit (non-American citizen) working for the FBI? Not to mention with his weight loss Forrest Whitiker’s face looked horrifying when they did a close up. Some people look better heavier. Don’t plan to tune in to that show.

      • youfailcollege

        What about CSI: Miami and CSI: NY? I personally think NY is WAY better than the original.

      • mykey716

        you can’t say spinoff’s don’t work. NCIS:LA is terrific as are the CSI spinoffs. I will admit the ‘pilot’ episode was not perfect but Forest Whitaker is a very good actor and the show might be better than you expect.

    • Lucy

      Meanwhile, Hotch the single father who was offered retirement is staying.

      • Anna C.

        Hotch is Criminal Minds. Without him, I’d probably stop watching.

      • Tuzo

        @Anna C., I think you meant that Gideon *is* Criminal Minds. :)

      • Julie B

        I have to agree with Tuzo. Gideon was the reason I started watching and now all of my favorites are reruns with Gideon. AND am I the only one who doesn’t get the appeal of NCIS?

      • Minx

        Julie, I disagree about Gideon. Although the part was well played, the whole unprofessional Diva act going on behind the scene ruined the character for me. Now NCIS I’m in total agreement with you.

      • Agent Hotchner

        @ Tuzo, as much as I loved Mandy Patinkin in his role as the great character Jason Gideon… how can you say Gideon is Criminal Minds when he’s no longer in the show and hasn’t been in it for close to 4 seasons?!

    • MaryJane

      I honestly don’t understand this, I agree, what’s with reducing the cast of women? I love the show, but I also like the good mix among the cast members. I also still can’t figure out what CBS saw in the CM spinoff that makes them think anyone will watch it? Forest Whitaker is a great actor, but sorry, he’s not a leading man that inspires me in a show like this. I think this show may be heading the same way that L&O:CI is this season- downward.

    • ymmat09

      Such short sightedness! You want a spin off!? Try Prentiss and Jareau- two ex FBI agents turned detectives! This decision is based on total sexism and lack of imagination on their so called creative team. Boo CBS! have you hired ABC executives or something?! This is their mentality! And take a look at how they fair in the ratings!

    • May

      If someone had to leave, I think Hotch would make more sense. The job is incredibly risky, and should he die, Jack would be left 100% orphan. I think every sensible parent would switch to a less dangerous career.
      This is not to say I wish Hotch would leave, because I don’t – but it would make much more sense.

      • Trysta

        Yeah, but by your logic then, it makes sense for JJ to decide to leave now that she has Henry. She’s a new mom, she’s seen what this job has done to Hotch and his family and so she won’t want that happening to hers so she leaves. Either that or that shovel blow to the head from the vampire episode is going to come back to bite her in the butt in the form of a slow leak in the brain that suddenly kills her or something along those lines.

      • Kaitlyn

        Actually cutting Rossi would make a bit more sense. He’s the oldest of the lot. He’s already been retired once, and the earnings he got from his book, would be more then enough to retire on.

    • lucas

      There is another thought that a friend brought up. They didn’t pick up her option but was that in total or just as a series star. perhaps because of her child she’s being reduced to the point of being just a guest star. Which would be good for AJ as well because if something happens like her child is sick she can just be unavail and they don’t use her. she’s not locked in the way she would be as a star. If she doesn’t need the money it’s a way to go.
      With Paget it might be that they still want her for like 3/4, 4/5 the eps so they want her locked in. which means they have to keep her a star, pay her etc .

      • stace34

        Comments like this are exactly why these women should stay on the show. You has women who managed to balance work and personal lives well. Yes there were times that JJ had questions once she had a child, but so did Hotch. No one says that he would quit cause it was just too hard to balance a career and being a good parent. Plus, JJ’s significant other seemed to be capable of being a parent so why would that send her running home like a good woman should be. I am sure that both AJ and Paget have struggled but learned to balance work and home life as women and men to every day. Do you work for CBS because your comments are just as sexist as their decision.

  • AM

    And everyone can mark this as the beginning of the end. With the changing of the cast which is what makes this show work so well, will start its downfall. so sad.

    • Kelsey

      Except that they’ve already replaced two major characters and added another. This isn’t the first time that the show’s casting has shuffled. It’s survived.

      • Beth

        Cast changes, yes, but they haven’t changed the balance of female to male stars. Those strong women are what makes CM so good. Without that balance, the show is going to lose the thing that sets it apart.

      • sherri

        but they would need to add a character just as dynamic.. too many changes in a series tends to be the beginning of the end.. i do hope it does more than survive.. i hope they know what they’re doing and can make it just as great!!

      • Lynda

        True, but those spaces were left vacant by actors who left of their own choosing – AJ and Paget don’t want to go. Throw in some blatant sexism and I’ve got a problem.

