Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'The Office,' 'Bones,' 'Supernatural,' Glee,' 'Chuck,' and more!

ask-ausielloImage Credit: Mitch Haddad/NBC; Matthias Clamer/Fox; Kirsty Griffin/Starz; Jordin Althaus/NBCGot a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the above to

Question: Though I can’t imagine The Office without Michael Scott, I’m more concerned about Holly and Michael getting their much-needed reunion before he bids adieu. Any chance this will happen? —Meaghan
I’d say there’s a very good chance considering the fact that [exclusive scoop alert!] Amy Ryan (a.k.a. Holly) is not only returning to The Office, but will be playing a sizable role in the show’s upcoming seventh season. “We set her return up in the finale, so it would be the biggest [cop-out] of all time if we didn’t [follow through] on it,” says coexec producer and cast member Mindy Kaling. “She’s definitely coming back.”

Question: How can I get your autograph? —Danny
You can bring a Sharpie to Comic-Con next week and follow the scent of Diet Raspberry Snapple and blue PVC.

Question: I love True Blood. I love Eric. Scoop, please. —Angi
Is it too soon to be talking about the finale? No? Cool. Exec producer Alan Ball tells me that there will be a “lot of Bill-Sookie-Eric stuff” in the season 3 finale. “It involves blood, it involves trust, and it does not go where we expect it to go.”

Question: There’s a hot debate in the Gossip Girl fan community about Dan and Serena. Are they getting back together next season? —Kelly
I’ll say this: They will be spending a LOT of time with each other in the first few episodes back, but I think it would be wrong to suggest they’ll be together. Catch my drift?

Question: I’m just going to keeping asking for some Leverage scoop until you answer me. Every week. For eternity. —Matt
We have a strict policy against negotiating with terrorists, but I’ll look the other way this week and only this week. This Sunday’s Leverage finds the gang heading to Nashville to take down a corrupt record producer. Eliot is forced to play the role of a country-music singer-songwriter — and man, the big lug can actually sing!

Question: Any news on George Eads’ contract negotiations with CSI? —Christopher
Good news: His deal is done!  The only question mark now is Jorja Fox. Stay tuned…

Question: It’s my birthday! Bones scoop would be a fantastic gift. —Talitha
So much for that one-year jump forward. I hear the gang will have been gone for just seven months when Caroline summons Booth and Brennan back to the Jeffersonian in the Sept. 23 season premiere to help Cam solve a controversial case — and save her job in the process. “The first episode begins with Brennan and Booth reuniting with the squints to save the career of one of their own,” confirms exec producer Stephen Nathan. “They each bring a new past with them as they forge their old alliances in new ways.” Bonus scoop: We may get to see Booth play hero in Afghanistan!

Question: Any Chuck scoop? Maybe some intel on who Dolph Lundgren and Harry Dean Stanton are playing in the premiere? —Dave
“Dolph Lundgren plays Marko,” explains Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak. “Is he Russian? Yes. Is he a terrifying bad guy? Yes. Will he say, ‘I must break you’? You’ll have to wait for the return of Chuck.” I’m counting the days! Now, what about Stanton? “Harry will play Harry Dean, the man who comes between Chuck and his search for Mom. Who is he exactly? Well, we’ll say this: Only Harry Dean Stanton could play this part.” Okay, now I’m counting the minutes!

Question: I’m so psyched about Jim Parsons’ Emmy nod. Any idea which episode he’ll submit? —Jason
“I am submitting the episode where Sheldon is accepting an award and he gets advice from everybody and then ends up on stage drunk and loses his pants,” Parsons tells me, before adding with a laugh, “Sex sells, and I drop my pants, so I really think this could be my year.”

