Exclusive: Jennifer Grey makes a 'House' call

jennifer-greyImage Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos; George Holz/FoxNo one puts Baby in a corner…except Gregory House.

Dirty Dancing‘s Jennifer Grey will find herself in a no-win situation when she guest-stars on House this fall, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Grey—who begins work on the House set today—will play Abbey, the mother of an infant daughter who is displaying signs of a life-threatening illness. As House and Co. investigate her daughter’s developing symptoms, Abbey is faced with a treatment decision for her newborn that could affect not only her baby’s life but her own.

Her episode is scheduled to air in mid-October.

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  • Sandra

    Jennifer Grey, hm? Good, now all I need is the headline “Jennifer MORRISON is back on House”, then I’d actually be really happy about it ;-) Thanks for the news though.

    • Jill

      Dear, as much as I love JMo I’ll rather not want to see Cameron back if this show has to be all – around – huddy. House does not deserve her at all

      • Yun

        Well it looks like no other show deserves her either bc she is still unemployed. I´m pretty sure she will be happy shotting the 3 or 4 episodes left she has bc she doesn´t have any other job.

      • Rebecca

        Yun, she’s on broadway right now. That’s hardly unemployed.

      • Sharona

        JM was on Broadway, unfortunately her show closed early. (Wanted to see it, but the tickets were really expensive.) She just took a nice European vacation with her friends, so I doubt she’s hurting. I’m sure we’ll see her in something else soon.

      • El

        Expensive tickets? They were going at 30 bucks a pop one month after the premiere. And if you are a JMo fan, consider yourself lucky – that show wasn’t exactly her shining hour.

      • Pat

        @Rebecca that play lasted one month and JMo got really bad reviews for her performance. She doesn´t have a job since march.

    • Aliena

      No more JMo please. Her character is boring as hell. We´ve seen everything about her. Enough.

      • fernando

        I’m with you. JMo’s a nice girl but her character by the end there was filler. Her departure barely changed the show because the show is about House. That’s who I’m interested in.

      • Rob

        I don´t want to see Cameron in the show again. Sadly she will be back for a few eps probably in the season finale. After that i hope we can get rid of her forever. At this point bringing her back doesn´t make any sense and her return will be obviously soapy and bad acted. Jesse Spencer and Hugh Laurie will have to deal with several pathetic scenes just to give her few fans a reason to watch the show.

    • Sarah

      I completely agree! I really liked Cameron’s character. Say what you want about Jennifer Morrison; she rocked.

      • Pat

        She destroyed a character that was well written in the first seasons. Her lack of acting skills made Cameron a non enjoyable character.

    • El

      Writing for a character is a live creative process, and a big part of actor’s job is to inspire writers to explore and develop his or her character. Somehow that didn’t happen with Jennifer Morrison, and after she has joined Twitter, the reason for that lack of inspiration, sadly, is no longer a mystery. Oh well.

    • lala

      actually jennifer morrison is scheduled to appear in four episodes this season

  • Jane

    Please chenge the title into <> as this show has changed its title from House M.D. to Huddy-Soap. It is no more a medical procedure, but a sad soap opera

    • icedmemories

      Something in your words makes me believe you’re a hameron or a hilson. LOL C’mon! Cuddy had a reduced screentime for season 5, and Huddy is not even started!

      • jlk

        REDUCED screentime for season 5? Are we watching the same show? Not to mention that huddy has started two years ago. I’m actually glad they’re finally “consumating”, because it’ll eventually lead to break-up and hopefully sinking of the ship, at least in TPTB’s minds.

        And btw, you don’t have to ship House with Cameron or Wilson to be fed up with the huddy crap.

      • A.

        Huddy was there from the beginning. Shore said it and he was right.

        No you don’t HAVE to ship to be ‘fed up’ but a vast majority who come on here and other sites around the ‘net and bash Huddy usually are.

      • b

        Trust me, you do NOT have to ship hameron or hilson to hate huddy.

    • numnum

      wth??? where does it even say huddy on this?? it took them 6 seasons to do huddy… ok and its not like they are going to make that the focus anyways the writers know what they are doing and supportives fans would trust them and see how it plays out.. but i agree with ^ i think your a ham or a hilson

    • Sun

      Hmm I think this article is about Jennifer Grey playing a mother w/ an infant in a life threatening situation who has to consider a risky medical procedure to save her baby. Sounds like medicine to me. sounds like your agenda isn’t really the medicine

      • Larry

        It’s strange that an article that is about a patient-of-the-week gets someone on here complaining about the show being all about Huddy. Which is manifest nonsense.

      • Bel

        Yep, you hit the nail on the head right there. The only episode that did not strongly involve a medical case was “5 to 9.” Every other episode did. Even Broken had medical content galore. House is a drama. That means it needs, um, drama. Even police procedurals like L&O explore the personal lives of their characters.

  • Laura

    Wow thanks for the news, will look forward to this one.

    Then, again, always look forward to all House episodes.

    • AdamC

      Good to see Jennifer Grey follow her dad – who was a guest star on House a few years back…

  • Jessica

    Yay for cool guest stars!

    • erin bowers

      She is going to be a patient of the week.
      Okay,So all things being equal Cameron can come back for one episode.
      Maybe she can come back and find out all about House and Cuddy’s new relationship and that should make her feel much better.
      As for Cuddy she wasn’t even mentioned in the exclusive.

      • Sarah

        Actually i´d like to see Cameron´s face when she finds out that Cuddy got the man who rejected her plenty of times. That would be hilarous. But if i can choose i´d rather not see Cameron again. Enough of her. Sadly Jennifer signed a contract to shoot a few episodes later in the season.

      • A


        You know I think Cameron wouldn’t mind the House/Cuddy relationship. She moved on. It’s the Cameron or House/Cameron fanbase who are outraged or disppointed.