      • Michael

        Lola Glaudini left to return to New York. Mandy Patinkin has a track record of restlessness and has left shows early after a year or two. This is a decision which is being driven by either corporate penny pinching (from the most watched network no less) or sexism and that has folks up in arms. Speaking as a single guy, no JJ and less Prentiss means CM is off my must watch list. Given that the rest of the cast seems to be unhappy with this suggests season 6 will be the last.

  • Kateri

    I really enjoyed JJ, she helped the show bring in more of the characters home lives. Plus, she’s Canadian…I thought we were too nice to fire?

    • Steph

      I second that!

  • Laura Jones

    I think JJ is a great character. Any chance she will guest star? Hopefully they will at least bring her back an episode to say goodbye.

    • catherine

      Sorry. On this prodution company, when you are fired, that is it. Sad but true.

      • charli

        So how long have you worked for the company to know this little factoid.

      • catherine

        All of us in Hollywood know that once Mark Gordon drops you–that is it. Has anyone dropped/fired on “Grey’s” or “Private” ever appeared on any other show of his. Nope!

  • ERRR

    This is NOT ok. This show has the best ensemble out of any show on television. They all work perfectly together. Cutting one and reducing another is bad move, imo. And why does it have to be two females? Why can’t they reduce Rossi? Not cool, not cool.

    • Rebecca

      Totally agree with you, JJ makes them all seem more human. She will totally be missed, as well as Will and Henry. They could have given Hotch time off to spend with his kid, or put Rossi back into retirement.

      • Janice

        She did make them all seem human! Remember when she first came back with Henry to visit them? Even Hotch was smiling! I can’t believe they’re taking her away…

      • maim

        Exactly ! Rossi should go, cos he was the retired one, he’s incredibly boring, and he didnt carry on the legacy of Gideon.

        i think that if they get rid of a female character, then they should get rid of a male character – to balance it out, cos its too much: cutting out two women.

    • Kim R

      Agreed. This is an ensemble and not a large one so I think they should perhaps check the writers room for story lines more than picking off the characters, woman by woman.

    • Eva

      Absolutely agree! JJ is my favourite character, and Emily is my second favourite. Reducing the show’s female presence will screw up the team dynamic. They should reduce Hotch and/or Rossi’s time instead. I love Hotch and Rossi too, but not more than I love my three fine ladies.

  • Jill

    What the heck? Are they just eliminating all the women? This makes me so mad. JJ and Emily are my favorite characters, and there’s no way the show will be as good without them.

    • Alia

      Agreed. If Garcia goes next, I’m playing the sexism card. (Even if she doesn’t, I still might.)

      • Tricia

        I’m with you. The women kinda make this testosterone packed show sooo much better. Cutting JJ is bad enough, but if they don’t keep Emily I’m gonna be piiiisssed.

        NCIS does the same thing. Ever notice how all the people (meaning regulars or recurring characters) they kill are women?

      • MaryJane

        ITA, heck, if they even hinted at Garcia leaving, they can forget about a lot of folks watching this show. And what will Garcia do when it’s “girls night out”? I always get a kick out watching the women on the show hang out together on those few episodes that they show them outside of work. I’m really bummed that they’re messing with the ladies on this show, there is so much good chemistry between the actors, how can the producers be so dumb as to destroy that?

      • Dennis

        I don’t know.. She seems like an attempt to copy Abby from NCIS, and that bugs me.. Although it’s perhaps not fair, I just don’t find her character as believable as Abby, or her acting.. almost hard to believe I said that, but there it is.. Perhaps Pauley Perrette has an advantage in that she has a Masters in Criminology.. I don’t know.

  • MadWong

    What’s with losing the women? I like them. Two of my favorites. Sad.

  • Don J

    I know Criminal Minds is getting old now and probably more expensive to produce, but isn’t there a better way to cut costs? Maybe losing some of the “in name only” Executive Producers who don’t do anything on the show weekly? I like Garcia, but the show needs more than her to balance out the cast chemistry.

  • gaby

    its completely unacceptable

    Prentiss is my favorite character, I want more of her, not less
    and you can’t just cut out JJ…thats just stupid

  • somni

    i am shocked and kind of confused. she was cut for “financial reasons”? isn’t the show bringing in good ratings? doesn’t CBS bring in enough money from their successful franchise of ncis/csi to share the wealth? i don’t see what is costing so much. do they cgi some background scenes?

    • Don J

      Well they just greenlighted a Criminal Minds spinoff for midseason. Maybe they need money to pay Forest Whitaker’s salary?

      • anna c.

        which I have no intention of watching! bah! I love AJ.

      • Ingrid

        If money is that tight, how can they greenlight a spinoff with a majot actor that demands a large salary. And that no one is really interested in watching?

      • pizza girl

        Ah Fridge you are right! CSI has struggle w/ trying to find the right balance for Dr. Ray. And losing Warrick, Sara, and Grissom (esp. Grissom) almost at once really put a strain on the show. I really had hoped the spinoff wouldn’t affect CM but… sigh.