Question: Supernatural spoilers seem to be few and far between. Any chance you have any new ones to share with us? —Judy
Season 6 will revolve around Dean’s new life as loving husband to Lisa and doting father to Ben. I kid! I made a funny! Here’s the real answer to your question: Despite the domestic situation Dean found himself in at the end of last season, exec producer Eric Kripke assures me that Supernatural will continue to be about the Winchester brothers “on the road together.” That said, Kripke confirms that “Dean’s situation creates all sorts of angst and conflict. The question [we’ll be] exploring is, How can you be a hunter when there are actually people that you care about? I think we will mine it for all of the emotional angst and conflict that we can. But [Lisa] is not — nor is  anyone — going to be riding in the backseat of the Impala with Sam or Dean.” THIS JUST IN: Major Supernatural season 6 spoilers!

Question: Thanks for all the Good Wife spoilers earlier this week. Got anything else about my fave character Kalinda? —Joel
Major drama! “Kalinda [Emmy nominee Archie Panjabi] always seems to be on top of her game,” says exec producer Robert King. “We are going to throw [her] off her game a little bit in the second season. Her past comes back to haunt her, and she also finds some competition.”

Question: I will draw you a Smurf picture if you let me know whether or not Kenneth is returning to 30 Rock.  —Veronica
Yes, he is, although exec producer Robert Carlock says, “We haven’t cracked HOW he is getting [his job] back, but of course he will get back somehow. We just wanted a fun thing to shuffle the deck a little bit and send him off into the world. Of course, he will miss it and he will be missed. Events will bring him back.”

Question: I know last season stunk, but I’m still looking forward to Big Love returning. Any new news on season 5? —Joanne
You betcha! The show is currently casting three new recurring characters: John Ivey, a thirtysomething high school math teacher, straightlaced and disarmingly charming; Midge Buckley, another thirtysomething, this one blonde, Republican, Mormon, and a member of the Utah House of Representatives from the same district as Bill; and finally, Midge’s mom, an antiporn activist whose worldview is so conservative, she makes Sarah Palin look liberal by comparison.

Question: Hi, please let me know if you are in the dog-product business! — AJ
Not since I licked that case of fleas that had been bugging me, no. But hey, thanks for asking!

Question: I love ya, Ausiello, but you apparently got it wrong about Javier Bardem being on Glee. It was denied by his people, and you should take this down from your site and print a retraction. What ever happened to journalistic integrity? — Andrea
First of all, what gave you the impression that I had integrity, much less the journalistic kind? Second of all, when I’m wrong, I’ll let you know, not the other way around. Now then, let me let Glee mastermind Ryan Murphy explain to you exactly what happened, how about that? At the press junket for Eat Pray Love, Murphy tells me, “the first thing [Bardem] said was ‘Oh my God, I just watched the whole first season on DVD. It was like crack, and I could not get enough. I want to play a Spanish rock star.’ And I was like, ‘Okay.’ I mean, how to say no to Javier Bardem?” So, in other words, Andrea, yes, it IS happening. “It won’t be in the first 13 [episodes of season 2],” Murphy clarifies, “but I do want to do it. I think you have to come back and remeet the characters [first].” So there.

Question: Any more scoop on Charice’s role on Glee? —Kelly
Why, yes, as a matter of fact. Though Ryan Murphy says the hitmaker “comes on in a very sort of minor part,” it obviously grows, and fast, because, notes Lea Michele, while “the rivalry [between our characters] is going to be what everyone will pin it as, you know Ryan — it’s never going to be what you think it’s going to be.”

Question: Any whisperings on the new Torchwood you’d care to share? — Nicky
Whisperings? More like shoutings. Among the casting intel I’ve gathered on the new season (airing on my new favorite cable network, Starz), the show is out to cast a new series regular — Rex Matheson, a wickedly funny (operative word: wicked) CIA agent born to make waves. Almost as key to the new season are recurring characters Esther Katusi, a CIA grunt in her early 20s who learns what she’s really made of only when she’s forced to, and Oswald Jones, a convicted murderer and pedophile who will be as shocked as anyone to learn how easily infamy and fame can be exchanged for one another.

