'Glee' exclusive: Charice IS joining the cast!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Charice is joining Glee. Read the full post.


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  • Angelika

    Charice is Amazing singer,
    & I’ve seen her act,
    She is very talented!

  • PuckFinn

    I would love to see Tim Urban & Katie Stevens on the third season of the show. lol

  • gabriel manuson

    They are both very very talented. But still I like Charice. Charice and I are Filipinos. And we are proud to be! We really really love and like her. Because he represents Philippines.!!! GO CHARICE!!

  • Khail

    charice is a good singer but acting? lea still got the spotlight on her. besides lea there’s amber who can obviously overstage charice. and dianna? she’s an excellent actress.

  • VMcGovern

    Oh wow i see how Charice nailed song listen . and telephone … jaw dropping.

  • coolits

    Go girl!!

  • coolits

    go girl

  • Lacey

    Rolling, Rolling, Rolling on new year’s eve !

  • 28venice

    Brilliant Murphy ! Glee audience is already quarelling and Charice has yet to appear ,God knows when !


    1.Charice appearrance has become a “bait” for her fans to be glued to the tube. No doubdt , Glee benefited , rating wise.
    2.Lea and Charice are very good friends ! Yet , fans are in a contest today.Truly, Murphy is a tactician.
    3.Charice is a born singer .At 7 , earning small change from contests to augment food on the table, how can you fault an angel like that !
    4.Acting , singing Charice never had any training experience , yet , she is at Glee the NO 1 , how do you critize that !
    5. Leah is my girl. Really the star of Glee. Nobody disputes that, she carries her role with outstanding results.
    6. Dont’ let get you goat out…

    The producers are very happy!

    & Trulu, Charice is the INSURANCE of the second season . Why have her at the tailend of the season ?

    Charice helping GLEE ? Most likely.. Visit Nielsen when Charice comes…That dear friends will settle the issue. Relax everyone !


    CHARICE is great in singing,
    if she’s not good in acting it’s because she’s not fake, she’s always true to herself, we don’t know if the artists we look up to are kind to us or if they’re only acting because there’s camera, but charice is kind to her fans with or without camera and you can see her sincerity if you’ll meet her in person. about acting in glee, well she can have a workshop for that. about her voice, she sings really great since she was 4 years old without formal voice lesson.

  • Kg35tt

    When will Charice be coming back? I absolutely love her on the show, she’s a great addition and she’s the most talented singer I’ve ever heard.

  • chuto

    for all those comments i read, i would like to add that charise join in glee club it makes nervous the fans of lea will loss lol. set back and relax enjoy the show

  • alex

    omg that woudl be funny.. but only if JT grows out his hair before the show so that sue will have double the shue to make briar patch jokes about!

  • harry

    True that!!!

  • jared4ever

    She’s an incredible young talent!

  • Kris

    Gell ha, that’s what my aunt calls it. I know what you mean about so so actors. *cough* Dianna Agron *cough*

  • Mungo

    I’m really on the fence. I like Charice’s singing (cautious about her acting ability), but I’m VERY concerned that Ryan Murphy is losing the focus of what made the show great (particularly the first 13 eps) with the fun snarkiness and the development of the characters. In between Charice, Susan Boyle (reportedly), the 3 new glee members they are casting from the search, the single artist tribute episodes, I’m worried RM’s letting this stunt casting and song tributes determine the story/character development rather than the other way around. I’d really hate to see this show devlove the same way that he let Nip Tuck turn into a huge mess….

  • SXiPPY

    And ugly, she has total man face.

  • Danny

    I agree 1 MILLION percent. Long Live Charice ^_^

  • Chau

    Singer …yes. Can she act?

  • uwsguy102

    I can’t believe someone thinks Dianna Agron is a bad actor!!! (I’m not talking about her SINGING, strictly ACTING.) She’s absolutely amazing and completely underused on this show. If you can’t see that I wonder who you think is good…

  • owen

    @sxippy: there are lot’s of singing artists don’t have that ‘good looking’ appearance like, seal. but they are talented. friend, we are talking about talent here not a beauty contest.