    • Lourdes

      They can’t keep AJ and Paget, but they can pay an obscene amount of money to Charlie Sheen for his role in Two and a Half men. Come on!!!!

      • Hiba


      • Raine

        I hear ya! It’s as if the lunatics are running the asylum!

    • K SMITH

      Wow you sound like you could be a writer for the show (maybe you should apply) sounds like you know the characters better than the (The Writers do)

      • Chris B

        I agree that dropping AJ Cook is a bad business decision. The show was doing do well, so why change it? I just had my second child in Nov so I could relate to her. I think she is absolutely gorgeous and couldn’t wait to see her. When she is on the screen, she lights up the show and gives it normalcy. She could be your friend next door and I’m sure she’s that way in real life. Of course her role is important and the individual person playing her should remain. I started watching the first episode this season and couldn’t believe AJ was not on the show. My heart sank and I turned off the television while they were in mid flight on the airplane; I had watched all episodes in the past, but mot this one. Its just not the same. I miss her.

  • topazbean

    Naturally I feel bad for the actress, but AJ Cook did not contribute very much to the team dynamic on the show and her absence will not be felt too much. I am very upset that Brewster’s episode count will be down though – I think she’s a very strong, unusual and subtle performer.

    • Don J

      I agree. Emily is one of the strongest and most respectable female characters on all of CBS’ procedurals. I hate the idea of a reduced episode count for her. She IMO contributes alot to the team.

      • gaby

        I agree Emily is one of the best female characters out there…Paget is too good for this “reduced” crap

      • topazbean

        I know! Chandler was a fool to ever leave her…

      • Jenn

        Chandler left her for a good reason. Stupid Nick!

        But seriously, I agree with this thread. I won’t miss the JJ character, but I am bummed about the Prentiss reduction. Great character.

      • angela reed

        aj/jj is the glue to criminal minds.they don,t realise what they had in this great actress.bring her back soon.

    • Heidi

      I like both actresses and the roles they play on the show. JJs character has always questioned whether she had the fortitude for this job and now as a mother I’m sure that’s how they’ll play it. I was always hoping that she’d get involved with Thomas Gibson’s character. They had something there, timing has never been right but they were very close and it was implied that they understood each other, almost intuitively, and what was needed in any given moment. I’ll miss her. Hope they keep Emily on.

      • Kim

        I also loved the JJ/Hotch connection. I really like JJ and Will too but secretly I always hoped something would happen between Hotch and JJ!!

    • pizza girl

      I don’t agree… as many people have said above, JJ put the human face on the BAU. Too, she was the link between the team and the other law as well as the team and the press. She brought the cases to the team… who will do that now? Hotch?? Rossi?? Would they have that time? They need a communication liason.

    • mels_angelbard

      What do you mean JJ didnt contribute anything???…She IS the one that goes thru ALL the case files and determines WHAT cases they take not the “team leaders” but HER. No cases no show.

  • Abby

    This is horrible!!! Loved JJ!!! She is such an important part of the show!!! Stupid CBS!!!! Get rid of Joe Mantegna before JJ!!!! And don’t cut Paget either!!!!! BOOOO!!!!!!!

  • Sara

    Why just the women?!? Seems off.

  • Alex

    I’ve been a fan of CriMi since the first episode, and have seen the show go though a couple of cast shake-ups. But this, this just takes the cake. A load of crap. I’m gone as a viewer if this ends up finalized. No JJ, reduced Prentiss? WTF CBS?

    • Anna

      CBS needs to cut costs to justify Charlie Sheen’s undeserved raise.

      • Tricia

        I agree with the gross desicions of CBS to promote misogynism at its best by exhorbinantly overpaying Charlie Sheen. Why is it that women have to fight so hard for every step foward, just to be pushed back with our feet slipping on male chauvinistic poo-poo.

      • Kelly

        Okay….not one person has mentioned that we could reduce Reid’s air time. Lets face it…he is not a solid field agent…he is better at analyzing and profiling. They could most certainly limit his appearances. Where Paget is a much more rounded Agent…skilled in both profiling and field work.

      • bklynny

        Because it’s a male dominated society overall and women still have to still fight and claw to accomplish, while things are more accepting to men.

      • GTT

        I think I would stop watching if they cut Reid. No, he´s not a typical field agent but he adds so much to the show.

        That said, I hate to see JJ go. She was all heart…

    • bklynny

      With Prentiss reduced episodes, I can see her being on 6 episodes for the full season. She would be recurring over regular.
      They can stop with the ISH.

      • Stacie Carter

        You have a TV show that everyone loves, the cast click and you remove A.J. Cook it destroys the show.Whoever decided to replace A.J. needs to be replaced! Please bring her back.

    • Pat

      Totally agree.

      • brett borek

        Bring AJ back. She part of the heart of the team. Not the same without her. Not to mention she is soooo beautiful and a very talented actress. CM needs her period!

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