Question: You were the second person I thought of after my mom that would be bursting with excitement over Kyle Chandler’s and Connie Britton’s Emmy nominations.  I’m also thrilled! — Tiffany
What a coinkydink. The second person I thought of was me, too. And the first. And somewhere in between, I thought of Kyle and Connie. They were probably happy-ish too.

Question: I am looking to make a one-time cash donation to support a nonprofit charity or rescue group. I would love to know more about your work and why you think this donation would be beneficial to your work. —John Hamilton
Um, because one never knows when their fleas might recur?

Question: Scoop on The Closer will earn you my eternal thanks. —Sasha
FYI: Cold hard cash is the new eternal thanks. Just something to think about moving forward. Regarding The Closer, in the second episode, airing July 19, Captain Raydor (Mary McDonnell) returns and is initially thought to be doing a background check on Chief Pope. But there’s more to the story. And apparently it’s VERY top secret because the screener TNT sent us left out the final scene. Bastards. It’s not like I was going to spoil it or anything.

Question: Have you seen the Mad Men premiere? Thoughts? —Theresa
I have seen it and it’s fantastic. In many ways, it feels like an entirely new show. My fave line of the episode? “I won’t even tell people after it airs.” Who says it and what does it mean? Hit the comments!

Question: I’m so incredibly proud of you for finally getting acquainted with Spartacus: Blood & Sand and acknowledging Andy Whitfield’s awesomeness. Now how about you throw us a couple of season 2 spoilers? —Alex
Given the events of the mind-blowing season 1 finale, it’s not much of a spoiler to say the show will undergo a huge transformation in season 2. “It’s a testament to Starz that they allowed us to do that,” says showrunner Steven S. DeKnight of the big changes in store. “The bigger broadcast networks [would be too concerned with] protecting the franchise. It’s a huge risk. But at the end of the day we ARE telling the story of Spartacus, which is largely the slave rebellion. Those first 13 episodes were literally two paragraphs in the history books. Most of what’s known about him is after the break-out.”

Question: What’s going on with Heroes—are they going to make a movie or not? —Ana
My money continues to be on not, especially since NBC’s contractual hold on the cast expired on June 30. It’s going to be tough to make a movie when you don’t have anyone to star in it. Unless they go the CGI route. Or use puppets.

Question: Any juicy spoilers on which hottie is coming out of the closet on 90210? I need more hints then just Liam, Navid, or Teddy! —Jacob
How about this: This person’s last name is Court, Shirazi, or Montgomery.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to Also, you can follow me on Twitter via @michaelausiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick, Keith Staskiewicz, and Sandra Gonzalez)

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  • Nicky

    Great Glee news just wish you had some for Will and Emma. I hate that we have absolutely nothing on them in season 2.

    • Allison M

      We’ve known for awhile that she’s dating Uncle Jesse, so I’d say things aren’t looking up for Will/Emma in the first part of the season

      • Cheery

        Wonder if Uncle Jesse’s part will be downsized in light of his extortion scandal involving cocaine, strippers and an underage girl.


      • Dav

        Why? It didn’t seem to hurt Charlie Sheen any.

      • HELLO

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    • JB

      I really don’t get the whole Will and Emma thing.. she’s REALLY weird and kind of off putting. I don’t see any chemistry between them, even though the ‘story’ is kind of cute. I think I’d rather see Will with Idina Menzel.. they were pretty hot together.

      • Bigref

        Emma and Principal Figgins provide much of the humor to the show. That said, I agree about the chemistry between Will and Shelby, but would hate for it to diminish Emma’s role. My family really missed her in the second half of the season.

  • M


    • jordan

      he just gave casting scoop. house overload is not necessary

    • Chloe

      We’re happy with what we know is coming on House…..

      Bones, on the other hand, leaves something to be desiresd!

  • Chase

    SOOOO happy Amy Ryan’s coming back to The Office. She rocks!

  • Kelly

    thank you Ausiello, from Kelly

  • Alice

    Lie to Me scoop, please! Have you seen the A to Z promo? OMG.

    • j_flower

      YEAH, I second that – please give us something related to the va va voom moment!!!

