Comic-Con video: 'Bones' stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel (lightly) spoil the new season!

cc10-bonesTiming is everything. My exclusive interview with Bones‘ David Boreneaz and Emily Deschanel at Comic-Con took place mere hours after the duo shot the highly-anticipated moment in the season 6 premiere where Booth and Brennan come face-to-face after almost a year apart. Suffice it to say we had lots to discuss. The pair also weighed in on that controversial airport scene in May’s finale, the new girl in Booth’s life, and whether or not this is the season B and B stop being polite and start having sex. Enjoy!

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  • Palis

    love them!!!

    but WHO THE F*** don’t want them together?? HELLO PEOPLE THEY BELONG TOGETHER!

    • Aeryn

      its a crime drama, there shouldn’t be any romance. a little sexual tension is okay for comedy purposes but what do you expect them to do after they get together? get married? have kids? lame and boring.

      • Lily

        I wouldn’t characterize Bones as a crime drama necessarily. There’s always, even from the first episode, been signs of romance. To say that ‘a little sexual tension’ for comedic purposes is okay is really negating what the show is about. In fact, while in recent seasons Bones has become a bit of a parody of itself, I still find that the romance element is the least ‘comedic’ part of the show. Plus, for a show like this, romance is pretty necessary to balance out the more comedic moments and the intense crime drama-esque moments.

      • Nitemar

        you dont want the Xfiles fans like MOI hearing you saying that!! ..”oh its a sci-fi drama, there shouldnt be any romance..a little tension.”??.oh please! 9 freaking years!

      • Roobecca

        Em, in case you’ve forgotten, the writers and crew, especially David, were all insistent that the show was a character-driven one, that the Booth/Bones relationship was what made it fresh and different to CSI. It was said that the crime-solving was more of the background situation to the character development. Yes, at some point during writing season two they sold out and turned it into CSI with all that ridiculous strung out relationship stuff, but IT DID NOT START OUT AS A CRIME DRAMA!!

      • Felicia

        I wouldn’t call it a crime drama. As much crime that the show has there is the same amount of comedy.

      • Deb

        @Roobecca The distinction is between a “plot-driven” show and a “character-driven” show. The crime drama part hasn’t changed since day one except that is not more of a “dramedy”. So, yes, it DID start out as a crime drama and is still one. It was just a character-driven crime drama as opposed to a plot-driven crime drama like CSI.

      • Cheryl D

        I humbly submit that regardless of “day one”, the original storyboards for Season #1 reflected drama, romance, comedy, crime-solving, and character development. The entire BONES team has mounted these aspects beautifully and without compromise. From the intro of each character, and through their growing/learning processes, they remain relatable to the viewer (and to each other). As to the crime-plots, there will always be enough realistic material to satisfy B&B’s vocations.

        As for the romance, or not to romance…. As much as I would love to “see” them get together, it would be the beginning of the end. With today’s increase of true male-female friendships, seeing their respect and defense of each other is enough for me…. until the series finale. That’s when I want to see them walk into the sunset, hand-in-hand, to begin their new future together.

        Since they are the Spencer/Hepburn of our time, Hart will have to come up with a new series showing them as a married couple…getting into all sorts of trouble! (I can dream.)

    • belbelbel

      I was asking the same question!!!!!

    • Gail

      It’s TV people… if they get together it will kill the show.

  • Kriss

    Omg thanks so much for this! They are so adorable! I love them! Love Bones!

  • daniela

    wow thank u sooo much michael!!!! i had a smile on throughout this entire interview cuz of how David and Emily were looking at eachother the entire time and also i got some questions answered thanks to u. i cant wait for the season premiere and keep doin wat ur doin cuz ur amazing !!!

    • lol

      What’s your point? They always look at one another when the other one is speaking. Delusional, much?

      • @lol

        Overly-critical and condescending much?

  • Nate

    Very cool interview! Thanks, Aus!

    • darclyte

      I am pretty surprised that David was there considering what has happened in his life, especially since the suit against him was just filed like that same day or the day before. Gutsy.