  • missy

    Umm, this post needs more HUDDY. ;)

  • Bea

    Yes! I love JG. Season 7 is gonna be the best season with great new actors, a lot of huddy interaction and NO JMo in a lot of episodes.

  • Chad

    That’s fantastic news! I love Grey’s work!

  • dd

    Well, yeah, Cuddy and House will have the time of their lives in S7.

  • Sophie

    It’s not a bad soap opera. The title is House M.D. because there’s about Dr. Gregory House’s life. There was no love in his life till now just diagnosis and patients, but now…

    • Joe

      …but now..now we have the worst soap opera ever! waiting to know how low the ratings will go with all this huddy cr@p

      • numnum

        its no where near a soup wth??? where did they say house can’t be happy ever or it will turn into a soup??

      • DNW Melodrama

        ‘worst soap opera ever?’ erm, being a little over-dramatic, aren’t we?

      • JPNS

        Joe: I’ll take that bet on ratings any day ! Fortunately there millions more fans interested in the show for the story lines than there are about who is or is not on the show anymore, and so on, and so on…
        Hurray for Season 7 !

  • Mike

    Who cares about Huddy M.D anymore?

    • norhu

      I do

    • Rafe

      a lotta people actually!
      cant wait to see what they are cooking for these 2

    • missy

      You for example? You must be pretty passionate about it if you took the time and wrote this comment. Have a nice day! :)

    • numnum

      me too… and its HOUSE you idiot.. the writers know what they are doing

      • chiller

        @idiot numnum…the writers know what they’re doing??? What the hell have you been smoking??? The writers have admitted that they don’t know what they hell they’re doing, so why would you be stupid enough to think think?

    • Fernanda

      Erm, you? That’s the reason you’re here.

      • contradictions.

        A lot of us still care. Apparently so do you.

    • me

      I don’t think that House is going to turn into Huddy. House always has a personal cliff hanger at the end of seasons; every single season. This is because they do not let cases carry into the next season. But every time they resolve the cliffhanger within an episode or two and focus most of the season on the medicine. Season 7 will be no different.

    • Em

      Mike, you’re not alone, I stopped watching this un-House-like stuff two years ago when it became un-House-like.

      • Ayma

        Two years ago? And you are commenting in a scoop about the show? Oh, dear, you need to let it go :(

    • Rob

      I care about this show and the House/Cuddy relationship is a part of it. You can like it or not.

    • chiller

      idiot numnum: At first I thought that this was a spelling error on your part, but alas it’s not. You’re the idiot and you make absolutely no sense. The word is soap, NOT soup . IDIOT!!!

  • Chad

    Oh look at the idiots trying to spread their bitterness in snippets that got nothing to do with House and Cuddy.

    • Iris

      as the show is all about huddy, every news is about huddy and everyone can comment on this. there is a reason why House lost 12 MLN of viewer and didn’t get any nomination , except Hugh Laurie, for the emmy: the reason is that huddy is a weak storyline that the majority of watchers does not want to see

      • Sarah

        and of course you know what majority of viewers want to see. Lol.
        For all the haters—-> TPTB don´t monitor Ausiello´s column at all so don´t waste your time posting crap agaisnt the show. You are not getting hameron back or any other retarded storyline just bc you keep posting your crap here.

      • pandorasbox

        Yes, there is a reason House “lost” 12 (?)M viewers. It’s called “they no longer have American Idol as a lead in”.

      • norhu

        Exactly: being aired after American Idol and AT 9 PM makes a huge difference. Anyway, hamerons will always say that season 2 and 3 got the higher ratings bc House didn´t want to f*** Cameron. LOL.

      • Jen

        House/Cuddy scenes were few and far between in season 6. I suppose someone could blindly attribute the ratings drop on lack of Huddy, then? I mean, if we’re just going to throw out subjective reasoning out as hard facts, why not?

      • Ilia

        bless you pandorasbox!!!!
        finally someone who uses some brains…

      • Crystal

        Really? Because as I recall, House/Cuddy really wasn’t in the forefront or a large storyline last season UNTIL the finale. I hardly count 30 seconds of dialogue or a scene with House/Cuddy as the “Huddy Show.”

      • contradictions.

        MTE, Jen. Huddy barely interacted the last half of the season. Cuddy was barely onscreen because they were focusing more on other things than Huddy. Which makes it seem incomprehensible that someone would comment to say that the omni-present Huddy killed the show and *all* twelve million left, or even most left because of Huddy. Obviously some people aren’t going to like it. But it does have a large fanbase/following. Jen is also right that the ratings dropped severely in the second half of last season. How can Huddy make the ratings drop when it was only there in blink and you’ll miss them moments last season?

      • Bel

        Yeah, how was the show “all about Huddy” last season? Most of the eps had very little Lisa E at all, much less actual Huddy content. Now this coming season will be a different story, and thanks be to God for that!

  • Amanda

    Cool! But would love more Huddy news!



    • Courtney

      Except, then, it was Lupus.

      • Nate

        its never lupus

  • starbucket

    jennifer gray hasn’t been the same since she got that new nose. lol. either way, though, this is cool. playing the mom of a sick kid is a thankless role, but i’m sure she’ll pull it off. nobody puts baby in a corner.

    this season of house is gonna be so awesomesauce!

    • Peter North

      The plot of the episode will revolve around her getting the nose job reversed and her career resuscitated.

      • Omnom mom

        Hey Pete that is incredibly funny! I love it!

  • pandorasbox

    Eh, I hate baby storylines/patients but I’ll tune in because I love Jennifer Grey.

    • me

      I agree. I can’t stand to watch the episodes with babies; it is just so sad and hard to watch. But I am looking forward to seeing Jennifer Grey.

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