'Criminal Minds' star Kirsten Vangsness calls A.J. Cook's firing 'a galvanizing experience'

If you thought Criminal Minds scene-stealer Kirsten Vangsness was suffering from a case of survivor’s guilt in the wake of costar A.J. Read the full post.

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  • jake

    Maybe if they would allow Hotcher to smile more it may make up for AJ leaving, but I don;t it.

  • Dominique

    The thing that confuses me the most is that they get rid of AJ and Paget (who also just happen to be women *eyes angrily at CBS*), and yet they’re gonna expand KV’s role and add a new character to CM?

  • ragincajun

    Ok, I don’t get all of this being upset of AJ’s getting the ax. I liked the character, but how much was she actually on screen last season? Maybe a total of 30 minutes for all 23 episodes? To me, the stars of the show are Gibson, Moore, Gubler and Vangsness. As long was they’re around, the show will be ok. The rest of the cast is interchangeable.

    • Anon

      ITA. Send Joe M after AJ. We don’t need him either.

    • Tamara

      Agreed. AJ was a supporting character not the star of the show. As long as Gibson, Gubler and Moore are still there CM will do fine.

    • Eru

      It doesn’t matter if YOU don’t think she was all that important, clearly she made an impact and some people are upset with her firing. They are entitled to that feeling, just as you are to yours that she wasn’t all that important. Time will tell if the show will be of that same quality without her, but if some folks chose to no longer watch the show then that’s there choice. And by the by, CM is an ensemble. Not even Joey M is really the star. So her presence being gone will undoubtedly be noticeable.

      • Amiee

        Thanks Eru. I couldn’t have said it better. I don’t see anyone as the “star” of the show but rather a great group of actors who work well together. Taking one away changes that dynamic. I and many others will miss AJ’s character.

  • Doug

    CM has been slipping and this was the final straw. They got rid of the wrong person.

  • Monique

    The Exs made a huge mistake, first they get rid of Mandy Patinkin for Joe Mantegna. Now Cook is gone. WOW!CM will be losing alot of viewers.I’m for 1 willnot be watching it.

    • Mike

      Patinkin was his choice, not CBS’s. He literally just stopped coming to work one day.

  • Cas

    Too bad that CM will lose AJ but CM will be fine without her. I will continue to watch CM because I like the stories and Hotchner is one of the best character on TV.

    As for the spinoff, that I like to call Criminally Mindless, sorry KV but not even your presence on that dreck will make me watch it! I am angry that CBS doesn’t have money to pay AJ and Paget but they have plenty to get Whitaker, Garafolo, Schiff for the spin off??? CBS must really think people are dummies!

    CBS, the moment you fired AJ and forced Paget out after season 6 you lost any chance you had that I would at less give a look at the spin off. Now, no matter who you get on Criminally Mindless,I Will Never Watch!

    • Cas

      oups, I meant “I would at least give a look” not “I would at less give a look”

  • Monica

    CM hasn’t been the same since they got rid of Mandy Patinkin,this will be there last season.

    • Cas

      They never got rid of Mandy. Mandy left CM in a VERY unprofessional way. He never let anyone know he wanted to leave or was unhappy. He just decided, not to show up on the first day of work despite telling Bernero on the phone that he was on his way to work. he never showed up. Bernero was even sure that Patinkin had an accident on his way to work and called the police!

      Before posting, get your facts right!

      • Angela

        Yeah I’m kind of surprised that after YEARS, people still don’t know that Mandy leaving was his choice. There was even an article or interview not too long ago (maybe a year or two) where he said he couldn’t take the subject matter any more. So I wish people would stop invoking the name of Mandy Patinkin when the subject of AJ Cook’s departure comes up. They’re not comparable. If AJ had decided herself that she was ready to move on (hopefully in a more professional manner than Mandy) that would make their situations similar.

  • Nico

    She looks like a mix between Mac from “Veronica Mars” and Mimi from “The Drew Carey Show”!