  • kate

    When the article was first posted, it said Apollo and not Impala. Either that or I’m losing my mind, which is entirely possible.

    • Catherine

      You’re not losing your mind,it did orignally say Apollo but has since been fixed.

    • Johnification

      It said Apollo, and then Dolph Lundgren killed it.

      • MoH

        Ahahahaha! Awesome!

  • Hmph

    Considering what happened last season, I’m actually wondering why Sam bothers to hunt with Dean anymore since he kept on stating he wanted to be his own man. It doesn’t sound like someone who actually wants Dean as a partner but wants to set off on his own and find an upgrade.

    • Cheryl

      What show have you been watching!

      • Ali

        Probably the show that spent all last year scapegoating Dean for Sam’s crappy behavior and papering over any kind of actual relationship fixing with Dean just taking the blame for everything Sam did to him while Sam nodded self-righteously and Bobby tried to convince us that it was all totally true and reasonable and not at all creepy.

        I think it’s that show. But I could be wrong.

      • Hmph

        Oh, the show where Sam continually tells Dean that he finds Dean bossy, says that his ways made him run to Ruby and says that Dean has to let him grow up. I’m not sensing someone who’s going to be happy unless he’s the head banana. That show. With the way Sam is, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dean ended up riding in the trunk.

      • Jackie

        I have to agree with Cheryl when she says, “What show have you been watching!” Sam spent all of season five trying to repent for his behavior of season four, and Dean spent the season struggling with his ‘destiny’ and trying to forgive Sam. Sam apologized every which way, even saying in the episode ‘Fallen Idols’ that nothing Dean could say to him could possibly be worse than what he says to himself about what he did. He offered to let Anna kill him and scatter his pieces to the universe to make things better, and he showed a faith and trust in Dean in the 100th episode that became a major turning point in their relationship. That is what always made this show great, the relationship between Sam and Dean, and it was Dean’s faith in Sam that gave Sam the strength to take control back from Lucifer at the end.

      • Blin

        I’m surprised you haven’t reported yet that Corin Nemic has been cast as Christian, the boy’s cousin for this next season!

      • Ali

        “Sam apologized every which way, even saying in the episode ‘Fallen Idols’ that nothing Dean could say to him could possibly be worse than what he says to himself about what he did.”

        And said that Dean was so zomg bossy that he DROVE Sam to do what he did. That’s called weaseling out of responsibility. And it’s even more weasely to say, “You can’t yell at me because I’m already mad at myself!” Cry moar, Sam. I’m so sick of him and his hypocrisy. Now he’s probably going to whine about having been to Hell after he told Dean he was weak for being traumatized in season 4, and we’re all going to be expected to say, “Oooh, how strong and wonderful Sam is, he went to hell!” and Dean will probably be a heck of a lot sweeter to him than Sam was when Dean came back. As always. Ugh, I’m so over their relationship. Dean is always giving, Sam is always taking, and I’m OVER it.

  • Janey

    The wait is so long for more Spartacus! I don’t think I’ll make it!

    • Sarah

      I couldn’t agree more. I became so addicted to that show that I’ve watched the finale On Demand at least 5 times. One thing that I’m confused about though…Everything I’ve seen reported on the show says that they will be doing a prequel with Quintus and Leticia BEFORE a second season with Spartacus even airs

      • Catherine

        I hope so! I loved those characters and the actors were awesome in those roles. Spartacus does indeed rock. : )

  • Elle

    I’m so sick of the Lisa storyline on Supernatural, I just want it to be done. I’m also so excited that Eliot will be singing on Leverage, Christian Kane is a great singer and everyone should buy his EP!

    • Hmph

      It’s not like she’s been there the whole season. Two episodes and 5 minutes each, tops. And she’s not getting Dean addicted to some creepy stuff in her veins.

      • Jean

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    • Get Real

      I’ve been watching reruns on TNT. And I have to say apart from the boys and Bobby, I hate every. single. women on the show. They always have to much of a smuggish exasperating smile on their faces making me wish I could just punch them right off to show them a thing or two. It’s infuriating.