  • me

    uh, yeah. NO.
    she’ll wreck everything.

  • trust

    watch her and be amazed..listen to her sing and love her !!

  • pearl

    she’s an actress as well. watch her videos at youtube.

  • muskrat

    Let’s just wait and see. No reason to bash her until you see the results.

  • gracey

    from her video pyramid..i think she can…

  • p

    If his brother is coming on, can we PLEASE have Victor Garber come back as his dad? Maybe he could sing this time?

  • mysteriousburgos


  • Kylie

    You’re right about it airing so much in the Philippines, I must’ve caught the season finale 5-6 times on different days of the week while channel surfing O_o

  • nevin

    you completely skipped over the part where he said can she ACT.
    we know she can sing, that’s not the question. srsly?

  • trust

    nevin..seriously..charice can act..just wait and see her..yes nevin..again..charice can act..and she acts amazing !!!

  • jhayceeh

    She had a cameo role on recent ‘Alvin & the Chipmunks.’

    She’s multi-talented.

  • shaniqua

    well, who expects GLEE to be around more than 4 seasons anyway???

  • shaniqua

    baby, you must be gay!

  • alex

    yeah right i think james must be gay!

  • jan

    she’s also an actress in philippines.. lol.. you can watch her on youtube. and i guess you need a subtitles. hahaha

  • SaTrinomaNagkita

    Search YT and you’ll see tons, exemplifying Charice’s multi-faceted talents.

  • krista0

    sorry honey, you got a charice from where you came from and that is all i care. to each their own.

  • muskrat

    No, you’re not Pilipino, you can’t even spell it correctly, there is no such thing as Filipino, there is no letter F in the Pilipino alphabet, lol.

  • Kurt

    Apparently she’s not as famous as many posters would have you believed, so it’s fair to cast her

  • Resonance

    LOL that’s because YOU ARE the one who is deaf…lmao. Do what everyone else has done before making a dumb comment: go do your research. Everyone who has EVER looked up Charice on YOUTUBE has walked away with their mouths wide opened.

  • zeidrich

    she`s a foreign exchange studen w/c means from a different country… diction will not be a problem at all with this role

  • Lea Salonga

    Charice speaks way better english than Sarah Geronimo of Manila…which is why Sarah will never be known outside that small country

  • muskrat

    Well Sarah, just sit at the corner and sulk or better yet cry because even in your dreams, this will never ever gonna happen to you!!

  • mojo

    really junk..

    charice can now speak english clealy..

    for ur info. Filipino are good speaker that you are.. especially english language.. you are not even dealing with the ryt grammar.. the hell

  • redcrest

    Oops, sorry–she’s Filipina. @_@;;; (Just looked her up). Still, that’s totally awesome~

  • TheOmniphiliac

    Awesome point. The world is huge and it has more talents than you’ve ever known. Glee is making buzz in other parts of the world, would make more buzz if it’ll feature the great artists from the other side of the world.

  • owen

    ms. lea salonga is now doing ‘cats’ here in manila.

  • jesse

    lols. agree. she’s not really that good. Kurt and mercedes are way better than her. If you are going to bring the face off.. kurt lost in purpose okay?

  • julie

    why are you being such a smarta$$ in all your responses? not everyone knows this girl, big deal. not everyone wants additional cast, big deal. people have different opinions. just because you don’t like or agree with them doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk and call people names. grow up.

  • a

    There is always a threat to the show whenever producers try to add someone on the cast. I don’t prefer her voice because for me it’s always about the high notes. And yeah, I think they need to put the spotlight more on the other actors. Is Glee attempting to reach the Asian market? I think so.

  • TheOmniphiliac

    I’m wondering too but there’s a few I know who are non-filos.

  • Kurt

    and your point is….

  • TheOmniphiliac

    Agrees. It’s creating buzz already in the Philippines and some neighboring Asian countries. More Gleeks are coming.