  • Angela

    There’s nothing good about the firing of AJ, but if there’s anything heartwarming, it’s the reaction of her coworkers and sense of closeness that’s been shown. Kirsten’s entire demeanor changed when the subject of AJ’s firing came up. She’s not happy. And, I love her hits at CBS. She’s not outright saying they screwed up (although I do think she said they were wrong in another comic-com interview) but she might as well with her emphasis on necessary when talking about AJ. She’s saying CBS fired someone they shouldn’t have.

    As for the spin off, I hope she has a good time there, but I’m very happy she’ll still be on the original Criminal Minds, because otherwise, that would be a second important character that I’d no longer see next season.

  • will

    goodbye criminal minds. i love reid but i watched for jj/reid and since that aint happening.. so long.

  • mangagirl

    I liked AJ, but please she sure wasn’t the backbone of the show or even an integral part of it, her lines just moved the plot line along and she disappeared until the next briefing. Hopefully her next project will have much more meat in it.

    Comparing Abby to Garcia is like comparing apples and oranges, they both have their wonderful and unique ways. So why quibble…we have both and they rock!

    I will continue to watch Criminal Minds if for no other reason to see how the group dynamic changes without these 2 talented actresses.

  • Sonya

    With the firing of AJ Cook and Paget Brewster(at the end of the season) they have ripped the Heart out of Criminal Minds for me. I will watch the last 2 eps with AJ then thats it. The same happened me with CSI when Gary Dourdan left I havent watched it since. As for the spin off – not even going there. You screwed up big time CBS!!

  • plygal

    I liked AJ too but she wasn’t the main part of the show, she will find another role and be just fine.
    I remember when she was on Tru Calling, too much, loved that show was very sad when that was taken off. Now with all the wierd shows in the theaters and TV, Tru Calling would probably do OK!!

  • Cheryl

    “Criminal Minds” 5th season was horrible, a shell of the excellant show it used to be and any hope for a return to that is gone with AJ’s firing ,the role of Prentiss being reduced and the wonderful Garcia placed in both shows to get people to watch this sad duplicate of a spin off. Why did CBS fire 5 of their best writers on Criminal Minds claiming it was for financial reasons then turn around and make a spin off ,fire JJ and reduce Prentiss role again saying it was financial reason only to be adding a new female lead to Criminal Minds. I thank CBS for the first 4 years of Criminal Minds it was a high quality show then and they’re only seasons I will buy! Will not watch the spin off, will not be watching Criminal Minds in Season 6,could barely get through many of the season 5 episodes,the brilliant in writing obviously gone, replaced with added and un necessary violence, unprofessional FBI behavior and dragged out scenes with the human drama, I really miss the snappy exciting pace of the show and the efficient profeesional way the profilers did their job, a nice balance of storyline and human drama,never overstepping either Now that is all gone so Good bye CBS you blow!

    • Don J

      Unnecessary violence and Unprofessional behavior? What the heck are you talking about? You do realize this is the Behavior Analysis Unit and their jobs are to analyze the minds of violent criminals.

      • Cheryl

        Um yeah I’m well aware there’s violence in this show that’s a given! What I’m saying it shouldn’t be using it as a substitude for the lack of writing for example having the ten camera shots of the dead guy’s missing hand and yeah their professionalism went in the toilet in season 5

    • LaShawna

      I am curious what behavior you consider unprofessional in Season 5.

  • Don J

    I liked AJ’s character, but she was such a small part of the show. I get the whole deal with dismissing was dumb and really handled badly especially timing-wise with the new spinoff launching in 2011, but if you watched any episode in the past 5 seasons, JJ probably had less than 10 minutes of screentime per episode. There was probably 5 episodes tops that gave her character some significant storyline. She’s a beautiful actress and I will miss seeing her on the show, but I’m not going to cry, trash the show and be dismissive of it now.

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