Exclusive: 'Good Wife' casts 'L Word' alum Dallas Roberts to play Alicia's gay bro

dallas-robertsImage Credit: Matt Carr/Getty Images; David M. Russell/CBSThe Good Wife has tapped Dallas Roberts to play the potentially recurring role of Alicia’s (Julianna Margulies) never-before-seen gay brother, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Exec producer Robert King, however, says don’t expect a whole lot of drama to arise from his sexual orientation. “We just thought [it would be interesting] if it didn’t matter.

“Everybody around them thinks it’s an issue between them, but there’s no issue,” he reiterates. “We kind of like that it voids expectations of what will happen between them.”

So what will happen when Owen, a University of Oregon mathematics teacher, passes through Chicago as a visiting professor? “What this character allows us to do is access more of Alicia’s back story,” King explains. “She was always the good older sister, he was always the younger, more free-spirited brother.”

“And,” he adds, “we’ll see a little bit about what their parents were about.” (Additional reporting by Tanner Stransky)

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  • Snsetblaze

    I thought he was a cast member of Rubicon which I just watched last night.

  • GLEE

    CBS u Suck! U could have gotten a slightly better looking man! This is just more proof that y’all hate Gay People!!! Everyone else seems to find Sexy people very easy.

    • Allen

      How is he not cute? I think he is very attractive. And truthfully not all gay people are “Sexy,” by which you mean, pretty and young…way to buy into the stereotype…

    • Diva

      Gay people come in all shapes and sizes. Sexual orientation shouldn’t make the person

      • Shahbaz

        It is common eungoh and you don’t want it. I know that many gay men were even more promiscuous in the days before HIV/AIDS my ex-wife was in theatre/ dance and I know. A few years back I was dating after divorced girls often declined condoms and if I sucked or bf with my guy friends sometimes it was bare. Once in a while I went to my city/county health department for HIV screening and if you answer a survey, you get a really good deal on the test plus counseling. I highly recommend this if you’ve ever had sex with more than one person and check out the US map with the number of AIDS cases and where they are. It’s eungoh to make you want to go steady or get married.

    • lnking3

      WOW GLEE – Shallow much!!! Just because they cast someone that you think is “sexy” you think CBS hates gay. This because there just are no unsexy gay people or you just think so highly of yourself that the world revolves around you? It’s not CBS that gives gay people a bad name. It’s shallow, narrow minded people like you!!

      • GLEE

        If I was so small minded and shallow I wouldn’t spend all my free time at Hospitals visiting kids that have Cancer and have been Abused by their Drunk parents! Maybe I should clear up what I meant to say, CBS was the only Network for the past couple of years not to showcase GAY Roles for people!!! So when they came under Attack by Glaad this past year all of a sudden they have 3 new Gay roles in the works! And about the Actor they chose for The Good Wife, it’s like they went out of there way on Purpose to find a Normal looking Actor to play the part! Where as other shows pick more Handsome Men! I myself am not even a very good looking man. U can just tell that CBS did it just to cast anybody.

      • Michael

        “A Normal Looking actor”?? What’s wrong with that? I’m actually happy that they chose a man who does not fit the typical idea of what a gay man looks like: Muscular, square-jawed, perfectly moussed and cut hair, stylish clothes, etc. Gay men come in all shapes and sizes. It may come as a surprise to you, but there are actually gay men who don’t shave their entire bodies and who don’t live at the gym! GASP!!!!! The Horror! As a gay man myself, I can tel you that I find average-looking, scruffy, “normal-looking” gay men super-sexy and way more attractive than the clones we see at the gay club…

      • TexasGLEE

        Michael….I couldn’t agree with you more. There is nothing more sexy then the “normal looking” gay man. I love that CBS is not making this character a stereotype. Also, he is the brother of the main character. The show is not called the “Gay Brother of the Good Wife”.

      • Brody

        Okay, I am seriously distracted by your capitalization habits, GLEE (original recipe, not Texas). I keep trying to find a pattern and I just… can’t. It’s sort of fascinating. As to the actual content of your post… I’m all for tv characters looking like real human beings, regardless of status or orientation.

    • kinda petty

      He’s ok looking. But he should really have that carcinoma removed from his neck.

    • Tego Livi

      He looks like he might be attractive, but the photo they used looks like he was just brought in after being lashed to a flagpole during a hurricane.

      We have always had a sort of funny problem about how to portray gay characters–they initially tended to be mincing, queeny stereotypes, then hairy leather-types, then impossibly handsome overdeveloped gym-rats. We finally seem to have reached the point where people realize being gay doesn’t affect your looks.

    • Rowdy Red

      Diversity is a good thing, man! Too many of the “new” stars look exactly alike, and none of them look like real people. This show is doing a great job of being real, and putting quality first. This actor is very attractive to me because his eyes are very intelligent, direct and honest looking. That, I like. What don’t you like?

  • sass


  • Zane

    But all gay people ARE attractive! Just ask God, or Taylor Lautner.

  • Seriously

    Another reason to hate this show. I know CBS sucks at having gay characters, but that doesn’t mean they need to have a knee-jerk reaction and put one on every show.

  • Lance

    I agree… it’s refreshing that he’s not some Glambot, hard fast glossy. A UO Mathmatics professor? Random. Wonder who is working for the show that has the Oregon connection.

  • SR

    The Gay Agenda Strikes again!

    • Sashe

      Did the gay agenda take away your vowels? jeez

    • Tego Livi

      More like the Non-Bigot Agenda. The gay agenda would probably have more same-sex sex scenes, and not just gay characters drinking wine or taking dictation.

  • JB

    Have you guys never seen Dallas Roberts in anything? He is very endearing and a great actor, this is fantastic casting.

  • Paul

    He won’t be in too many episodes so he can still do Rubicon if he wants. I think the count is maybe 10 of the 22 episodes it was in another post awhile back. BTW, The Good Wife is one of the best shows CBS has if not the best.

  • meowser

    Looks like an interesting addition to the cast. I’m glad he’s cute, but not crazy hot – a professor, not an underwear model. Besides, who’s to say that he’ll look anything like this (admittedly not that great) headshot? Without the beard and with no bedhead, he’ll be adorable!

  • Janey

    Cute. I really like Dallas, I think he and Julianna have a very similar acting style and “look” in their eyes.

  • Cambria

    He was great on The L Word. Glad to see him back on tv.

    • Ali

      Nothing wrong with it.But some people may react in an oeefndfd or defensive manner for they may take it as a stab at their safety or an accusation of promiscuity.Just explain why if they refuse or continue to take unecessary offense to it; then they may not be worth your time/effort.

  • couchgrouch

    another gay character inserted into a tv show with zero backstory. the biggest tv writing cliche of the past 20 years.

  • lesliemd

    Dallas Roberts is a terrific actor, who was excellent in A Home At The End of the World with Colin Farrell and Robin Wright Penn. One can only hope the writers of The Good Wife create a good charcter for him portray. I’m just afraid this show is adding too many new characters in only their second year. Always good to see more diversity, but even that shouldn’t sacrifice the central concept of the show. .

  • nabila

    Dallas Roberts had a great cameo in Walk The Line….it was when i first noticed him. he’ll be an excellent addition to the the cast of The Good Wife.

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