  • Reason

    Well Charice is ASIA….you get her ASIANS 4 Billion of them will follow

  • jhayceeh

    I’m sure GLEE is trying to be an equal opportunity employer, but hey, CHARICE can definitely deliver the goods. She sounds better live than on records. How many popular singers are like that?

  • Shamus N.

    If they really want to appeal to the Asian market, why don’t they let Tina sing more?

  • julie

    oh, and my comment up there is directed at shaniqua.

  • Sarah Geronimo

    But I do hope they give her a speech coach so American audience can understand her.. that’s all!!!

  • jhayceeh

    DAVID FOSTER has beeb coaching her on her English.

  • Sarah Geronimo

    But I do hope they give her a speech coach so American audience can understand her.. that’s all!!!

  • jhayceeh

    DAVID FOSTER has beeb coaching her on her English.

  • Xiao Feng

    Yeah, despite what the name might suggest, I’m not chinese. Just a nickname.

    And yeah, where I’m from this girl is not known. AT ALL.

  • jhayceeh

    It’s very true, CHARICE twitted it already.

  • broadway10

    if her character is a trying hard newbie pretending to be american, then yes.

  • tiana

    you dont know Charice? have you been living in a cave ??? LOL

  • LeaMichelle

    Yes we do!!! Lots of TV sets!

  • Stella

    Writers have their own reasons for not developing ensemble cast members… backround casts …that’s all they are good for …Glee needs the keep adding powerful casts in the mix to keep the show interesting

  • Ester

    So much fun to witness clueless people about Charice… then finding out later they become new fans LOL

  • Nora Aunor

    You’re right diwata…i know you are my biggest fan

  • owen

    agree. lea salonga is lea salonga. it’s like our own julie andrews.

  • muskrat

    Just type her name on YouTube, you won’t miss her, she’s there I &%#@ guarantee!!

  • vray

    no andy , you must be an alien!

  • mojo


  • alex

    OYEAHH !!

  • muskrat

    Thanks for that very kind comment Chaplin!!

  • Dborj

    Dang, have I got some free time this Sunday replying to these threads. I enjoy the arguments and debates as to the story lines, who’s better and who stinks, well, except for some mean and downright immature comments. I would agree with you Chaplin. Since there’s no real threat from any of the cast to Rachel’s diva character, I very much welcome Charice’s new role. It’ll be intriguing and scheming plot on the story lines. I hope the writers and producers will give us a good one…correction… a GREAT season 2.

  • mojo

    hey leas’s indeed faking other voices.. to be specific she is faking the voice of lea salonga hahahaha

  • lora

    Charice has raw, innate talent. Wait til’ you hear her sing.

  • lora

    true! :)

  • Shawnuel

    Foster, Dion and Josh Groban are pretty much the biggest jokes EVER amongst working musicians. Except that Groban has redeemed himself somewhat by being pretty freakin’ funny as an actor.

  • Andrea

    I honestly think the show should only have three or four seasons tops. I just don’t think this concept will last any longer than that. Therefore, I would like the main cast to be focused on as much as possible. Too much stunt casting really turns me off from the show.

  • Shawnuel


  • jhayceeh

    Trivia #11

    She’s my neighbor, does it count?

    I’m so happy for her. CHARICE is a very talented young lady with an oozing charm & humble personality.

  • robert

    @Alianah Marie Let’s toast to that.. at the top Charice baby!

  • Lavinia

    This comment. So much.

  • mike

    yes indeed, i saw the season finale almost 10 times in just 1 week and cought it on TV most of the time. Indeed with Charice on the cast, this will surely make a buzz in the Philippines. I have all the ep in may laptop…


    She was in that Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, wasn’t she?

    I haven’t seen it yet so I don’t really know if she had any lines other than performing.


    totally agree…im sure she had an audition and PASSED..

  • m8b

    Steve, You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. Please do a bit more research before you say something about Charice’s vocal abilities vis-a-vis Lea’s…that’s because you’re just making a fool of yourself by not doing your homework first and makes you appear a lot less intelligent than you think you are. For starters, I’d recommend this one YouTube clip = SRz6_HIN_2A

  • shir

    you know this is CHARICE we’re talking about.

