Comic-Con video: 'Dexter' star Michael C. Hall on life after Rita and preparing for The End

comic-con-hallIs Julia Stiles Dex’s post-Rita rebound girl? Dexter leading man Michael C. Hall tackled that dicey season 5 question when he dropped by’s suite at the Hard Rock yesterday prior to the show’s panel at Comic-Con. The Emmy nominee also opened up about the concerns he had while filming season 4’s climactic bloodbath, previewed life after Rita and Trinity, acknowledged he’s already thinking about the series finale, and offered an update on his health (hint: It’s all good!). The complete interview is after the jump!

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  • D

    Ausiello is a tool. wow.

    • Zombie Jesus


    • sadie

      Yeah, a tool that gives us videos, interviews, and details from all of our favorite shows from Comic Con. He sucks.

      • ythu

        But he forgets to ask about True Blood. He needs to work on that.

    • bruno

      total tool.

  • sadie

    Love MCH! Love the show! He’s such a good guy, worried about how his health scare would affect everyone else. I’m so glad he’s healthy!

  • Anitamargarita

    What a sweetheart! “I’m glad my health crisis didn’t interferre with production” How selfless can you be?!?!

    • Valley Girl

      Indeed! In his Golden Globe speech he gave a shout out to his crew, too. To be concerned about others’ job stability after what he has been through is so admirable. Love MCH!

  • ythu

    Mike you did not ask him about True Blood, the best show on TV. You could have asked him how it is to be on a HBO knowing that they have True Blood which is the best show on TV.

    • Minutiae

      Why on earth would he do that? First of all, to some of us, Dexter is 1000 times better than the soapy, campy, gross, squicky True Blood. And MCH has nothing to do with TB at all. Posts like yours are why people hate fanboys/fangirls.

      • Daniel

        I love True Blood, and I love love love Dexter. Apples and oranges. Both are very diff shows, great in their own rights. But yea. WTF? People complaining about lack of TB questions in a MCH interview? /facepalm

    • BlatantURLPimpingMustDie

      When IS that next train to Crazy Town…?

      • ythu

        yea, I agree the Minutiae should be on the next train.

      • Vince from NYC

        Dexter is on Showtime and is better then Trueblood. I have nothing agaisnt it, I liek teh show but Dexter has had 4 solid seasons. Trueblood had 1 solid and 1 ok one. Besides teh greatest HBO dramas to date were Oz and Six Feet Under..

      • Daniel

        Vince from NYC, why do you keep saying “teh”? And both shows are good, and both are very different. Again I say, apples and oranges.

      • Merrydan

        Vince from NYC needs to watch Teh Wire. But I agree that why bring up True Blood here?

    • Duh

      Dexter is on Showtime.

      • ythu

        still a better show and a valid question

      • Trish

        ythu…what is your point exactly? What’s the valid question??

    • Martha

      True Blood has nothing to do with Dexter… And Dexter is on SHOWTIME, not HBO. Moron.

    • ringy

      Uh, not only would that be idiotic to question him about True Blood, but they aren’t both on HBO. Dexter is on Showtime.

  • ragu

    love Dexter, Michael C Hall, and Ausiello!

  • Catherine

    I realised Season 4 has finished a while ago, but for those of us who are waiting on the DVDs (not out yet!), it would be nice if you don’t put plot twist in the title…

    • J

      Sorry, you’re right. We should go out of our way to accommodate you. While we’re at it, nobody talk about the ending of “The Sixth Sense” or “Psycho”. Maybe Catherine hasn’t seen it yet and we definitely don’t want to ruin it for her.

      • sadie

        Bruce Willis was dead the whole time!

      • Anitamargarita

        J, don’t be an ass. The Sixth Sense and Psycho are out and have been out for years. Dexter is only available to Showtime subscribers or losers who watch pirated copies. It’s not the same, don’t pretend like it is.

