Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'House,' 'Big Love,' 'Castle,' 'Gossip Girl,' Chuck,' and more!

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Question: Can you please give us some House news that is not about Huddy? —Monica
Here’s something: Series creator David Shore confirms that producers are casting a new female doc to fill the temporary void left by Olivia Wilde. “We’re working on it,” he tells me. “There’s no definitive answer, [but] it’s something we’re figuring out.”

Question: Last week you asked if anyone watches My Boys other than the very question-y “Kim.” I do! As a girl who’s always been equally boy-crazy and sports-crazy, I completely dig the show, and I’ve seen every episode. —Darcy
Thanks for letting me know. I will sleep much easier tonight, Kim.

Question: Any chance you have a scoop on season 8 of Curb Your Enthusiasm? —Jim
Did you hear the one about 30 Rock‘s Cheyenne Jackson guest-starring? No? Cool, because that’s all I got.

Question: I know I am weeks late on who should play Chuck’s mom on Chuck, but without a doubt it should be Sela Ward! —Kat
Is there a question in there, Kat? No. Fine, then. Let’s ask Zachary Levi who he thinks should play his mom. “I honestly have no idea,” he says, but “I’m excited to see who it winds up being. A lot of people have brought up Lynda Carter — Wonder Woman — which fits into the whole sci-fi/fantasy geek thing our show has going on.” Even better, the actor thinks the erstwhile Diana Prince looks like his TV sis “Sarah Lancaster. Two beautiful brunettes.” Unfortunately, EP Josh Schwartz pretty much ruled Carter out when he told me, “[Lynda’s] an icon as an actress and is someone who fits the show’s universe…but not necessarily for this role.”

Question: Just letting you know I love My Boys and will be sad if it doesn’t make it to a fifth season. —Leesa
And by “Leesa” you mean “Kim.” I’m on to you.

Question: Can you please give us some information on season 3 of Castle? It’s my favorite show. —Malisa M
How’s this? The season premiere promises to be a hot one, as it takes place in a hush-hush burlesque club and introduces us not only to the joint’s star/owner, a knockout by the name of — I kid you not — Kitty Canary, but also to her equally attractive hubby.

Question: I love My Boys! —Lisa
Whatev, Kim.

Question: Can you give me some scoop on the new season of Big Love? —IRHNFD
I can and will. The new season starts shooting July 13, and based on some fresh casting intel, we’ll be seeing a lotta fallout from the Henricksons’ “outing” as polygamists, especially at the elementary school some of the kids attend. Maybe Bill will find a sympathetic ear in Richard Dwyer, the majority leader of the Utah State Senate and a new recurring character? On second thought, not likely, eh?

Question: Please post something about Gossip Girl! —Emily
It’s official: The Katie Cassidy-Leighton Meester death match is on! Exec producer Stephanie Savage confirms that Cassidy’s new vixen will tangle with several characters, including the show’s reigning beeyotch, Blair. “When we had the idea for the role, we knew there was going to be a really short list of actresses who could actually stand up to Blake [Lively] and Leighton on the screen,” says Savage. “And Katie felt like a great choice.”

Question: Any news as of yet regarding the season-long mystery/mythology for Fringe? —James
Negatory. Can I interest you in the title of the season premiere instead?

Question: My friend Neosha and I have been watching My Boys from the beginning, and we can’t wait until July for its long-overdue return! —Courtney
Two fun facts: Your name is Kim, and you have no friends.

Question: Regarding last Sunday’s True Blood sexcapades, I was not expecting that from Bill. Please may I have a scoop, since I have to wait until July 11 for the next episode? —Angi
I warned you it would go down as the most, ahem, twisted sex scene in television history, didn’t I? Anyway, Kevin Alejandro — who goes back to work on Southland in October — says we’ll “be seeing more of Jesus” beginning July 18. “I come back in the fifth episode, then you see me pretty regularly from there to the finale.” And, erm, a lot of him. As things heat up between Jesus and Lafayette, he says, “I promise it gets racy.”

Question: More True Blood scoop, please! —Sam
Alan Ball reveals that there will be lots of “werewolves and vampires throwing down” at the end of the season. I know, not much of a scoop. Cut me some slack. It’s the Thursday before the Fourth of July. Is anyone even reading this thing?