  • gopi-1

    Sarah Geronimo??? LMAO!!!

  • m8b

    Do you live in planet earth? Dude, check out google and youtube.

  • LyLe

    @ fern, we love charice because she can belt out songs, which lea can’t. Hell ya, we love her for being a filipina, just as well as latina’s favor J.Lo or blacks love amber riley. duh.

  • Jeremy

    Charice better than Finn? Have you heard Jessie’s Girl or other songs that has Finn as solo? And Charice better than Puck? Have you heard Sweet Caroline or Over The Rainbows? You’re a joke DUDE.

  • Jeremy

    LOL at the comment above.No one can beat Rachel Berry.

  • fern

    her musical style is so tacky. i don’t like comparing her to broadway greats like lea and idina, she’s got no class, sorry. your lea salonga would have been a better choice. fanbase will move from broadway fans to crappy pop.

  • mian

    @ fern: you’re like saying that only people with broadway background are the ones who’s only allowed on glee. and in saying that, i’m not even a charice fan. besides lea michelle is way out of the league of idina and lea salonga.

  • chris

    tim.. grow up you dipstick

  • chris

    tim, either your wife is crazy or a saint being married to someone like you. you’re pathetic.

  • alex

    Hey dam ash … for ur info she can act.

  • alex

    Of course she can act.

  • alex

    just youtube her.

  • Dborj

    Well, you will soon on S2. YouTube and Google are your friends. Go find her.

  • Mr. Jones

    I don’t watch glee before but now I will because of Charice. It will be my first time to be acquainted with the Lea gurl!

  • 4×4

    …then be ready to get blown away!

    I suggest that you lock that jaw first or else you will be looking for it all over the place!!!

  • 4×4

    …and make sure you’re sitting tight or you might drop off your chair….

  • Aiden

    Thank you.

  • tabs

    That could possibly happen. haha. I’m so excited for S2. Charice and Lea? Like wow, wow, wow!!!

  • babydust

    @white pride – OMG, here we go with the RACIST comments, DON’T GENERALIZE.. We’re talking about TALENT here, and not race/nationality.. GROW UP!

  • jujume

    …and yet pornsites are filled with ‘white pride’! yeah baby shake it for me! teenies everyone??

  • STN

    Charice can sing AND dance at the same time. She has exceptional stage presence; she enchants and captivates her audience. No wonder, she’s awesome in Paris. Charice is better watched live on stage than recorded as you’ll be missing half of the picture if it’s not LIVE.

  • shir

    she’s a youtube phenom most famous for her whitney houston renditions which apparently not a lot of singers can do well. she’s just recently getting into mainstream w/ her pop album but she has a huge fan base all over the world.

  • heira bai

    i bet you live from mars not knowing charice.

  • Spencer

    Are you still using dial-up internet? Go to youtube type Charice. Pyramid is her easiest song just to get the teens look for her whitney, celine or mariah covers. I love her o holy night redition.

  • 4×4

    charice is the girl who introduced me to lea!!……

  • PHX

    @ Fly & Dance: VERY WELL DEFINED…

  • vray

    where did randy said that? i must hear it

  • PHX

    @Naya: I will say it again, acting can be taught & learned that’s why we have this WORKSHOP. But for singing. you have to have the ability or what you call TALENT..

  • SaTrinomaNagkita

    From what you said, you must be from the Philippines BUT you said you said you never saw her act which is a contradiction! There is this daily popular drama series in popular TV network known as MMK where Charice portrayed her life story as herself. There is enough marketing for you not to miss that.

  • SaTrinomaNagkita

    From what you said, you must be from the Philippines BUT you said you said you never saw her act which is a contradiction! There is this daily popular drama series known as MMK in a popular TV network where Charice portrayed her life story as herself. There is enough marketing for you to miss those episodes.