      • Cheryl D

        @darclyte – What’s your point? Do you think he should go hide under a rock? Whether true or not, it’s a frivalous and self-serving allegation file one-year after the supposed act for $25K. After the famewh+++ lawyer takes her cut, IF awarded, the poor wannabe-actress will still be a poor wannabe-actress! The courts are overloaded with lawsuits that are nothing except extortion.

  • MB

    Together, not together, I don’t care. Watched some old episodes recently in which Bones was dating Sully, and she was happy. Something we haven’t seen recently. I think Booth would make a great friend, great partner, but a lousy husband. He’s too sullen and judgmental. She doesn’t have the tools to handle a relationship.

  • Janice

    Bones suck the show should have been canned way back when, now the writing sucks and the showrunners seem to think keeping these two apart is the best. SNORE I’m already bored. Just let em be together already and move on with the show. Geez.

    • lol

      I’m laughing so hard. Yeah, the writing definitely is not up to par with the writing in S1-S3. I really hope this is the last season. I’m ready for David and the rest of the cast to get on a better TV show.

      • Denae

        I dont understand-If you dont like the show why bother watching it, let alone comment on it? I for one love the show and I agree with keeping them apart for now though not forever.

      • Casey

        This “lol” person is totally crazy.. JESUS! She’s full of hate.. I’m assuming is a woman..

    • shelby

      The story lines are great. The show is still strong and their twists are getting better each season. Last season was a little less that hoped for due to the last of a reoccuring problem such as gormagon or the grave digger, but next season that issue is going to be resolved.

    • To Janice, from River.


      And the show does not suck. Yes, they’re not together. I am unbelievably sad about that but, as much as I hate to say this, the show does not revolve around their relationship. Thinking that the show should end because they aren’t together is unbelievably stupid. The show is about investigating murders, not just their relationship.
      And I’d like to thank the idiots who cheered for them to not get together. >.>
      They shouldn’t get together right away but, in the very very very last episode of BONES, they should do the deed.

      • Jessie

        Sort of spoiler ahead-HH said that he is not waiting until the last episode for them to get together, and by get together I do not mean just sex, because if you think that’s all their relationship is leading to, then you don’t get the point of the show.

  • aspcm

    i’m to angry to have anything to say on the Booth’s-new-girl stuff, so i’m just going to say…
    Emily Deschanel has the best laugh. Ever. So cute!

  • Imzadia

    I love them! I also love the supporting cast & their interactive relationships between each other; however, B&B are ‘losing’ me. They’ve been teasing us with the UST, whatever, Booth has already Confessed his true feelings in the 100th episode as David said, so it was up to Bones to reciprocate & she didn’t. The writers seem to believe that the on-going angst created by Bones’ inability to surrender to her deepest feelings toward Booth appealing somehow. Well, I’ve now begun to find it totally ANNOYING! If they don’t progress their relationship into a “romantic couple -totally In Love- and working successfully together”, then I’ve grown tired of that aspect of this series. I’m only one person with an opinion, so I’ll most likely Not Matter. I’ll watch to see what happens next season and if they continue down that same path, ‘new directions and locales and all’, I’ll be done with them- as a once devoted fan.

    • J. Norman

      I must agree on the annoying part. I (and most of my friends -male and female – who watch this show)get sick and tired of the “2 minutes of lovesick Booth” at the end of each episode.

  • Roobecca

    I can’t stand this show anymore, it goes NOWHERE! Since the end of season 2, they’ve literally just run in tiny little circles around each other. I’m sick of the repetitive banality, seriously, I feel like we’re being stalled so the writers can see exactly how long they can get away with not evolving the show. Surely they too are bored?? I dont think this is the year for them at all, Hart says he wants eight seasons, so that means no Booth and Brennan togetherness until the end of season 7 at the earliest. I’m sick of it. Grow up writers, you were good to begin with, it’s not that hard to write two people in love together, plenty of smart shows manage it really well (albeit mostly on cable, but still).
    One of the most annoying things is that they will inevitably wait until they’ve pissed off too many loyal fans like myself to avoid cancellation before putting them together, and then they’ll completely blame the cancellation on putting them together! ENOUGH ALREADY.
    I should have quit watching in season 3, damn you David Boreanaz for being the most attractive man on the planet!!! From this season on I’m watching literally only the scenes with him in it.

