Exclusive: '24' evildoer Gregory Itzin joins 'Big Love'

24-gregory-itzinImage Credit: Kelsey McNeal/FoxWith casting coups like this, Big Love is well on its way to making up for a lackluster season 4: Legendary (and twice Emmy-nominated) 24 villain Gregory Itzin has signed up for a major recurring gig on season 5 of HBO’s Big Love, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Itzin will play Senator Richard Dwyer, the Republican Majority Leader of the Utah State Senate — of which Bill (Bill Paxton) is now a member.

Production on Big Love‘s fifth season is scheduled to get underway this week.

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  • ythu

    He would be great on True Blood the best show on TV ever!

    • jessie11

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  • Scott

    Let’s stop bagging on Season 4 of Big Love! I’ll agree it wasn’t perfect (Bill’s “volleyball fight” with Ana’s guy). But my understanding is that the episode order was changed from 10 to 9 after the stories had been mapped out. So they had squish the storyline into one entire less episode. I thought the 4th season was ambitious, bold, and overall enjoyable.

    • seriously

      agreed scott

    • AK

      I also agree. Season 4 was not lackluster. I think there were a few questionable episodes (the road trip to Mexico, for instance), but overall, the storylines were extremely strong.

  • stacy

    Let’s hope Big Love gets a shot in the arm. The first three seasons were gold but the 4th just got too outrageous. Isn’t polygamy an intriguing enough subject without all the contrived side-stories about fugitives in Mexico, illegitimate babies, fake marriages for green cards, not to mention the whole run for the Senate storyline? Too much confusion for 9 short episodes….

    • agreed 100%

    • Karate Pants

      Shot in the arm, interesting choice of words. I haven’t been able to shake the ridiculous image of Selma Greene’s arm getting lopped off out of my head. It was moments like that one, SO over the top, that made everyone despise season 4 so much. That, and season 3 was so great it was hard to measure up to.

      • Karate Pants

        Oops, HOLLIS Greene’s arm.

  • couchgrouch

    can’t be any worse than TB season 2 which was just Skinemax with gore.

    • Paul

      Skinamax with Gore????

      WHOOOOOHOOOO – sign me up!!!

      Thanks for the tip!

      • couchgrouch

        no prob. hey, have you heard of rap music? it’s just verbal porn yelled over machines. check it out!

  • Andrew

    I don’t really see how casting a good actor in a recurring role in any way indicates that the show is on its way to recovery. Last season had Sissy Spacek. That didn’t stop it from sucking.

    That whole senate storyline was so ludicrous and so central to the plot that I’m very skeptical that the show can recover from it. It was such a major plot point that they pretty much have to follow up on it, even though they should be looking for ways to escape out from under it.

    • LaReina

      I agree. I love Big Love, but I didn’t like the direction this whole Senate bid took the characters. I thought it was enough with the casino. They shoulda just stopped there. There are plenty of storylines which could come from that story arc, like Barb cheating on Bill with Tommy. And I hope Ana’s baby comes out looking like her new man instead of Bill. I feel like her character should get dropped, too. She was starting to get boring.

      • Artie

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  • dmac2498

    Season 4 wasn’t that bad. It was far better than the last two seasons of ‘Sopranos’. Like Scott said they had to readjust after the episode count was slashed from 13 to 9. Hopefully the will give Big Love a full season of episodes to tell a complete story, or if it’s a 10 episode season they creators have time to map out a tight cohesive story.

    Also @ Karate Pants get it right Hollis got his arm cut off not Selma!

    • Karate Pants

      Yes! I’m sorry, I got all caught up trying to rememeber if it’s “Green” or “Greene”, I put the completely wrong character there.

  • Chris

    Lackluster season 4? I can’t agree with that at all. Season 4 was amazing. I was on the edge of my seat for almost every episode. i thought they really packed a good punch, and even though i wasn’t i fan of Bill running for senate, i loved how it turned the entire family upsidedown and really brought out a lot of things that had been bubbling under from earlier season. Season 4 was my favorite season, so if Season 5 is anything like it, then i will be more then pleased.

  • laura

    oh Season 4 wasn’t that bad…. it was amusing! But I’m still really looking forward to season 5.

  • Brittany

    I knew season 4 wasn’t going to be as good when i didn’t see them skating in the opening credits.

  • C C

    People will “get” Season 4 later on…

    Itzin on Big Love? Perfecto!

  • Fanny

    Hey hey hey… Season 4 gave us a great storyline for Alby. So I can’t hate it completely.

  • mary

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    • ythu

      . . . and this was all on the last episode of True Blood!

  • Jesse

    Enough talking about Season 4 — focus on the big picture here, people — Gregory Itzin! Gregory freakin’ Itzin! I can’t wait to see what he’ll do with another political powerhouse character out for blood!

  • Terry


  • Terry

    excellent, I meant

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