Question: Please answer my burning question: Will Jason Ritter be returning to Parenthood in season 2? —Cowsxgoxmooxtoo
Ask me again in September when the ratings come in for Ritter’s new NBC drama The Event. In the meantime, remember my item last week about Parenthood producers casting the role of Adam’s (Peter Krause) boss? Well, I neglected to tell you that the new guy will also be a love interest for Sarah (Lauren Graham).

Question: I am loving Pretty Little Liars. Definitely my new guilty pleasure. Have any scoop? —Kim
Silly question, Kim. And here’s a serious answer: Yes. By season’s end, the plot will thicken so much, it’ll damn near solidify. For starters, Emily’s dad is about to come home and get a big shock from his little girl. Plus, Agent Wilden’s “bad cop” will soon get a “good cop” counterpart, a lady fed who sounds like someone Diane Lane was born to play. And we’re about to start spending more time at the bank where Ashley works – at least enough to delve into her desperate financial situation and meet her 30ish boss.

Question: With all these crazy casting changes going on at Brothers & Sisters, do you know what the deal is with Balthazar Getty? Is he returning? —Anthony
There’s no definitive word on that yet. My guess is he’ll probably work out a reduced-episode arrangement similar to last season’s.

Question: I’m really happy that so many of the original cast members are coming back for the final season of Friday Night Lights. But what about Minka Kelly (Lyla)? —Isabellea
No plans for Minka to return, but if it’s any consolation, Jesse Plemons has officially signed on for the finale!

Question: I watch My Boys. And my name’s not Kim. And as I remember, a bunch of people at EW must watch it too, considering all the love it’s gotten in the past. Has it fallen from grace so quickly? And since I answered your question, I will ask one of my own: I heard a rumor that Cassidy Freeman’s Tess is still listed as a series regular on Smallville. True? —Tom
I started that rumor, and with good reason: Freeman was among the returning series regulars listed in The CW’s upfront press release. In other Smallville news, IGN is reporting that John Schneider will reprise his role as Clark’s late adoptive pa in the Sept. 24 premiere. Thanks for your question, Kim.

Question: My Boys! Love it! —Sara
I can see you, Kim.

Question: Love your column, and your scoops. I was wondering if there has been any update on the Heroes movie that was being talked about over at NBC. —Scott
Here’s your update: Don’t hold your breath.

Question: I love reading Ask Ausiello, but I never see any Entourage spoilers. Got anything? —Sarah
Get ready to see a lot more of Autumn Reeser’s little-agent-that-could beginning with the July 11 episode, when she helps Ari score a huge piece of business. But is she looking out for Ari or herself? My guess is the latter, since Ari will come to suspect that she’s stealing some of his clients.

Question: Love My Boys. —Leslie
Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim!

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to Also, you can follow me on Twitter via @michaelausiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Carrie Bell and Andy Patrick)

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  • panyazucar

    Ayy! Castle, finally! Ok, burlesque, and hubby equally it da kind of episode for starters! ok love it, but where does it leave Castle and Becket?

    • Feng

      I’m amazed that Ausiello bothers with House at all, since there’s always at least one (the same?) Smart-ass who shows up to claim his scoop is “old news.” What’s “old” is these people (one person?) And the know-it-all act.

      • Kim

        That Kim joke was fun, “Brad”.

    • ythu

      Please some scoop on canceling True Blood

      • Jersey Jeff

        How about some scoop on canceling ythu, instead?

      • ythu

        Good one, you kids from Toms River always make me laugh

      • Beana


      • ggg

        Why? This show is great and for adults!!

      • PMD

        I fracking hate, hate, hate True Blood!!! I have tried over and over again to give it a chance but I think it just puts other vamp shows to shame – like Buffy and Angel! I thought I was the only one to hate the show. I think the show relies to heavily on sex and violence and less on the lore and effects – the fangs are ridiculous as is Sam’s shapeshifter storyline. And its not like I am this conservative, prude – I love Big Love, which is one of the raciest shows on telly. But I think the sex is really part of the story as opposed to the sex on True Love which I see as vampire/fantasy porn.

        Now before everyone attacks – I respect you guys for liking the show, I just can not stand it!

      • Kristoffer

        You “hate, hate, hate True Blood” but “it just puts other vamp shows to shame” — HUH? That doesn’t make sense….