    • mel

      “repetitive banality” feels like it’s a redundant phrase. it’s not… but it feels like it. meh.

  • mkatkl

    I just love them! They are always so into character (Emily just don’t want to talk about Booth’s new love, that is sooo cute!). I would love for them not to be together but in some way know that they really belong to each other.

  • River.

    Actually, scratch the last part. JUST FREAKIN PUT THEM TOGETHER NOW.
    The same thing happened on the show The Closer and everything worked out fine. If they can manage it, so can Hart.
    Or should I start singing:
    “A dream is a wish your Hart (Hanson) makes.*

    • Livi

      river, that song made me actually laugh out loud.
      I totally agree

    • Shedd

      ahaha! It’s Cinderella! lol u just made my day :)

  • emilyROCKS

    On the other hand, I only watch coz of Emily. I honestly am so freaking tired of this SO plotline. I really really REALLLLLLLLLLLLY miss Emily so I will watch, but with Emily’s scenes ONLY. They better fire this canadian unkown and cast SArah Gellar instead. That would make it watchable. As of now, I picture myself cussing from beginning to end of season opener.

  • Joe

    What a waste of a interview they know what’s going tpo happen why do they act so stupid .

    • Vivi

      How do they know exactly what’s going to happen? They’ve only written the scripts for part of the next season I believe, they have no idea how many more seasons they have left, and even though ED and DB have producer credit they still don’t know far in advance where the characters/the plots will be taken.

      • Cheryl D

        When the contract for this 2010/11 season was signed, it included the 2011/12 season.

  • Stevie

    Ausiello should have asked about the law suit against David…

    • Cheryl D

      @Roobecca & @emilyROCKS – Please let me know HOW you’re only going to watch scenes with (insert name) in them. Neat trick! However, without continuity, wouldn’t you miss a lot of the storyline, explaining and solving the crime?

  • lol

    @Denae why are you talking to me? Seriously. Did I say I’m not watching the show? NO. I said the writing is not on par like S1-S3. I still watch the show. Who are you to dictate to anyone that I shouldn’t watch the show if I don’t like the writing anymore? Good for you, if you enjoy the contrived writing. I don’t like it. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop watching.

    • Sam

      @lol – That is exactly the problem with people like you. No one has ever told you that you can’t or shouldn’t watch the show. Someone simply asked why you continue watching it if you don’t like it. Which you didn’t really answer. Instead you came back with an angry reply. It is a tv show. You are not forced to watch it or go online commenting about it, yet you continue to do so even though you appear not to enjoy it. Why?
      Sorry that you make no sense to me or other people. I am not made of time and only watch shows that I genuinely enjoy.

    • Sarah M

      And who are you to bash the show and the Brennan and Booth shippers?

    • Lily

      Like Ausiello said in the interview: Negative people are loud. Sounds like you “lol”

      It’s great because it’s obvious you hide behind that “lol” name.. don’t be affraid..

    • anne

      So, lol, you’re watching a show with “contrived writing” that you don’t like just so you can complain about it and insult people who do like it? You should find a more constructive way to spend your time.

    • SP

      I don’t think lol means to bash B/B shippers, or even the show. Bashing implies attacking someone or something without reason, and while an attack on B/B shippers would indeed fit that definition, a valid criticism of Bones does not; just because a person likes something, doesn’t mean that he or she can’t see its faults. While I agree that Bones’ writing (particularly Season 4’s) has gone downhill a bit over the years, I still love the show and enjoy watching the characters’ relationships with one another evolve.

      • SP

        (At least, I don’t think lol meant to bash anyone in this particular instance. Some of his/her earlier comments were a bit thoughtless.)

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