      • TJ

        I don’t think J is being an ass at all. I am also tired of reading about people complaining of ‘spoilers’ almost 8 MONTHS after the season finale. If you do not want the possibility of show spoilers, then don’t make the conscious decision to go on to an entertainment site where it’s their job to post things that are up-to-the-minute, not when they feel it’s safe to.

      • Dennis

        I agree with TJ. If you don’t want to read spoilers about a showed that aired 8 months ago, don’t go to sites like this.

      • JessicaS

        @Anitamargarita Some of us “losers” that downloaded the pirated copies went out and bought all the seasons on dvd and purchased a showtime subscription to keep up with the show. Some of us “losers” are just picky and carefully spend our money. We’d like to see what we’re buying first, instead of diving head first into the unknown.

      • Tarizona

        hahaha you are so mean….thats great!!!

    • Dexter’s Biggest Fan

      I don’t have showtime either but I bought Season 4 on iTunes and watched it before searching the internet. I recommend doing that immediately before reading any more Dexter articles. Stay home all weekend, lock the kids in the basement with a Spongebob video, and catch up!

    • shotgunsamurai42

      It would be nice to not have to listen to this same argument 8 months after the fact. You know, I don’t go on porn sites and then complain when I see breasts.

  • Jen D

    What is this True Blood talk, ythu? Michael C. Hall is on the amazingly addictive “Dexter” on Showtime which gives him more than enough to share with us eager fans who are all ears. Thanks, Ausiello!

    • sadie

      Don’t respond to the troll!

    • candacetx

      I dont have showtime, but I am catching up on the previous seasons of Dexter on Netflix. just sayin.

  • JC

    Dexter is like one of the best shows on television because it has no boundaries

  • Michelle

    Love MCH but Dexter’s writing has been going downhill. Hope for a better season for 5.

    • J

      Agreed. The first 2 season were amazing, but the the last 2 seemed to have lost their edge. But season 4’s ending, though somewhat predictable, was still pretty awesome.

      • TMRZoo Neil

        Season 4’s ending predictable? are you serious. No one saw that ending coming. That was the shocker of the season.

      • Martha

        Predicable? Are you on crack?

      • B.

        It wasn’t a shocker for people with a creative mind. For the mindless masses, it was probably a shocker.

  • Dexter’s Biggest Fan

    True Blood has no comparison to Dexter. I haven’t even bothered to watch it this season. Besides, Dexter killed off Sam in Season 1. Dexter is the best, loved the interview, MCH is a great actor.

    • sadie



    Seriously! I just started watching Dexter and am half way through season 3. I don’t know what happened to Rita. I didn’t read this article or any of the posts, but to put that information in the article’s title on EW’s MAIN PAGE is just terrible.

    • sadie

      You probably shouldn’t read anything Comic-Con or Dexter related until you catch up! Everyone was careful about spoilers when the season ended, but not so much 8 months later!

      • Anitamargarita

        Uh, no they weren’t either.

    • J

      And yet the finale aired over 7 months ago. Maybe you should keep that in mind when you’re going on sites like EW.

    • Joe

      I totally disagree. Once something has aired, it’s fair game to talk about.

    • B.

      Get our yourself grandpa. Stay off the entertainment websites or away from tv and life, or have enough control to make yourself ignore things with the word “Dexter” in them. The rest of the world can’t slow down to be with you.

  • Jakey

    Get over yourselves people. It’s been how many months now. The world doesn’t revolve around you. If you don’t want spoilers then don’t come to an entertainment website that is known for spoilers.

  • riser

    His job is to get these videos and info. It’s not like someone else less tool-like couldn’t do it. He also tends to like very baaaad shows.

  • Nicole

    MCH is incredible in the role of Dexter. I really think it’s some of the finest acting on television. Ever. I know it’s a bold statement, but I stand behind it. In this interview, he is amazingly articulate, polite, and gracious.

  • Dexter

    Love your interviews but seriously; where can I get me one of them t-shirts you were sporting Ausiello?!!

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