  • angelika

    The House spoiler is hardly a spoiler. It is old news.

    • BlatantURLPimpingMustDie

      I’m amazed that Ausiello bothers with House at all, since there’s always at least one (the same?) Smart-ass who shows up to claim his scoop is “old news.” What’s “old” is these people (one person?) And the know-it-all act.

    • Alix

      And what are the odds that the new female doctor will be thin, young, single, pretty and white? Slim to none, I’m sure…

      • one thing

        seriously. i’m only three, maybe four of those things. can i get the part?

      • jake

        What’s wrong with that?

    • Ferris

      Please let it be a female doctor that can play into a triangle with Thirteen and Chase.

  • Allison

    Thanks for the scoop.
    And YES I am reading this :)

  • Emma

    That’s too bad. Lynda Carter as Sarah Lancaster’s mom would’ve been the most perfect mother/daughter casting since Idina Menzel & Lea Michele.

    • Ava

      I kind of love Jaclyn Smith for this role.

    • Ambaryerno

      I’m still trying to figure out where in JS’s original comment they said “Sorry, but Lynda Carter isn’t going to be Mama B.” All they said is they can envision her in SEVERAL possible roles, not just Mama B. That does NOT mean the same as Carter is out.

      Unless Ausiello has specific information he did NOT post showing otherwise, Carter is still a contender.

  • Rachel

    Ausiello is being a total jerk to My Boys fans. I really love the show…and I’m willing to swear under oath that my name is NOT Kim.

    • housemdfan

      Maybe the fans aren´t just enought, they are a few comparing to Big Bang Theory or Glee fans… just be happy than they don´t cancelled it just after the cliffhanger ending on the first season.

    • Johnification

      Ausiello just publicized the crap out of it…all evidence suggests that it’s a pretty decent, funny show, and one I may actually check out now that it’s all pulpy and fresh in my brain.

    • Laura

      The problem with My Boys is that it seems to only be on for about a month a year. Really short seasons followed by really long breaks. Also has a ton of commercials for a half hour show. Great show though!

    • Dan

      He’s just playing around… He meant for it t be funny and not cruel. Either that or he just needed to fill in the void since he didn’t have much scoop to tell. Who ever this Kim person is, she should be flattered……He will always remember your name whenever My Boys are talked about.

      • Care

        I thought it was very funny!

    • minister

      good LAWD people, Michale Ausiello is possibly the gayest man in the TV biz, and that’s saying something. I don’t care if I’m literally wrong and he has sex with women (LOL!), he’s *still* the gayest TV reporter in the biz….

      ….and there’s nothing wrong with that….

      …but think hard about My Boys, please. It has possibly the least amount of appeal for a gay man of any comedy on television. Michael is your proof.

  • Lindsey

    I think it’s a shame Daphne Zuniga isn’t old enough to be Chuck’s mom. I rewatched the whole series recently, and she and Sarah Lancaster look alike to me.

    • Sarah

      Daphne Zuniga is 18 years older than Zachary Levi and Sarah Lancaster. It may be a little bit of a stretch, but I think she could work.

  • Edit your posts Ausiello

    Dude for the Smallville news;

    Premiere is Sept 24th

    and its JOHN SCHNEIDER not JOSH

    • TBFan

      I love John Schneider and have ever since the Dukes of Hazzard. BO!!

  • Kate

    Thanks for the Chuck scoop. Can’t wait for CHUCK SEASON 4!!! And finding out who’s gonna be playing Mama Bartowski! :D

  • Chicago Vince

    Josh Schneider? You mean John???

  • nevin

    thanks for the scoop but especially for the lolz for the my boys joke.
    love, love, loved it!

  • Loren

    No Bones scoop? *sigh*

    • Michaela

      too too true. you keep letting me down on the lack of bones scoopage, ausiello! come on!

  • Loren

    No Bones scoop? *sigh*

    • Michaela

      too too true. you keep letting me down on the lack of bones scoopage, ausiello! come on!

  • Mike

    Smallville’s season premiere is on September 24, not September 10

    • Mike

      Also, it’s John Schneider not Josh lol

  • Mike

    Smallville’s season premiere is on September 24, not September 10

    • Mike

      Also, it’s John Schneider not Josh lol

  • Travis

    John Schneider not Josh

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