  • PHX

    @BIEN: are you really a filipino? Sorry, that’s hard to believe or maybe you were already influenced by the culture you’re enjoying right now. For me and the rest of the filipinos out here would not definetely like to be a laughing stock in the international community whic h I guess you’re implying.. and maybe, it’s already time for you to change your NATIONALITY. Not a big loss to us anyway..

  • Vureaux

    @Bien: Of courseeeee!!!! Lea will triumph over Charice in the end and we expect that because she’s the star of that show. The mere fact that Charice already once a part of the top 10 US billboard and now INVADING the “theater-like” show which makes Lea fans INSECURE, makes us proud to be Filipino! Our Filipino blood is oozing with pride as compared with your blood oozing with anger and hatred over Filipinos…so take off your mask, you discriminating “s#$-o*-a-b@#$*!!!Charice for your information has a big heart by regularly sharing her blessings with the underprivileged countrymen!So, stop mocking people by the way they look outside! In my opinion, I visualize you as an ugly person outside and UGLIER inside! Go Charice, make Bien INSECURE…hehehe! I’m PROUD to be a Filipino!

  • SaTrinomaNagkita

    Just another crab. That’ all.

  • PHX

    @BIEN: i can’t stand you making bad comments ’bout Charice. A MOCKING CRAB MENTALITY, that’s what you have, you STUPID MORON!! are you an authority in telling a person if he or she has this X-FACTOR. Maybe, you should take the place of SIMON COWELL of AI. You sound like you’re very good in that area. IF YOU DON’T HAVE GOOD THINGS TO SAY TO ANYBODY, SHUT YOUR FU*******N’ MOUTH!!

  • SaTrinomaNagkita

    @bien, if Leah Salonga ever reads your post, imputing all this lies and negativity on Leah and being presumptuous as well as if you are the Lean Salonga, you will receive an earful.

    From all our arguments break down. Heck, all of your arguments don’t even hold water and are full of unsubstantiated contradictions ( is there such a thing? ;-D ).

  • pinoiboi

    ha-ha-ha… what’s your name again, bien. shame on you fool. this is not your place.. fool…

  • mae-an

    Please do not say you are Filipino. You are giving all Filipinos a bad name. Not all Filipinos are crabs and haters..if you cannot support Charice just give your comment without even mentioning your nationality.

  • andrew

    geez, your crab smell is soo stinky i can smell it here in sydney! the funny thing, irregardless of haters and crabs say… charice is the one making a name for herself and making tons of money.. unlike you crabs who barely gets $5 a day.. and if lucky.. maybe $300 a month? CRABSSSSS!!LOSERSSSSSSSSSSS!! CHARICE will still be on the show so live with it and die of envious!

  • mian

    we’re not actually talking who to barrack for. we’re talking about this charice girl coming onto the show and giving rachel (lea’s character) a run for her money.

  • Patrick

    Itong si Rogue0923 nakapag migrate lang sa ibang bansa pero akala mo kung sino kung manlait kay Charice. Hoi tamaan ka sana ng kidlat sa mga pinagsasabi mo kay Charice. Nakasuka ang isang pinoy na katulad mo. Subukan mong bumalik dito sa Pinas ipa chop-chop kita sa airport p lang!

  • PHX


  • mian

    totally! as much as i like the show, ugh! lea m, can be really annoying. plus the fact that she over-enunciates. lol!

  • mian

    just a thought. do you really think momma oprah will let her do glee without acting classes/workshops? c’mon! that will prolly ruin oprah’s credibility in the holly.

  • mian

    at least she’s way better than bianca ryan.not that i’m defending her and i think ur just jealous. by the way i’m british!

  • mian

    yeah i know.. i can just imagine sue saying “ASIAN! another ASIAN! and the other asian! lol

  • vray


  • pinoiboi


  • Vixela

    The problem is Glee already has a huge cast and they haven’t even started skimming the surface of some of the original characters’ backstories. It would be nice to stop adding all these new people because I’m starting to think that RM just wants to populate the cast with too much people. There isn’t enough time for all of them.