      • Jackie

        I agree. I have been re-watching the series on DVD in anticipation of season six starting in September, and the female characters on the show have always been the weak spot. The only one I ever actually liked was Ellen, and look what happened there…

      • Christine

        Oh come on, no love for Ellen?

        And there are some minor (one episode each) girls who I would have gladly switched for any of the recurring ones.
        Like Casey the demon from s3. She would have been better that Ruby.

      • Ali

        The boys and Bobby are women?

        Anyway, there have been tons of awesome women on the show over the years, if the show would stop killing them off. I’m hoping Lisa survives, and that she and Dean have a good relationship. She’s pretty awesome.

      • Tara

        I’m with you here, I can’t stand the women either, with the exceptions of Ellen and the first Ruby (I hated the second one). I’m really not a fan of Lisa, but more than that, I hate the idea of a “domesticated Dean” storyline. Therefore, I’d like Lisa to GTFO.

    • Rachel

      Yeah Christian Kane does have a beautiful voice. I have one of his cds. Learned he could sing on Angel.

    • JB

      I like that Dean has a ‘home’ with Lisa and Ben. It shows a different side to him and gives his character some complexity.

    • V

      Yeah, but…the “scoop” was all from the teaser at the end of last week’s episode. And Christian Kane not only has an actual band, but even sang on Angel back in the day. So anyone who didn’t know he could sing…*sigh*

  • Mayra

    “How about this: This person’s last name is Court, Shirazu, or Montgomery.” – Not cool, Ausiello!

    • Holly

      The hint is there “Last name” *Montgomery.* I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but that’s it. :)

      • Zack B

        That’s how I read it.

      • Zoe

        I would be shocked if it wasn’t Teddy.

  • jnfr

    Christian Kane can sing? Hell yeah.

  • Elle

    Yay, Christian is going to sing on Leverage!!

    • AshleyBrooke

      I know! I loved him singing on Angel. Well, basically I just love him.

    • V

      The fact that he was going to sing this season was sort of announced last season when they were wrapping up filming on Season 2 last summer…Christian Kane actually said in an interview that he wanted it to happen and it was probably going to be early season 3.

  • Ali

    The whole point of Dean being a hunter, I thought, was that there were people he cared about. Geez. Dean has always done that job because he was committed to saving people and being there for his family. The entire purpose of hunting is that he cares about people. *headdesk* After season 5, I’m no longer convinced Kripke even remembers what this show was about in the first place, and this kind of confirms it.

    That being said, awwww for Dean having a family that cares for him and vice versa. <3 Here's hoping this marks a way for him to find a middle road between his calling and his yearning for a family. And I hope he maintains his ties with Castiel, too… most under-used relationship of season 5, without a doubt. Those two were magic in season 4, and I'd love to see them work together some more.

    • Hmph

      Yeah, I thought that he hunted because he wanted to spare other people the pain he went through when he lost his mom.

      I hope that his caring is reciprocated and if it is, he should miss them while on the road.

      • Ali

        I agree. :) It’s less novel to see Dean caring for people, and moreso to see people actually caring about and being sweet to him. I’d love for his relationship with them to be a reciprocal one. :) Knowing how Show always hands Dean’s friends over to Sam eventually, though, what do you want to bet they’re falling all over themselves to praise Sam by the third episode? ;)

    • Melissa

      I agree about the Dean and Cas dynamic. They were by far the most interesting part of season 4 and in season 5 they were reduced to comic relief or completely non-existent. If Lisa’s involvement in the storyline made any sense at all I’d say stick around…but right now it’s just purely nonsensical.

      • red

        Dean and Castiel’s relationship became way too popular so I think Kripke went out of his way to diminish it last season. I imagine Lisa’s presence will put the last nail in the coffin of that friendship. Then they’ll conveniently forget about Lisa so that Dean can go back to being all about Perfect St. Sammy Who Must Be Loved. Gotta keep those wincesters happy.