    This show is quickly circling the drain. I love it but I’m rapidly losing faith in it. It’s going the way of Heroes.

  • Jeremy

    Its pathetic of you to idolizing her by her voice.Have you seen her act? I don’t think so.Finn and Puck can sing and act.She can only sing.
    BTW,her song doesn’t appeal to me.It ear raped my ear.

  • Vixela

    It’s called an opinion.

    Why is it people are allowed to bash Terri as a character but not be able to state that they don’t like Charice? Everybody doesn’t like the same things.

  • Vixela

    I think that’s the point. They’re obviously on a limited shelf life and it’s sad to see them veer off their focus from the core group especially when there is such little time to tell their stories.

  • Vixela

    @julie THIS.

  • Vixela

    Is it so hard for you to imagine that they don’t know her?

    If I weren’t Filipino, I wouldn’t know her. Plus, I’m not a fan. I don’t care who she’s mentored with or whatever.

  • luv2dance

    you are whining about people comparing and people saying bad things about your so called idol yet you said something harsh to Charice? Her pronounciation or accent or whatever is perfectly fine my dear. She doesn’t need to change anything because she is amazing just the ways she is…why do you think the producers of Glee are having her? Simple because she has the potential…something that you don’t have. That’s why they’re not getting you because you are not good and you make bad comments to people…comments that don’t even make sense.

  • jhayceeh

    I found your comment funny.

  • 4X4

    are you an aspiring novelist….whos gonna read such a long comment. you should write yur own blog.. cheers!

  • 4X4

    charice=tears of joy
    charice=standing O

  • gally

    24 years old isn’t bad, considering Cory Monteith is 28 and Mark Salling is 27.
    (For comparison, Matthew Morrison is 31, so the teacher is 3 years older than his student.)
    Sometimes they pull off the age difference, sometimes they don’t, but I don’t think they’re bringing in Charice because Lea Michelle is too old. Plus the character is a foreign exchange student, so that’s probably going to be a temporary position. They can easily pull a “Jesse St. James adios” when they’re done with Charice’s character by just saying that her time is up and she’s going back to her home country.

  • Gleek

    replace lea your @#$%^^ she is a main character.. i dont like lea, better give mercedes more air time than her. but 1 thing for sure she will not be replaced. charice is a good addition to the cast and i agree being a foreign exchange student, she will probably wont last long.

  • pinoiboi


  • LeaMichele

    I thought your comment is funny.

  • ella

    oh, poor you… I live in a squatter’s area, but I know Charice. you know why? becasue we have a boombox at home, and I used to listen to her song “Pyramid”. It’s number 1 in Billboard chart for 2 weeks now. Do you have at least radio at home? It’s like you’re not aware of what’s happening around you… hahaha…

  • ella

    have you watched alvin and the chipmunk last year? she sang there!

  • jana

    Excuse me, Julie. English may not be Mojo’s first language, or may not be the first language of a Filipino, but we are good with YOUR language. AND WE are fast learner!..We are bilingual, or multilingual so to speak. That’s the reason why call centers are now based in the Philippines! Now I’m challenging you and other racist there, can you speak our language?.. please, don’t be racist and don’t discriminate other nationality. Crab mentality really sucks!

  • Reason

    One of her Acting mentor is a broadway and westend legend…Fellow Filipina Ms. Lea Salonga

  • Reason

    only 60M Americans each week

  • rogue0923

    dude, i’m just protecting our race.. sue will definitely insult her on some part and as sensitive filipinos that we are, we will get offended by it and give the some sort of letter asking them to apologize.. also, i don’t want charice to see charice yet in another “Push It” number of some sort.. we’re still christians and conservative in nature..

  • rogue0923

    dude, i’m just protecting our race.. sue will definitely insult her on some part and as sensitive filipinos that we are, we will get offended by it and give the some sort of letter asking them to apologize.. also, i don’t want charice to see charice yet in another “Push It” number of some sort.. we’re still christians and conservative in nature..