      • T.R.

        The show is not about Dean and Castiel. Even though Castiel was great, that would be a whole other show. Its about Sam and Dean as a family hunting things. A lot of people would stop watching if it wasn’t. Dean NEVER thought that Sam was a perfect saint who must be loved. What the ?? Also,the majority of the fans are not wincesters.

    • Get Real

      wait didn’t aus say he was kidding on the family part? or have i missed something?

    • nicky

      I agree about Dean having cared for people ever since the show started. It’s kinda weird how the writers seem to feel as if they need to add a love interest in order to show that men aren’t emotional retards…

      Disagree on Castiel, though. I was relieved that he was used more as a side character in season 5, and not as much as a protagonist as in season 4. It’s not that I dislike him, in fact he’s pretty funny, but it just seems weird to shift focus from the actual protagonists (the Winchesters) to someone who isn’t even all THAT important plotwise.

      • Jackie

        @nicky – They didn’t add a love interest to show that Dean isn’t, as you call it, an “emotional retard.” What Dean always wanted more than anything, even more than to hunt and save people, was family, and Lisa and Ben represent the family Dean could have had if life had turned out differently. There was that whole conversation in the car at the end of the season finale where Cas talks to Dean about peace versus freedom, and while Dean may be happy with peace (i.e., a family life with Lisa and Ben), in the long run, freedom will win out. Plus, while Lisa and Ben only represent the family Dean wants, they are NOT his family. Sam is his family, and when he finds out that Sam is alive, it’ll be the yearning for real family and freedom that pulls Dean back into hunting with him.

      • Hmph

        OK, why is it OK to define BOBBY as family but not Lisa or Ben?

      • Jackie

        @Hmph – Because Bobby was a huge part of the boys’ upbringing. In the episode ‘A Very Supernatural Christmas’, Little Sam referred to him as ‘Uncle Bobby’, and both boys have mentioned the fact that Bobby has been like a father to them. Dean had a fling with Lisa, and while he had a connection with Ben, Ben’s not his son, and he hasn’t spent all that much time with either of them.

      • yuk

        @Jackie It’s mindsets like yours that Kripke constantly panders to and ruined his own show. You make it sound like no one can ever love someone that they haven’t known since birth. Guess all those epic romances through the ages, got it all wrong.

      • Jackie

        @yuk – First, I’ll ignore the rudeness of your tone, and second, I’ll just respond to the rest of your comment. I’m in no way saying that a person can’t love someone that they haven’t known since birth. I was simply responding to the comment above mine about why Bobby is considered family and Lisa and Ben aren’t. Bobby practically helped raise Sam and Dean, whereas I would hardly call Dean and Lisa’s relationship an epic romance to last the ages. Like I said, he had one hook-up with her and a passing connection with her son. They represent the family Dean would have had if his life had turned out differently. What he has with Sam and Bobby, that’s his REAL family, not just a representation or illusion.

      • yuk

        @Jackie If Dean spends time with Lisa and Ben, it is actually possible that the illusion could become a reality. When relationships start out, everything is fantasy and infatuation but that can and does change and most people eventually find families of their own outside of the people they grew up with. But since the loudest part of this fandom will clearly never accept that, I doubt it will ever happen. Dean will never be allowed to truly grow past his pathetic codependency on Sam. That became painfully obvious in season 5 and it’s why I feel the character is being ruined.

      • Jackie

        @yuk – I agree that in theory, for some people the illusion can become reality. In this case, though, you have to take into account the context. For so long, Sam and Dean had only each other. The relationships they tried to cultivate outside of their relationship as brothers ended up in other people getting hurt. The only two women Sam ever loved both died (granted Madison would have died anyway, most likely killed by another hunter, but Sam blames himself for Jess’s death). The only woman Dean ever really loved was Cassie, and he was willing to try having a relationship with her, but it was SHE who pushed HIM away because she couldn’t handle the reality of his world. Do you honestly think that Lisa would be able to handle it for a prolonged period of time, especially with a child in tow? Plus, Dean doesn’t know that Sam is alive. As far as Dean is concerned, Sam is suffering eternal torment in Lucifer’s cage (a cage he willingly jumped into to save his brother). Do you really think he’d just be able to kick back, relax, and enjoy the domestic life thinking that the little brother he raised as if he was his own child was suffering like that?

      • Machunny

        @Jackie–for what it’s worth, I agree with everything you’re saying.

      • Jackie

        @Machunny – Thank you! It must seem ridiculous to be posting this much, but it’s a slow workday, and I’m trying to keep my brain engaged :) I seriously don’t mean to pick at other people’s comments, but I took classes in college in acting, playwrighting, creative writing for fiction, scene study, and text analysis, so when it seems that people don’t pay proper attention to detail or make generalizations about a very specific story, I feel compelled to reply!

      • Machunny

        @ Jackie–too funny; your background is similar to mine. I wonder what the series would look like if Dean and Sam never evolved as characters, and new characters were never introduced. That seems to be the only remedy for many of the posters here. I don’t ever see the relationship as co-dependent, but one of love, turmoil and reflected guilt. I think you’re very right in that Dean sees Sam more as a son than brother at times, and feels very responsible not only for Sam’s well being, but also responsible for Sam’s actions. Maybe because I have children and feel empathy for Dean’s plight, or maybe because I’ve seen so many tormented brothers, I feel like this is a fairly realistic relationship being portrayed against a really unrealistic background. It works for me.

      • yuk

        @Jackie I find it interesting that you dismiss Lisa as some irrelevant one night stand for Dean that he couldn’t possibly care about even though both times he was dying, he sort her out. Yet you claim that Madison is some great love for Sam even though she would have been just another one night stand if he hadn’t unfortunately had to gank her. Regardless, you’re making a lot of assumptions about Dean and Lisa without having any idea of what will have happened during the summer hiatus. It is entirely possible that Sam, for once, actually thought about Dean’s feelings and revealed himself to Dean before letting him settle in to trying out the apple pie life. At least I would certainly hope so because leaving Dean to believe Sam was still suffering in Hell would be beyond cruel especially since Dean experienced Hell so he wouldn’t just be relying on his imagination. If Sam then decided to drag Dean back into the life after he finally found some peace with Lisa and Ben, it would be even more unforgivable to me.

      • Ali

        Yeah, Jackie, I have to agree with the other poster… it is positively *bizarre* to hear you dismiss Lisa, yet talk about Madison as one of Sam’s loves.

      • Jackie

        @yuk – Dean only went back to Lisa in the season three episode ‘The Kids Are Alright’ because he thought he was dying and he remembered having this wild and sexy weekend with her, not because he felt any sort of deep emotional connection. By the end of the episode, he seemed to have more of a connection with Ben than he did with Lisa, and it was seeing how Dean was with Ben that she invited him to stay, which he obviously didn’t do.

      • Jackie

        (Accidentally hit the enter key before I finished that thought.) Dean’s biggest dream was being part of a family, and as shown in the episode ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’, Lisa and Ben represented a chance at family. Even at that point, Dean didn’t have that connection with Lisa, it was just what she and Ben represented. And I don’t recall saying anywhere that Madison was this “great love” for Sam, I just said that he loved her, and when you look at the episode ‘Heart’, he did have that connection with her. He admired her on an intellectual level, they connected emotionally, and they had a lot of physical chemistry. Also, I do not recall just dismissing Lisa. What she and Ben represent to Dean is very important, but if you look at his face in the season finale, even though he was sitting down to dinner at a normal table with a normal family, he didn’t look happy. Sam was the one who made Dean promise that after he jumped into the Pit that Dean should go to Lisa and have that life with her and Ben. And I’m hoping that the season six premier picks up where the season five finale leaves off. I don’t see Sam being cruel enough that he would let Dean settle into a life with Lisa and then rip him out of it (the way Dean pulled Sam back into hunting before Jess died, not that Dean knew what the result would be).