  • Glee_smackdown

    Charice has more range than Lea Michele. And Lea has so many off notes in her live perofrmances so I don’t think she’s a very good singer. She’s already struggling as early as D5 in her live notes. Charice easily hits g5/g#5 in her LIVE performances during difficult passages . Plus, Charice’s LOWER register is wider and more powerful than Lea’s. So in terms of range, Lea is easily beaten by Charice. The only advantage Lea has is that her pitch is naturally high so her tone sounds more even when she hits those High D’s and E’s. But other than that, she’s no match for Charice’s range or vocal power.

    Let the showdown begin!

  • luv2dance

    very well said anon

  • Christy

    I watched her. I thought she was awful. She has power to her voice, but she sounds butch and muffled – no comparison with Lea Michelle’s beautiful clear voice. We already have power AND clarity with Amber Riley – there’s no point to this Charice person and she shouldn’t be anywhere near the show.

  • mae-an

    Hilary, do you sing ever? And when you do, do you always sing your original songs?

  • mae-an

    I hate Filipinos bashing one of their own….it shows the worst in your character.

  • muzikluvr

    its funny how u say u dont support charice but u take time to read the blogs & make comments about her or whats going on…isnt it ironic..lol. talaga naman itong kakaibang klaseng pinoy na to oo…nakakaawa :) at least charice makes use of her talent & life to touch other people’s what about u VIXELA what have u done good lately??? :(

  • chris

    lol.. thats hilarious!

  • andrew

    **envy** lol

  • charles

    from a non glee fan.. mercedes is way better than lea… its just unfortunate that lea is the main character of the show..

  • charles

    spring awakening wha??? from australia.. i have no idea what ur talking about… but i know charice.. she’s amazing. enuf said!

  • Arielle

    I’m Filipino too and I agree wholeheartedly with Vixela. I can’t stand to watch Filipino soap operas because the acting isn’t multifaceted in the way like it is here in the US.

  • kaye

    miley? oh please NOOOO >.< charice would be way better than miley

  • rubix

    all cast went to workshop dude.

  • rubix

    tina’s korean. and the guy too (the other asian as sue calls him)

  • Blasphemy

    I compared Lea Salonga’s rendition of On My Own against Lea Michele’s (Check out You Tube) and I think LS is way better.

  • Jeremy

    Korea,Chinese,HJapanes .They’re all Asians.

  • Harry

    “…she will raise the bar if they let her.”

    Damn right!! That is IF the show lets her. And I don’t think the writers will risk that. I don’t think they will release the monster talent of Charice or else everyone will be eaten up. The show will hold her back. And this is actually the first time I will see Charice singing in sync. I always see her singing LIVE. LIVE and AH-MA-ZING.

  • Harry

    True… Lea’s tone is naturally high. And sometimes, well at least in my personal taste, too high that it sounds “squeaky”.. at least for me. Lea’s definitely extremely talented, no doubt. I just prefer Charice’s tone. For me, its more richer, fuller. And yes, her range is absolutely wide.

    Lea’s only advantage for me, is that she has more experience in acting. But other than that, nothing more.

    Anyway, people shouldn’t take this personally, they will PLAY AS RIVALS. Not rivals in real life.

  • a name

    Too good for the show? As in she is better than the show? Really? You said yourself she is a mainstream singer with room to improve in the acting department. What are her other talents that make her too good to be on one of the most popular shows on tv? I have nothing against her but it is really annoying when people think they or someone else are ‘too good’ for something like Glee. Especially when I don’t see how this could do anything but help her career.

  • Dborj

    Indeed Harry! Whether Lea is a better singer or Charice is the better of the two will depend on the writers and the story line. Since Lea is the main character on Glee the writers won’t let her get trumped by Charice all the time. There will be times when Charice gets the better of Lea which will make for an exciting season 2. So, whether Charice or Lea is a better singer (in real life) than the other is beside the point. Glee will have some compelling story lines between Rachel and Charice’s character tussling for lead vocals.

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