      • Jackie

        It’s important to pay attention to detail and remember context when forming an argument.

      • yuk

        @jackie I’m going to ignore YOUR condescending tone and hypocritical lecturing and suggest that my fanwank is as good as yours at this point.

        You may present your opinion as fact but that doesn’t make it so.

        Sam never said he loved Madison (I don’t count comments made by the show’s idiot fangirls as gospel) even though he obviously liked her. If he hadn’t had to kill her, we have no idea if he would even remember her a year later. He certainly never mentions Sarah Blake and he seemed very fond of her as well.

        Speaking of paying attention to details and context: Dean has probably been with hundreds of women over the years and yet he chose Lisa out of all of those to go and visit before he died.

        Was there no other woman that he had memorable sex with in all those years? Is flexibility that important to Dean?

        Maybe it is but until the show tells me otherwise, I think it is significant that he chose her even back then, dreamed about her and finally went back to her again instead of Cassie or Jamie or Andrea Barr or any of the other women he has made connections with over the course of the seasons.

        Just because he didn’t tell Sam that she was the great love of his life and blubber all over her, doesn’t mean she didn’t mean something more than just a wild weekend. Even when Sam saw that she and Ben were in his dream, Dean denied that it meant anything to him. So his not talking openly about her is actually quite in character for him.

        I do wish the writers had done a better job of setting it up just to avoid giving this fandom’s misogynists another reason to hate her, but I don’t think it’s a huge stretch believe that Dean could grow to love her and Ben if he spent time with them. Of course some will never accept that he can love anyone but Sam but they really need to stop confusing fanon with canon.

      • Brian

        @yuk, Personally I don’t get why fans would want the boys to have some lame “happily ever after” ending that seems to happen in enough shows out there already. I LIKE the brothers unhealthy co-dependence. It’d be a bad thing in real life but it’s a TV show so it’s fun to watch knowing they should develop more healthy bonds but can’t due to their messed up childhood. If they end up making Dean moon over Lisa and Ben this season, I’ll be very disappointed. Sure he may have dreamt about that perfect family but he’s inexperienced with that side of life and so his idea of that is fantasy. In the line of work those guys are in, the idea that they’d settle down (or even just one of them) in some house with a wife and 1 or 2 kids bores me. I’m much more interested in Sam and Dean’s relationship and watching them out there hunting things and learning about their own family history than in watching Dean play family with people who I really don’t care about and see no reason why I should. Leave the “true love” romantic junk for all those other shows out there considering pretty much all of them have it.

        Honestly, I don’t see why it’s all that significant that he chose Lisa to go back to. Maybe he saw her as fun and a good lay. That doesn’t mean he felt love for her back then. And the reason he may have chosen to concentrate on her for his family fantasies above any other chick he hooked up with is because she already had that built in stability with the house and kid so it was the easier choice.

      • Tara

        @Jackie and Brian – I basically agree with both of your viewpoints, particularly Brian’s. I *like* the unhealthy codependence between Sam and Dean, and I really don’t want to see a season of Dean moaning over Lisa and Ben. I admit, I didn’t get into Supernatural until recently, but I literally sat down and watched Seasons 1-5 in less than a week. Sam and Dean’s relationship is what made me fall in love with this show, and I want to see even more facets of it explored in Season 6. I really couldn’t care less about love interests for the boys (and no, I’m not into that slash stuff – I like their brotherly love, I’m not into incestuous love).

  • Clara

    HOUSE MD ??????

  • Kylie

    Obviously Dan/Serena wont immediately get together since he’s still dating Vanessa and has a baby on the way with Georgina. It’s obvious Dan has feelings for her. I think first he’ll have feelings for her, then she’ll have feelings for him but they wont get together until the end of the season ala Chuck/Blair Season 2.

    • Diva

      I think you are kinda leaving the fact out that they’re step siblings, which can be a problem

    • bklynny

      D&S are not long-term. They’ll only have a short lived affair.

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